Israel, Palestine, the US and Iran

Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

The future of the Iranian people is inextricably tied to the state of israel because the state of israel is inextricably tied to the US. Your tax dollars and mine are maintaining this unholy alliance to a very substantial degree. The US taxpayers, ourselves, have built the Israeli killing machine to the point where it towers over that of every other nation in the world aside from ourselves, the Russians, the Chinese - who else (I'm not sure at the moment). The point is every other nation in the mideast is a midget in comparison, including Iran.

The future quality of life of the people of Iran is in the hands of the rulers of these two countries.

Can anyone in their right mind who cares about the people of Iran say "I don't care about the people of Palestine" and their political imbroglio with the US and Israel? Can anyone who would like to visit Iran and meet the people and learn something about the culture of Persia say the drama over Palestine is of no concern, or maybe just a little, because I feel for the people?

Or, to help the people of Iran like we helped the people of Iraq after they failed in their mission in Iran, today is the 31st anniversary, should we just give it a little invasion, or maybe a little bombing, to help them?


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