On Iran, the Cross is relevant, not Auschwitz


Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

The nuclear realities on the ground, the unwavering support of the US, everything indicates Iran is not doing the bidding of the Powers that Be, and the threatened Crucifixion remains on the table.  The likelihood Iran is a true threat to Israel and the US holds as much water as did the accusation Jesus was conspiring to be King of the Jews.

The Crucification was a bum rap on the Jewish people, and I thought they had beat it.  The plotting, the infiltrations,  the lies spread abroad, the accusations he (whomever the attacked-Iranian-leader-of-the-day happens to be) is in league with the Devil, the appeals to the higher secular authorities, the accusations the Iranian LOD wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth through the use of a non-existent (and un-desired) nuclear weapon, as if, magically, the Iranians were going to be capable of being King over the Jews - this all has a familiar sound to me, especially as Good Friday is approaching.

The Sanhedrin (AIPAC) and the apparent high priest (Malcolm Hoenllein?), heaven knows, are doing their best to bring this challenge to their authority to a final conclusion.

Jesus is supposed to have said "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". None of us manage to keep that standard up, and the Ayatollahs, but more especially ordinary Iranian people, feeling themselves religious people, like truly religious people everywhere, might admit their sins and their unworthiness in the eyes of the Almighty. We are all sinners.  But they are not Nuclear Sinners!

The real question is have the values of the mob brought to a crescendo through fear mongering and the beating of the drums of war replaced the 2,000 year old "Crucify Him!" with the more modern "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"?

What about the words, actions and behaviors of the historical Jesus was that threatening to the leaders of the Jewish people anyhow? Was it that we are all sons and daughters of God and that we don't have to go through legalistic mumbo jumbo propagated by a clerical establishment to praise God or ask for Her blessing?  That some people are not more equal than others in Her eyes?

According to estimates and official data compiled by the International Panel on Fissile Materials, as of January 2012, Israel has 300 kg of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) and 820 kg of Weapons-grade Plutonium un-inspected and un-monitored by the IAEA. For comparison purposes North Korea has 30 kg of Weapon grade Plutonium - almost 30 times less than Israel! Iran has no Weapons-grade plutonium - NONE(!), and no HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium)!  Infinitely less than Israel!  Israel refuses to become involved as a signatory to the Non-proliferation Treaty, and even to be involved in the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty until the Mideast is at peace! They want to have the carte blanche to keep enriching to weapons grade indefinitely, and they feel they can, with the US providing them cover at every turn.

A March 2, 2012 U.S. Congressional Research Service report quotes the February 24, 2012 IAEA report saying that Iran has stockpiled 240 pounds of 20-percent-enriched uranium - an enrichment level necessary for medical applications - as an indication of their capacity to enrich to higher levels.

Iran is under constant monitoring and observation so the world would know immediately if any of that 110 kg of MEU (Medium Enriched Uranium) is diverted.  With all those nuclear weapons, Israel is under no monitoring or observation whatever!

Isn't it truly ourselves with the 'beam in our eye' with our thousand nuclear weapons (and our taking Israel out of the discussion even though they have by every estimate more than 100 nuclear weapons)? Does it make ANY sense for Iran to be crucified on this nuclear Cross when they have not a 'mite' of nuclear weapon material in their 'eye'?

Here's to that Happy New Day when oppression and domination are things of the distant past, and Iranian people and governments can live in peace and respectfulness with all the people of the world.


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badly hidden antisemitism

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Mr. Huck, dont try to obscure your blunt antisemitism and your sympathy for the IRI regime with religious phrases.

The wish expresses at the end of your post "... that Irans gouvernment can live in peace with the rest of the world..." says it all. Dont try to feed us with poisson hidden in a candy.