If We Were Not So F---ing Aggressive, You'd Have To Pay People To Hate Us!

Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

The Congress and President are wasting our money massively, causing us to be unnecessarily xenophobic, and without real cause contributing to the fearfulness of the American people.

They have caused us to be anxious and untrusting of each other.

All of this for what?  Lilliput revisited?  The Iranian regime, with a national GDP smaller than Massachusetts, is terrified.(Ralph Nader "Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again",  1/11/2012) <//www.nader.org/index.php?/archives/2344-Iran-The-Neocons-Are-At-It-Again.html>

I'm tired of trying to figure out why. THROW THE BUMS OUT!

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • Dear Abarmard: Ron Paul is providing a shock. But it may be more of a Ross Perot deal. His ideas may be sidelined and he may be a spoiler for Republica.s
  • Dear MassoudA: You may be on to something. I believe that Britain used Jimmy Carter to derail the Shah. This was a bad thing for Iran and America but "good" for Britain.

America needs to put itself ahead of its dubious allies. However I do not think this crop of Republicans is any better. Maybe with minor exceptions they are bought and paid for. We have no good options right now.


Maybe Ron Paul would provide a shock

by Abarmard on

Ron Paul doesn't have a chance but this is what he is good for, to create a slight shock to the system. I am assuming some of his popular ideas regarding US foreign policy that has gotten him 20% of the votes must be taken seriously by future candidates. We shall wait and see if US gets things in order.


Dear Dan

by masoudA on

I know what you are saying.....Us Iranians have expertise in what USA is going through these days....we lost our country to efforts by the same people who are trying to ruin USA these days..in fact have been at it for a few decades now.  You see my dear American patriot, America is more of a concept - a way of life - which has been most successful in all human history.  The problem is after WW2 - USA and it's new found allies (Japan, Iran, S. Korea, Germany,....) started flurishing both economicaly and socialy, while the old colonialists like Russia, England, Holland, France,.......all were going down.....hence the animosity towrds USA and it's allies.   Believe it or not - the old colonialists control a lot in USA - especially in Washington - via thousands of their lobby groups and their holdings of much assets and industries....... Don't reject this as yet another paranoid "Conspiracy Theory" - the old European-Russian aliance which brough down the Shah in Iran, has been at it for decades to bring USA under control...using many devices........Find out who is behind George Soros, then you will know your enemy...and the reason why so much anti-USA hate is propogated all over the world.  

The good news however is: USA is not hated by the population as being advertised - if such was the case, every population was not so fond of USA as an immigration destination.   What you hear is propaganda by the old colonialist propaganda machine which is unfortunately controling much of the USA media these days.    

Just join the Tea Party and get rid of them.