American Exceptionalism

Dan Huck
by Dan Huck

There needs to be a retraction of the "Iranian exception"! Is it a 'hypothetical threat'? Is it a 'conditional threat?' It's a threat!
Nations of the world, will you please condemn us?
I can't imagine any U.S. President uttering such a thing. Can anyone point, for example, to John F. Kennedy's or Dwight Eisenhower's advisers putting words in their mouths like these of President Obama's in the Nuclear Posture Review?
At what nation's behest, or at what foreign lobby's request have we fallen so far? Or is it truly just us?
This comment of the U.S. nuclear threat against Iran is so un-American, it is staggering to comprehend; this nation, ordinarily accorded by the nations of the world at least the appearance of having some claim to a 'high moral ground', has sunk to that of 'a low barbaric swamp'.
Truly, it's something we might have expected from the Klingons. Tell me, what have the Iranians done to deserve to die like the people of Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
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The hooliganism of US is

by Bavafa on

The hooliganism of US is beyond belief. She has become like a run-away train and must be stopped before destruct the world. US is hell bend to bring ME to its submission and of course started by Iraq and now it is Iran's turn. They never hesitate to KILL in Iraq and they will not hesitate to do the same death and destruction in Iran, nuclear or conventional, which ever is cheaper for them.



You said it

by Mashty on

You said it. I was in Iran last year and Israel two months ago. I tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with israeli mind set. they have truly lost their sense of humanity because of their hate to Arabs. They think that they need to destroy the entire region if they have to so they can have the power and say. It's scary.
Iran on the other hand was exactly opposite. They were concern about the lived of Americans and even Israelis. It's like night and day.
Americans are hijacked by that kind of policies from those evil people. Obama, Bush, or Captain Picard can't save US until the people stand up and demand change to get their country back.