Tell it like it is

Tell it like it is
by Cost-of-Progress

On Tuesday, June 15th Public Radio's Fresh Air aired the interview with Maziar Bahari about his ordeal in the Evin prison after his arrest in June 2009.

In the interview, Maziar talks about his interrogator which is a clear indication of the type of psychopaths this regime employs in hopes of remaining in power by torturing and tormenting its very own citizens.

Listen to the interview here -->  //

Folks....Iran has been under siege for 30 plus years by these elements disguised as "government". How much more do you think Iran has with these people in charge.....................?

By the way, the photo shows one of the prosperous Iranian citizens enjoying the prosperity afforded to her by the policies of this  regime. After all, she and her child live in a country with the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world!


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by yolanda on

I am glad that Maziar got his freedom back......but IRI ripped him off and swallowed $300,000 of his bail is amazing that this guy was tortured in Evin, but he still wants to take his wife and daughter back to Iran & see the motherland.......what a nice guy!

Irani Irani

And don't forget...

by Irani Irani on

The second largest natural gas reserves in the world. IRI has a poor standard of living for a large number of its citizens (with the average Iranian's income being quite a bit lower now than it was in the 1970s, when corrected for inflation!!!), a record for largest number of Iranians killed by a regime, and a medieval record on human rights. Now, remind me why some "progressives" support this rotten entity? Maybe it's because the U.S. is the Devil, and anyone who shouts Death to the Great Satan is a good guy...