Rick Steves Travels to Iran

Rick Steves Travels to Iran
by Cost-of-Progress

"....I was actually scared to go to Iran. We almost left our big camera in Athens and took our little sneak camera instead. I thought people would be throwing stones at us in the streets. And when I got there, I have never felt a more friendly welcome because I was an American...."

I caught parts of his Iran DVD (his trip to Iran) on PBS yesterday. A rare insight on a nation vilified by the action of its government.

This link should provide a good insight for all. Recommend to all your American friends if you want them to know more than what you're able to provide them.



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Sargord Pirouz

COP, your link doesn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

COP, your link doesn't work.

I watched this documentary on the internet. (It should still be up; try google.)

More pics and text over at Rick Steve's web site.

I think Steve's most astute observation is his portrayal of the Islamic Republic's social order as an emphasis on "family values."



by yolanda on

I watched his 2 hour special on KOCE last year.....it was cool, a lot of pretty stuff on his video.......when KOCE showed the special, an army of Persian VIPs and super stars came on the show asking for donations for KOCE.....including the CEO of Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power....can't remember his name, but he is Iranian.....


I saw that a while ago. Not too bad.

by Hovakhshatare on

Rick is such a dork though.