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In 200 years, Australia has gone from a colony of criminals and outcasts to a first world nation with high-tech industry jobs and an emerging economy. In 30 years Iran has gone from an emerging economy to an assbackward society and 7th century "laws" ruled by a bunch of power hungry thugs bent on the advancement of their "grand vision" for the region (no, not Iran) all on the back of ordinary Iranians and financed by their national wealth and resources. 

One cannot help but to ask what is the difference here? How can a culture, a people, whose history spans thousands of years allow such regression to take place? 


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by oktaby on

Core question COP. Geo strategic location and historical confusion wrapped in Islam are part of the problem. One can study a disease by its symptoms. Case in point: those who live & profit in the West, support a system that defies the very foundations of logic and invoke method of analysis.


Sargord Pirouz

COP, I suggest you become

by Sargord Pirouz on

COP, I suggest you become familiar with the Method of Analysis before embarrassing yourself with this uneducated approach to observational study. 

Yes, we understand you are a disgruntled exile. But that's no reason for uneducated responses to what is essentially a personal resentment, and little else.