Ahura-5, Part 3 - Alien Landing


Ahura-5, Part 3 - Alien Landing
by Cost-of-Progress

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The 3 large ships quickly disappeared from view after the shuttles reached the ground. Now, there were only the three shuttles and the colonists. Astonished by what was unfolding in front of their very eyes, the colonists moved closer to the 3 shuttles now only a few meters away from them. As they got closer to the shuttles, a familiar smell filled the air. Slowly, but with a hiss, an airlock on the side of the shuttle closest to them opened and a medium height figure emerged. The smell was now stronger and reminded the colonists of the pot-luck days when Ghorme Sabzi was served. He was wearing a long, black robe-like space suit that turned into flat boots at his feet.  There was some kind of a helmet on his head, but the helmet was shaped like a bunch of twisted white rags glued together. He had a device in his Hannah-colored gloved hands about the size of an ancient compass. He moved slowly and disembarked from the shuttle where he stood on the left side by the hatch. There were no activity on the other two shuttles, but one could see that there were a few figures inside although no faces could be seen. It appeared that the two shuttles’ occupants were wearing a helmet of a different kind. It only had a small opening on the face where the eyes would normally be! The rest of their bodies were not visible from the outside of the shuttles.

By now there was a loud display of shock and awe from the crowd which grew louder by the second. This was the most amazing thing that had ever happened anywhere at any earth colony. There it was in front of them: An extraterrestrial, a freaking ET! An alien from another world……the biggest event yet. More exciting was the fact that he spoke to them in that Persian accent. Was it a ploy? Was it a trick to give them a false sense of security? Why did he not talk in other languages familiar to the colonists? Spanish, Turkish, Yiddish, etc.?? Why did he have a Persian accent?

He just stood there in his peculiar space outfit fiddling with the device he held in his hands. Ardy, one of the senior colonists moved toward him in a non-threatening manner. He looked up and saw him coming.

- “Greetings, who are you and where do you come from?” he said in a friendly tone.  

- “My name is Yadollah”, said the stranger in the same accent.

- “Hello, they call me Ardy…short for Ardeshir, welcome to Ahura-5, I have so many questions…”

- “No time for questions now, where is your restroom?” said the alien in a stresses out voice.

- “ehh….I’ll show you…this way….you have to use the bathroom now?”

- “Yes, yes…it was a long journey and they kept serving aashe reshte with lots of beans in it. It kills me when I eat that stuff especially when they put Kashk in it……ahh… my stomach…ay delam…naneh joon….”

- “aashe reshteh…are you serious? You eat aashe reshte?”

- “Of course, we may have been banned from earth for a thousand years, but we still remember the old ways”

- “Earth…oh my Benevolent Master of the Andromeda, you guys …are…. from earth…but how…when…?”

By then Yadollah had reached the restroom and was already in there making all kinds of noises. Ardy got out real quick as the smell in there had quickly become unbearable. He did notice, however, that Yadollah had hesitated for a second before entering the restroom trying to decide with which foot to enter. Ardy was very confused.

(to be cont'd)


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Jahanshah Javid

The Wrath of Ashe Reshteh

by Jahanshah Javid on

Cost-of-Progress, I like it. Looks like the aliens are in fact earthlings -- Iranian Muslim hotheads banished into space. Looks like they've come back to take terrible revenge, judging by their first action on the colony :)


Mostarah clarification

by Cost-of-Progress on

On days when ashe reshteh is on the menu, Yadollah is not allowed to use the ship's automated sanitary disposal system. You'll learn more about Yadollah and his kind in later episodes.....





maziar 58

DAMET ......

by maziar 58 on

kooreye ajoor pazi  MPD khan.

you always put the right comment.       Maziar

Multiple Personality Disorder

Wow! A galactic pit stop!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Don't they have mostrahs in their spaceship!