Threats of violence on and the site's editorial policy


Threats of violence on and the site's editorial policy
by CIM

We received the following complaint (and photo), requesting clarification of’s editorial policies in permitting threats and innuendos of violence against individuals seeking to participate on the site.  Anyone is free to contact us about issues pertaining to site neutrality and censorship, and we will post the question if relevant to that topic irrespective of the political stance of the complainant.

Previously we posted related questions to the adminstration of, including inviting Misters Javid and Amin to an interview on this subject.  And we invited comment by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) because the issue falls within their declared mission statement:

NIAC: Is meaningful civic participation and informed decision-making by Iranian-Americans possible on this site?

Opportunity for Mr. Javid and Mr. Amin to dispel reoccurring complaints about the bias and integrity of




[Name and Address withheld]

Dear CIM,

Can you please ask why it knowingly permits its site users to advocate acts of violence against the “family members” of Iranians and to openly advocate for the “Mujahedeen” (a group on the U.S terror watch list) while routinely censoring other users who have never uttered a single violent phrase? Why does evidence a policy of allowing violent threats against peoples’ families and why does the site promote a known terrorist group while censoring others?

The Mujahedeen was Saddam Hussein’s private army and helped Saddam carry-out a series of violent attacks against Iranians in the 1980s. 

I have included photos Thank you.  


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Hehehe LOL

by Zia111 on

Very funny. Really. I like your sense of humor. That gave me a good laugh. Damet garm :)

But when we have people here beating their chests for the British, our oldest enemies, and justifying it I stand by what I say. This place is not an Iranian site at all.


Javid Shah!



by Cost-of-Progress on



by مآمور on

 I like the distinction that u made!! agree!!

I wear an Omega watch


Iraj-what a revelation

by Simorgh5555 on

I didn't know supporters of the Islamic Republic were Iranian! I thought they were the things they put in dog food these days. Extraordinary.


This site is not an Iranian site

by Zia111 on

It just uses the label "iranian". It is really a bahai site in disguise.

iraj khan

Why it's always Iranians who are being threatened with

by iraj khan on

violence on this Iranian website?

Could you threaten any other nationality and get away with it?

Why the owners/admins don't take any actions against the violent language here?

Are they intimidated as well by this crowd?

Are they desynthesized and have

surrendered to cyber bullies?


These are legitimate questions to be asked. 


it is within their rights

by مآمور on

Among many other things that Iran has been delivering to their doors for past 33 years!!

the more violent, the madder, the angrier,,,,,,,,,,, the more effective Iran must have been at making a promise and then keeping it!!

I wear an Omega watch


i'm not sure if he is the singer.

by mousa67 on

but dear iranlovesisrael:  i've been told by my uncle shmuel (god bless his soul) that they sing and dance to the tune of "fiddler on the roof" upon intake of the pepsi or coke.

dear AO: in my expeience, the cyber bassij crowd would faint if they dont get their daily dose of cafe latte purchased from their local starbucks. so it'd be a nviolation of their human rights to travel to gaza, since there are no starbucks there.


Thanks Mousa Jaan!


Then maybe we can disguise chomoghs as Cokes and Pepsi and give it to them!

BTW, is this Iraj the same as Iraj the singer!?


schweppes is not kosher!

by mousa67 on

sorry my dearest iranlovesisrael. i actually consulted with the chief rabbi at our secret organistaion HQ and he adviced me that only pepsi and coke are kosher. plus i am kind of old fashioned. but thanks dear for suggestion. keep them coming in.



Dear Rabbi Mousa67! Please...


offer these folks some Schweppes!

May Lord Moses protect you .


Not again to see these idiots

by Siavash300 on

Administration,  please help,  this guy is an idiot and keep coming back under different user names. I think we have to do something about it.  


CIM a.k.a Shahab Ferdowsi is back

by Simorgh5555 on

Misters Javid and Amin can speak forthemselves but maybe the reason they don't want to give an interview to you is because you are a FAKE. CIM (Centre for Independent Media) has changed its name into American Independent Newsnetwork (// since 2010 and does not use a Gmail account to contact its employees or associates.

Shahab Ferdowsi Jan, your crappy disguise does not work. I suggest you get a life, my cyber Basiji friend. 


I will say for the record: Israel should target assassinate the leaders of the IR. I sincerely hope they do. Just like they went after the terrorists of the Munich massacre. 

Anonymous Observer

Wow, the language and grammar of this "complaint"

by Anonymous Observer on

look and sound strangely like your own.  Even its photoshop abilities are similar to yours. :-)