by CIM

Congratulations! You made 'the list'* unless you want to explain why members of a religious movement are given special privileges on this site to use overt hate speech (under the widely accepted legal definition of “hate speech”) against racial and ethnic classifications, while you repetitively have censored those persons that object to the conduct.  Yes, we are still available to interview the owners and operators of If we interview you in-person or over Skype, you will get more views than you could ever have hoped for from a single video.  If you are not motivated by integrity, then let it be from publicity.    

 Go out on a limb: Show the public you are doing something legitmate and newsworthy instead of applying selective standards for censorship while fostering racial, ethnic, and religous sterotypes on an arbitrary basis and while receiving advertising revenue from special interest groups that have a vested interest in the "news items" published on this site that malign others.  

And the next time someone comes along on this site (assuming you admit them to this site) and says to you:

'Hey, you accept money from Bahai special interest groups, while the Baha'i movement says "daughters are given priority in education," and you (IC) ban and censor people that object to the crude stereotypes Bahai's rely on and make against others (while accepting Bahai funds), and then you block people that want to object' ... Tell them the following:  

According to a 'Fatwa' of the 'Arab Barbarians' on the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals “[d]iscrimination because one fails to act in the way expected of a man or woman” is still discrimination. Schwenk v. Hartford, 204 F.3d 1187, 1202 (9th Cir. 2000).  Giving preferences in education - whether to men or women - is still gender discrimination.  And a person who comes along on IC and dislikes the Bahai faith and objects to IC receiving money from it while IC permits adherents of that group to demean the majority of the Iranian community is not necessarily a 'mullah,' or an 'agent of the government of Iran' and must be given equal rights to post on this website if we are to have a shred of legitimacy and not be classified as a hate group and registered as such by the organizations that monitor that activity.  

Do you want to know the e-mail I have sitting in my inbox right now?  It says, and I quote: "Ask JJ and the Admin on IC why they will let the User-ID 'Ayatoilet' but not 'BahalluahToilet.' "   

Oh, Princes of integrity and impartiality, what do you want me to tell them?

 * Incidentally, when you get on 'the list' of individuals associated with known hate movements made by the career professionals that monitor those groups, it is a stain you will not be able to wash off.  


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Anonymous Observer

Not enough dear "CIM"

by Anonymous Observer on

Not enough!  The racist's account being blocked (rightfully so) is not enough.  He should be punished for hate speech.  Just like your powerful "organization" "filed a complaint" against that "chimpout" website and threw the guy in prison.  You are all for fairness and equality.  So, I must assume that you will apply the same standards here.

I mean, you have a powerful "organization."  I actually had a chance to visit your headquarters in Santa Fe, NM, and saw your operations.  I have to say that I was quite impressed.  You have thousands of emplyoees in an 80 story high rise working around the clock monitoring hundreds of thousands of websites, reading every comment on every blog on the internet(s), in every known language on this planet, to ensure accuracy and fairness.  In fact, if I recall correctly, you have an entire "Complaint Filing Department" (CFD) within CIM to deal wit violations.

So, why not take care of this racist also?  I'm sure it's not going to be difficult.  After all, this "ILoveIran," etc. character, who is totally NOT you, is nothing but an umemployed, welfare collecting loser who sits behind a computer all day in Australia and spews hate speech.  Shouldn't be hard to process a "complaint" against him.  I assume that it will be much easier than the process against "chimpout."  So, please get on it right away.  We need fairness on the internet, and your "organization" is the only one that can bring balance to the force...sorry, got carried away with Star Wars lingo...I meant to say balance to the internet.

PS- you didn't address the other bigot, "Covenant" who is NOT blocked.  What about that hatemonger?  Are you going to pursue a complaint against him or not?  


What points?!,

by IranFirst on

Dear CIM

Why is providing references from Quran considered insult to you ? Islam has been insulting Iranians and the world for 1400 years, and some like you considere it insulting to post Quran ayehs. Could it be because you are embarased by them, or some parts of Islam? . I did not write Quran, can you counter the points, and provide other references or your interpretation, if you disagree with me or Quran ayeh? . If not , why is this the failure of this site (or any other site)? This is NOT IRI that anyone can dictate what people can write or say (while being civil). Islam is the rule of the "law" in IRI, by force. Why should exposing the barbarism of the rules that are imposed on us (with no choice given by IRI to change them) not be permited? With your logic we should not complain when IRI cuts people's limbs, stones, or tolerates rape of children (all tolerated by Islam's Sharia, and Quran), because some Muslims (or you ) will be insulted?. Why?

This is the age of Internet and Islam can not hide its crimes, anymore. over 30 years of imposed Islam has shown Iranains , what real Islam is. All Muslims should READ quran and Hadith in their OWN language to see the true barbarity of this cult.

Looking forward to some posts by you.



Your answer

by CIM on

1.  We don't deal with "cyber attacks" 

2.  Since you are an insider at why don't you report your claimed cyber attacks to law enforcement?

3.   As to the discriminatory conduct, the account you mention was banned; but the material noted in this blog was not - has shown a deliberate pattern of promoting hate speech against some and not others. 

Anonymous Observer

Yes, please tell us where and how to file a 'complaint"

by Anonymous Observer on

Because there's this racist antisemite who keeps registering under different usernames and keeps posting racist hate speech, like this one:


or this one:


Or even this, when he threatened IC with a terrorist cyber attack:


I think this guy is just an unemployed racist who lives in Australia.  I'm sure he's not you, though.  But I think he should be arrested.   

PS- I think your blog accidentally overlooked this attack on another religious figure on IC, where the Baha'i prophet is made fun of.  I don't care, because I think that all religious figures should be made fun of, but you seem to be offended by it.  So, I'm letting you know so that you can file another one of them "complaints" of yours.  Do you know who this user is?  Surely, an "organization" with your reach should know all about this blogger "covenant":


Look at this blog of his also:


There are many more.  Please file a "complaint" against him ASAP.   




Thank you for reading it

by CIM on

Insults and racial/discrimination are not necessarily the same thing.

Freedom for who?  It is a debatable premise that a person who lowers themselves to the point of becoming a target of discrimination 'becomes free' in any sense of the word.

Let's call the behavior here what it is: prejudice and bigotry.  Insults are more if you make fun your neighbor's shoes or bad breath.  The conduct on this site is on par with the KKK's degradation of others.  


yes CIM

by amirkabear4u on

This is NOT the first time. It always being like this.

One price of freedom is insult !!!!!!!!

I noticed in most democratic free societies, there is always some degree of insult.



Fairness and Equality in Justice


Thank you ... We filed a complaint against

by CIM on

The people that run this site are at risk of being listed as site that is no different than other traditional hate speech sites like the following:


One of our acquaintances filed a complaint against "chimpout" and helped send 1 of its creators to prison which involved far lesser conduct mixed with racist speech on par with what you see on every day.  What is particularly sad is that 'supposedly' is doing this in the name of the Iranian community while we get complaint after complaint from Iranians about this site.

Some of the content on is no different than this:

Thoughtcrime: Get That Worthless Nigger Out Of The White House " 

It is absolutely appalling that they keep this blog off of the front page and avoid explaining more than a decade of lopsided bigotry.

If what they think they are doing is proper, we say to them: Sit down with us for an interview - There is no hiding from what has been going on here and I am sure that they knew this day would come.     

Mohammad Ala

What gives....?

by Mohammad Ala on

Your points are well taken and made that not all the blogs get featured whereas one person gets two featured blogs every day(rain or shine).  What gives?  Or what does he give?