UK Resolution against War and Sanctions


No War or Sanctions against Iran
Submitted by Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII)

This conference notes:
  1. President Obama has not rescinded the Bush Administration’s policy of covert operations to destabilise the Islamic Republic of Iran by supporting terrorist organisations of Jondollah, Pjak and MKO.
  2. Despite baseless accusations of the West, the IAEA has found no evidence of a nuclear weaponisation programme in Iran.
  3. In April 2010, the government of Iran organised the International Conference for Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation in Tehran which called for global nuclear disarmament and for a Middle East free of WMD.
  4. The non-aligned movement consisting of 118 countries defended Iran’s nuclear programme in September 2010 and warned against political pressure on the IAEA while criticising its new Director General for biased reporting against Iran.
  5. A recent 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll, carried out by Zogby International in six major Arab countries, asked the local population to name two countries that pose the biggest threat to them – 88% said Israel, 77% said the US and only 10% said Iran.
  6. In May 2010, strongly urged by President Obama, Brazil and Turkey brokered the Tehran Declaration in which Iran, as requested by the US, agreed to transfer 1200 kg of its low enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for fuel rods for medical purposes. However, the agreement was immediately dismissed by the US who responded by drafting a resolution for a new round of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, which was followed by additional and unilateral US and EU sanctions.
  7. All the completely discredited accusations of supporting terrorism, links to Al-Qaida and clandestine WMD programme, used to make the case for war on Iraq, are now being used against Iran.

This conference believes:
  1. The differences between the US and Iran must be resolved through negotiations and respect for Islamic Republic of Iran's right to exist and its civilian nuclear programme.
  2. Iran’s nuclear issue should be returned from the UN Security Council to the IAEA and resolved through continued negotiations and not sanctions or military threats.
  3. The latest US sanctions under the pretext of human rights violations in Iran is the ultimate hypocrisy given the US extensive record of illegal wars of aggression, war crimes and systematic human rights violations in the region.
  4. Sanctions, foreign state interference, destabilisation programme and Western military threats have created a state of siege in Iran greatly harmful to the cause of human rights, democratic rights and the civil society organisations and aspirations of Iranian people.
  5. Sanctions against Iran together with the massive build-up of US military forces and unprecedented US arms sales to the Persian Gulf countries can be the prelude to a new and even more catastrophic war once more on false pretexts.

This conference resolves:
  1. The Stop the War Coalition will allocate resources to lobby MPs, challenge media distortions on Iran and mobilise support in the trade unions and students unions and all affiliated organisations  to include in their demands “No War or Sanctions against Iran!”
  2. The Stop the War Coalition will demand from the Cameron and Clegg government

(i) To publicly oppose any military intervention and any new sanctions against Iran.

(ii) To revoke the EU and UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, including those against Iran’s civilian aviation industry which have already resulted in dozens of domestic air plane crashes killing thousands of passengers.

(iii) To enter into unconditional negotiations with Iran to resolve the stand-off in a peaceful way by respecting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s sovereignty and its civilian nuclear programme.


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Mardom Mazloom

وقتی برای یک چلوکباب میرید خودتونو جلو ا.ن. پهن میکنید

Mardom Mazloom

که صدا و سیما از هر زاویه تون عکس بگیره، این یعنی "خاک تو سری" دیگه! "خاک تو سری" که شاخ و دم نداره؟! حالا شماها چرا اینقدراز حقیقت ناراحت شدید!

بعد اینقدر بچه سوسول بازی در اوردید که جی جی نصف کمانتها را اینجا حذف کنه! خوب, شماها رو که جو سانسورهای ولایت فقیه گرفته چرا فقط رو سایت شخصیتون مطالبی که دوست دارید, بدون اینکه کسی بتونه حرف بزنه, نمیذارید؟

بعد جی جی خان ، فکر میکردیم، که روی سایت "ناتینگ ایز ساکرد" تا موقع یکه به فرد خاصی اهانت نشه هر کس میتونه حرفشو بزنه!؟ "کاسمی=خاک تو سری" بد تر از اهانتهای نژاد پرستانه به اوباما ست؟


war advocate Fred has no credibility to speakup on these matters


war advocate Fred has proven time and time again that he is siding with war enthusiasts, neoconservatives in washington and against ordinary Iranians. War advocate Fred tries to hide behind human rights issues but war advocate Fred needs to realize that many people are on to him.



by Fred on

CASMII lobby is a conjoined twin of the NIAC lobby.

Both lobbies share many lobbyists including Alex Patico a cofounder of NIAC lobby who at one time was , might still be, a  high official of the CASMII lobby.  


The sack of Islamist liar nuke lobbyist has “personally” vouched for a CASMII lobbyist who was captured on video both in Iran and in NY at the Islamist Rapists’ shows.

The nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists has said he has “dinner with” the CASMII lobbyist all the time.

The CASMII lobby was identified as an Islamist Rapist lobby long, long ago. However, the Islamist Rapists’ gofers and lobbyists always dismissed the truth.

Now the decent thing is to come out and admit the truth point blank. This they’re no good no more because they don’t publish my nonsensical write ups no more ain’t going to cut it.

Then again, Islamists are not into doing the right thing, it is against their barbaric dogma.  


CASMII is not what it used to be

by Mammad on

There was a time that CASMII was only in the business of being against sanctions and war, and had no position regarding the internal situation in Iran.

But, after last year's election, they became defenders of Ahmadinejad. A CASMII member wanted to dilute a statement against what was going on in Iran. The excuse was that if it was not diluted, three "important antiwar activists" will not sign it. But, who were the three? All three have been pro-Ahmadinejad, and at least one was in the conference of "elite Iranians living abroad" in Tehran in August. After much arguments, the CASMII member decided that he preferred to have the three, rather than the truly antiwar, anti-sanction, pro-democratic movement people.

Since then CASMII website features articles against the Green/Democratic Movement, such as those by the Leverrets. They constantly feature "good news" about Iran, such as those by Hooman Majd who claimed in one artcle that the Green leaders and Reformists are grateful to Mr. Khamenei for protecting them(!), and have stopped posting articles of those Iranians that are against war and sanctions but also the fundamentalists. Write the best antiwar, antisanction article, and post it in the most credible site, but devote a couple of lines to criticism of AN, and it will not be posted on CASMII website. Why?

So, while the resolution sounds very good, it must be read with a grain of salt, keeping in mind the above background. 




can't have neither

by mahmoudg on

There has to be either severe sanctions, or surgical attacks.  we cannot let this regime stand as status quo.  It is obvious the majority of the iranian population is against this regime and would like it changed.  There is an overwhelming number of people in Iran who do not believe in Islam if not religion at large.  Now, there are millions like me who also believe that surgical attacks on the assets of the regime, before we can call Iran completley free.

Sargord Pirouz

Agree with the resolution as

by Sargord Pirouz on

Agree with the resolution as it is written.


Disagree with both Ari and Moosir,

by Q on

Ari and Moosir, I respect both of you.  The right for the IRI to exist is for Iranians to decide.     .   This is exactly what they mean. Considering the audience and the cause there is no mistaking it. it's a strong and correct message in my opinion. We can support organizations like this and NIAC who are actually accomplishing things, or we can do the typical Iranian thing and tear them down on trivialities much to the delight of AIPAC and pro war/sanctions opponents. Keep up the good work CASMII. 


Agree with Ari once again


CASMII needs to wake up and smell the reality. And this is coming from a staunch defender of NIAC or any genuine anti-war anti-sanctions group. 

Ari Siletz

Line item veto!

by Ari Siletz on

"...respect for Islamic Republic of Iran's right to exist..." The right for the IRI to exist is for Iranians to decide. Please remove unneccesary references to IRI sovereignty etc. Replace with "Iran's sovereignty." Otherwise it may appear that your anti-war and anti-sanctions position is a cover to protect the IRI  Everything else looks good.

Niloufar Parsi

great resolution

by Niloufar Parsi on

keep up the great work casmii!