First crack

UK House of Commons' motion to rule out use of force against Iran


First crack

The first major crack in the western alliance against Iran has now surfaced in the UK's House of Commons by a rebellious Conservative back bencher who has for the first time in a western country proposed a motion against the hawkish western Iran policy. The anti-war groups activists and peace activists all around the world will see this as a promising sign to build a strong lobbying and media campaign to successfully oppose the war drive on Iran.

For the first time in many years, the UK Parliament has held a debate specifically on Iran. The Motion tabled by the Conservative MP, John Baron (Basildon and Billericay), secured a debate on 20/02/2012 on a Motion calling on the government to rule out the use of force against Iran, arguing for calm and vigorous diplomacy as the only sensible option.

John Baron intends “to divide the house to test the view and will of Parliament”. He states that “The catalyst for the latest round of condemnation against Iran has been the IAEA’s November report. But close reading reveals no ‘smoking gun’. There is no evidence of attempts to produce nuclear weapons, or of a decision to do so. Much is made of Western intelligence reports – but Iraq should have told us to be careful on this front.”

In his interview on BBC Radio 4’ s Today program on February 20th , Baron urged the west to recognize the Islamic Republic as a super power in the region and opt for a rapprochement with Iran in the style of Richard Nixon who visited China to end the long term US hostility against the country.

This development clearly reveals the gigantic hoax in the Western allegations of Iranian nuclear threat that the US and UK, while constantly prodded by Israel, have used in recent years to once again deceive the world nearly ten years after their fabricated and false dossiers paved the way for the criminal and Illegal invasion of Iraq.

In fact, many British and Western parliamentarians who voted for war on Iraq, claimed afterwards that they had been ‘misled’. The motion by John Baron reflects this sentiment and highlights the disarray in the British and western political establishment.

Not only do the majority of the International community as organised in the 118 nations of the non-aligned movement defend Iran's rights for a civilian nuclear programme and criticise the western pressures on Iran, but we now see that the supposed unity of the western alliance against Iran is actually fragile and can be cracked by further public pressure.

It is the responsibility of the antiwar organisations and peace activists to mobilise the public opinion on British Parliamentarians to abandon their aggressive stance on Iran.

Systematic and orchestrated lobbying of parliamentarians is therefore crucial to avert the gathering tide of sanctions, covert war and military attack on Iran. Parliamentarians and key decision makers must be publicly questioned by groups of activists and individuals in their constituencies and held accountable for their positions and their evidence on which they might support sanctions, interference or military strike on Iran.

The lobbying work should be backed up by a systematic campaign to challenge the western biased media which played a decisive role in manipulating public opinion and paving the path to the invasion of Iraq. Well-informed and sustained media work such as writing letters to editors and journalists to challenge lies and distortions, writing articles, and giving media interviews are crucial in mobilising public opinion against sanctions and war and towards negotiations without pre-conditions. CASMII’s Key Reasons Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, provides a regularly updated record of the issues of US-Iran stand-off.

In February 2003, in response to the huge and unprecedented anti-war demonstrations that engulfed the world days before Iraq was invaded, the NY Times, acknowledged the existence of “two superpowers on the planet: the United States and world public opinion”. Those demonstrations, including the two million strong demonstration in London did not stop the war, but created fractures and fears in the ranks of the decision makers. For history not to be repeated we must educate and win the public and mobilise it to win parliamentarians.

Local and national antiwar organisations are vital for building a strong lobbying and media campaign against the war drive on Iran. On 4th February 2012, Anti-war activists in many cities in the US demonstrated against sanctions, military attack, covert operations and domestic interference in Iran. CASMII for many years has been consistently campaigning against domestic interference and any type of sanctions as destructive to Iranian society and a prelude to war. The crushing sanctions on the Iranian economy and the massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf have prompted the main anti-war organisations in the UK and the US to now rally around the slogans of No Sanctions, No interference, No assassinations alongside the slogan of No War on Iran.

CASMII calls upon all concerned Iranian and non-Iranians to urgently join and build national campaigns in the UK (Stop the War Coalition), the US and other Western countries to mobilise public opinion against the sanctions and war drive on Iran by building a strong lobbying and media campaign. A peaceful resolution to the stand-off between the West and Iran would benefit all geopolitical parties involved and would avoid a doomsday scenario in which there will be no winners.

Contact CASMII for more information and if you wish to get involved.


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Siamak Asadian

Iraj,Do 35 million Iranians, half of Iran's population,deprived

by Siamak Asadian on

of all benefits of a civilized life, living below poverty line (all this according to IR's own statestics, which means the real number is probably even larger than 35 millions) in one of the richest coutries of the world, also deserve to be defended and supported.

Isn't IR and the ruling mullahs and thier thug Sepah Pasdaran responsible for bringing about such a massive country-wide poverty in Iran.

How is it that mullahs and their corrupt rule gets defended by you and your type 24/7 in here, but when it comes to actuall people of Iran, all you IR apologists don't have a word to say?

Is it because you're all just a bunch of sell outs, hiding behind the Red, White and Blue?

iraj khan

And Here You Have It!

by iraj khan on

A blog which is about:

'How to Try Stopping the War on Iran' turns to this.

I still don't know if it's a pre-meditated and executed plan or it happens spontaneously? 

Turning one against the other while the media lackies brainwhashing the American, British and the rest of the world by misinformation about Iran's nuclear energy. 

And the 'Support Israel' ad

on the upper right corner

loops among other ads proudly 

on this Iranian website.

Observation: There are at least 2 techniques being used among other things:

1. Discrediting the Anti-War blogger or commentators.

2. Changing the subject of the blog.

If one pays close attention he/she will see both methods are being used by the distracters on this thread, check it out.

I'm just saying,


Joe L.


by Joe L. on

Sorry girl, I thought you were a man. My apologies.

Roozbeh_Gilani you are nothing but a Camel Jokey. Stick to your roots.


Joe javad

by Cost-of-Progress on

Yeah sure, you hurt my feelings so much that I now sleep with my socks on ....



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I dont know, nor care what your real name is, but you act and talk like a spoilt teenage girl with a crush on criminal islamic terrorists.

 Grow up if you want to be taken seriously and show some respect towards other site users. You are being extremely rude, if I was your parent you'd be going for a time out for 14 mins right now.

BTW, if you are american, that'd make me an scandinavian!

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

oh poor baby, are you still crying?


dude with american flag avatar

by Cost-of-Progress on

You are fooling no one but yourself. I once asked you if Joe was American version of Javad, and you were rude in your answer to me.

Now I know it is!

halaa boro ye salavat befrest

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Iranian Nation does not equal, does not mean Islamic Republi

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Joe, I stand by my words.

Most Americans don't know much about Iran. People I know also reject war. People who are talking about Iran are politicians; reporters and interested parties. They know much about Iran at least enough to tell the difference. 

When I go to work nobody has Iran on their mind. With the exception of one Israeli friend I have. My Israeli friend knows a great deal about Iran. That is why he opposes Israel attack on Iran. The rants and raves are for political points and to divert attention. Real policy is being made behind closed doors. Those people know difference of IR and Iranian people. They also know the various factions. The "average" person has no hand or input in making policy.

Joe L.

Iranian Nation does not equal, does not mean Islamic Republic

by Joe L. on

Ask any American if they call Iranian government the Islamic Republic or just Iran. Then go ahead and ask anyone if they say bomb Iran means bombing the Islamic Republic of Iran. Then go ask some more and see when they say Iranians are terrorists they mean the Islamic Republic is terrorist.
Man, where do you live and get this stuff from? What do you think average American know about Iran? and difference of regime vs people. why would anyone even care? You live in dream world, wake up.


Oh Boy

by Abarmard on

I am out.

Happy Friday.

Joe L.

Good kittie V

by Joe L. on

What happened to that fat chick avatar, suited you better. How's your redneck Persian family doing?


More like

by Abarmard on

Secular Baseeji dude and faati commando are running around to arrest people.


 Joe L.: How is you mosque

by vildemose on

 Joe L.: How is you mosque doing? Are you a Sheikh yet?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Joe L.

Crazy people

by Joe L. on

One look at comments from weird looking freedom fighter guy (seems NUTS) to the top Alien (or kittie) "V" tells you these people need medical attention.


 Are IR lackeys on this

by vildemose on

 Are IR lackeys on this site true believers of militant Islamic supremacy  or just doing it for a paycheck?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Please slow down

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


America will not take orders from you or me or IC. President Obama does not have to do anything. Remember it was Obama who removed OBL. Without advise from us and without a lot of noise. 

This persident has a style of "speak softly but carry a big stick". He does not use much of "hart of pourt". The more noise the more of an empty drum a person is. Obama has a goal and the information to get there. Rest does not matter to him.

It sounds to me this administration is going the sanctions path. While this may not be the fastest path it is safer than all out war. Given that there is nothing I may do about it we might as well plan for post IRI period.

Siamak Asadian

Sepah Pasdaran the biggest Drug Dealers in Iran

by Siamak Asadian on

Apologist for Sepah Pasdaran and Islamic Republic of Hell biggest dupes in Iran. Or is it pimps? Please let us know, cheers

iraj khan

While We Are on the Subject of Sanctions

by iraj khan on

 and WAR: Updates Below!
Information Sessions on Iran Sanctions

February 23 & February 26

Get the latest information and advice on the Iran Sanctions Regulations and ensure you are in compliance with the law.  Panelists will discuss a range of topics, including transferring funds to and from Iran for family transactions, importing and exporting, purchasing and selling property, and managing inheritances and investments. 

$10 General Public (free for students with valid ID) $35 MCLE Certificate for California Attorneys
Light refreshments will be provided.

Presenters for Both Events:

Farhad Alavi, Esq., BHFA Law Group
Erich Ferrari, Esq., Ferrari Legal PC
Niki Moore, Esq., Wilmer Hale

Event #1: Thurs, February 23 @ Santa Clara University
**Room Change - Please Notice the New Location**
7:00-9:00 PM
Bannon Hall, Room 135
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Click here to reserve your tickets in advance
Sponsoring Organizations:
Iranian American Bar Association, National Iranian American Council,
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, Pars Equality Center,
SCU Middle Eastern Law Student Association
Participating Organization:
Omid Advocates

Event #2: Sun, February 26 @ UC Berkeley
Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. 
We hope you can
join us at the Santa Clara event.

For more information about these events, contact the Iranian American Bar Association at or Pars Equality Center at (650) 321 6400

In addition to purchasing your tickets online, you can also mail a check by February 18 to:
Pars Equality Center, P.O. Box 1383, Menlo Park, CA 94026


Drugs are illegal

by Abarmard on

Siamak Asadian

Iranian Nation does not equal, does not mean Islamic Republic

by Siamak Asadian on

If after all these years you don't understand this very simple fact, either your IQ is very low, or you're an IR agent hell bent on distoring the facts, or both.

As for the rest of the drivel you wrote, it is just so obtuse, it's simply beneath response.

There are many. many independent Iranian formation that are opposed to both Islamic Republic and War. If you can't identify with any such independent opposition to both Islamic Republic and War, that is a limitation attributed to you, not Iranian people. Check yourself.


Path of Cuba or Iraq

by Abarmard on

I say neither.
You may say about the crimes of IR, if there were still people who didn't know. We should always list the prisoners and those who are captured by the government who just want to be free.

That's a noble thing to do until we go farther than our own people and begin to darken the image of our society, religion, and country. Then we have gone too far.

For a foreigner that is enough justification to agree in bombing Iran, not to bomb the people of course but the regime. However one can't bomb a regime but a country.

Tactfulness, clear thoughts, strategically thinking to benefit Iranian people is noble thing to do, otherwise crossing the line and you are harming Iran. That's "Doosti ye Khaleh Kherseh", which we must never do and Iran doesn’t need.

If your audience in IC is what I have come to know, I see no reason to continuously say how bad IR is. Instead I see it more benefit in bringing awareness that things such as sanctions lead to war, or makes Iranians hurt.
Name a country that broke with sanctions? Cuba? Iraq? North Korea? Libya?
One of the biggest hopes of many Iranians today is the young and educated. They are the ones that contribute to Iranian society in a positive way. Some of those people are worldly and critical thinkers. Many of those are middle to upper middle class group. We need to help them in becoming more powerful. Our help can range from financial to informational. Sanctions do the opposite.

We have to be current in events taking place all over the region and based on changes we must adopt to seek policies that promote financial and educational empowerment to Iranians. That’s more important than sitting and yelling out against the regime. With that assistance, the Iranians will find ways that one sitting in a foreign country could not think of. Firstly, we don’t live there so our information is limited by distance and lack of touch; secondly we need to do our part not theirs. We are one of the most educated and financially successful minority groups in the US. That’s our capability and resources that need to transfer to Iranian youth and people. If we have done that, we have done more than enough.

It is not our responsibility to “revolt” by promoting demonization of Iran, our mother country. It is Iranian people's Right to choose what they want when they want it, while we support with financial and educational help. Nothing more. No military, no sanctions, and no selection of individuals of future kings or presidents.

Anything more and we have gone too far. And in this site, many Iranians and Iranian masked (Actors playing a role as Iranian) go too far. They talk about democracy having a stick. They name call and promote harsh actions with anger, thinking freedom of thought and speech.

They promote peace with war. That's going too far.

If you have not done a positive work to help Iranians have a happier life, then you and I have done nothing and you cannot stand in upper ladder preach how bad I am. We both just talk.

Awareness about prisoners doesn't always translate in understanding to what those prisoners are fighting for. Our job is to support them not try to hurt them by making their families suffer more, or darken Iranian image to those who intentionally or not itch to destroy Iran. Be smart and be united to empower Iranians.

Nothing else holds value.

Siamak Asadian

35 million Iranians living below poverty line = a national issue

by Siamak Asadian on

80% of the Iranian working class living below poverty level, that's also a national issue.

Every single day our bravest young people getting jailed for no reason, other than being honest people livign in a brutal, corrupt theocracy; a national issue.

All of our political prisoners in Iran, currently in middle of winter, being practically frozen to death; a national issue.

This list could go on for a long while in here,...

And what is the reaction of you and all your other fellow apologist of Islamic Republic of Hell here on IC:


All you're assigned to write in here, like all good obdient, sold out agents, is to prettify the hellish situation in Iran.

Exactly what part of this is my imagination? When was the last time you took a look at yourself in the mirror? 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

You say:

"You and your type remind us of those loser SAVAK agents of shah's time, willing to even sell their mother to justify anything and everything for their thug masters."

This is only in your imagination, it sounds like you have many unresolved issues regarding the present situation in Iran and the dire situation that Iranians are in.

I let you resolve these issues by yourself and meanwhile I wont waste my time on you, life is too short. 

Siamak Asadian

Iraj,hypocricy &duplicity is all yours & all other IR apologists

by Siamak Asadian on

here on IC.

Have you ever once in you life, wrote about the conditions of Iranian people under IR. When we have 35 million Iranians living below poverty level, is your beloved nuclear energy going to feed them, or send them to work? Or keep them warm in the winter? Shame on you if you had any!

Have you ever written a word on tens and hundereds of political prisoners in Iran, getting executed, raped and freezing to death in IR's jails, in middle of winter? Shame on you if you had any.

Just on this blog, you could see various independent Iranian formations: RAHA Iranian Feminists Collective, IASWI (International Alliance in Defense of IRanian Workers) that clearly oppose IR and war and sanctions. When if ever have you or your pathetic apologist types expressed a single protest against Islamic Republic of Hell, taking Iran to the brinks of war, destruction and distintegration? Shame on you, if you had any!

You and your type remind us of those loser SAVAK agents of shah's time, willing to even sell their mother to justify anything and everything for their thug masters.


iraj khan

ابرمرد: دمب خروس دوباره بیرون زد!

iraj khan


They supposedly are crying for democracy and freedom with slogans such as

'Oh poor Iranian students',

'Oh poor workers',

'Oh poor suppressed women and minorities, etc, etc.

Meanwhile this same group is pushing for sanctions that leads to economic hardship and starvation of Iranian students, workers, women, minorities, etc.

This same group is pushing for war on Iran ala Iraq invasion which will lead to death and destruction of the same people who they claim they are supporting. 

This same group is trying to discredit the anti-war Iranians on IC and everywhere.

Some one should remind them again:

What should we believe? What you say in defense of Iran and Iranians or you advocating for starving and bombing Iranians? 

Hence, Domb Khoros is out again!


As always, her Majesties government to Mullahs rescue!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Colonialists, old and new have had no better agents in the middle east than Islamists, and in particular the Islamists of shiite kind, with or without turban. Brits , the oldest colonial power in that region would do everything in their power to keep IRI going in one shape or form as long as they can.

As far as these front organisations with a few hundred intellectualy challenged, yet highly loud mouth and greedy for money members, like CASMI and NIAC and their so called "anti-war" barkings go, they simply say and do whatever they are ordered, way down the chain of the colonial command, without even realising what the heck they are talking about...  

The real anti-war movement belongs to Iran and it's people. It has nothing to do with Brits and their colonial agents IRI, let alone their front organisations such as NIAC or CASMI. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Funny how the Islamist lobby

by Cost-of-Progress on

here congratulate each other on this blog.

The only people beating the war drums are those who'll benefit from it: that is, the apologists who "believe" everything is honky dory in the occupied land of Iran.


iraj khan great answer

by Abarmard on

Nicely put

"How can one claim to be anti-war on IC but push for no negotiation with Iran? How can one claim to be anti-war but encourage assassination of Iranian scientists? How can one pretend to be anti-war when he/she compares Iranian regime to Nazi Germany and Hitler? " 

As the commercial goes, chi ching.



by jmyt17 on

I hate this IRI for last 33 years, and will do whatever I can to kick them out of my country first, and then bring them back for what they done to this nation.Just house of lord shut your mouth papi and sit on your towel.I will take hundreds of the British before I die.




by Simorgh5555 on

Yes, the Americans must be told what to do.
If Obama fails to understand that the IR is a nasty ugly parasite then Natanyahu should actually remind people of where their priorities should be.
The IR haw to go. No 'if's no 'but's. If you can show me how the IR can be dismantled peacefully within the next two to three years then I will be happy to support your position but until then I hail the day when the Islamist scums realise it will be a JEW who attacked them. Just imagine their anger.......beautiful!