Taking Jahanshah to Court


Bahram G
by Bahram G

I am an infrequent visitor to iranian.com. “The buck stops here,” is an old saying where the top person in any enterprise is held accountable for the “bad” things that happen and occasionally rewarded for the “good” things. Jahanshah is the CEO of the iranian.com. If not all credits and blames, most land on him. So, who is this guy? Let’s evaluate him in the court of the readers of this site.

I would like to sound off my own assessment to get the discussion going. Here it is. I don’t think Jahanshah is a saint. I don’t even think that he never makes the wrong call. On balance, however, from reading his posts and observing the way he runs iranian.com, I respect Jahanshah for:

* his love of freedom – freedom in all its forms, for all people irrespective of any and all considerations;  

* his adherence to the principles enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights;  

* doing and saying what is right, rather than what is expedient and right for him;

* devoting his time and talent to the worthy, yet demanding task of running iranian.com, instead of chasing after money;

* loving Iran and Iranian heritage without denigrating other cultures and peoples;

* being forthright and humble enough to display his own foibles and follies publicly;

* being an educated man with a broad appreciation for various fields, ranging from politics to humanities, and the arts;

I find Jahanshah to be the kind of Iranian that I would want my non-Iranian friends to meet.

Note: I have never met Jahanshah in person. I am not his brother, uncle, cousin, or related to him in any form or shape other than being his hamvatan. I am not writing this to ask him any favors. I am just moved by the fact that readers of iranian.com often attack him no matter what he does. So, here is your opportunity to judge this man. I issued my verdict and would be more than happy to change my views, if I hear contrary viewpoints that are sound.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Wow. I knew using the Holocaust against iranian.com was bad

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

But using your religion or that part of your background against you too so that she can label you and ship you out? WTF. It's interesting that Zion assumes she knows who the Jews are. She didn't think for a moment who else might be Jewish, and whether they would disclose it. She's more badge wearing than I've seen before. 

Alas beautiful Jewess Robin Rosie, thanks for staying and showing us how similar / IDENTICAL (referring to her dhimmi jew comment) we all are. I'm a dhimmi, she's a dhimmi, you're a dhimmi. Ain't nobody first class around here. Hiss hiss spit spit. We all fall down together. It doens't just fall with you. What Zion prefers is to have such tension rather than work out of it. Who knows why? Who will ever know why.....? Some people just like tension, hate and negativity. I think it defines her and she doesn't want to share the label "Jewish Lady" with you.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Tsion, google tells me that this is the meaning of dhimmi Jew:

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

The Dhimmi is the Arabic term that refers to its non-Islamic embracing population that has the ignominious dishonor of living in Islamic conquered lands. In a similar manner to the Jewish reference to a non-Jew as being a goy, so too the term dhimmi refers to non-Muslims. However unlike the Jewish term, goy, and much more important, the dhimmi is a distinctly subjugated second class non-citizen almost slave who is subjected to dictatorial deprivation of any legal and human rights since he is a non-Muslim permanent resident in a Muslim state.


and don't you DARE say that to Q about me. Or Margie or Nazy or Mazloom or any of these people who stuck by me and supported and nourished me now for over a year. .

and then this CRAP happens when I was actually making PROGRESS with whatever anti-Semitism there is on this site..in no small part because of the poison you spread..then when it all falls down like a ton of bricks on ME..

you go on Margie's Holocaust blog and spit at her.. .





rosie is roxy is roshan

Free speech/slande Uncool.K,Q,J.It could've ended in 5 minutes.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I wrote you J about it several times. You knew exactly what was happening, what I thought and why. K, HE SHOULD'VE STOPPED IT. As I said, if I'd known the woman wasn't a chief moderator, I wouldn't'cared about the things..she DID say...

To allow SLANDER to happen is not free speech. Doesn't anyone GET that. that it could've and should've been stopped right away? That was uncool J. I am so disgraced that after I write my final blog on Israel I'll NEVER be able to come back here. This time NEVER Q. It's pointless. I'm DISGRACED. EVERYTHING I ever tried to do here has been made ridiculous. I came back here because of Gaza, i wanted to  help make peace. I DID help. And this has only made it worse..the anti-Semitism I was able to combat..those people are spitting at me now all over the place..why didn't you tell me J?

THis one..won't blow over..I'm sorry Q. Thanks for everything..

Five minutes. It could've been stopped in five minutes.Yeah I got my lesson. I'm paying. But what about the person who said things soterrible that she won't even let herself remember them? No lesson there.

And what about YOU, J? This wasn't funny. It isn't just a GAME. This destroyed everything I ever worked here for and everything I ever accomplished on this site. Everything. And everything I did here I did for love.  And it's killing me J. It's killing me.

Dance or kill..or both J? Or are they both the same?


anonymous fish

well Q

by anonymous fish on

if you're waiting for an apology from me, then you better get comfortable.  if i ever once entertained a thought of apologing or reconsidering, i don't now.  your charming display of iranian manners (via the thumbs up comment) pretty much made null and void any attempt to discuss this rationally with you.  no matter how you spin it, abuses were taken... in this regard and many others. if zion went over board, take that up with her personally.  if anyone feels accusations were made unjustly, present a fair opportunity for me or rosie or sam to reconsider our understanding of this situation.  but NOTHING has been said to change my mind.  But again, I stress that some of MY issues ARE in fact true and if I joined rosie's blog to state them, so be it.  Q, I have no beef with you and I've done nothing to deserve your attempt to be vulgar and insulting.  Truth hurts... simple as that.  I'm just sorry you decided to join the fray without benefit of fact or feeling.


like you said,

by Q on

you can get from it what you deserve. Sorry, you're going to have to try harder to sell this one. Don't know if an apology will quite cover it this time.

I hope this demonstrates to any observer how these things get started and by whom.


Yeah it did Q, must have been the miracle of your well wishes!

by tsion on



Wow Zion, your finger sure healed real fast

by Q on

There is no end to your spin-meistering is there?

What's the matter? Got a little nervous that your school yard grade tactics can be read like an open book?

Of course anyone is free to get from it what (s)he thinks (s)he deserves to be getting from it. Who am I to judge? ;-)

LOL... where have I seen this? Oh that's right, under the word "sophistry" in the dictionary. How typically self-serving of you, removing completely the responsiblity and element of intent from your own actions.

You are a walking cliche.


I am probably older than

by K (not verified) on

I am probably older than a lot of you here.

A group of people here (definitely more than one) were ganging up against one person presumed to be a moderator. What made it so regretful was the fact that the people wrote so emphatically, as if the party's so called 'guilt' was etched in stone.
Friends, how were you so firmly decided that this person had committed this so called 'crime' (!)of sorts? --by your standards of course.

Shouldn't we all be a little more vigilant and put to good use the experiences we have learned in life?
And just for a moment imagine that there is a possibility that we could be wrong.
One has to pay for gaining experience, and most times very dearly!

I should know!


What can I say Q

by tsion on

You've got a dirty imagination. :-)
[Are you used to doing such stuff to Americans, and then giggling about it to your friends?]

Anyways, as you can see for yourself, the dhimmi Jew, whom I had politely asked one time not to address me anymore, had a completely different interpretation of that same simple text.

Of course anyone is free to get from it what (s)he thinks (s)he deserves to be getting from it. Who am I to judge? ;-)



REAL mature Zion...

by Q on

I expected this kind of childish vile disrespect from Zion trying to sneak an elementary school curse gesture past the site operators, and giggling to her friends about how stupid these Iranians are.

But et tu AF?

Both of you can have two thumbs up for your speedy recoveries on my behalf... Iranian style.

anonymous fish

ouch... is it a virus or something

by anonymous fish on

but my finger hurts too!  my doctor told me to keep it in a fixed and stationary position.  so at least until i'm told other wise, the virus is still out there and getting stronger and stronger.  :-)

peace out!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Look Tsion

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

The blog could've been stopped and it should've been stopped and that's the only question left here anymore as far as I'm concerned.  If the moderator in question doesn't have final deletion privileges and if she says she doesn't then she doesn't, then the whole discussion on my thread was moot, irrelevant, because that was the ONLY issue as far as I was concerned.I know she said what she said and she'll never admit it and SHE PROBABLY DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER, but that was NEVER my point. My point was I was led to believe she had final deletion authority and bacause of our history together, I swallowed it whole and I was WRONG. If you thought the point was something else, that Jahanshah himself was responsibe for a barrage of chronic unfair deletions and you'd said that, I would've challenged you and if the rest of the people  had said that I would have said I'm outta here. And that blog would've been deleted IMMEDIATELY because I DON'T BELIEVE IT. . As for Sam and the a-hole thing and all these nasty posts on his new blog, well if they're still there it's disgraceful, but I THINK it's the fallout from this whole MESS. You think otherwise. Well, you know, we hardly ever agree on anything.

And yeah, you're right, my finger hurts. I have a boo boo. I don't understand why I wasn't told. Ouch. So I'll go suck it. So what? 


The finger

by tsion on

of mine, this one here, it got stuck and now it's bleeding. I think it is broken too. Sorry for the off topic comment, I don't even know why I am writing here about it. Addiction to the internet, that must be it. Better go and get some bandages... Sorry for the interruption, just ignore this one... .


rosie is roxy is roshan

Thanks AF, I just want to clarify for people about b-ch word

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

that AF is talking about someone else. I never use curse words here and I told people on that last blog NOT TO no matter what. And when those posts got deleted I was very happy about it. (I only use them in the racey kind of blogs, just for fun..). 

anonymous fish

i don't know... maybe it's just me

by anonymous fish on

but I don't hear anything even remotely sounding like a denial.  It's very very easy to make a declaration either by JJ or the party involved.  So, Roiban... don't get all concerned about hurting anybody's feelings just yet.  Even if all of the issues are not exactly as we have been concerned, there is enough to be concerned about.  the old saying "where's theres smoke, there's fire" is no truer than here.  Variations of the issue ARE ABSOLUTELY true.  It would just be so much simpler and humane if JJ would make it clear... one way or the other.  IRregardless, there IS absolutely influence by said member.  This can hardly be denied by anyone.  Personal attacks aren't the answer, that is true. 

I don't agree with calling someone a bitch.  That's too personal.  But then again, commentors are allowed to call other registered users by other names that are equally offensive.  So let's not get our panties twisted by that either.  There are no rules here... could that be any more obvious???????  So I guess we just have to learn 'em as we go.  But I hope the moderators WILL pay more attention to flagging.  Certainly none of my flagging has produced any changes... which goes back to the original issue.  WHO is controlling this place!  It's not JJ for sure. 

If samsams article are not available to him without "creative blogging", then they are in effect, deleted.  I disagree with this but as I've always said, this is JJ's thang.  He's going to do whatever he wants, however he wants and in such a fashion as to bring attention to the site.  He feeds on controvery... as do we all...:-). 

Anyhoo.  It's been a real eye opener, that's for sure.

peace out. 

rosie is roxy is roshan

Why didn't you tell me?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Why didn't you stop me if I was wrong? I wrote you what I thought and why I thought it. . And more than once. I would've ended it right there and thrown that blog into the sea where it belonged before the person's name came up. And apologized publicly for writing it. I always said the moderators did a good job. This should never have happened. And you know me, and you know how hard I try and you know more than anyone what this website's meant to me. Why didnt you stop me right away? 

I just don't understand.


ya jj

by cuti on

ya right!

Jahanshah Javid

Thanks again

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks to iranian.com moderators, including myself, for doing a beautiful job.

rosie is roxy is roshan

SAM / Another PS, jj, id Revised, unfortunate

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Sam, the wpman obvously doesn't have final powers of deletion, and I wish I'd never got into this because if I'd known that it would've all been a moot point, because it IS Jahanshah who's responsible for those deletions and that's that. Really. That's that. 

Mr. Javid, if she didn't have final deletion powers and you had told me so and I knew you were screenng her flags, I would've thrown that blog into the sea in five minutes.  WHHHHHHHHHY?????????


Lie and deceit machine at it again

by SamSamIIII on

 with all the logistical help in full support. She is now bringin jj into it & saying she has been deleting my comments in collaberation with JJ . I have had over 100 comments deleted and people who know me , know I dont have a foul mouth and dont use profanity like the groupie members . my comments got deleted because they wanted to make me angry so to pick a fight when I ignored her and her gang . pure and simple . for god sake , i wrote a comment about computer programming and comment came calling me a stupid moron and all kinds of names..in a technical blog!!!!!!!!!!! you go figure how far this juvenial character goes to get people off topic .

just stay the heck away from me , I know the crocodile tears & multi personalities.





former samsam1111


rosie is roxy is roshan

PS At a certain point I'd written such a detailed account

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

forget it.


Zion, not everyone can be a Holocaust victim like yourself

by Q on

aren't you tired of all this spin and distortion?

I also hope your comment sticks around. It is a perfect window into your paranoid mind.

Anyone can see who started the personal attacks and who merely responded.

Let's be clear. This is what I wrote to you:

You can take your "responsiblity"
by Q on Fri Feb 06, 2009 03:46 PM PST

and stuff it you know where.

So long as you treat Palestinians like dogs, taking chances with their lives and treating them less than human, you have absolutely no moral standing on this issue. You can bitch and moan all you want. All your excuses are bad sales jobs.

Is this nice? Not it's not. But it's a response to your attack where you called me : "pitiful", "pathetic" and "stinkingly dirty".

Now you are trying to misrepresent the situation as usual.

Is it something in the water in Israel that can't recognize who starts conflicts? This is always the pattern with you. You start it, and then you whine when people give as good as they receive from you. As usual, you only see the retaliation. I have no problem violating any guidelines as I have said before. I will not sit silent and "take it" just because your twisted since of fairness is completely self-centered. By the way they FREQUENTLY delete my responses to your comments as well.

Second, there is a big difference between calling some woman a "bitch" versus using it as a verb as in "bitching and moaning" that I have done in your so-called example.

Nevermind the far more distasteful act of trying to cover up Israel's crimes at the Un school, by saying the school itself was not hit, when 43 people died in front of it (a fact you didn't think was relevant enough to share).

Don't even try to say Irandokht is "playing the victim", you are the one who love to compare yourself to Nazi Holocaust victims over a bunch of propaganda on a web site. PLEASE don't make me laugh. You have no room to call anyone out on playing victim. If there is any insensitivity on this site to the Holocaust, it is thanks to your repeated misuse and cheapening of the event. You have no room to call anyone a conspiracy theorist.

Not only do you not respect this site's owners and operators (have called JJ and Foaad nasty names, although convinently apologized), but you have the audacity to claim you are being censored or "kept down" on purpose while you are still using this site.

rosie is roxy is roshan

My last post: misunderstanding, clarifications, ID, JJ

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

First of all apologies for the delay, computer problems. This post will be my correction of my last post below but I'll let that one stand as a reference

First of all, Irandokht, you DID say whining and being you remember the rest of the post so well, it's INCREDIBLE that you don't remember that. That word was so...hurtful...and WHY would it be emblazoned on my mind if you hadn't said it. And WHY would I have replied to you? It was the FIRST TIME since I came back here that I wrote ANYTHING on a Gaza thread. They were too volatile. What compelled me? What compelled an apolitical non-Jewish well-respected site member to write me and express his...disgust?

Fact is, on that thread MOST of the Jewish members were present and to use such a word when they were all there is...unkind at best. Now you can claim you didn't use it but the question remains: why did I react so strongly? Why did the other person too?

I will write another post to Jahanshah and I really hope he's reading this BECAUSE IT'S VERY IMPORTANT. 




by tsion on

Funny to h I actually did try flagging times around, just to see if it ever work, and despite the kind of personal attacks I was under, not one of them lead anywhere. Not one. I even brought concrete examples of unfair treatment and was only ridiculed by the "owner" of the site:

My account is closed for using one curse word ("bitch") exactly twice. A word that has been used against me and other apparently "second rate" users many times before including in one of the comments right here:
on that very same day, with no consequence whatsoever. :-)

So give it a rest!

Flagging or otherwise, the overall trend of deletions here exactly flows in one direction only, and that happens to be to your liking all the time, Lady irandokht. It's fascinating to hear you, of all the people, talk of integrity around here... So spare us the drama of being a victim, OK?

Do what you do best instead, engage in your petty personal vendettas, censoring everyone and lying about what the had said before it was deleted and childish tactics to team up with certain others, poisoning this site with all sorts of viral conspiracy theories and xenophobia just to get back at certain people just to soothe your own "hurt" feelings, and so on.

I guess all this variety of people who are speaking up now, many of whom disagree with each other ideas all the time, are in yet another "evil conspiracy" just to put you down, of all the people, for no good reason but their own "malice". Right!

You're fooling no one here.


PS. Let's hope this comment survives! I am actually adding this line just to increase its survival probability and no other reason whatsoever including irony or humor.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

You said it. I apologize for the rest but not for that.


so much for integrity

by IRANdokht on

You are bringing up my name and addressing me, so don't reply with: I won't read your response... and pay attention.

I can't believe I am explaining this to you (of all people) Rosie khanoum, but when you quote someone you have to be accurate and use the same sentence,
granted you're repeating it out of context, you're even changing the words and playing a victim!

I was the one who said that I was tired of hearing the same people who are committing genocide today whine about the Holocaust that happened decades ago. I did not use the word "jews" or "sick" as you have in your quotes and I did not deny the Holocaust. You have gone way too far to justify your attacks on me. I suggest you come clean and tell everyone why you decided to attack me since there has not been a history between us as you claim. I just don't like your style and I have always kept my distance until the Gaza massacre when I actually mentioned your views as being reasonable.

This is not about moderation on this site, this is just open season on one member: me! and I know how it started and have witnessed it going out of hand. Unlike many members of this site I use the "flag" option often now (since a few months ago when I was fed up with samsam's allegations) and whenever I see insults and profanity I flag the comment. I see it as my responsibility to keep conversations clean so I can participate in them.

You and everyone else could and should do the same. The final decision would be with JJ to delete that comment or disregard my flagging it. Try it sometimes, it works! 

I've been told that people who have been deleted see my comments still in place and assume I was the cause of their deletion, in some ways I might have been the cause because I did flag them, but you are going above and beyond and saying I am a moderator with "ultimate" power of deletion!!  now that is your imagination dear and not my fault. 

Fortunately a lot of intelligent members of this site figured out what is going on, so I was going to let this all die down as all lies and falsifications should, but today, I realized how some of the members who are not following everything on this site have started to believe these accusations.

So I decided to say this and say it once:

Enough is enough!


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

forget it.


Foaad jaan

by Souri on

Agree %100 on this. I'm all with you, this solution is not only technically but also logically the best one. There's no point then for a frustrated person to come back the next day with a new avatar, saying the old things again. What for? As Q stated before.

Foaad Khosmood

Samsam, yes, you are right

by Foaad Khosmood on

the page is not valid, so any link to it is broken.

It's like a magazine: there is no table of contents but the articles are still there.

But some creative Googling can give you all the content, except for the actual blog page which is inaccessible now.

I think JJ should give "time outs" to people instead, allowing them to come back under their true user names after a certain time has passed. This would be a warning with an incentive for the user, an incentive to preserve their history and status. But it also means that JJ would have the option to block later reincarnations and/or actually erase the blogs (but not articles), if it is a very severe case.

During the time-out, the user should not start new clone accounts. This would be a kind of warning and at the same time would spare the clutter on the site with people's writings appearing under multiple accounts.

rosie is roxy is roshan

PPS, Irandokht, /REVISED

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I DON'T LIE and EVERYONE here with a grain of sense knows it. That's why so many of the serious political writers have asked me to and thanked me for mediating on their threads..because I'm FAIR. And HONEST.

ID, we discussed that statement after you made it. And you know it too. But at that time I didn't know you were a moderator let alone one with final deletion privileges. If I'd known believe me, I would've had a cow. And I would've mooed about it right away. First to the publisher and then...to fate and the four winds. Now..

IF ANYONE THINKS I'M LYING OR WANTS TO KNOW THE DETAILS OF THIS WHOLE HORROR SHOW, please feel free to call me at 212-529-8016 or if you're in Manhattan, just drop by. I'm at 240 East Fourth Street, Apt. 4C.

I AM WHO I AM ON THIS WEBSITE. I'm completely transparent. I DON'T lie.