Sarnevesht Barreh

Bahram G
by Bahram G

che aroosi baashe, che azaa --barreh mishavad ghaza. Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, the lamb ends up as food. This reminds me of the plight of my havatanaan, particularly those who are poor. When their sons and daughters get arrested by the heartless akhoonds' police, the ordeal of the poor truly becomes catastrophic. They may lose their bread-winner and on top of that they will have to contend with the forever practice of RUSHVEH to learn about the fate of their loved-one, to get some food to him/her or springing him free.

So, these hamvatanaan have this added burden of being the ones who are victimized the most by the thugs presently ruling Iran. Ironically PSYCHO AHMADI has billed himself the champion of the poor. Some champion, huh?

I wish that there was a fund that we the expats can set up that would go directly to the families of the poor to give them a little relief during these horrid times. Well, wishes, wishes, and more wishes. Anyone, any ideas?


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by yolanda on

Hi! Bahram,

     You are super kind....but just be careful.....I heard US government tracks better do it anonymously....sometimes donation can be a sensitive matter...