Gay Parade: Toronto Iranians

Gay Parade: Toronto Iranians
by bahmani

There may not be any Gays in Iran, but there are certainly Iranian gays in Toronto!

Pictures from the largest ever attendance by Iranians at a Pride Parade. Held in Toronto this past weekend.

If you are gay, or know someone who is, or just want to help learn more about the wonderful work that IRQR is doing, please visit // or check out their FaceBook page.

Special thanks to my new hero, Arsham Parsi for his tireless efforts and well deserved success helping Iranians gain asylum in Canada.

Photos Courtesy: Mir Bahmanyar


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" کسی که هم آلت تناسلی مرد داشته باشد و هم آلت تناسلی زن ، بر اساس آلتی که بول (ادرار) ابتدا از آن خارج می‌شود ، ارث می‌برد ؛ پس اگر بول ابتدا از آلت مردانه‌ی او بیرون می‌آید، نصیب مرد را می‌برد و اگر ابتدا از آلت زنانه‌ی او بیرون می‌آید نصیب زن را می‌برد و در صورتیکه بول از هر دو باهم خارج می‌شود بر اساس آلتی که دیرتر بول آن قطع می‌گردد ارث می‌برد و اگر از این جهت هم فرقی میان دو آلت نبود نیمی از نصیب مرد و نیمی از نصیب زن ارث میبرد.

   منبع: ( کتاب لمعه دمشقیه  نوشته ی شهید اول جلد دوم / ترجمه و تبیین علی شیروانی /  صفحه 214 )   این کتاب مهمترین کتاب فقه و اصول جهان تشیع است "

Darius Kadivar

Well Bruce I guess it's as Good as it Gets ...

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Just Kidding ...




Great Initiative ! 


Very interesting to watch..

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2011 gay pride was the most controversial pride ever.  They allowed a well-established anti-Israeli gay group with strong signs in the pride last year.  This year the mayor of Toronto did not participate while the ex-mayor participated. As I saw the pride, most gay couples were observers, and I think most participants were not gays.  The pride became the pride of human rights rather than gay pride, in particular. It was so much colorful and fun.  I went with my son and wife.  Many participants were gay families.  


Proud of you......

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I admire the courageous and heroic Iranians who participated in the 2011 Toronto gay pride.  Please remember participating in such a pride equals with the execution and harassing of family and love members in Iran. There is no doubt that IRI agents and Iranian homophobic took many pictures and tried to identify them. 



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So good to see this here. 

Ali P.

Brave, free souls...

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Although, some more brave than the others, by not wearing a mask.