One Reason Why Romney/Ryan will lose: Both Home States Will Vote For Obama!!


by ayatoilet1

You have to believe that the people who best know a candidate are people who have had to live with a candidate longest!! Right?

Well as you know Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, and Paul Ryan is a U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin.  Surely the people of Massachusetts and Wisconsin, must love Romney/Ryan? Right? I mean if they are so damn good, these folks must know how great these candidates are.

I remember my Republican friends declaring if Al Gore was so great, how come he did not carry Tennessee? They laughed and humored Gore.

But new polls show President Barack Obama widening his margin in Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin and Mitt Romney's stomping ground of Massachusetts sitting safely in the Democratic column. Never before and never since has a major party presidential ticket been elected when both candidates lost their home states.

To be fair, there was a Wilson-Marshall ticket in 1916, and they did win the Whitehouse but lost their two home states. But Wilson did win Virginia, Wilson's native state. But if Romney is looking for a helping hand, he's unlikely to find it in Michigan, the state where he was born and his father served as governor. Thanks in large part to the auto bailout that Romney opposed, voters there are leaning blue in the latest polling. Wilson, like Obama, also had the power of incumbency behind him.

Since 1824, when widespread popular voting in presidential elections began, 17 losing major party tickets also failed to win their presidential and vice presidential candidates' home states.

The best news about this election is that not only will this loss prove that Romney and Ryan are weak candidates, but it will totally undermine Ryan's prospects of winning a presidential nomination any time soon, if ever. And that is good news for the Iranian-American community, because Ryan is a Tea Partyer. He is an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim hick, who has barely any world knowledge. I don’t think he even has a passport!

My real hope is that Tea Party morons like Paul Ryan and Donald Trump end up hiding behind a stone from now on, and this also leads to the demise of the politics of hate and polarization in the United States.  If they had any decency, the people that know them best would appreciate them. But they are bastards. This election will prove it.


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