Keep Boycotting BP


by ayatoilet1

The most important obligation Iranian-Americans have is to boycott BP; and to Boycott BP for life.  Hey its the least you can do for your old homeland - Iran; or the least you could do for your new homeland - the U.S.; or the least you can do for your Azeri or Jewish friends or family - anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are a Mojahed, a Monarchist, Mossadeghi, a Mullah or a Moron ... its simply your obligation! That's it - go to the next gas station, MOVE ON!!

You should not only do this but spread the ‘word’ to their friends – especially Jewish friends who hate the theocracy in Iran as much as we do…because if it wasn’t for BP – there would NOT be an Islamic Republic in Iran. And I am sure your friends of friends also have a problem with the 5 million or so barrels of oil BP spilled into the Gulf of Texas (oops, I meant Mexico) …which was the most famous of the great number of safety violations BP experienced in its refineries and pipelines…because if it’s irresponsible and ruthless corporate culture.

This week, BP was handed 11 felony charges, and agreed to pay $4.5 billion in penalties, including a record $1.256 billion criminal fine. If BP was a live human being, it would have been locked up for life or in Texas killed. If the feds won’t kill them, then it is up to us to put them out of business – kill them with our behavior. We have the power! We really do.

With the power of social media we can absolutely do it. The boycott BP facebook page has over 750,000 likes. // Let’s push to get it beyond a million shall we? We have every reason to that – no?

The people of the world have suffered enough at the hands of BP.  With sex parties for the Aliev Regime dictatorship in Azerbaijan, and almost a century of underhanded political tactics – everything from bloody coups to bribes – BP is enemy number one for all of humanity.

BP’s strategy for grabbing oil around the world has always been sick. They are prime players in wanting the continuation of the Mullahs in Iran. You see a contained and isolated Iran plays into their strategy of milking Iran’s oil and gas assets from the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan and other Iranian neighboring countries. BP, after all, has a monopoly on the transportation of all that oil through its Baku-to-Ceyhan pipeline.  Every single Iranian knows the role Britain played in undermining the Shah and bringing Khomeini and the Islamic theocracy to power. And Britain still has its nokar’s installed inside the Islamic regime. With the imminent retirement of their nokar #1 Rafsanjani, it’s the turn of the Larijani brothers – whose daddy was on a British payroll for decades in Iraq. 

It’s the Brit’s through their colonial outposts of Qatar and Dubai that are making record profits ‘sanction busting’. They are the largest beneficiaries of the expanded sanction regime against Iran – all at the expense of ordinary Iranians.

The U.S. government – the Obama administration no less - has become the very best ally of the people of Iran. This week the U.S. government banned BP Plc on Wednesday from new federal contracts over its "lack of business integrity" in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, possibly imperiling the company's role as a top U.S. offshore oil and gas producer and the No. 1 military fuel supplier.

The suspension, announced by the Environmental Protection Agency, comes on the heels of BP's November 15 agreement with the U.S. government to plead guilty to criminal misconduct in the Gulf of Mexico disaster, the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

It’s a shame they didn’t do that in 1952 or 1922?? BP has lacked business integrity since it engineering Reza shah’s coup and abolished the Iran’s democratic constitution almost 100 years ago.

BP and its affiliates are barred from new federal contracts until they demonstrate they can meet federal business standards, the EPA said. I think federal business standards should require a visitation to Azerbaijan – where BP has basically bribed the whole regime.

According to Reuters: “The EPA acted hours before a government auction of offshore tracts in the Gulf of Mexico, a region where BP is the largest investor and lease-holder of deep-water tracts and hopes for further growth. BP is also the top fuel supplier to the U.S. military, the largest single buyer of oil in the world.

Suspension of contracts could give the government leverage to pressure BP to settle federal and state civil litigation that could top $20 billion if a court finds BP was grossly negligent in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. An EPA official said government-wide suspensions generally do not exceed 18 months, but can continue longer if there are ongoing legal cases.”

U.S. operations account for more than 30 percent of BP's pre-tax profits in the third quarter, and the United States accounts for about a fifth of BP's global oil production. Believe me if you – stop going to a BP affiliate gas station it will have a dramatic impact on BP’s future. The margins on oil are so tight, that even a 1% shift in demand can basically put an oil company out of business.

The U.S. military has been a reliable customer of BP's jet fuel and other refined products. As recently as September, BP affiliates won two military fuel contracts worth as much as $1.37 billion and with this ban all this business at BP is at risk.

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said in a statement: "After pleading guilty to such reckless behavior that killed men and constituted a crime against the environment, suspending BP's access to contracts with our government is the right thing to do." You see you did the right thing voting for Obama and if you live in Massachussetts make sure you work hard to get Rep. Markey re-elected.

Boycotts have a stickiness that will hang in there for a long, long time," says Duke University Professor Fitzsimons. Let’s hope he is right. For now unless you are totally out of gas somewhere - never shop at a BP affiliate again. The BP brands to boycott include Castrol, Arco, Aral, am/pm, Amoco, and Wild Bean Cafe.


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salman farsi


by salman farsi on

I am not Jewish but I have jewish friends. Does this make me less of a muslim?

For an Islamic democracy


Good Stuff AO!

by Faramarz on



Wait till Toilet comes out and say, "I am not anti-Semite. I have Jewish friends!"

I believe that you wrote about this a while ago and compared it to people who say, "I am not a racist. I have African-American friends." 

But let me assure you that I will stay on this topic the same way that I stayed on NIAC or Shah-era Commies until we cleanse this site of such vile.


AO: hahahah, that was

by firstdayofmylife on

AO: hahahah, that was brilliant, " A jewish vortex"!

Anti-semitism as a norm in Persian communities abroad is largely unknown by those who hold such views. I wonder why.

Anonymous Observer

My fellow Jew Faramarz! :-)

by Anonymous Observer on

You really have to feel bad for our friend Toilet here.  Look, the poor guy wakes up in the morning, gets his kids ready for school, thinking that "pro-Israeli kids" in school are going to beat them up because they're Iranians (he actually said that once).  He then tries to make himself an egg sandwich, but notices that the eggs came from Levine farms.  So, he gets really mad and decides to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich at Dunkin Donuts.  There, waiting in line, he hears the cashier telling the guy in front of him, who just paid with a credit card, "thank you Mr. Goldberg, have a nice day."  Toilet then curses his fate, but still gets a cup of java, and grabs a newspaper, just to read in the Business section of the paper that the majority shareholder of Dunkin Donuts is a guy names Ira Rosenstein. 

Now completely p--'ed off, he notices that his gas tank is on empty.  So, he drives to the nearest gas station and fills up his tank, all the time looking at the $4.50 / gallon and wondering, in absolute agony, why his homeland of Iran, around which the whole world revolves, has not yet invaded Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan and taken over the entire oil production on the planet. 

Getting out the parking lot, Toilet gets in a fender bender with another car.  It turns out that the accident was Toilet's fault, and he gets a ticket for it.  The other driver's name: Alana Rosenberg.  He then gets sued for the accident.  The woman's lawyer is a guy named Marc Rosenblume.  Toilet's lawyer is a woman named Shirley Rothstein.  He loses the case and has to pay the other side $50,000.00.  His bank account is at the Emigrant Bank, which he later finds out is owned by a bunch of Israelis.  He's so exhausted after all this, that he just feels sick, and has to see a doctor.  So, he goes to the nearest walk-in clinic, where he is attended to by Dr. Rose Cohen.  Tired, broke and stuck in a never ending Jew vortex, Toilet heads home, just to find out that he can't pull into his driveway because his neighbor, Mr. Shapiro, has parked his BMW on his lawn!


Seriously dude, I don't know what's worse, Toilet being an anti-Semite, or him not knowing that he's an anti-Semite.  I mean, if you don't realize that accusing Paula Broadwell of being an Israeli spy just because she may have come from a Jewish background is an anti-Semitic Jewish conspiracy theory, then you're beyond hope.  But as I have said before, it's quite remarkable what you see in the Iranian community in this regard.  While most people see Jewish conspiracy theories as anti-Semitic, Iranians seem to be fine with them.  In fact, this particular type of anti-Semitism is quite mainstream in the Iranian community.  


My Fellow Jews!

by Faramarz on



Toilet Jaan,

You see how these blogs ultimately end up being about Jews, although they start out as anti-Zionist or anti-whatever.

My main point in my comment here as well as my other comments in your other blogs is that you don't really have a good command of the facts. You just throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see which ones stick. And at times, your stuff contradicts each other.

As a matter a fact, I detected your phobia when you posted something about you and your neighbor and some bushes. And you have been consistent since then.

But since you gave me a new religion, if that helps you explain my views, then fine, I'll start reading Tora and see what Judaism is all about!


You have other deeply rooted issues Ayatoilet

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If you oppose BP that is fine, but it is overall a distraction because you are living in the USA. 

The USA is the colonial power of 1979 and today where both republicans and democrats came togehter with the consent of the people and destroyed an entire regions progress towards democracy and made it look like they were the good guys of course wearing those bright white hats for democracy and they were removing black hatted monster who was not a democrat, its dispicable to repeat it all, as it is untrue what they implied of the late shah.  The late shah was one of the entire worlds greatest democrats in the last century and Iranians were deceived on him and then thwarted using the deadly deceit on iranians gradual approach towards democracy that the late shah had envisioned and worked his life for.


On re-writing Colonial Historywhich was untruthful to begin with

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Your Account is the one that was written by the British media and official text books when they were the top colonial power, it is untrue today as it was then, Reza Shah never came to power by coup, even a child knows that he was brought in by an act of Parliament and that means no could occured as brits intentionally suggested in order to more easily control him by suggesting he was not legitimately brought to power, it never worked then and it doesn't work now.  Ask the people who were members of the families of those that surrounded Reza Shah when he was wanted by Iranians to be the King, in particular those that held the highest offices before he was even known, and who were educating him on how to perform his duties. 

Ayatoilet The Truth matters and is something that each time it is misrepresented, which is almost all the time in the west, intelligent Iranians are not going to say "we don't support monarchy, we want a republic", they are going to highlight the facts, by those who misrepresent them either knowingly or unconsciously. 

Lest we forget what Irans Anti-Intellectuals are and were guilty of in 1978/9, just because the colonial power of the day in their media and text books called the late king, a meglomaniac, a despot, an autocrat, a tyrant and a dictator.  It shows extremely poor taste at this point in time to not be able to state the truth, which opposes these descriptions, that at no time did the king break laws, excercise absolute power or do anything other than ensure Iranians were Independent and Free. Anti-intellectuals who by definition were ignorant could not realize Iranians were independent and free and the USA opposed these for Iran and so went after the late Shah. Their minds were too dominated to realize the importance of independently searching for the facts from primary sources. Not unlike you in this case.


Faramarz-Jan, I don't get your point...

by ayatoilet1 on

If your point is that MRX's numbers are wrong - well so what?

If you point is that a boycott is meaningless - then you are wrong about that too.

Whether BP makes $3.97 a gallon as MRX suggested or 30 cents for refining, a reduction in demand is significant. That demand will shift to other gas stations (so the state an federal taxes will shift to another gallon at another pump).

And a reduction in demand even by 100 vehicles cuts - and cuts deep when margins are tight (which was my point in response to MRX). Do the math.

As always, I appreciate your vigilance with my blogs. And what's in it for Israel (and you by the way) is if they can get your fellow jews to boycott BP too. For without the swift hand of the Brits - the Mullahs would not be there today!! And one thing is for sure - the Israelis hate the Mullahs and their surrogates (or former surrogate) Hezbollah, Hamas, Assad name it!


Fact Check

by Faramarz on



Here is a breakdown of the price of a gallon of gas at the pump, the bulk of which comes from the cost of oil and taxes. 

Distribution Costs, Marketing Costs and Profits        $0.26       
Crude Oil Costs                                                     $2.55
Refinery Cost and Profit                                         $0.30
State Underground Storage Tank Fee                      $0.02
State and Local Tax                                               $0.08
State Excise Tax                                                   $0.36
Federal Excise Tax                                                 $0.18

Retail Price                 $3.75      

Now, a barrel of oil ($84) equals 42 gallons, but it yields about 19 gallons of refined gas. The rest becomes by-products.

So you draw your own conclusions. But I'm sure that there is an Israeli mark-up in there somewhere!


MRX - Just Do the Math...

by ayatoilet1 on

If the price of a gallon is $4, then $3.97 is going to BP right (according to your logic of the owners getting 3 cents). Who is being cut the worst - BP or the Owner of that gas location? And by the way, BP owns most of them (under various retail names, Arco, Am/Pm etc.)

If BP's margin is tight too, then a small decrease in their revenue has a dramatic impact on their bottom line. Again do the math! When margins are tight - say 1%, and you are dominated by fixed costs, a small deviation in revenue has a HUGE impact on net income (up or down). Think about filling an airplane, you need to sell 80 seats out of 120 on a southwest flight to break even. If you sell 70 you lose money, if you sell 90 you make money. A 10% deviation can mean profit or loss  that is with a 35% potential margin for Southwest Airlines, now if you margin is 1% net, then a 10% deviation down can mean bankruptcy.

The basic point is NOT going to the gas station by even a single consumer has a massive impact on BP. Like it or not - its true.

The issue with all this is that the Iranian-American public does NOT fundamentally understand the power it has in the U.S. to shape policy and demand change. Ordinary Americans however do! Look at how they changed the French government after 9/11 by simply refusing to buy french wine (when they would NOT cooperate with Iraq invasion plans). Within months France had a new 'pro-American' Sarkozy government.

As fo reza Shah - the verdict is still unclear. It was a mixed bag historically. The greatest contribution any monarch could have made to Iran and Iranians would have been to help shape Iranian democracy on a path to government by the people, for the people ... and taken a more symbolic role. To have created the 'institutions' and 'systems' to guarantee long-term democratic rule by a responsible, competent and sophisticated political leadership that Iran has always had. He polarized things with the Religious elite, put many capable politicians in jail ...and in the end picked the wrong side in WWII. I am sure he meant well - but unfortunately in life you get rewarded for your achievements not your intentions. He did some good things, and also some bad things. On balance, if he was running for office, Iranians would NOT have re-elected him after a few terms in office. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.



by MRX on

are you going to that, I mean boycotting BP? by avoiding  gas stations with BP sign and letting the  owners who makes 3 cents per gallon of gas sale going bankrupt?

by the way if BP supposedly helped Reza Shah come to power then I personaly owe them a big graditude! thank you BP. The only people who are pissed about Reza Shah are bunch of left overs from Ghajar era.


What is Khameni's position

by firstdayofmylife on

What is Khameni's position in terms of Nokari??

Good article.


Amir-Jan, Please do not try to re-write history ...

by ayatoilet1 on

The illiterate head of Iran Military Cossack brigade stormed Tehran and took over power....that's it. Everything else is sugar coating! And he was hand picked by the British consul in Tehran, to protect Britain's oil franchise in Southern Iran.

The one who has a twisted view is you. But I won't hold it against you if you keep boycotting BP! Even in the UK you have non-BP options to fill your car! Shell, q8, Tesco??


Get your facts straight

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

"BP has lacked business integrity since it engineering Reza shah’s coup", What coup? 

The Once Prime Minister was made King of iran as a result of the former young king leaving iran and not wishing to return after multiple documented requests by Iranians, so those that supported him, mostly Irans regional leaders/Nationalists/aristocracy/khans/powerful land owners using an act of Parliament. 

BP wasn't engineering in favor of Reza Shahs case as he attracted too much admiration to be thwarted by anyone and was considered by the heads of Irans Military/Big Land Owners/ Nationalists and those who worked with him to be a Good Candidate to Support. The act of Paliament by definition means a coup did not occur!

Such a twisted view of the truth you hold to justify unfounded nonsense.