Striking similarity! Both worthy of your time


by Atefeh

Striking similarity between two movies: Ticket (2006) and Offside (2006)!

Internationally acclaimed directors Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach and Ermanno Olmi join forces to deliver a trio of intersecting stories set aboard a speeding train. The action follows three rowdy young Scots (William Ruane, Martin Compston and Gary Maitland) on their way to a football match; a tortured man (Filippo Trojano) torn between two women; and an aging businessman (Carlo Delle Piane) who's transformed by romance.

Offside(2006) PG
In director Jafar Panahi's offbeat Iranian tale, several girls find themselves arrested after posing as boys to sneak into a soccer stadium to see a key international qualifying match. It's illegal for Iranian women to attend sports events, so the gate-crashers end up in a holding pen waiting for authorities. But a sympathetic guard watching through a peephole describes the action for the girls, who are eager to know what's happening in the game.

(info: netflix)

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