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Just because Doostdar is tired of the old, doesn't mean he has anything new to say!




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Hoshang Targol

What's new about Dostar's works, and other than him, no one else

by Hoshang Targol on

has yet attempted to do, is his SYSTEMATIC CRITIQUE of Iranian religious inspired, political-culture.

We might not agree with everything he says, or some of his conclusins , but his methodology, and his critique remains the single most important work of philosophy in contemporary Iran.

And if you don't agree, please name one, just one other work of cultural criticism that even comes close to what Dostar has done in the past 30 years, thank you.

Farah Rusta

انتخاب جرجیس از میان پییمبران

Farah Rusta

Atefeh joon

Is this real or am I having a bad dream? The tried and failed method used by our Afghan brother (lest I am accused of racistic views!!) Moballegh is nothing new or ground breaking. The same argument/rationale that calls the critics of Israel anti semites is used by Mr Moballegh to call the critics of Islam (in this case Dustadr) anti-Arabs!!

 What is new about this failed methodology?