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by Asghar_Massombagi

I’m browsing the coverage of Barak Obama’s win in Wisconsin the other day and a thought starts gnawing at me from the recesses of my cynical mind. Unlike the Republican primaries, the Democratic primaries for the President are open to independent voters as well as registered democrats. This basically means anyone can walk in and vote. What if a mad Republican strategist, say Karl “the godfather” Rove, has concocted a plan to flood Democratic primaries with Obama votes to either drag out the Barak-Hillary in-fighting so by the time they get to the convention they’d be good and bloody; or even better, get Obama to become the Democratic nominee. Think about it. Quite a few of Obama’s victories have come in states not exactly known as Democratic hotbeds, including Utah and Oklahoma. How many registered Democrats are there in Utah, five? This is supposed to be evidence of Obama’s electability in states where Democrats don’t do well traditionally. But I think not. Before you crack a crackpot joke, wait a Manchurian-Candidate- moment. Voting fraud and election rigging are as old as democracy itself. In ancient Athens and Rome the senate candidates did their vote buying above the board and in plain light of day handing out cold coins and casks of wine to the citizenry. In the good old USA itself, especially with its city-boss and states right system, “delivering” the vote was and still remains (Florida’s deeply tainted election in favour George W Bush in 2000) a time honoured tradition - by both parties by the way - the most famous recent example of it being when back in early Sixties the Chicago mob boasted about having “delivered” the town to JFK. The head of the Kennedy clan, Joe Kennedy, was tight with the mob from way back in his bootlegging days. Since the late Sixties the Republicans have become increasingly militant in their quest to as Rove once put it boldly turn the United States into a virtual one-party system. Anyone remember Watergate? Just rent a copy of All the President’s Men; it's an education. Republicans infiltrated Edmund Muskie’s campaign in ’72 – their “dirty tricks” against Nixon’s perceived enemies was dubbed ratfucking - planting embarrassing stuff in his campaign headquarters and generally trying to sabotage his operation. Watergate of course was an out and out covert op, albeit poorly executed, by an unholy mix of CIA affiliates and sleazy Cuban exiles. Running against George McGovern, Muskie was thought to be the more electable candidate. Well, McGovern became the Democratic nominee and Nixon won a landslide victory in the middle of an allegedly unpopular war which he had promised to end back in ’68 and had since escalated greatly. Most of the current president’s men, including Dick “I’ll fuck anyone, anytime, anywhere” Cheney, used to be Nixon’s men and some of the most powerful Republican strategists and insiders hail from the reign of tricky Dickie. Judging from the Repulicans’ record in the past thirty years including the constant strings of manufactured crisis during the Clinton years (imagine trying to impeach a president who presided over 8 years of economic growth and prosperity, a rather business friendly president, because he lied about having got a couple of blow jobs from an intern) they would do anything to hang on to power. Political power seems to have become a right to the Republican Party rather than a privilege bestowed upon by the electorate.

But can this vote flooding really be possible at this large scale and if so, can it be kept hushed up? Quit possible, especially by the Christian Right. Organization used to be a catch phrase of the Left but no longer. In recent years it’s the Right, especially the religious Right that has been dynamic, energized and organized. Anyone remember the mass viewings of Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ organized by the churches and on-line prayer groups? Why can’t these same networks, sort of modern version of Free Mason networks, be organized to flood the Democratic primaries with a few thousand committed “brothers and sisters”?

But why would the Republicans want Obama running against McCain instead of Hillary? I don’t live in the United States but as an outsider observing the American scene from Canada, I believe that in a general election, Americans will not elect a young, rather inexperienced Black man with a conspicuously absent Nigerian father and an ex-hippie white mother who at one point while living in Indonesia with his mother and his Indonesian step father allegedly frequented a madrassa. Need I spill out the hatchet job awaiting candidate Obama? John McCain on the other hand is a former “war hero” from the heartland with the required experience to manage the wars that America must reluctantly fight on behalf of the free world; an economic conservative, a money Republican really, known for his bi-partisan pragmatism, not a Bush insider. And did I forget to mention that he is white? Just a thought, folks, mull it over.


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Curious Joe

I wonder what Exxon's Board of Directos are doing today...

by Curious Joe on

Let's take on the top 50 US Corporations' Board of Directors.  Are they sitting idly, like your average viewers of Fox News' "Your Choice for 2008" or the CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.  or are they actively involved in driving the outcome towards maintaining their own interest?

Us people, the average Joe (Curious or not) with legally max allowable $2,500 political contribution, are a peanut compared to the power of the giant corporations’ PACs.

Let's take just the 4 top giant defense contractors: Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman, Boeing and Raytheon (let alone other giants such as General Dynamics, L-3 Communications, etc.).  Do you really think they are sitting on the sidelines watching Fox/CNN for the outcome of the election in November 2008?  Obviously not.  They are active, driving the outcome to their advantage/interest (a la Karl Rove).  And that is just the Defense Industry with their eyes on Iraq war, the Chinese threat, Russians, Indians, EU and beyond -- let alone the oil companies, IBM, General Motors, Archer Daniel Midland and other big ones.  Remember, these giants have interests,  and are very active in influencing the outcome of this election, even though they are very silent --  playing behind the scenes.

The Curious thing is why don't we see the Chairmen of these corporations interviewed on Fox News or CNN about their views on the election -- even though they’d most likely hide/obscure their role and the extent of their influence.I suspect most of them already know the outcome of the November election.  And those who don't, are probably splitting their chips around.


K Nassery


by K Nassery on

Many states allow crossovers.  This is termined by the various parties in each state that's why there are so many differnences.

 Conspiracies are fun.  Enjoy....

 I think Barak Obama will win, but I don't know if he will be a successsful president because he is inexperienced and he has a history of not following through in illinois.  Should he win and not be able to funcion, we can elect someone else in four years.

 Can we say the same for the regime in our beloved Iran?



Primaries are not open in all states

by -/\- (not verified) on

Th writer's premise that during primaries people can vote for democrats or republications regardless of their party (open primaries as it s called) is incorrect. ONLY in few states (Wisconsin is one of them) that is the case. Ohio is another and so is Texas where primaries are open. Not in all states. There is no doubt that Karl (godfather) the Rove reminds us of the Mullah style rigging of votes in Iran, but his style is "americanzied" and a bit different from "iranian style rigging"..



I am sure rigging is taking place - Read this it's interesting!!

by Arezu (not verified) on

Just read this from one of the hardcore American political activists who has the same view this person's name is Edgar J. Steele and this is his web site, Read a segment of one of his articles on this exact subject:

Here is the Executive Summary, for those who simply must get back to Jeopardy after the break: basically, we are screwed and simply waiting for them to start shooting us so that we can shoot back.
The morons who seized control of America after killing JFK have botched everything so badly that there is no way back not involving extensive pain and deprivation, at a minimum. And they certainly will not cede the power they have stolen from us peacefully. More likely: bloodshed and death far in excess of that seen during America's first Civil War... per capita!

Why should we suffer for their mistakes and intentional misconduct? Because we let them get away with it, that's why! In recent years, we pulled the levers for Bush, then Clinton, now....Clinton (again?), calling each the lesser of evils, though we always have had men like Ron Paul available to us, men whom we have dismissed as having "no serious chance" at becoming President. Else, we watched while they pulled the levers for us and pretended not to notice the obvious vote fraud - same result, exactly, in any event.

2008 Presidential Election

I pledged my troth to Ron Paul as a last-ditch effort, just as I always said. Indeed, already I had come to the conclusion that voting was a waste of time, but I wanted just one last swing at the ball before calling the game altogether. Well...the fat lady has sung.

Every single primary caucus and election this year has been tainted by evidence of fraud. Coincidence? Could be. Or it could be ... fraud! Come on! Wake up and smell the corruption in the air. Ron Paul has all this massive support, as far as the eye can see, and he draws precisely 3 or 4% of the vote in each and every election?!? Yeah ... right.

I receive emails from list members who have participated (as officials) in various state primary elections and caucuses. All say the same thing: Fraud is taking place on all fronts. That was obvious the day after New Hampshire, when one family called the game after seeing its entire precinct generate precisely zero votes for Ron Paul, though they all voted for him. That was the same election in which we learned that the vote matched the polls just in the precincts where ballots were hand counted - precisely just those precincts, too, while in all the others, voters apparently lied about for whom they intended to vote.

Super Tuesday's elections patently were fraudulent, but already you aren't hearing about them any more:

Then, of course, there is the matter of those polls - those jiggered poll numbers themselves, particularly since we began to make so much noise about them: // .
And then there was the marginalization of Dr. Paul in the debates, so painfully obvious, particularly after Fox News got so badly skewered for having excluded him altogether from one debate.

The evidence is everywhere, if you are but willing to see it. No matter now, though, because Dr. Paul effectively has withdrawn ... and with millions of those dollars unspent - the dollars that we gave him to fight the good fight in our name. His staff announced seeing no evidence of vote fraud in New Hampshire, in explaining why they never challenged any of what was so painfully obvious to the rest of us.

In leaving the building, Dr. Paul stated: "With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get. But with so many primaries and caucuses now over, we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter. Of course, I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run. I do not denigrate third parties -- just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican. I also have another priority. I have constituents in my home district that I must serve. I cannot and will not let them down. And I have another battle I must face here as well. If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen." ("Message From Ron"email, Ron Paul, February 8, 2008).

Yeah, I know it sounds reasonable. Too reasonable. Remember, this is the same guy who refused to spend the money we gave him to go after all the obvious election fraud. That was the only way he possibly could have put right the process and gotten a level playing field. We gave him the money to accomplish it. He chose not to do it. Go figure.

Ron Paul is history. Get over it. So is the upcoming election. What I find amazing is that his grassroots organization still is blindly flailing about like a newly-headless chicken, raising money, holding "meetups" and talking up the possibility of a brokered convention (though McCain already has effectively sewn up the nomination).

What does it matter whether the next President is Hillary, McCain or OBama? They all serve the same master as George Bush. It's going to be more of the same: more killing in the Middle East, more death for our children, more tyranny and poverty for us and more money for the bankers.

Now I am torn between advocating not voting altogether and voting for the one person likely to bring America into total chaos most quickly (so that we can get it over with, of course).

So, who will win? Who cares? Seriously.

Oh, all right. At this point, it may appear that the Democrats are torn between Hillary and Obama, but even Clinton faithful James Carville now acknowledges that Hillary likely is doomed. This is of some import, because McCain, the third liberal still running for President, seems likely to beat Clinton. Only lately does it appear, however, that Obama can do what Hillary cannot and dump McCain.

In fact, the surprising rock-star-like momentum building behind Obama is beginning to resemble a freight train that may prove impossible to derail. It is surprises like this that cause those who run America to ensure that only those whom they approve in advanceactually get a ticket to the party (tickets obviously denied this time around to the likes of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Alan Keyes). Thus, the Democrat leadership is allowing Titanic Hillary to founder.

Yes, I know that a year ago I said that the powers-that-be never would allow Obama to win, but now I am recanting and conclude that they likely have decided that only Obama will give the American public the lasting impression of having chosen their own President. You see, McCain vs. Clinton really is just an exercise in people voting against candidates, because both have such incredibly negative public images.

Though I foresee a last-ditch effort to discredit Obama and thereby get the guy inaugurated whom our self-chosen masters really want - McCain - I predict that Barack Obama will be the next American President.

In fact, there is an odd, cult-like status being accorded Obama just now by some that could produce a massive win for him and lead to his inauguration being a near coronation. The reality of an Obama Presidency, however, will be quite another thing. In fact, nobody could do anything to make things better. As I have noted before, Obama possibly could be the best thing to happen to White voters in a long time, but nobody can pull America from her headlong rush toward oblivion. Like a giant dinosaur who has blundered into quicksand, the more America flails about, the more certain becomes her inevitable demise.

Only Ron Paul would have done anything constructive and his prescription would have resulted in an immediate Depression for which he likely would have been impeached or assassinated, anyway.
Because America quite obviously is finished, it simply no longer matters who gets elected President.


A show!

by Kamangir on

Everything has been designed so the republicans win again. America is not ready for a woman president and much less for a black one. This way they are telling the world that they are a non-racist democracy, but although Hilary Clinton may stand a slight chance Obama is doomed, his color and name and rumors of him having been muslim (what???).... the good man is doomed and he knows it.




Obama will win

by XerXes (not verified) on

Just watch and learn


McCain has already been

by bird flu (not verified) on

McCain has already been pre-selected. He was pre-selected back in 2004.


I've been having the same

by pooneh dokhtareh ashpazkhooneh (not verified) on

I've been having the same thoughts. No way in gum gum that Democrats will win this time around. With 2 unelectable candidates, it's suicide. So perfectly orchestrated too. Out of all the democrats in the US, why are we seeing only 2 impossible-to-win candidates??? ....Oh yes! The message is hope and change. Keep hope alive!