Vote for Persian Soccer Store to be Number 1

by asefati

Hello and Dorood dear readers and dear hamvatans.

I usually blog about various topics, but other topics as well. Today I would like to use my blog space NOT to promote our family owned business but to ask for fellow Iranians and readers to help us get voted number 1 soccer store in San Diego country.

We are currently number one in the standing but the competition is pretty tight because our competitors are major soccer store franchises and some big sporting goods and our goal is to beat them and get voted number one so we can get better exposure in this county.

Please support a fellow Iranian owned business. Your vote is deeply appreciated. You can vote for us by going to the following link.

You will have to create a account but its pretty quick and they won’t spam you or anything.

Ba Sepas faravan

Ali Sefati
Soccer Nation


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merci, mamnoon, sepasgozarim, thankyou

by asefati on

we are really greatful for all the votes and support.


thank you very much for the help and support. 

javid baad Iran va Iranian


skatermom, wow you are very local. Please stop by any time there is also a middle easter market in the same shopping plaza as ours.

By the way I have come to see how so many skater guys end up liking street soccer and in fact we play street soccer every wednesday nights by Oceaside pier, many skateboarders come and play soccer and skate too perhaps if not too far you can bring your son there maybe he would like soccer....anyway thanks alot for the support and the refereals.


Cheers va ba sepas



by Majid on

Just did it

Easiest way to help a hamvatan.

Good luck

ebi amirhosseini

Hamvatan aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

you got my vote.let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Good Luck


I didn't realize that this

by skatermom (not verified) on

I didn't realize that this store is 7 miles from my house. My husband is a huge soccer fan (West Ham). We won't fault him for that though. Anyway I just voted and I'll be sending all of the Carlsbad soccer moms to you. There's plenty of them. If I can get my boy to lose the skate board for 5 minutes. I too can join the ranks of the soccer moms. I agree we need to support our mom and pop stores and not give our money to large franchises.