Iran gets a point from Arabs

by asefati

It seems Ali Daie's bullish style of coaching paid off and Iran was able to get a point from Saudi Arabia in an away game.
Although Iran played a very crappy game the most of the game, Osauana's striker, nekounam scored an equalizer and tied the game on an away game. In my opinion this is a huge achievement for team melli considering how much money Arabs spend on their soccer and how little Iran does. They have world class coaches and programs while our coach, great Ali Daie struggles to hold trainings and get the players he wants on time.
Anyway I think this is one more point toward next world cup thanks to “bachehaye team melli va aghaye Ali Daie”. Considering how screwed up our regime, and our soccer system is, I believe this is a good achievement for our soccer team.


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Mehdi Mazloom

Points from the Arabs

by Mehdi Mazloom on

My hunch is, that soon enough, the Mullahs in Tehran will be getting more then a "point" from those Sunni Arabs, who are just sick and tired of the fundamentalist Farsi who occupy the Land (3 islands). Their respective governments are being subverted by Iranian operatives, and the fear of Nuclear in the hand of these Mullah, will bring to a certain WWII to the region.

From what we have been witnessing around Iran, the ground swell under the Mullahs is getting bigger and bigger, before the big eruption will occur. And Arab state will be at the forefront of that battle to remove the Akhoondah.

Time is up, they are at the end of their 29 year and the 89th minutes of their game. It is time for these backwards to pack and leave Iran, and let the Iranian people rebuild themselves to the economic and social development to which they deserve.