Getting Gasol Was a Good Move by the Lakers


by asefati

This is the second post I write about NBA ever. The first one was on my personal blog last week about the same topic.

I have been out of touch with NBA for a while. I stopped following their games after the Kobe Shaq thing. In fact I was a big NBA fan back in the 80s and early 90s when players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, and others were playing.

I even liked Hakeem Oajuwon era and Shaq era in Lakers. But as Kobe and Shaq started their BS differences and Kobe made Lakers take side, I realized how NBA was all about money and money only.

That Shaq Kobe issue was not the only problem I had with the NBA, it was the over paid self centered new stars in NBA who had absolutely no passion for the sport but they were there just to make money and for their own personal egos.

And their prospective teams didn’t care much about results either as long as they made money they were good. I mean Lakers have sucked for past few years without anything to show but Kobe’s 50 plus points in some games seems to be good enough for them to get all those sponsorship money in.

But there are fans like me who are not going to put up with this and sit in front of TV for over an hour watching Lakers lose but watching Kobe got over 50 points! I don’t even care if they win with Kobe getting most of the points. I like Basketball because it is a team sport.

However there are some good news. It seems that slowly NBA team owners such as Lakers owner Jerry Buss are beginning to realized that a certain type of fans are becoming less interested in NBA and their teams. Fans like me who like the sport for sake of sport not the players playing it.

So I think their latest acquiring of Gasol was a good move. The guy is matching up with Kobe good, he is getting points, he is a good team palyer, and Lakers are playing better as a team and getting points.

This addition has taken away some attention from Kobe, Lakers are relying less on him and playing better as a team. Lakers just won their sixth game on the road with Kobe getting less than 25 points, which means that they are doing great as a team. And that make me start watching them play again.


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Showtime is back baby

by Ali T (not verified) on

Everybody in the Western Conference is now running around without a clue of how to counter this move by the Lakers. The Spurs pick up an aging Damon Stoutamire who cannot compare to Tony Parker. Greg Popovich throws a hissy fit on the Lakers trading Kwame Brown saying the league should have a group that overlooks such one-sided trades. The Suns give up a 29 year old stud like Shawn Marion (aka the Matrix) to pick up an aging Shaq who cannot play defense and more importantly, cannot run the floor which is all the Suns know how to do. The Mavericks pick up Jason Kidd, all the while giving up nearly half of their bench. The Warriors pick up their leftover of Chris Webber more than a decade after he played with that same team. Can you imagine when Bynum comes back. Lamar Odom will actually be our fourth option. That's insane!!!! Also, Gasol brings a wonderful basketball IQ and defense to our team. I was so bitter after the Kobe problems and trade demands. Kevin Garnett was about to become a Laker only to have the Timberwolves (managed by Kevin McHale...a former Celtic) make the deal with his old buddy from the 80's Danny Ainge only to send KG to the Celtics. That was wrong. Now the shoe is on the other foot. You cannot tell me that Jerry West, former Memphis gm and a life long Laker (in fact the NBA logo is modeled after Jerry) did not have a hand in working out one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history. Go Jerry, Go Pau and Go Lakers. My Prediction: Lakers win the title over the Pistons in 6.


go Celtics

by khodam (not verified) on

go Celtics


Yes he is great

by Ali Asefati (not verified) on

but I think the more important point is that Lakers now cares more about team work than giving the ball to Kobe and let him do whatever he wants to do!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

nemidunestam Gasol ro enghadar dar U.S.A mishnasan :D . He's the best ª Que Dios le bendiga !