Dean of Stanford: Sharif Unversity Best in World

by asefati

Dean of Stanford University believes Iran's Sharif University of
Technology has the best under graduate Electrical Engineering school in the world. Yup that is #1 in the world.

When studying computer science here in California, one of my college professors said he was very impressed with the Iranians students from that school in international programming competition.Certainly something to be proud of :

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I dunno how true the green

by student (not verified) on

I dunno how true the green card thing is though, my department accepted 2 students from sharif last year and they couldn't even get visas to come to the us.
But no doubt it's one the best uni's.


That is correct

by Abarmard on

Absolutely. Have you seen the curriculum? The students who go there,even if with party, can't remain just because. It's amazingly advance. Sharif University develops amazing minds of science. In Robotics they are top 3 to 5 yearly.



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

And with all that intelligence, no-one but Mahmood should be our president and valye faghih should tell us how to dress in public and how to ... in private.

What a shame... what a disgrace...


Definitely something to be proud of!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

To have several of the most reputable academic institutions in the world name Sharif University as the best university in electrical engineering is much to be proud of.