Persian Influence on Indian Cuisine as seen on Euronews

Persian Influence on Indian Cuisine as seen on Euronews
by Ariana Bundy

As Iranians we all know how much influence our cuisine has on the rest of the world. But don't you think it's about time everybody else did too?

Indian food is renown for some of it's delicious items such as Naan, Biryani, Dampokht, Faloudah, Garam Masala, Samosa, Pilau, Kebbabs etc but in fact these dishes are Farsi words (Nan, Biryani, Dampokhtak, Faloudeh, Garm Masaleh, Polow, Kabbabs...) and were directly brought to India by the Moghuls who also brought with them Persian chefs to recreate these dishes in their newly built palaces....

For more, watch the Euronews segment on link below:


Recipes and stories can be found in Pomegranates & Roses: my Persian Family recipes (Simon & Schuster UK)


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Ariana Bundy

Tres Brooklyn indeed. I

by Ariana Bundy on

Tres Brooklyn indeed. I love soft tacos too Faramaz khan!

Not sure I agree with you interpretation of Italian food Esfand jan. Yes there are lots of basic and very fresh ingredients but boy do they have variety! From Piemontese cooking, to Tuscan, Sicilian,Venitian (completely diff than the rest of the country due to being in the spice route), Sardinian and so on. Just watch Antonio Carluccio if you're in Europe/UK or Mario Battoli's old shows and you'll know.

I love Indian food and am amazed how much variety it has from one region
even one town to the next. From Kerala to Rajastani, Calcutta,
Bangalore, it's mind blowing.

Why would you want to add Tandoori paste to Ghyemeh?? If made well, a good Gheymeh has all the flavours you will need. I am totally and utterly against using anything foreign in my Persian food. Why should I, it is so well balanced and everthing is 'ba andazeh' when made correctly. Trouble is, once you're taste buds gets used to using Tandouri paste or (God forbid) Chillis in Persian food, you've lost your taste buds.

I am a great believer in keeping eveything authentic. Especially in a cuisine like ours which not many foreigners know about. Funny that I am promoting Persian cuisine to a Persian!


Très Brooklyn!

by Faramarz on



One of the more interesting food trends these days is high-end food trucks serving great food including Indian at reasonable prices. You see these trucks parked around office buildings during lunch hours and near clubs and happening places late into the night.

They even have them in Paris, believe it or not, très Brooklyn!

My favorites are Indian and soft tacos. Yum!

Esfand Aashena

Don't know which is more influential now.

by Esfand Aashena on

Persian food for the most part is like Italian food when it comes to basic ingredients and making variations of it.  Italian food is mostly tomato sauce put on everything and various pasta infusion.  Or cream sauces on food.

Persian food is mostly few khoreshts and rice and kabobs.  Don't get me wrong I love Persian food and it is always my first choice, however, Indian food has more variety.

It could be that Moguls forced Persians to give up their recipes back then during their invasion days (just kidding ;-) but Indians have since created a cuisine all their own.

In fact in my kitchen I use a lot of Indian influences to make my Persian food more colorful and interesting.  For example, I use tandoori paste in my eggplant stews, gheymeh or other tomato based khoreshts.  I find it adds a lot more flavor.

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