Opinion survey of the NIAC and its president Trita Parsi


Opinion survey of the NIAC and its president Trita Parsi
by arash Irandoost
Key Findings _______________________________________________________ The
Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) conducted an on-linei bilingual
(Farsi-English) survey of Iranians, Iranian- Americans and Americans in
order to gauge attitudes towards NIAC and its president Trita Parsi.
Respondents constituted a representative sample of 1,851 individuals
age 18 and older who had access to the Internet. The survey’s key
findings are that:

  • A majority of respondents had known NIAC for 1 to 5 years
  • 99% of respondents expressed NIAC did not represent their interests
  • 99% of respondents believed NIAC was a lobbyist for the Islamic Republic
  • 90% of respondents were aware of the defamation lawsuit against Hassan Dai
  • 82% had read NIAC’s internal documents revealed as a result of the lawsuit
  • 99% of respondents believed that NIAD has defrauded the federal government
  • 99% of respondents believed that NIAC had lied to members of Congress about its membership numbers
  • 88% of respondents were familiar with Bob Ney and his conviction
  • 85% of respondents knew that Trita worked for Bob Ney
  • 73% of respondents knew about Roy Coffee and David DiStefano
  • 74% of respondents knew that NIAC worked with Roy Coffee to establish a lobby organization
  • 82% of respondents said that they were never asked for their opinion by NIAC
  • 1% of respondents believed that NIAC was a human rights organization and 99% believed that NIAC worked
    as a Lobby for the Islamic Republic
  • A large majority of respondents wanted NIAC to disclose its financial documents, membership list and
    numbers, and be held accountable for its actions
  • Such extent of negative attitude toward NIAC and its president is in some
    measure due NIAC’s filing of lawsuit and release of its internal memos
    and documents as a result of defamation lawsuit brought against Hassan
    Dai. NIAC’s internal memos have given a lot of credibility to the claim
    that NIAC is acting as a lobby for the Islamic Republic. Two other
    publications have greatly damaged NIAC’s credibility amongst the
    Iranian-American community: one is a paper published the Center for
    Security Policy authored by Clare M. Lopez in 2009 named ―Rise of the
    Iran Lobby‖. Another damaging article was published in the Washington
    Times alleging that NIAC and Trita Parsi has operated as an undeclared
    lobby and may be guilty of violating tax laws, the Foreign Agent
    Registration Act and lobbying disclosure laws.
  • Trita Parsi has contributed greatly to the ill feeling and erosion of NIAC's
    credibility amongst the Iranian-American community by his inconsistent
    and inaccurate statements. Furthermore, NIAC’s internal memos showed
    that it employed a policy of ―cease and desist‖ against any of its
    opponents to intimidate them into silence. The extent of negative
    opinion toward NIAC might also be related to the lack of transparency,
    prevalent double speak and continuous ―shifting of gears‖ by Trita
    Parsi, inconsistencies in NIAC’s words and actions, lack of regard for
    Iranian opinions, NIAC’s denial of its relationship with top level
    Iranian government and business officials. Detailed report here ...


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Regarding sanctions: without an oil embargo they are meaningless. And getting West; Russian and China to agree on oil embargo is next to impossible. It is like getting an opium addict to give it up on its own. In fact you will have far better luck with the opium addict than oil addicts. It is not just fueling IRI but also Saudi which are not much better. They are financing Taliban and 911 was mostly Saudi citizens. Saudi and IRI are two sides of the same coin.

Regarding Bahrain: I am a pan-Iranist and will not hide that. To me Bahrain is Iranian and should be a part of Iran. Now I do not like IRI but going past IRI I want all of Iranian territory back. At the minimum to pre-Ghajar point. Regions like Bahrain; Northern Afghanistan; Persian speaking cities of Samarkand and Bukhara are Iranian. As is Ctesiphon. I support a Kurdistan with some autonomy but as a part of Iran. I know I will be bashed but that is nothing new.

Anyway, we may talk our heads off. But the real actions will be by Obama. If he gets a second term IRI will be gone. If not then it depends on who is President. People think Obama is doing nothing. But that is wrong. He will remove IRI his way.

arash Irandoost

Sanction IRI

by arash Irandoost on

I agree with you on sanctions...your proposal is something we were involved successfully a while ago and almost collapsed Rafsanjani's pistachio business, likewise with rugs... if we can convince Iranians not to eat pistachio for 6 months, they will not die...but will be a big blow to Rafsanajni trade without any risk or ramifications. Civil Disobedience is the best tool and smartest way to fight this regime but Iranians need education on it and most do not fully grasp the power of Civil disobedience.  


Ghandhi did that successfully against the Brits with Salt Embargo, when he encouraged Indians to make their own salt and shut down their salt business.... these are also clever forms and civil resistance... but I favor the harshest forms of sanctions... IRI mafia uses oil revenues to finance its terror both inside and outside of Iran....unless a deliberate oil embargo is imposed on the regime, it will not collapse...many are propping the regime (basij types) because they get paid to do so...if IRI does not make the payroll , say for thee months...even its own mozdoors will turn against it.  I am for the harshest sanctions and do not believe when NIAC says sanctions hurt ordinary people....where has NIAC been for the past 30 plus years to see how badly the "ordinary" Iranians have suffered under this incompetent, corrupt and criminal regime?

Ironically, help is coming from unexpected corners: Absent U.S. and sensing the danger, Saudi Arabia has taken things into its own hands...first blow to IRI was in Bahrain and hopefully the second one is in Syria..which can truly change the dynamics. 



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I do not need to read Dai to know where NIAC stands. Yes they are opposed to sanctions; I am for sanctions but real ones. Right now we have sanctions on rugs and pistachio! That is not going to bother the Mullahs. I bet the pistachio was due to the California farm lobby. 

Anyway you need not worry about IRI. I believe that IRI is on Obama's list for his second term. I have written this many times. Please see my post:


The "plan" is to overthrow the IRI: NIAC or not makes no difference. US wants a nice puppet regime to do its bidding. Shah was pretty good although he got a bit out of hand. Nevertheless he did their bidding. Then Jimmy Carter came along and ruined it for America. Thanks to his idealism and bad advise. Now they want to undo it. As they say one idiot may throw a rock in a well and a hundred wise men will not be able to get it out. The problem is that US is busy with Iraq; Afghanistan and Libya. Iraq is almost done; Afghanistan and Libya are not. Obama is a smart man and does not want to fight on too many fronts. My guess is he will wait until the existing wars are "won". Then it is a toss up between Syria or Iran. I think Syria is next then IRI. If you don't like IRI just wait; in about 1-4 years Obama will make his move. Depending on how quickly he mops up the wars at hand. 


arash Irandoost

The point to the survey...VPK

by arash Irandoost on

VPK, there is a great point for the survey.  I am in frequent communication with various representatives exposing NIAC and its treachery. NIAC is busy convincing the US policy makers to go easy on rapist mullahs and is getting paid well for its efforts (why do you think NIAC will not publish its financials as a tax exempt non profit in violation of rules giverning 501c 3?, Trita just released a letter justifying why the UN human rights rep was not admitted in Iran.... if we convince the US policy makers to get themselves rid of the IRI lobby (Trita, et al) influence who continue to misinform various representatives...then the opposition will have a chance to unify and fight the regime. NIAC is using you and I to legitimize itself and ensure regime's survival. I am for strictest sanctions against the rapist regime.... You may not Hassan Dai but read at least his latest: 

Sanctions, Lobby, Bali, Iran, Parsa Foundation and NIAC-you connect the dots! Posted by Arash Irandoost

at 9:55pm
Airplanes and political influence

Thursday, 21 July 2011 16:47
Hassan Dai, 7.21.2011
recent grounding of an Iranian Airbus at the Birmingham airport in the
United Kingdom illustrates the US efforts to tighten sanctions against
Iran but, at the same time shows a bizarre inconsistency in American
attitude. Those who are sanctioned by US for selling aircraft to Iran
are very welcome here in Washington to spend their money and influence
US policy with Iran. In fact, buying political influence in favor of
Mullahs is much easier than selling them used airplanes. A revealing
example is the case of the seized Airbus.
In 2006, the London based
Balli group bought six used Boeings and by a detour of several
inter-related facade companies, leased three of them to Mahan Air in
Iran belonging to Rafsanjani's clan. The three others were stopped in
South Korea while waiting an overhaul.
In 2008, the Us bureau of
Industry and Security "BIS" issued a Temporary Denial Order against
"Balli" and "Mahan Air" and later in 2010, Balli pled guilty to
illegally exporting the aircrafts to Iran and agreed to pay $15 million
in fines.
The Balli group belongs to Vahid and Hassan Alaghband,
Iranian citizens with close ties to the inner circle of Iran's economic
clans. Three years ago, I published an article titled: "Iranian web of
influence in the US" and explained their business in Iran including
Caterpillar and Xerox. While Alaghbands have been punished for violating
US sanctions on Iran, they have used their financial clout to influence
policy circles in Washington.
Official documents suggest that Vahid
Alaghband has been a major donor to US based PARSA Foundation. This
foundation and its president Noosheen Hashemi have been since 2006,
principal donors to NIAC, a pro-Tehran group that lobbies the Congress
and administration to remove sanctions on Iran. Recently, PARSA granted
$446000 to NIAC.
But Alaghbands' investment in politics does not stop
here. According to documents, from 2007 till 2009, they pledged
$900.000 to the Washington based Brookings institution. Strangely
enough, the think tank that was until then dormant on Iran issues,
suddenly woke up and started to produce an unprecedented number of round
tables and publications that preached friendship and "dialogue" with
the mullahs.
Suzanne Maloney a former Exxon Mobile advisor and then a
senior fellow at Brookings led these pro-engagement efforts. In 2008,
Maloney and her husband Ray Takeyh were asked by Brookings and the
Council on Foreign Relations to write an advisory report for the next
President on how best to deal with Iran. They came up with "Pathway to
Coexistence: A New U.S. Policy toward Iran". The report's title is
explicit enough.
In 2008, Brookings and Maloney collaborated with US
institute of Peace to launch the "Iran Working Group" that organized
meetings and published reports on how to deal with Iran. With no
surprise, the result was in favor of coexistence and engagement with the
Mullahs. Had the Alaghband's contributed to this sudden "pro-engagement
rush" at the Brookings ? One thing is certain, successful businessmen
like Alaghbands do not take futile risks.
The Grounding of the
Iranian Airbus and Alaghbands' "charitable" donations suggest that
American global chase to tighten sanctions and punish violators should
start here in Washington.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I did not say it was a simple task. Honestly I do not even see much point to it. I would say it is highly likely that NIAC has good relations with IRI. So what is the point of arguing it. Most people already made up their minds.

The real question is: what do you expect to gain from the poll? We could instead just count the membership of various groups: Monarchists; JM; Seculars; Muslims; and so on. That would give a good idea of where people stand. By the way I saw some poll numbers on Wiki see this link:


They claim to have polled Iranian Americans. The poll was commissioned by PAIAA and done by Zogby one of the better polling firms. See this:


If you are really serious I would suggest Zogby. It will cost you $$. But then it is the best option and by now Zogby must have a list. Plus they are credible so that solves the problem of is it right.

As for going back you should read my posts. I have not been back for a while. My anti-IRI posts have me on their sh*** list already. I have not even dared try to renew my passport since they will likely confiscate it. My anti-MEK posts will not earn me their love; nor will NIAC membership. The best I could expect is a quick death perhaps being shot without being raped first. I am serious. What I meant was for others who want to go back. I have friends who go back all the time. My family is here; theirs is in Iran. To them it is not an option they must visit their family. I visit mine with a simple trip within USA. 

arash Irandoost

Thanks VPK

by arash Irandoost on

Thanks you fro providing a conceptual framework.  It has many flaws but nonetheless it is a start. The infrastructure for such a task is lacking.  Almost all Iranian organizations by their very nature are political, even though they may call themselves, partisan, including NIAC and many cultural centers.  I do not think 10K is enough.  You have to have at least 10,000 list with names and phone numbers to randomly select one out of out of say 10 names. The possibility of mailing a survey to them and them recognizing trusting to respond to you will minimize the response rate.  Your 1000 random will be further reduced possibly to less than half, giving you 400 to 500 respondents.  Which is not a representative sample considering that there are over a million Iranians living here in the USA and assuming that all 1000 have email accounts and will respond. You will  likewise get some rejections over the phone unless you are affiliated with a reputable name or organization.  But maybe others can fill in and suggest other options ...last but not least is the finances.  Parsa Foundation easily gives NIAC 450K but I doubt that it will give us 10K to carry out this survey ....and  If you get the money from an American Foundation, likes of you, will question the intent and fidelity.  


Trust me when I say that I have explored all possible options, and the path I chose was the path of least resistance considering lack of resources and the database on Iranian-Americans.  I challenge you to ask NIAC to provide you with such a list....Trita told Congress that it  had 25,000 members back in 2007, so its membership should have ideally grown to at least to 40K by now. Ask Trita to see if he will provide you with such a list to conduct a non-partisan survey and see how he reacts. Please do! (My guess is he will laugh at you)...just try and prove me wrong....or ask IC. Also, I am teasing you about NIAC's actual membership..perhaps around 450.


Thank you for being civil.  I have many issues with your last paragraph and joining an organization that you do not completely agree with its mission.  They call such a person a hypocrite hear! My research has convinced me that NIAC is a regime supporter and uses those who join to further IRI agenda and legitimize itself...and that my friend is not a wise choice...selling your ideals simply because it will help you go to Iran safely by joining NIAC...is much like sacrificing Iran for personal interest.

Do you remember those that went to Iran right after Ahmadinejad's trip to the UN all-expense paid?  Now Khamenei calls them traitors and their chances of traveling to Iran is ZERO-they will be arrested by the IRGC or the Basij.  The tide will turn against NIAC in Iran as well...it is a matter of time and politics...IRI has sacirificed many and NIAC is no different.

I made a conscious decision a long time ago to set my personal ideology and interest aside and fight for a free, secular and democratic Iran where people can freely vote and decide what is best for them and their country.  Joining NIAC is much like giving a green light to mullahs to further rape, jail and kill innocent Iranians.


I am anxious for others to chime in!

arash Irandoost

Documents on the Relationship Between Trita Parsi and VF Regime

by arash Irandoost on

by Masoud Kazemzadeh



Documents on the Relationship Between Trita Parsi and VF Regime High Official

The following documents show the many contacts between Dr. Trita Parsi
and the Terrorist Regime High Official. Javad Zarif was at the time the
HIGHEST RANKED OFFICIAL of the Terrorist Regime outside Iran. Zarif was
the terrorist regime’s ambassador to the UN.











there are more documents here:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

A real poll

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

of Iranian Americans should be done by chosing some random number of Iranians. I am not sure what source to use. Here is one suggestion:


  • Get a list of non political Iranian organizations. Mostly cultural. I am not sure if this is even possible.
  • Have them from various regions with large Iranian populations.
  • Put all the names in a computer. 
  • Have it randomly chose some number of them say 1000.
  • Either email them a survery or phone them to get their opinion. Also ask them about their political affiliation. Then apply weight correction to account for it. A Republican would likely be for using force (which NIAC opposes). A Democrat will tend to oppose force regardless (so support NIAC).
  • The whole thing should be monitored for fairness by a credible organization. Again I am not sure what. Maybe Zogby. Gallup already discredited itself.
Now does this fit your request for a suggestion? It will take money I would guess in the 10,000 $ range maybe more. Lastly even if NIAC was affiliated with IRI it does not mean anti-IRI people will not join. In fact one way to deal with IRI is to infiltrate its political arms. Plus maybe I want to go to Iran and not be hassled. Why not join an organization that will keep my off the IRI shit list? This is more complex than you have made it look. People do things for many reasons. Joining an organization does not mean you agree with all their positions. It does mean that you get a voice in it. 


arash Irandoost

The best under the cicumstances .. compared to other surveys

by arash Irandoost on

If you call asking Levrettes and NIAC to provide the manpower, resources and "purchased phone list"  and make international calls to Iran to conduct a scientific telephone survey under the watchful eye of the regime with only 400-700 of 75 million Iranians participating by Gallop and Terror Free Tomorrow credible?-Then, I have a lakefront property in Arizona to sell you, interested?

Seriously, I am working on an article about such "flawed" surveys...if you want to do something constructive with your time and life...we can work on it together, I have done the research and gathered all pertinent materials.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I repeat myself. There is no point doing a survery in Iran. No kind of it will be valid because people are afraid. They will assume that their identity is being discovered. Even if you do it on the web. Just give it up and do not bother. The only survery that is valid is that of Iranians outside Iran mostly those who do not plan to go back anytime soon. I used Gallup as an example. Their poll of Iran was bull***. I know it and so do they. It was done in order to discredit Iranian opposition. That will pave the way to an attack on Iran. 

arash Irandoost

There is hope

by arash Irandoost on

For once you did not accuse of being MEK or hurling a personal attack, there is hope.  FYI: I have a professional firm and conduct such surveys, focus groups, face to face interviews for major organizations. Absent major funding: conducting such a survey is extremely difficult. Iranians are scattered all over the U.S.  Face to face demands time and travel (major expense) and we do not possess a comprehensive listing of Iranian addresses and residential-business phone numbers.


I know that there are regime agents watching us closely here in the U.S.  Just remember NIAC's own policy is to seize and desist any Iranian opposition who speaks against it (well documented).  So the issues in the U.S. are different and yes fear still plays a part .... Iranians have families in Iran and do travel back and forth.   The question is not Iranians, the problem is the criminal regime.


But professional organizations such as Gallop and Terror Free Tomorrow apparently did not see a problem with it and conducted their surveys anyway...by the way Terror Free Tommorows Iran survey was conducted by a former non repentent hostage taker "Abedi".

I asked you how you would go about conducting such a survey and for us discuss the pros and cons and practicality of it... I am convinced that you will come to the same conclusion as I did. 

Conduct an online survey

Make it public and anonymous

Do a preliminary to raise awareness

Keep it public till you reach a sizable sample

Hope that IRI and NIAC Cyber Army do not hack the site.

Publish it


arash Irandoost

دیگ به دیگچه میگه روت سیاه

arash Irandoost

This survey was not about MEK, Monarchy, or my educational credentials.  Simply stated and if you had read the entire survey, I clearly state the motivation behind the survey: NIAC is claiming to represent Iranian-Americans. I believe that not to be the case (based on my research and writings and available court and legal documents)  and think that NIAC is a regime lobby, which has committed fraud and is shunned by Iranian-Americans.  Trita usually appears with bodyguards and touts his Karate skills, that is how much he likes and trusts Iranian-Americans.

Parsi is not even an Iranian-American to know and understand what Iranian-American issues are and frankly there are enough capable Iranian-Americans here and do not need a non-Iranian-American to speak on our behalf.  As an educated and successful Iranian-American, I take offense to that!


Besides, Trita hangs around convicted criminals, and people of questionable character and arranges meetings between high level regime and American officials ... what kind of IRI opposition will do that?

The point is that Trita is using us as an excuse to make money both ways: from the Iranian side and from the American side. 

So I attempted to conduct a survey.  FYI, the survey is still public and on line and if you have any groups or friends , they can still participate, the results posted are preliminary and public ...  If you do not like what you see, develop and conduct your own.  All I ask is to keep it public for an adequate period of time and make a concerted effort to publicize it.

For those, independent thinkers, who can think and decide for themselves, I encourage you to read NIAC's internal documents legally obtained as a result of the lawsuit. Do a Google on NIAC's internal memos. Next time lets discuss those documents rather than hurling personal insults at me.

I have had over 2,200 who have read the survey thus far on IC alone and hopefully liked it enough to get to the well-researched footnotes.

Please share it with others and take the survey....I also have a cause of facebook with 2430 members who believe that NIAC is an IRI lobby.  Please do join if you have not already.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It is impossible

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


to do a valid poll in Iran. The so called poll by Arash was not for Iranians. It was for Iranian Americans. No one here is afraid of being put away for criticizing NIAC or any other organization. So the bit about fear is nonsense. 

I already said how I would do a poll in USA. I would not do a poll in Iran. The last so called poll indicated AN was highly popular. I do not believe that for the reasons Arash himself said. Do you get it now or need I repeat myself.

Just to repeat. I myself was highly critical of the polls done by calling Iranians in Iran. For once Arash is right. My point ia about polling in America not in Iran. No polling is valid when done in a dictatorship like IRI. Not even the web site ones.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I already explained

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


A valid poll is done by random samopling as done by Gallup and similar organizations. Online polls are by nature unreliable. Because they only represent people who chose to get onto the web site and take the poll.

For example if you go on moveon.org and do a poll you will get 90+ % hate republicans. If you go on Sarah Palin's web site 90+ % hate democrats. If Rush Limbaugh does a phone poll you get Republicans. I hope you get my point.

Random polls on the other hand do not allow people to pick themselves. The polls are then weighed to correct for any skew. I do not have time to describe the whole process for you. Go learn it "doctor" for yourself!

arash Irandoost

Sceintific Sampling?

by arash Irandoost on

Online Surveys are accepted forms of surveys, especially for a country such as Iran where  the IRGC owns the telecommunications and monitors calls.  Likewise, with face to face surveys, no Iranian is going to dare to speak the truth.  In a country ruled by regime thugs that rape its own citizens, phone or face to face surveys are dangerous and meaningless.

Online surveys on the other hand provide safety and anonymity where people can express their opinions freely without the fear of retaliation.


Rather than bellyaching, please tell us step by step how you would conduct your survey and lets us critiques it for you...I anticipate another distraction from you (such as MEK or PHD-it is getting old) ...since that is your job and not doing something meaningful and useful.

arash Irandoost

Thank You Rea

by arash Irandoost on

Dear Rea, as you enter the discussions you will notice that you cannot reason with half-witted NIAC stooges.  I have comments similar to yours many times during the course of this posting.... they refuse to take the survey ... I even suggested that perhaps NIAC with all the cash it receives from the Parsa Foundation and Soros canconduct its own survey. The only condition I have is for NIAC to make it public and include some serious and direct questions   and I will even help advertise it for them.  These embeciles do not have a clue how a survey is conducted ... it is public...it is online ...it is still active ... yet they prefer to bellyache.

They could easily send it to their constituency and affect the results. I do not care.... my contention is and has been that NIAC does not have a lot of support among the Iranian-Americans, and is working towards favorable publicies toward a rapist regime and oil hungray corporations and businesses who are salivating to have lucrative ontracts with the mullahs.  That is why NIAC opposes Sanctions.  NIAC uses human rights as an excuse and even encouraged Obama to remain silent when Neda was shot by the regime.  NIAC has intimate working relationship with high level Iranian officials.  NIAC has broken many laws in the United States, Trita is not even an Iranian-American to speak for me ..he can not even vote here!

If my survey is bad because of the results ...and they know how to do a better survey...please, do it I welcome it, I will even help them with questions, technical issues..etc.   Their sheer resistance to survey and its results clearly show that they are a  part of NIAC's Cyber Army, thus logic is flown out of the window a long time ago. 

They refuse to answer my questions, they never offer any constructive suggestions...they are simply hovering around IC to watch out and do damage control against anybody who dares to speak out against IRI injustice and its apologists.

About 2,077 people have ready the survey in IC alone and it is circulating amongst the politicians in DC.  I cannot help if 99% say NIAC is an IRI lobby ... please note that there are 16 questions and  many  survey questions have yielded percentages lower than 99%...but  they are not hear to discuss issues intelligently.

The Gallop, he is talking about, conducted a phone survey, with a purchased list of 400 Iranian phone numbers...I have contacted Gallop and they refuse to disclose who sold them the 400 Iranian phone list... how the list was selected...They will not disclose how they hired Farsi speakers who contacted Iranians inside Iran ...

Can you imagine conducting a phone survey and calling Iran from America and asking them to express their opinion about the regime?...can you imagine how ridiculous that sounds?...  But they give themselves the right to criticize this completely online, public and anonymous survey...go figure....as Spock said:  Beam me up Scottie, no intelligent life here....

IC has lost a lot of credibility when it gave its member list to NIAC and others.

I have so much confidence about how NIAC is viewed amongst the Iranian community here that, I intentionally left the survey open...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You posted something so I am going to reply. I am not sure what you are talking about. What did this person pull together. The web is full of blogs with jaded and one sided posts. The author of this blog is just one more. He has done nothing that merits any credit. What did he do? He posted a poll on an unknown site. Then got some totally unrepresentative results. Now he touts it as "Iranians Opinion". I am truly sick of teaching people about polling. 

Online non-random polls are not representative. For goodness sake go read about polling. This is not my invention there is a whole science behind it. The information on how to conduct valid polls is available and easy to access. 

BTW: You did not reply to my comment. "out of here" means "I get the last word" ha! ha! fingers in the ears and not listening. Great! Good for you. Now bask in ignorance and be proud of not knowing.



by Rea on

Took time to read thru most of the comments. But.

One person had taken time to put it all together. In return, everybody is bashing him. MOK/MEK accusations flying all over.   

It's always easy to criticize, certainly, easier than to do things.

But can you, or anybody here, do any better?  If you can't, then, respect for the person who'd had a courage to do it and put it on line exposing himself.  

PS. it was only to answer your comment, otherwise, don't want to prolong this painful blog, so, out of here. 

PSS. as for financing, you ought to start with something. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem is that an online survey is useless. Because it is not scientific sampling. To do a real survey we need the resources of a polling organization. For example Gallup; Zogby or ABC. I think it makes sense to contact one and ask them to do it. But it costs a lot of money and they have little incentive to do it. Why should Gallup spend a ton of money to determine what Iranians think of NIAC? Zogby may be more receptive. It is run by an Arab American. Therefore may be more interested in issues of ME. But they may also not want to spend the money.

hamsade ghadimi

دیگ به دیگچه میگه روت سیاه

hamsade ghadimi

i read parts of the survey report provided by the link in the blog.  i'm not too clear who the respondents on this survey are.  can someone complete multiple surveys?  was it publicized to only to the mojahedin members? was there a reputable third party polling organization involved to assure its authenticity?  as others have mentioned, i also find the 99% results very sadamesque. i wonder how the respondents felt about mojahedin?  or the monarchists? or the velayat faghih? it seems as if a war has been declared between the two cults (niac and mek), and i.com with its high journalistic standards, has decided to give front and center coverage to every single one of these blogs and articles.


"ارتش سایبری نایاک و سایت ایرانیان دات کام"??????


That sounds like what Dai called us in his last blog!

Let's leave the man with his visions of grandeur.... and his President Maryam joon


Indeed, 99% sounds like N. Korea

by Rea on

Yet. Rather than shooting a messenger, why don't people simply take a survey and prove their point. Be it 99% or 19%.

If not, lot of virtual blah, blah.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you wrote a  bit less maybe people would read it.

  • I do question your affiliations and your education. Tell me what is your Ph.D in? That will not compromise your anonymity. What field and what university. I can make claims too. But without proof it is just empty words.
  • You lack of understanding of statistics proves whatever your Ph.D is in it is not math. You seem to not understand polls; surveys or statistics. This is not rocket science. It is methods well developed and tested. Here is a link that may help: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sampling_(statistics)
  • Anyway it does not matter. Why should a Ph.D. give you "credentials". You are opposed to Parsi, fine. Do you disagree he has a Ph.D. from a Johns Hopkins? Unlike you his Ph.D. is public. His adviser was Francis Fukuyama: a right wing NeoCon ***hole who I do not like. So if Ph.D. is proof of being right then Parsi has a leg up on you. At least his credentials are proven.

By the way:

  • do not get too excited about the high rating of your post. On IC all you need to do is say "NIAC" or "Trita Parsi" and you are guaranteed at least 100 posts. It will pass. 
  • Many good Iranians on IC oppose NIAC. That does not mean support for MEK. So again do not get too excited. Most of those who hate NIAC also hate MEK. There are a few exceptions but for most part this is true.
  • Dai is a well known MEK supporter. Any of his statements should be viewed in that light. Therefore to quote Dai is a non starter. Please find a better source.

Having said all of this I am proud to be your number 1 critic. I guess I did something right!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


When I see one of the MEK posts I do not even bother to read it. Because it is sort of like "diarrhea" of the mind. They are so brainwashed that they actually believe their own ***. There is no point talking to them it is like talking to a brick except the brick has more intelligence (at least does not pose as a doctor).

I am sad to say that they have managed to buy many American congressman including my former congressman who I used to respect. I have moved since then so I am no longer in his district. But many of my American friends are. I am getting them to give him a bit of my mind. The SOB should remember he works for Americans but of course is paid by AIPAC/MEK so obeys them. I oppose IRI but I oppose these *** more. To me there is bad and worse. 

At least IRI does not force people to divorce their spouses to prove their devotion. To what? Maryam Rajavi that excrement? I hate to say this but Shah and Mollahs did us a favor by culling the Rajavi or should I say Azodanlu family. They seem to have the genes for treason and dictatorship all in one package.


Hijacking the girl in your picture says it all.

by choghok on

Maybe iranian.com publish NIACs articles online, but they do not censor critical articles, blogs or comments on them either.

The picture of the girl you have hijacked and put in chosen background and text says how democratic you are and the way you have managed the survey and interpret its stats show how incompetent at best or cheating at worst.

arash Irandoost

Simple Statistics for the Mentally Challenged

by arash Irandoost on

To those who read and contributed to this posting, I express my gratitude and thanks.  Because of your comments, this posting earned "second most active ranking" with 116 comments.  That was really the purpose.  We wanted to publicize the survey.  Thanks for your help!

As of this writing, we had a total of 2,056 visitors who read the survey and were educated on NIAC's treacherous alliance with the rapist regime in Iran. A total of 18 readers cared to leave comments.  Veiled Prophet wins the Mozdoor of the Week award for most irrelevant comments (35), followed by Bavafa (9), Faramarz (7) and Soosan (6).

Again, my disappointment (no surprise here-after all what can one expect from spies' den and hornet's nest?) after my repetitive replies to your comments about the validity of the survey-you conveniently ignored  the fact that this survey was public, anonymous, online and still active, since I have only posted the preliminary results and plan to keep the survey open.  To those who disagreed with the results, please take the survey and express your opinion.

It is my understanding that, NIAC and Mr. Dai's court case is in its final stages.  It is also my understanding that NIAC or more specifically Trita Parsi is dragging his feet, stalling and does not want the court to issue a verdict.  My belief is that, Trita is afraid that the court finding will exonerate Mr. Dai.  Meaning that he did not defame NIAC and Trita and was able to prove once and for all that NIAC and Trita Parsi (along with a slew of others) acted illegally, defrauded the federal government, lied to Congress, abused their tax exempt status, broke the lobby rules and failed to register as a Foreign Agents. In short were IRI Lobbyists in the U.S.

Only time will tell.

My advice to those useful idiots who have been conned and duped by NIAC and are doing Islamic Republic and NIAC's bidding, be ware, this is a criminal regime that has sacrificed many of its own most loyal children of the revolution and supporters (Ghotbzadeh, Hashemi, Bani Sadr, Yazdi, Mousavi, Karrubi, Mashaie and soon Ahmadinejad come to mind.)  The regime used them for as long as they served its purpose and trashed, slandered or eliminated them when they lost their usefulness.

You are really no different and you are destined to the same fate, sooner or later. For now you serve a good purpose for the evil regime, as its Useful Idiots!

Arrogance and greed (money) are the roots of all evil and many of you possess both qualities. My advice, read and educate yourselves and free yourselves from a regime that has tortured, raped and killed many of our sisters, brothers, children, mothers and fathers. We all have scars to show from a regime that hates life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and glorifies death!

I encouraged you to ask NIAC to conduct a similar "public" survey-you simply ignored.

I told you I was not affiliated with MEK- you thought I was lying and did not believe and falsified my quotes.

I showed you the facts- You said baloney!

You insulted my educational credentials-without any facts and proof.

You doubted the survey, without taking it!

I shouted about regime's crimes-you remained silent!

These are frankly qualities for frenzied, demented low life degenerates who refuse to see the light and insist on remaining arrogant.

Do you ever look at yourselves in the mirror?  Do you really like what you see?  When your spouse and children ask you about your profession and what you do all day? How do you answer them? When was the last time you spoke the truth? When was the last time you stood for justice? And if so, can you, will you be able to prove it when the time comes?




arash Irandoost

ارتش سایبری نایاک و سایت ایرانیان دات کام

arash Irandoost

This was written by Hassan Dai and I post here, since Iranian.com as democratic as it pretends to be is in cahoots with NIAC and will not publish Mr. Dai's Articles. Read and decide for yourself and as usual deny, distract and insult!   اسناد دادگاه فدرال واشنگتن  
پس از آنکه "باب نی" نماینده فاسد کنگره و کارفرمای تریتا پارسی در پایان
سال 2006 تحت تعقیب قضائی قرار گرفت و ارتباطات وی با جمهوری اسلامی
برملا شد، سیل مقالات و گزارشات در باره لابی رژیم ایران در آمریکا و
بخصوص نقش ویژه سازمان نایاک براه افتاد.

برملا شدن ارتباطات ویژه تریتا پارسی با مسئولین رژیم و بخصوص باند احمدی
نژاد و ملاقات های پنهان با هاشمی ثمره در اروپا، باعث بی آبروگی و بی
اعتباری وی در میان جامعه ایرانی-آمریکائی شد.

تریتا پارسی و حامیان وی، برای مقابله با انتقادات هموطنان و ترمیم چهره
لابی رژیم دست به اقدامات گوناگونی زدند. مثلا از سال 2009 که دادگاه
فدرال به من اجازه انتشار اسناد داخلی نایاک را داد، تریتا پارسی با یک
موسسه روابط عمومی بسیار مهم بنام Brown Lloyd James قرارداد بست تا ضمن
بکارگیری امکانات رسانه ای این موسسه در آمریکا، برای ارتقاء موقعیت خراب
شده نایاک یک کارزار براه بیندازند.

این موسسه همچنین برای معمر قذافی و کمپانی نفتی بریتیش پترولیوم نیز کار
روابط عمومی و "ترمیم چهره" انجام داده است. من در یک گزارش ویژه اسناد
مربوط به این شرکت روابط عمومی و هجوم رسانه ای آنها در رسانه های
آمریکائی و ایرانی را بازگو خواهم کرد.

اسناد دادگاه همچنین نشان میدهد که نایاک از سال 2008 ببعد یک ارتش سایبری
درست کرده تا سربازان آن تحت نامهای مختلف، زیر هر مقاله ای که بنفع یا
علیه نایاک چاپ میشود نظر بدهند و وبلاگ ها و روزنامه ها را در اختیار
گیرند تا فضایی بنفع این سازمان ایجاد کنند. این ارتش مخفی سایبری توسط
بابک طالبی نفر شماره دوم نایاک براه افتاد و نام Internet response Team
را روی آن گذاشت.

سربازان این گروه کماندوئی را کارمندان نایاک و همچنین داوطلبانی تشکیل
میدهند که برطبق خط و خطوط داده شده توسط تریتا پارسی به فعالیت در دنیای
مجازی می پرداختند. برای مطالعه بخشی از این اسناد به روی این لینک کلیک
نکته دیگری که در این اسناد جلب توجه میکند، ارتباط ویژه نایاک با دو سایت
"ایرانیان دات کام" و دیگری "پیوند" میباشد که به بلندگوهای این سازمان
تبدیل شده اند. به چند ایمیلی که بین جهانشاه جاوید و تیم نایاک رد و بدل
شده نگاه کنید تا با "بیطرفی" سایت ایرانیان در مورد نایاک آشنا شوید.
این ایمیل ها نشان میدهد که نایاک از امتیازات ویژه ای در این سایت
برخوردار بوده و مقالات و بلاگ های آنان بی هیچ مشکلی وارد سایت میشده
اند. ماهی دو سه مقاله و هفته ای چند بلاگ سهم حداقلی است که جهانشاه
برایشان معین کرده است.
طی 4 سال گذشته، جهانشاه جاوید بارها و بارها مقالاتی را در نشریه خود به
چاپ رسانده که ضمن دفاع از نایاک، با اسم و رسم به من حمله کرده اند. من
نیز بارها و بارها با ارسال ایمیل از او خواسته ام که پاسخ مرا چاپ کند که
وی نیز اعتنائی نکرده است.
ایمیل های بدست آمده از دادگاه نشان میدهد که انتظار بیطرفی از جهانشاه
جاوید امری بیهوده و ناشی از توهم است. وی که اولین کارهای رسانه ای خود
را نزد صادق خرازی یعنی پدر خوانده لابی رژیم در آمریکا شروع کرد، در سایت
خود بخش کوچکی را به بلاگ های مختلف اختصاص داده تا نشانی از دموکراسی و
آزاد منشی اش باشد. اما بخش اصلی سایت همواره شامل مقالات و گزارشاتی است
که توسط امثال تریتا پارسی، دیگر اعضای شناخته شده یا مستعار نایاک،
اردشیر عمانی و افرادی مشابه است.
در اینجا بازهم از جهانشاه جاوید میخواهم که بنا به اصول شناخته شده
دموکراسی، اجازه دهد تا در مقابل دهها مقاله ای که نایاک و ارتش سایبری اش
در این سایت علیه من نوشته اند، یکبار و فقط یکبار وی پاسخ کامل من به
آنان را به دو زبان انگلیسی و فارسی چاپ کند


Khoshkele or Khoshgeleh!

by Faramarz on

Maybe it is Khosh-Geleh meaning someone who is good at complaining or Khosh-Kalleh meaning someone who is out to lunch!

But before I ROFL all over my turkey sandwich and Pellegrino, please tell me how this conversation about polling and sampling and Iranian population's general knowledge about congressman Bob Ney degenerated to this name calling and other topics?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have read "doctor"'s web site . It is full of praises of MEK. So do not try to fool me. Also you are not criticizing IRI you are attacking NIAC. 

You work for "victims of IRI"? Who hired you? How do you work for them anyway. Who much do you get paid. How is your boss and what is your job title. Don't pull that stuff on me. I am a victim of IRI. They took my home; my father's business and my nation. You do not work for me. If I worked for IRI the least they could do is to return my home! But they won't because I do not work for them. On the other hand I did not take up guns against Iran either. So my hands are clean are yours!


MEK?? Imbecilic Comments Again

by Khoshkeledoc on

It's quite amusing (but not very) that the NIAC/regime tactic of the moment is to try and say that anyone who is against the regime is MEK.  How very small and scared that makes them look ROFL.  Again, for those with very little intellect.....none of those associated with the NIAC survey are MEK.  And if you bother to read *yawn* any of their writings it is open for all to see.

We work for VICTIMS OF THE IRI.  Do you? If so, where is your proof? We have plenty.

Glad to see though, that, in your opinion only, Walt, having said that he directly emailed Parsi and his cronies to give them the survey, was communicating with, as you say, 'minded people'.  So are you saying that Parsi et al are not 'honest'??

Thanks, not that we needed to know.