Opinion survey of the NIAC and its president Trita Parsi


Opinion survey of the NIAC and its president Trita Parsi
by arash Irandoost
Key Findings _______________________________________________________ The
Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) conducted an on-linei bilingual
(Farsi-English) survey of Iranians, Iranian- Americans and Americans in
order to gauge attitudes towards NIAC and its president Trita Parsi.
Respondents constituted a representative sample of 1,851 individuals
age 18 and older who had access to the Internet. The survey’s key
findings are that:

  • A majority of respondents had known NIAC for 1 to 5 years
  • 99% of respondents expressed NIAC did not represent their interests
  • 99% of respondents believed NIAC was a lobbyist for the Islamic Republic
  • 90% of respondents were aware of the defamation lawsuit against Hassan Dai
  • 82% had read NIAC’s internal documents revealed as a result of the lawsuit
  • 99% of respondents believed that NIAD has defrauded the federal government
  • 99% of respondents believed that NIAC had lied to members of Congress about its membership numbers
  • 88% of respondents were familiar with Bob Ney and his conviction
  • 85% of respondents knew that Trita worked for Bob Ney
  • 73% of respondents knew about Roy Coffee and David DiStefano
  • 74% of respondents knew that NIAC worked with Roy Coffee to establish a lobby organization
  • 82% of respondents said that they were never asked for their opinion by NIAC
  • 1% of respondents believed that NIAC was a human rights organization and 99% believed that NIAC worked
    as a Lobby for the Islamic Republic
  • A large majority of respondents wanted NIAC to disclose its financial documents, membership list and
    numbers, and be held accountable for its actions
  • Such extent of negative attitude toward NIAC and its president is in some
    measure due NIAC’s filing of lawsuit and release of its internal memos
    and documents as a result of defamation lawsuit brought against Hassan
    Dai. NIAC’s internal memos have given a lot of credibility to the claim
    that NIAC is acting as a lobby for the Islamic Republic. Two other
    publications have greatly damaged NIAC’s credibility amongst the
    Iranian-American community: one is a paper published the Center for
    Security Policy authored by Clare M. Lopez in 2009 named ―Rise of the
    Iran Lobby‖. Another damaging article was published in the Washington
    Times alleging that NIAC and Trita Parsi has operated as an undeclared
    lobby and may be guilty of violating tax laws, the Foreign Agent
    Registration Act and lobbying disclosure laws.
  • Trita Parsi has contributed greatly to the ill feeling and erosion of NIAC's
    credibility amongst the Iranian-American community by his inconsistent
    and inaccurate statements. Furthermore, NIAC’s internal memos showed
    that it employed a policy of ―cease and desist‖ against any of its
    opponents to intimidate them into silence. The extent of negative
    opinion toward NIAC might also be related to the lack of transparency,
    prevalent double speak and continuous ―shifting of gears‖ by Trita
    Parsi, inconsistencies in NIAC’s words and actions, lack of regard for
    Iranian opinions, NIAC’s denial of its relationship with top level
    Iranian government and business officials. Detailed report here ...


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Soosan Khanoom

LOL ... faramraz

by Soosan Khanoom on

 Nurse Ratched

Indeed ! 


Cruella De Vil 
Cruella De Vil 
If she doesn't scare you 
No evil thing will 
To see her is to 
Take a sudden chill 
Cruella, Cruella De Vil

My tribute to Nurse Ratched





And I don’t like the way

by vildemose on

And I don’t like the way Trita Parsi cozied up to the Regime either. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t call him a traitor. That’s a high bar and it means that he should be in front of a firing squad. He is not there yet. But he needs to do some serious soul searching and course correction.

Spot on.


لطفا به آقای "آرش ایراندوست" حمله شخصی‌ نکنین.


ایشان آدم خیلی‌ تحصیل کردی هستند. اتفاقا دکترا ایشون رو خودم روی فتو کپی‌ ماشینم طبقه بالای محل کارم (کار که چه عرض کنم)  "پارس کباب" در تورنتو، چاپ کردم! 


Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on

Good one!

Nurse Ratched is defending the good Doctor here!

I am ROFLing all over my bagel and espresso!

Soosan Khanoom

ارش بی تو سردم 

Soosan Khanoom

Before I find NIAC's relationship to IRI ... First I have to find out about the realtionship between the khoshkeldoc ( the pretty-doc) and Arash (the survey-doc )

Hmmm  .. may be this explains it cause khoshkeldoc keep saying arash arash 




 sorry but this survey needed some related music  


باب نی!


I read the key findings one more time and could not help but to smile.

“88% of respondents were familiar with Bob Ney and his conviction”

Next time you are at an Iranian party or a Persian market, ask the people around you what or who Bob Ney is. I bet you the majority think that Bob Ney is a musical instrument!

The fundamental problem with this survey is that the surveyor did not go to the people randomly and ask his questions, like most pollsters do by calling people. He instead posted his questions on the internet and asked people that he knew to go to the poll.

By definition, this approach results in people who already knew the subject matter and had an opinion on it chose to participate.

This is like going to an emergency room and ask the people there who needs a doctor!

Fair, Doctor Arash?


Gallup Polls - ROFL

by Khoshkeledoc on

Everyone knows that the Gallup polls are conducted with between 1000-1500 people who are in no way representative of any population :))  Every social scientist worthy of the title has complained about this in the past.

Absolutely hilarious.  Hey, Arash, this means that these 'fake' people are actually confirming that your survey is more important than Gallup polls - way to go!!

For information, the definition of a random sample is that anyone has the chance to participate: Wow, Arash was correct, again.

For further information, the definition of a systematic random sample means that this survey was available for all the relevant, representative people from the population.  Arash, you did more than NIAC, again.

Clearly, NIAC and their fake/pretend/ignorant supporters  lose, very big time - for where is their survey? Oh, I forgot, they are too scared to respond ha ha - never mind, they clearly know they are on their way out ROFL :))

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is no good unless it is scientific and done by a reputable firm. If the "Doctor" thinks his polls are valid then I question his credentials. Where did he get his doctorate from anyway University of Phoenix comes to mind.

There were "surveys" in Iran that claimed most Iranians support IRI. I have criticized them for being fake. Because it is impossible to have a scientific survey in a military dictatorship. By the same token the "survey" of the "Doctor" is fake. It was not done through random calls to Iranians outside USA. Now it is possible to have a real survey. Because Iranians living in diaspora need not fear retaliation. When I see a survey by a firm like: CNN; Gallup or the less reputable Rasmussen. Then we talk.

For examples of some reputable polling firms see: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_poll#Polling_... (under United States). 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

This tactic of accusing everyone who is not a regime supporter of being MEK is typical regime behaviour (obviously including NIAC, who are mimicking it quite well), however it is not only distasteful and immoral,

This is pure nonsense in every way. Quite the opposite it it is common for MEK to accuse anyone who does not support MEK to be an IRI supporter. Reza Pahlavi does not support MEK. I have not heard anyone accuse him of being an IRI supporter. John McCain does not support IRI; I have not heard anyone say he favors IRI. There are millions of Iranians in diaspora. Many of them do not support IRI. In fact that is why they are in diaspora. Many of them do not support MEK. No one in their right mind is accusing them of being IRI supporters. 

One approach of dishonest people is to accuse others of what they themselves do. This is MEK. They meaning MEK claims anyone who does not support them is an IRI stooge. Then turns around and makes the same accusation of others. Monarchists; sane JM and many non political Iranians oppose MEK and are not IRI supporters. To MEK: your henna has lost its color. The only ones stupid enough to buy it are some in EU and in Congress. Note that none are Iranians and know little about Iran. There are a small minority of Iranians who support MEK I would say a few thousand. Mostly prisoners in Camp Ashraf. Or "young" uninformed ones being in the capitalist secular west. Then wanting an Islamist Marxist system for Iran. No thank you!

Thankfully USA is broke and overstretched in Iraq; Afghanistan and now Libya. You will take your dreams of ruling Iran to *** with you. So go take your ill gained AIPAC money and spend it on fake demonstration. While the going is good. Sooner or later AIPAC will realize they are wasting money. Then your cash will be cut off and you will have to find another sucker to bankroll you. Try Saudi whom "Irandoshman" so poudly gloats about killing Bahrainis.


Well said, Arash

by Khoshkeledoc on

It is indeed a little curious why the same standards of investigation, criticism and character assassination have not been applied to opinions associated (and now reinforced by this survey) of Parsi.

Or maybe not.

This tactic of accusing everyone who is not a regime supporter of being MEK is typical regime behaviour (obviously including NIAC, who are mimicking it quite well), however it is not only distasteful and immoral, but dangerous to people inside and outside Iran, so is irresponsible and unacceptable.  It is also just not going to work any more.  Because it is now being applied, stupidly, by NIAC to true human rights activists, charity workers etc, and our networks are now far more extensive worldwide than before, they are just making themselves look very stupid.

On the other hand, attempts to investigate and present the truth to as wide an audience as possible in a dignified and respectful way, like Arash Irandoost, speak for themselves.  We know who are honourable men, and who are not.  And more of us know it every day.



Let's Stick To The Facts

by Khoshkeledoc on

About the survey:  It was ethically designed and conducted, free to anyone to complete.  If NIAC wanted to have their voice heard they could have done so.  The survey is open - as Arash says, if you have an opinion, there is still time to complete it.  Or, if you are NIAC, if you have any complaints or issues, please do design another survey and open it to everyone in the same transparent way as Arash has done.

About the 99%: All social scientists will tell you they are extremely careful about being statistically significant.  The 99% is correct, factually - just because some people might not want to believe that 99% of this large sample answered in a particular way, does not negate the fact that they did.

Again on the 99%: It may appear surprising that 99% know that NIAC and Parsi are regime supporters.  I know that even some of those who answered the survey were surprised at this level of awareness.  What does this mean?  NOT that the survey was unethical in any way, just that more and more people are aware of NIAC's activities.  Their own emails implicating them have fairly recently been published and people make their own minds up about them.

I do intend to insult the intelligence of either Arash - for producing, delivering and analysing the data, nor anyone who honestly took part in the survey, from whom the answers are clear.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I strongly suggest we decouple several things:

  • Our opinion of NIAC from MEK. These are not the same. These are not our only options. There are others Monarchists; JM (the real one not the MEK version of Kazemizadeh); PIAA and many others including some Islamic ones which are not IRI.
  • Our opinion of MEK and IRI. Being against IRI oes not require supporting MEK. As being against MEK does no imply supporting IRI. I kow MEK wants us to think "you are either with IRI or MEK. But that is nonsense and we know it. Many good people oppose both. So drop the pretense and be real. 

FYI: I am going to be contacting all the ***holes from my state who co-sponsored the de-listing in the house. Many of them are not in my district. But they do harbor state or nation wide ambitions. I will let them know that I will not support them. In fact I will volunteer to be on the ads for their opponents. Who wants an ad saying "my opponent supports an Islamic Marxist terror organization" with American blood on its hands. Yes, I will be civil but firm. Just to remind them we are not sleeping.


به ادبی‌ می‌شه، ببخیشد ولی‌


 به گنجشکِ گفتن منار به کونت، گفت یه چیزی بگو بگنجه

Just as AN wining votes, had they made the numbers a bit more realistic they would have had a better chance to fool some.

:)?Or was the 99% an effort to make it more realistic

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Irandoost I don't believe you either

by Artificial Intelligence on

If you see my posts you will realize that I can not stand NIAC and Trita. I can not stand the MEK either but I believe that we should forgive them and allow them into the political process just like we have to do  with the Islamists/IRI supporters amongst us. 

However, I don't find your poll believable. It has no merit. I am all for a poll but one that is conducted by an impartial third party. Neither you or NIAC are believable/impartial.

Have a nice day. 

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

No need for SSN, driver's license number etc; just post your credit card numbers in this blog and I'll email you any personal info you want.(To those of you who bought into Arash's blog: I'm just kidding!)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Oon Yaroo

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

When I need a shrink I will find a better one than you. I need not a MEK member to tell me my problems.


Another Annoying Trend on Iranian.com!

by Faramarz on


So people come on Iranian.com and post something that they are passionate about.

So far so good!

The rest of us look objectively at what’s being presented and question the 99% proposition and other details of what’s being proposed for all the right reasons. The blogger then throws his PhD in our faces as if we are a bunch of Diplomeh BeSavad!

But we let it go because most of us have accomplished a lot in our lives, both educationally and otherwise. Then at the end we get this swan song as if there is something wrong with us. It is either, “I am going to leave you guys and not come back again” or “You are a bunch NIAC proxies, blah, blah, blah!”

And for those poor souls who wanted this gentleman to identify himself since he is engaging in a very public debate, he said, “Any of you who care to know my true identity and educational credentials, research experience, please let me know as long as you are willing to show me your true identity, passport, drivers license, place of residence, tax records, SSN, etc!”

Just for the record, I don’t like MEK and their cultish behavior and the way they used to set up shop at airports like Hare Krishna. They need to get rehabilitated and get integrated into the society.

And I don’t like the way Trita Parsi cozied up to the Regime either. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t call him a traitor. That’s a high bar and it means that he should be in front of a firing squad. He is not there yet. But he needs to do some serious soul searching and course correction.

Oon Yaroo

VPK : Your problem is that you spend much energy spinning your

by Oon Yaroo on

wheels and you hardly get anywhere!

You keep accusing others of being MEK sympathizers without  presenting any evidence. You simply guess!

You keep denying that you support NIAC which supports IRI which makes you an indirect supporter of IRI (transitivity property!)

You keep jumping from one issue to another without reaching any conclusion. Case in point, Dr. Shriati, the late Shah, Mr. Darius Kadivar, etc.

You are simply running around a circle with no end in sight. Hey, this is free country and you are entitled to your opinion but NOT your facts!


PS - All my references to Ph.D. and "the key of the heavens around the neck" were directed at your sidekick NOT you! Now, you see how you spin your wheels!

arash Irandoost

Dear Iranian.com and NIAC proxies

by arash Irandoost on

Over 1,200 have read the survey according to Iranian.com. I am disappointed that many of you failed to discuss the merits or shortcomings of the survey in a civilzed and professional manner. 

You were too busy character assassinating me. My educational credentials were never an issue, but you made it one to distract the readers from the real issue (NIAC is a lobbyist for the criminal Islamic republic of Iran). I always cite my educational credentials (I have worked very hard to earn them) in professional and research work. 


I wish you would scrutinize NIAC just half as much. After all he is the one who has worked with criminals, and persons of questionable character and defrauded the federal government, not me.  FYI, I appeared in person when Trita Parsi visited Dallas (February 26th 2011) to defend the regime's crimes....he refused to answer my questions. 


I wish you would do your homework before you accuse others (this is a cultural disease as a nation we Iranians have) .  I did mine.  I have investigated NIAC for over 8 years and have come to the conclusion that Trita is doing IRI bidding in my (Iranian-American) name.  And having studied his relationships, examined his activities, heard his lies and fabrications, I came to the conclusion that he needs to be exposed.  I officially have filed a complaint against NIAC to DHL, Attorney General Office and the Office of Inspector General.

So much for intelligent debate on Iranian.com, I cannot really say that I am disappointed, since I did not expect any better. I posted the survey per insistence of several friends, otherwise I have seized my blog activity here.


You ascribe certain writings to me without providing me the actual links, I have over 2,500 postings on my blog and myself have written over 30 articles which are published in major publications...yet you failed to mention the title, date or the link to the article. Such shameful dishonesty.

I challenged you to challenge Trita Parsi to conduct a similar survey.  Why did you not react? My quess is that he will not, because he knows fully well the Iranians' reaction.


You continue to insult and distract... rather than questioning:

NIAC's defrauding the federal government-Senator Jon Kyl has asked for inquiry regarding NIAC and Trita Parsi...have you ever asked yourselves, why?

None of the issues you raised are pertinent to this blog posting which deal with an open and public survey ....to me it shows how low Iranian.com has been degraded by your presence who cannot put out a valid argument, discuss the issue intelligently and have made a business out of false accusations.

Does it ever bother you that Trita Parsi who claims to be your representative, worked with a convicted congressman....have you asked yourselves why he was convicted?


Have you asked yourselves who Coffee and Distefano are and why Trita hangs around them...would you have been as forgiving if I had worked even one day with Bob Ney, visited Zarif, and exchanged emails with Roy Cofee and inflated my membership numbers from 1700 to 25000 and lied to Congress about it?

I asked you some serious questions in my reply to you...did you ever bother to respond?

I have written a long article regarding the late Shah of Iran //hakemiat-e-mardom.blogspot.com/2010/10/late-shah-of-iran-leader-betrayed-by.html

 which refute some of your claims. To you simple minded coons, would I talk favorably about the late Shah if I were an MEK member? 


Why do you, as Iranians, think that one has to belong to a certain group or party ...why being an independent who puts Iran first and ideology and politics second is a bad thing?  Why do you think that everyone else is a liar except you?

We are dealing with a criminal regime that arbitrarily arrests, tortures, rapes and kills innocent Iranians  and had paid lobbyists to sugarcoat its crimes ... I am fighting such a regime and its proxies  who is more patriotic ... you or me?  Your ideology has blinded you and that is very unfortunate.


I wish you would spend all this energy exposing Kharizak rapes of our Iranian brotehrs and sisters by IRI hired Hamas thugs, where is your pride and human dignity?


I do not have any relationship what so ever with MEK. I do not have to prove it...the burden of the proof should be on those who accuse me of being MEK, not me.


Any of you who care to know my true identity and educational credentials, research experience, please let me know as long as you are willing to show me your true identity, passport, drivers license, place of residence, tax records, SSN, etc!



I thank those who rationally and intelligently contributed to the discussion!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear MM

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Just a few observations: 

  • one entry on the Iranian pro-democracy demonstrations which was
    skillfully turned into another NIAC-bashing without mentioning NIAC:
    It was not that skillful as it pretty much gave itself away :-)
  • PDMI sounds a lot like MEK name PMIO. Is this just by chance?
  • the absence of DK As we know my good friend DK is a Monarchist. He makes no secret of it. I do find his absence a real give away. As no real monarchist site is valid without DK on it :-)

As I said before the MEK cynically uses great Iranian names. Mossadegh; Reza Shah; Kasravi and so on. The use of them is to get it to "rub off" on them. As if treason is erased by using Reza Shah. Whilst Reza Shah has great character he is not an eraser! MEK does not get to redeem itself by rubbing against Reza Shah or Cyrus or Amir Kabir or Dr Mossadegh. None of these great men will condone treason. I guarantee you.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

By now the good doctor "Irandoost" and "Oon Yaroo" are exposed. With the work of various people on this site including Ari; MM; Mehrdad. They are both shown to be MEK advocates. Their site is a NIAC bashing MEK site. I like to separate NIAC support from opposing MEK as they differ. However it is always the case:

  • MEK will attack NIAC.
  • MEK will make up lies and push them as statistics.
  • MEK will try to misuse the names of real patriots to gain legitimacy. It is this last cynical move that really gets me mad. Their attempt to use people like Reza Shah and Kasravi.

We are not stupid and once again proved the futility of MEK attempts. American politicians may be stupid or for sale. But at least some Iranians see right through MEK; we know them.



by MM on

Here are hard statistics

* I also found those MEK quotes/articles in his site, but let's assume for a second that he is not an MKO member.

* 82.2% (9 of 11) of AI's IC blogs are about NIAC/Parsi in the title or in the body of the text.  He is also just as obssesive about NIAC in his site with numerous entries.

* He claims to respect the Shah and Mosaddegh, but I did not find a single entry by him on Monarchy or Mosaddegh, and interestingly, the absence of DK screams here.  He also claims to be a secular pro-democracy advocate, but found one entry on the Iranian pro-democracy demonstrations which was skillfully turned into another NIAC-bashing without mentioning NIAC:

"The United States’ misguided Iran policy can in part be blamed on Iran’s foreign agents of disinformation, regime apologists and lobbyists who operate many front religious and Iranian cultural centers, work at institutions of higher education and run not for profits organizations that have been allowed to freely roam the halls of Congress, doing regime’s bidding and providing inaccurate and biased advice on Iran."

and he also calls El Baradei, with questionable character and ties to IRI in his open letter to the people of Egypt.

And, now this statistics that even non-NIAC members find questionable!!!  I would say my piece and leave him/her be.

PDMI is best left as its original intent: Portable Digital Media Interface

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

You are right.  One American trait I admire is their tendency not to wear their titles like medals. Conversely, some Iranians push it to absurd limits where you never know if Khanoum Doktor is a doctor herself or just married to a doctor.

By the way, the worst application of one's education is to use it to take advantage of people who are less informed on your subject. If this blogger is a PhD, then he/she is being highly unethical to try to mislead the reader--it doesn't matter how committed he is to "the cause." There should be the equivalent of the medical hyppocratic oath for every subject of study, plus the equivalent of disbarment for any professionial misconduct. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

One last post for tonight

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

So, you are telling me that having a Ph.D. does NOT necessarily imply smart and cognizance.

You bet I do if Ph.D. meant you are smart then you must support Dr. Parsi! But you do not and I do not expect you to. Plus being "smart" does not mean being honest or patriotic. 

And yet, you tied "the key to the paradise" around your neck and fought for that mad man Khomeini for eight years to prove that, the road to Kirballa and Qods is NOT a straight and achievable objective!? Much for your "common sense!"

I assure you I did not tie any keys to my neck. Nor did I tie it to anyone elses neck. Opposing MEK does not mean supporting Khomeini. You need to get your ideas examined. If you think anyone opposing MEK supports IRI then you are ignorant. Many of us from JM to Monarchists oppose both MEK and IRI. In fact all sane Iranians oppose both of them. I do not care about Karbala or Imam anything. I am not even a Muslim!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

is right. A good article condemning MEK will go a long way. It will establish credibility among many of us. This is not about NIAC. It does not matter what NIAC did. It is about MEK and their cultish anti-democratic behavior. When a group declares its leader "President of Iran". Without elections; without any input from Iranians it becomes a joke. Who gave MEK the right to speak for us. Who gave them the right to hold their own members prisoners. MEK is an organization with a very troubled history. They have betrayed Iran in the past. Why should we believe them now. When even Bani Sadr denounces them we get worried. They are not even able to keep their own supporters.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Ari

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I just replied to Oon Yaroo. To me an argument should be based on merit. Not on what degree someone holds. Dr Parsi was trained under some of the best known American minds. People are suspicious of him. All I say is that the same should apply to others. I too hold degrees from highest institutions of America. I never even mention them. Because it is not relevant to my arguments. Points are either right or wrong.


Aghaye Arash Irandoost: Lets see who is lying?

by Bavafa on

Did you follow the links (very specific) that I provided to your own site?

I got the quotes from your own site under "Articles Written by Dr. Arash Irandoost"

If those quotes are lies then these are your own words not mine, I just copied and paste them here. Lastly, you can just deny support for MEK and write an article about their treasonous and anti-democractic nature. It will be of much interest to many readers here.

Also, just out of curiosity, how many members does PDMI have and what is the process of joining. Perhaps PDMI can compete with NIAC in membership and activism.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Oon Yaroo

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The reason people are suspicious are their experience with:

  • Dr Shariati
  • Dr Bazargan
  • Dr Parsi

Now you see the problem here? People use their degrees to impress others. You are from what I see suspicious of Dr Parsi. By now many Iranians hold high degrees. Therefore having a high degree is no proof of being right. No one is talking about whose is bigger. We just want to base arguments on merit. Not on what degree a person holds. I hope you agree that merit is what counts not academic degree

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I share your doubts regarding the blogger's claims to academic qualifications. 

arash Irandoost

Well said Yaroo

by arash Irandoost on

Well said,

I never used my educational credentials, but my degree is from one of America's 10 best universities.   I simply conducted an online survey to obtain opinions of Iranian-Americans about NIAC... needless to say this survey is online and active and public as we speak. I wonder why they are so opposed to getting used to the idea of opinion polls.  They did not complain when Terror Free Tomorrow conducted a survey on Iran elections:


They used a phone survey calling Iranians from an undisclosed location outside Iran paid by Levrettes claiming that "Ahmadinejad is in the lead with a plurality of support." to justifyu sham elections.

 Can you imagine, calling Iranians from an international number and asking their opinion about an incumbent president and expecting an honest answer????... yet these characters did not complain.... but when there is an online and public survey that is still active...they are up in arms and resort to any tactics and insults from educational credentials, to political affiliations, to MEK...just to distract, confuse and obfuscate and hide the fact that the majority of Iranian-Americans do not see NIAC representing their interests!

 Go figure!