Letter to President Obama on Imposing Sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran


Letter to President Obama on Imposing Sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran
by arash Irandoost

Dear Friends,

Our beloved country and countrymen are living in horrid conditions inside Iran. It is the duty of the Iranians living abroad to serve as their voice and reflect their dire conditions to the world. Just recently the US Senate in a very unprecedented way voted 100-0 to impose newer sanctions which include the Central Bank and oil exports. This is indeed good news. Oil is the bloodline of the regime and without the oil revenues, the rapist regime will not be able to continue its filthy existence. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama, who has shown his true colors once again wants to impose a five months delay against the will of 300 million Americans. By signing this letter, we express our opposition to such a decision by Mr. Obama and urge the immediate implementation of the law.

Toward a secular and democratic Iran

If interested in signing this letter, please email us with your first name, last name, profession and place of residence: hakemiat.e.mardom@gmail.com

Arash Irandoost, Founder, PDMI, www.pdmi.org



Letter to President Obama on Imposing Sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran

December 12, 2011

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC. 20500

Re: Imposing Sanctions against Islamic Republic Central Bank and oil exports

Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned, are a diverse but united group of pro-democracy Americans and Iranian-Americans expressing our astonishment and anger in the strongest terms regarding your continued misguided policies toward Iran and your administration’s opposition and refusal to placing of meaningful sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

We are appalled to hear yet again your administration continues to appease the Islamic Republic, a regime designated by the United States State Department as a “state sponsor of terrorism” and has now surpassed China on the issue of human rights violations. The Iranian mullahs routinely use torture, whipping, rape, stoning, hangings and mass executions have been well documented by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.

The recent amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act authored by Senators Robert Menendez and Mark Kirk had an unprecedented support as demonstrated by the unanimous approval (100-0) in the Senate requiring sanctions on financial institutions that do business with the Central Bank of Iran. Next to oil, that finances the IRI’s terrorist activities, the Central Bank is the financial nerve center of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the entity directly responsible for regime’s proliferation procurement efforts.

Secretary Clinton rightfully stated on the Voice of America that the Iranian regime is a “dictatorship” and warned that the regime is moving towards a “military dictatorship.” For over three decades, various governments have used dialogue and diplomacy with the regime hoping to bring it to the negotiations table, to no avail. Starting with the administration of President Jimmy Carter, who did everything possible to assure the new regime of America’s friendship and the more that countries have tried to engage the regime’s leaders, the more emboldened and abusive they have become.

Mr. President there is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. The United States should not accept an Iran with nuclear weapons. Regime’s nuclear ambitions frighten Iranians and threaten the national security of the United States and its allies. The Central Bank of Iran is complicit in Iran’s nuclear venture by financing the Iranian efforts to acquire the knowledge, material and facilities to enrich uranium and to ultimately develop weapons of mass destruction.

Since the revolution, the regime’s first priority has consistently remained the survival of the regime and not the well being of the Iranian people. The criminal regime’s ideological goal is to be able to export its theocratic form of government, its version of Shi’a Islam. To ensure regime survival, mullahs have also extended support to governments and dissident groups that oppose U.S. interests. Diplomacy, economic leverage, soft power, and active sponsorship of terrorist and paramilitary groups are tools this regime uses to drive its aggressive foreign policy. In particular, it uses terrorism to pressure or intimidate other countries. The most notable example of this strategy includes Iran’s support for Lebanese Hezbollah as well as its influence over proxy groups in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran seeks to increase its stature by countering U.S. influence and expanding ties with regional actors while advocating Islamic solidarity. The regime is attempting to achieve political, economic and security influence in Iraq and Afghanistan while undermining U.S. efforts by supporting various political groups and furnishing lethal aid to Iraqi Shi’a militants and Afghan insurgents. In an attempt to increase influence in the Levant, the regime provides weapons, training and financing to Hezbollah, its strategic partner.

The Iranian-American community is perplexed about the duplicitous message you and Secretary Clinton are trying to convey. We were certainly hoping that after your first New Year’s message when you offered your hand and received a clenched fist and, did not respond to demonstrators chants of “Obama, Obama, are you with them or with us?” and you remained inexcusably silent, while Iranians were beaten and gunned down by Basij, Hezbollah and Hamas thugs. After all this, one would think that your administration would consider a shift in its ill-conceived policy toward Iran.

Mr. President, the Iranian community urges you to keep the following points in mind when dealing with the rapist regime:

• Many rulers have conquered Iran throughout our history. They might have managed to destroy our cities, and burn our books but have failed to destroy our identity, culture and love of life. Conqueror after conqueror has eventually succumbed to our rich culture, customs, traditions and intellect. Mullahs have tried to destroy our Persian identity and have failed miserably. Brave Iranian youth are now launching a cultural war against their oppressive theocratic rulers.

• Iranians have first-hand witnessed the atrocities committed by the theocratic rulers under the Islamic law. Your strategy by not confronting the mullahs and your continued readiness to pursue dialogue and diplomacy with a regime that has American blood on its hands is an insult to Iranian-Americans and the families of our brave U.S. military men and women who have lost their lives defending the values we cherish so dearly.

• Attempts to negotiate and isolate have not deterred the regime. While you are trying to force mullahs to the negotiations table, they are supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan against NATO forces. Your empty threat, doubletalk and appeasement policies embolden the regime to commit even more atrocities. If you continue the half-measure policies of the past thirty three years, the regime will continue to kill more Americans and commit more human rights violations. That is a legacy you respectfully do not need to leave behind.

• About 75% of the IRI’s revenues come from oil, a blessing and curse for Iranians. With an effective oil embargo the regime will be weakened and unable to meet its financial obligations, causing mass desertions, giving the Iranian oppositions groups the ability to rise up against the regime. We strongly believe that Iran’s Persian Gulf neighbors are so outraged by the recent terror plot against the Saudi diplomat and alarmed at the danger posed by a nuclear armed Islamic Republic that they are willing to increase their oil production to make up for any likely shortage.

Ultimately, in the final analysis, the strengthening of Iran sanctions for the purpose of compelling the regime leaders to abandon their pursuit of nuclear weapons is a futile effort. In a recently released survey by Zogby, Iranian-Americans want the regime to change. Only 6% of Iranian-Americans believe that an Islamic Republic works well in Iran. Iranians are asking for a change in U.S. policy towards Iran. They have witnessed this regime in action for 33 years. They have reached the conclusion that this regime cannot be reformed. They are demanding a regime change. They want a free, democratic and secular form of government. The real and long-term solution lies in meaningful support for the pro-democracy and pro-West Iranians inside and outside of Iran.

We are concerned about the degree of infiltration of Islamic extremists and regime lobbyists in the United States. During the Rafsanjani presidency, it was decided to create an Iranian lobby in Washington to distract the United States from the regime’s human rights violations, worldwide insurgencies and their nuclear weapons’ program. Consequently, the regime spends millions annually to shape the US policy and to prevent the Iranian opposition from forming a united front. The Iranian community is well aware that the IRI lobby is hard at work disguising the regime’s crimes. Their influence was clearly evident after your refusal to honor the will of over 300 million Americans expressed through their respective Senators.

We respectfully ask that no person from the United States government be permitted to contact any person that is an agent, or official of, is affiliated with, or serving as a representative of or lobbies for the government of Iran. We urge for the inclusion of secular and pro-democracy opposition groups in your decision-making if the United States is to have effective and robust policy on Iran. There are many independent experts and opposition leaders who can provide a more honest and accurate assessment of the current situation and opposition forces inside and outside Iran.

We take issue with regime apologist’s dishonest claim that sanctions punish the “ordinary” Iranians. It is our belief that the majority of Iranians have been subjected to the most inhumane conditions by the oppressive regime and a temporary hardship is a sacrifice they are willing to make to rid themselves of the rapist regime. With persistent inflation and unemployment above 25%, millions of Iranians living below the poverty line, deprivation of basic human rights, suppressions of free speech, arbitrary arrests, torture and rapes, the ordinary Iranians have been punished under the Islamic Republic’s dictatorship for over three decades. Efforts for removal of sanctions are spearheaded by the IRGC and Iranian-American businessmen and the big oil to ensure their lucrative financial contracts on the backs of ordinary Iranians.

The IRI regime is in crisis. There is no better time. The imposition of an oil embargo and sanctioning of the IRI’s Central Bank now will empower the opposition groups inside and outside Iran to unite and rise up against this criminal regime. It is well past time that you align yourself with the people who have suffered brutally at the hands of dictators and tyrants. It is time to give honor, dignity, moral imperatives and ethical values precedence over lucrative financial contracts proposed by lobbyists and wealthy Iranians that often occur, wrongly, at the expense of ordinary citizens’ lives.

The United States must have an enduring commitment to encourage democracy and human rights throughout the world and cannot ignore the fact that the current regime in Iran is a major threat to the world’s economic stability and world peace. You must encourage and support every group that truly advocates freedom and the rule of law and oppose any regime that denies such progress. At this time, Iran is dominated by a vicious dictator who has proven his lack of concern for Iranians on countless occasions. There should be no question that the United States must have every ethical, moral and strategic reason to encourage Iranian democratic movements. The Iranian opposition groups hope to establish a co-operative relationship with the American people and seek their strategic and non-military support in establishing a secular and democratic government in Iran.

Mr. President, over 2,500 years ago, Iran was ruled by a great king called Cyrus the Great, he is best remembered for the first declaration of human rights and unprecedented tolerance and a magnanimous attitude towards those he defeated. The Hellenes, whom he conquered, regarded him as ‘Law-giver’ and the Jews as ‘the anointed of the Lord.’ Current regime’s conduct on the world stage, especially at the UN is a source of shame to us proud, civilized and educated Iranians.

Mr. President, many presidents have led this nation through times of national crisis and celebration, economic ups and downs, through horrendous wars and times of peace. Their politics, personalities and leadership skills have shaped the United Sates as the great country it is today. Each man who has held the office of President of the United States–from George Washington to George W. Bush—has left behind a unique legacy. Be the change you promised during your presidential campaign! Show astute leadership by making Iran the centerpiece of your honorable political and personal legacy. Change the course of 33 years of the blatant human rights violations, destitution, crimes, torture, rapes and hangings inflicted on the Iranian people. Make history. Leave behind a free and democratic Iran, the island of stability in the Middle East, as your legacy. Be the change you promised, the change we all believed in and voted for!

The Undersigned:

Dr. Arash Irandoost, Founder, Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI), www.pdmi.org
Amil Imani, Author: The Persian Gulf and Obama Meets Ahmadinejad, Journalist and Poet, //amilimani.com/
Hassan Dai, Political Analyst, Reporter, and Iran Expert
Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Television host and political analyst
Roxanne Ganji, Political and Human rights activist, USA
Zohreh Mizrahi, Attorney at Law
Walton K. Martin III, Director, the Iran Information Project, USA
Dr. Gill Gillespie, Director – Iranian Refugee Action Network
Sheri Alvandian, Publisher and human rights activist
Ken Timmerman, Investigative reporter, Nobel Prize nominee, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, www.iran.org
Frank Salvato, Executive Director, BasicProject.org
Reza Kahlili, Former CIA Operative in Iran, Author of A Time To Betray
Hon. David Kilgour, Former Canadian M.P. and 2010 Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Shabnam Asadollahi, Human rights activist, Canada
Cina Dabestani, Constitutionalist Party of Iran (CPI-DC)
Parvin Irandoost, Human rights advocate
Mohammad T. Moslehi, Journalist and Political activist, Washington, D.C.
Ali Kimiai, Political and human rights activist, USA
Homayoun Naderifar, Executive Board Member Azarbaijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity of Iran
Soheila Nikpour, Director, Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network
Bill Nojay, Director, Foundation for Democracy in Iran, www.iran.org
Cyrus Shares, Iran Secular Democracy & Human Rights Advocate, New York
Siavash Afshar, Developer, Human Rights and Secular Democracy Advocate, USA
Gilda Karbassi, Broker Associate- Coldwell Banker, USA
Shahriar Fathi, Radio Padeshahi, Host and Political Activist
Dokhi Abdi, Aryaee TV Host, Analyst and Political Activist
Parviz Haddadizadeh, Nahad Mardomi (TNI) Commissioner, www.thenewiran.com
Fred Alavi, Political activist, USA
Poorang Soleimani, Medical Technology-Royal Institute, Sweden
Esfandiar Borzoo, Construction Consultant Management, Sweden
Setareh Arteshi, Democracy & Human Rights Activist, Iran
Farhmand M. Kalayeh, Presdient/CEO Nestologies, Inc.
Dr. Hassan Kianzad, Nahad Mardomi (TNI) Borad of Trustees, www.the newiran.com
Mahin Arjoamand, Nahad Mardom (TNI) Member, www.thenewiran.com
Arman Moseni, The Unicord Companies, www.unicordcorp.com
Mazda Aryaee, Human Rights Activist, Sweden
Aref Irandoost, Human Rights Activist, Sweden
Leila Irani, Hotel Management, Sweden
Cynthia Ayers, Vice President of EMPact America
Arian Vatankhah, Owner and manager, Aryaee Television, California
Rose Atwood (N. Samii), CEO, Unique Int’l Recruiting
Jeff Baird, Publisher, Right Side News
Siavash Abghari, Professor of Finance, USA
Mark Geoffrey Kirshner, ESQ.
Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker, D. D. Chairperson, American for Democracy in the Middle East
Cina Kianpour, Alburz.org
Hamid Hirad
Sateeh Lashkarloo
Athor Yadegarians
Janet Yadegarians
David Yadegarians
Alexander Bavand
William Zaya
Melvin Zaya
Don Scruggs
Ferdowsi, Wir Wollen Demokratie fur Iran
Mali Stewart
Ali Kashani
Mahnaz Gidanaian
Mina Shirdel, Former Iranian Refugee, USA
Pardis Irani, Iran
Reza Nikzad, Canada
Shayan Shadmehr, Iran
Dr. M. Asemani, Canada
Dr. N. Asemani, Canada
Sharzad Irani, Iran
Safoura Irani, Iran
Mitra Vaezi, Canada
Tawanaa White
Jahan Khastar
Amir Katouli, Sokout-e-Jangal, Rancher, Iran
Nazli Amoon, Banker, USA
Abdolreza Heidari
Lida Ashjaee, Iranian Refugee
Kazem Jamee, Iranian Refugee
Amin Nikzad, Activist, PhD Candidate, Canada
Hushang Firuzi
Fereshteh Firuzi
Soyaya Risco
Joseph Gilardi
Amy Wilson
Soraya Mansour
Saam Goshtasb
Nader Royal
Mali Stewart
Yasamin Gaeini
Behrooz Vahdat
Shohreh Parsinejad
Shokouh Ershadi
Amir-Ebrahimi Gh. Political Activist
Pejman Azaran, Ordinary Iranian
Arman Nouri, Political Activist, USA
LiLi Soroudi, ordinary Iranian
Nahid, ordinary Iranian
Soraya M. Dayani
Said D. Jabbari
Mina Kay, Iranian-American, USA
Prof. Masoud Behkhoo, Ph.D.
Amin Movahedi
Mojtaba Heidari Khan
Gita Sabet
Sateeh Lasjkarloo
Azar Baghaee, Germany
Rahmat Baghaee, Germany
Mahin Hoshmand, Denmark
Parasto Oveissi-Makeup Artist, Turkey
Ramin Bastami, Translator, Turkey
Victoria Azad
Bahar Nasim
Gita Sabet
Mehdi Rassadi
Bruce Davidson
Ario Arian, Canada
Betina Karami
Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, Iran
Aria Barzan, Iran
Nabiollah Azarban
Arta Dehghanpour
Armin Atrod
Shahnaz Atrod
Farshad Varahram
Hamid Irani, University Student, Sweden
Ali Ebrahimi, Human rights activist, Iran
Siyamack Sohrabmanesh, Political activist, Bologna, Italy
Kalyan Krishnan, Human rights defender, India
Kimberly McGregor Clark, Human rights activist, Lobbyist, Writer, USA
Shirin Nariman, Political analyst and Human rights activist
Cyrus Pakdel, Member of Jonbesh e Melli Ma Hastim
Dr. A. Samadani, President, American Global University
Hamid Sharif, Software Engineer, USA
Aria Persian, Iran
Lili Soroudi, Human rights activist
Max Rafii, Political and Human rights activist
Yasamine Gaeini, Khashm, Toronto Branch
Morteza Gaeini, Khashm, Toronto Branch
Jay Ewasiuk, Edmonton, AB
Behnaz Shariari, Member Stop Child Execution and Human Rights Activist
Dr. Bijan Eftekhari, Professor of Economics
Saied Shemirani, Political Activist: United Persian Organization (Iranbozorg)
Hassan Darashti
Debora M. Andres, Human rights Activist, NY
Mehdi Zolfaghari, Television host, Political activist
Iraj Derakhshan
Peymon Behmand
Shahriyar Gorugi, Political Activist & College Student, USA
Shahin Khordehpaz, Political Activist, USA
Dr. Jahanshah Rashidian, Psychologist, Freelance Writer, German
Nastaran Samii, Human Rights Activist
Jeff Baird, CEO, Right Side News
Mohammad Taghavi
Shabnam Chaandh
Josephine Mulcahy
Bahieh Jailani III
Ephraim Jacobson
Shahla Ebrahimi
Mohammad Kamyabi
Ehsan Kaz
Valerio Porzio
Sylvie Russo
Hassan Pourhoseini
Mahmood Farsi
Homa Amani
Mitra Irani
Mitra Pourfarzaneh
Maziar Rastgaar
Viviane Ingremeau
Mike Perez
Ali Reza Mohebbi
Roxana Talaremi
Pam La Belle
Sean Rosenstock
Marvin Joel Rubin
Pooya Irani
Ali Reza Vakili
Zari Erfani
Patrick Weiss
Danna Kalstenson
Perviz Khazai
Anna Schmidt
Iradj Eshaghian
Maryam Moazenzadeh
Kave Irani, Human Rights Activist, Canada
Daryoosh Zargham
Ross Amin
Reza Mokhami
Al Ramsey
Stanzhia A. Strickland
Manaz Aria
Masood Abooali
Khosro Nikzat
Behshid Bahmanyar
Karim Moradi
Farzaneh Faalzadeh
Gohar Morad
Vahid Salami
Ahmad Zamani
Hamid Azimi
Forough Bikmohammadi-hazaveh
Ali Salimi
Abdein Raietparvar Talouki
Nader Moavenian
Aria Irani, Esfahan
Amiri, Iran
Fred Saberi, Liberal Party, Sweden
Mahin Nazarian, Sweden
Dr. Lotfollah Rouzbahani
Lohrasb Zeinali
Amir Liberty, Human Rights Advocate
Javad Zaeri
Amir Hakim
Mazdak Ariyaee (code 500) Esfahan, Iran


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