Notice of Meeting


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

You Are Cordially Invited to the Annual Anonymous Observer Multiple Username Meeting &


Location: Shannon Michelle Wilsey Conference Hall – Sheraton Hotel and Resort – Roanoke, VA.


 Date: December 6, 2011  




8:00 - Opening remarks by Anonymous Observer

8:30 – Remarks by Amir1973: What is a West residing IRI groupie?  Signs to look for in detecting this group of malcontents.

9:00 – Presentation by OnlyIran: Who is an IRI junky?

9:30 – Joint presentation by Simorgh5555 and Anonymous Observer: How to spend the money you have received from your Zionist bosses.

10:00 – Coffee and networking break.

10:30 – Presentation by guest speaker How to survive multiple username blockings and to return under a new one.

11:30 – Speech by featured speaker Benjamin Netanyahu – how to concentrate all Zionist propaganda efforts on

12:30 1:30– Lunch


1:30 -4:00 – Traditional Iranian afternoon nap.

4:00 – Presentation by Oktaby - When will Iran be bombed and how can we speed it up?

5:00 – Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra duet - Performed by Oon Yaroo & Fesenjoon.


8:00 – Midnight – Ronald Jeremy Hyatt Grand BallroomBlack Tie Gala and Dance – hosted by and Radio Javan.

RSVP: by November 10, 2011.

***Important notice: this is a private event and is open only to invited guests, who are those who have been accused, at least once, of being another username for Anonymous Observer on  If you are such person, and are not listed in the Program, please advise by leaving a comment below. 


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$1.00 bills, you cheapskate you, Faramarz!

by fanoos on

Back in 1965 when I performed belly dancing in kaffe Soosan in Lallehzarr, they used to insert 10-tooman bills in my corsets and panties and let me tell you 10 toomans was equivalent to $1.30! Does that surprise you?

If you are going to want me to dance for you, you had better insert $100 bills in my panties or else I will press your cute cheeks with my saggy and over-sized breasts!

You better watch it boy!:-)))


No Problem Fanoos

by Faramarz on

I have all these $1 bills that I am going to put in your outfit!

Shake'em Baby!

Anonymous Observer

We relaxed the rules Divaneh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

It's now open to the public by popular demand.  So, come on down!!

We'll still take you up on the drink offer though. :-)) 


Drinks is on me everyone

by divaneh on

I am unfortunately excluded by AO's exclusive rules but please help yourself to the bar and I will pick up the bill. Cheers.

Anonymous Observer

Bring it on Fanoos!!! :-))

by Anonymous Observer on

We love saggy breasts...shake'em baby!


Guys, can I attend too?

by fanoos on

I hope there is lots of dancing and entertainment there. I was once a belly dancer in Kafeh Molanrouj in Tehran. That was 45 years ago. I still have my belly dancing outfit probably six sizes smaller than I am now. I would love to dance with you guys and hope you don't mind my saggy breasts, ha ha ha...!
See ya there in November!

Anonymous Observer

OK - Since no one figured it out (or cared for that matter)

by Anonymous Observer on

Ashura falls on 12/6/2011.  We will have sineh zani in the grand ballrroom following the dance.  Ron Jeremy will lead the "dasteh sineh zani." 

Anonymous Observer

It is indeed her COP jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

her departure from this world was a great loss to the human race...

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me the significance of 12/6/2011! 


If its the same Shannon

by Cost-of-Progress on

Ranked #19 in AVN's Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time. Raised in Texas and throughout Southern California.

AKA "Savannah", Shannon departed early from our "naked" universe:





Anonymous Observer

HG Jaan - the date is not that complicated

by Anonymous Observer on

it's much closer to home - in terms of Iran.  And I think the date is 12/6/11, no?  The RSVP date is the 11/11/2011.  The meeting date is 12/6/2011.  

Also, perhaps we can have Mr. Hyatt make a specail appearance at the meeting!  I think our resident IR groupies may actually enjoy his visit.  Also, I am not sure why the Sheraton insists on naming its ballroom and conference room after people in that particular industry.  Kind of odd.. :-)) 

hamsade ghadimi

ao, i'm glad that you made

by hamsade ghadimi on

ao, i'm glad that you made this a public event. now, we can admit the iri regime defenders so that we can see them in action in ronald jeremy ballroom (we might need to chip in a few dollars to see them perform).  as far as the date, which falls on the eve of 11/11/11 (which probably means something will happen in the idiot universe), all i can say the particular u.n. resolution that passed on that forgettable day 36 years ago was the only u.n. resolution that has ever been revoked proving once again that zionism is not a form of racism!  i've got to give you zionists credit for persistence.

Anonymous Observer

No comments about the names and the date?!!

by Anonymous Observer on

The names of the conference hall and the ballroom and the date of the meeting?  Did you guys Google them?  

The significance of the date will be hard to figure out--even though as Iranians, we should really know it, but the names should be easy. 

Anonymous Observer

COP -RG - Rea, OI & Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

COP: I have driven through that part of the country.  It is nice.  As for NP, I really liked the old version better.  I used to have fun with her.  I don't like poetic NP 2.0.  Too much anger, and too nazok naranji.  The older version could take it like a champ and hit back.  This version just writes blogs about being treated badly.  And yeah...I really liked the "logic" in her old blogs.  Nothing was ever IR's fault.  It was the imperialists, blah, blah, blah...

RG: I was thinking the same about Fred.  The poor guy has been harrassed for years on IC by various IR goons, and he has never even once complained about it.  But we have these people who keep writing blog after blog when one of their abusinve comments is deleted.  Go figure.  

: You will be welcome, even with the burqa.  You may want to check with Oon Yaroo.  He's looking for a date.  I heard he digs burqas. :-))

OI: I will fight all attempts at unionization!  Next thing I know, I will have to buy you health insurance for being my alter ego on IC.  Never, ever, ever!  

Faramarz: As G. Rahmanian said on your blog, the "imminenet attack" on Iran has been in the making for the past 32 years.  But I think that the usefulness of the "foreign threat" tactic is ending.  The IR and its supporters need to come up with a new strategy. 

Anonymous Observer

You are all invited!

by Anonymous Observer on

In light of the intense interest in this event, I have decided to lift the "members only" restriction and allow everyone to attend the conference and the gala in exchange for making a donation of $75 dollars to the Israeli embassy in DC.

Also, in light of HG's threat of bringing kaleh pacheh to the event, I have revised the previously vegan lunch menu to one containing a selection of non-vegan sandwiches.  This is especially because I becmae physically sick the last time I smelled kaleh pacheh in a relative's house in Iran.  

It is also quite disappointing that Amir1973 cannot join us.  We will definitely send him the conference material on a CD. 


I shall attend

by Onlyiran on

Thaks for the invitation and the speaking spot.  Already getting my material together.  

I have also noticed that our "AO username multiple personality club" has grwon exponentionally.  Perhaps it's time for us to unionize.  I will call my lawyer today! 


How I Prevented the War on Iran

by Faramarz on

I'll bring Dick Cheney.

He is going to talk about how he prevented all those terror attacks on the US that nobody knows about. And I will talk about how I prevented all those war plots on Iran that nobody has heard about.

Is Elvis coming too?


I'll come dressed in burka

by Rea on

So you won't know who I am. ;o)))

Chapeau, AO. Hilarious.


Me too

by Cost-of-Progress on

invited or not, I am coming!

AO jaan, you picked a nice location.

What could be better? Fall colors in the lower Shenandoah Valley, this conference, and a drive afterward on the Blue Ridge Parkway....

If you can, you should invite niloofar arabi, I mean parsi also. She could discuss the true peaceful nature of the regime and how western agression and imperialism has caused the regime to become the savages that they are.

BTW, since you don't eat meat, I would guess that the menu is all vegan, which is OK. You may want to order abgoosht for IMF, though. Just to be thoughtful!








by AMIR1973 on

Despite the honor of being the first featured speaker, work and family obligations won't allow to me attend this year. Please send my Sandis and Chelo-Kabob by Fedex  :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: When will Iran be bombed and how can we speed it up?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


That's easy for Iranians to get bombed you need about one fifth of vodka per Iranian. It really depends on your weight; and the amount of chelo kabab eaten. But that should get you bombed.


Count me in too.   :)

by Truthseeker9 on

Count me in too.   :)



by Simorgh5555 on

Like the true Zionist money grabbing traitor that I am I will be charging a separately fee for my presentation!
By the way no Iranian gathering is complete without a round of backgammon. Oh, and don't forget the pistachios and the home made ab shangooli brought into platic Evian bottles.


Thanks for the Funny blog AO!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

BTW. I think you should invite our good old fellow blogger, Fred as the guest of honour! I mean no one, on this site has been the subject of daily harrasement and foulest personal attacks like him. And no one has been writing fine blogs exposing the criminality of the Islamist regime like him either! 

Have a great Gala and dont allow any camera carrying cross dressers into your party either :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian

Is Angela Davis

by G. Rahmanian on

Is Angela Davis' impersonator invited? If not, I'll certainly turn down the invitation. fffffffffffffffffft!

G. Rahmanian

Is Angela Davis

by G. Rahmanian on

Is Angela Davis' impersonator invited? If not, I'll certainly turn down the invitation. fffffffffffffffffft!



by yolanda on

LOL! I am ready to buy the Kaleh Pacheh....I am drooling now! I can't wait anymore! Please save one sheep head and 2 trotters for me!

LOL! What is the traditional Iranian nap? I thought Iranians work from dawn to nap, right?


hamsade ghadimi

invited or not

by hamsade ghadimi on

invited or not i'm going to crash the party and bug the presenters to no end.  i know where it is.  just make sure lunch is not vegetarian (or i'll bring a big pot of kale pacheh and sell it by bowls in the parking lot).  i'll try to engage people at lunch regarding peace activism, working against sanctions and their effect on brutal treatment of iranians by iri.  and yes, i will lol a lot especially at awkward moments.

Anonymous Observer

Oon Yaroo--

by Anonymous Observer on

Unfortunately, Lady Ghah Ghah will not be available for the festivities.  She will be on her much promised trip to Antarctica at that time. I know because I had asked her for the pleasure of accompanying me there, especially in light of the fact that she made some of the declarations about the attendees being my alter egos herself!  But of course, she never abuses anyone, and she is tired of all the abusers on this site!   

Perhaps she will make it for the next meeting. 

Anonymous Observer

Baradar-e gerami Samsam

by Anonymous Observer on

You will be the "sarvar" of this jashn.  The reason why you were not included is because unfortunately for me, Ommat -e Hezbollah has never claimed that you and me were the same users. :-((

Nonetheless, I now realize my mistake.  You will be the guest of honor at the party!  I will see if I can fit you a speaking spot after Netanyahu's speech and before lunch.  Perhaps I can shorten the lunch break.  Can't do anything about the afternoon nap.  That's our sacred, absolute right as Iranians.  But lunch I can make shorter.

The topic of your speech will be this: Green is the color of baby poop! 

Shad zi my firend!  Drop an email once a while and keep in touch bro! 

Anonymous Bugger

hey hey !!!

by Anonymous Bugger on


dont forget about mo, pilgrim!!! you zionist anti-sabzo-imami..

how izit gowing pal!!!..

cheers & many booyaahz  K jaan!!!