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Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

You Are Cordially Invited to the Annual Anonymous Observer Multiple Username Meeting &


Location: Shannon Michelle Wilsey Conference Hall – Sheraton Hotel and Resort – Roanoke, VA.


 Date: December 6, 2011  




8:00 - Opening remarks by Anonymous Observer

8:30 – Remarks by Amir1973: What is a West residing IRI groupie?  Signs to look for in detecting this group of malcontents.

9:00 – Presentation by OnlyIran: Who is an IRI junky?

9:30 – Joint presentation by Simorgh5555 and Anonymous Observer: How to spend the money you have received from your Zionist bosses.

10:00 – Coffee and networking break.

10:30 – Presentation by guest speaker How to survive multiple username blockings and to return under a new one.

11:30 – Speech by featured speaker Benjamin Netanyahu – how to concentrate all Zionist propaganda efforts on

12:30 1:30– Lunch


1:30 -4:00 – Traditional Iranian afternoon nap.

4:00 – Presentation by Oktaby - When will Iran be bombed and how can we speed it up?

5:00 – Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra duet - Performed by Oon Yaroo & Fesenjoon.


8:00 – Midnight – Ronald Jeremy Hyatt Grand BallroomBlack Tie Gala and Dance – hosted by and Radio Javan.

RSVP: by November 10, 2011.

***Important notice: this is a private event and is open only to invited guests, who are those who have been accused, at least once, of being another username for Anonymous Observer on  If you are such person, and are not listed in the Program, please advise by leaving a comment below. 


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Oon Yaroo

I'll be there! Should I come alone or am I allowed to bring a ..

by Oon Yaroo on

guest? Maybe Lady Ghaa Ghaa would go with me!?

I'll be performing this: