Name One Good Thing That the IRI Has Done for the Iranian People in the Past 31 Years

Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

We heard it every day fro IRI cheerleaders:  the IRI is the greatest thing that has happened to Iran since the word Iran was uttered by some someone with love for that piece of real estate three thousand years ago. So, here's your chance.  Please list ALL of what you think the IRI has done to improve the lives of the Iranian people and to improve their standing in the world.  

Please do not safsateh about Islam, Iraq, the U.S., Palestine, etc.  We want to focus on Iran and Iranians.  What has the IRI done in the past 30 years that any other regime could not have done (probably ten time better)? Please also note that IRI's "accomplishments" cannot be fixing their own screw ups.  For example, you cannot claim that it defended the country against Iraq because if it wasn't for IRI, Iraq would not have dared to attack Iran.

Please also refrain from giving speeches.  Kindly focus on facts and numbers.  This way, we can better understand IRI's glorious achievements.   



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by benross on

As usual, very well said. I question however, the wisdom of engaging in such discussion, constantly with the same individuals, who don't say anything differently than what they were saying a year ago (as far as I can tell). If it's for them, you know that they won't change their mind. If it's for the general readers, they get increasingly tiered of the same repetitive debates. The only 'novelty' that can be found in such adventure is, that the debate become very volatile and some insults and threats are thrown here and there, which reduces the whole thing to a point of technicality. Is this what discussion should be all about? I'm not questioning the quality of your reasoning. I'm questioning the outcome. Is there something you see that I don't? 



by jamshid on

"You know, since you seem to be fond of referring to me as "the regime supporter", "the charlatan", ..., I hope you don't mind that I will be taking increasingly liberties with you and your family."

Increasing liberty to do what? To praise them? Or to attack them with your insults? Now you want to get down to technicalities of your grammar and whether you used the word attack or not? Depends on what "IS" is, right?

As I said, the mature thing to do was to apologize, or at least correct yourself, instead of making yourself look like the coward that you are by saying "hich ghalati ham nemkoni"

I don't mind you exposing yourself, Q. I am now convinced that this was not a slip of the tongue, but a slip of your true behavor.

I thank god that for the moment my family is safe from people like you. But I also know that there are many others who are not as lucky as I am to say the same.



by jamshid on

How fittingly you described him. You just forgot to add "coward" to the line up.

This is a charlatan who believes the inception of the Islamic Republic was a bigger democracy that the inception of the US. How do you argue with a delusioned individual like this? Or should you even try?

You tell him about brain drain, he'll come up with China's brain drain, as though that should justify it.

You tell him about the killings done by the IRI, he'll tell you about how many people the US has killed.

You tell him about the drop in the economic inidcators since IRI took over, he'll tell you about the limitations the IRI had to face, as though those limitations were not imposed by none other the IRI itself.

You tell him about the 750,000 who needlessly died in the Iran-Iraq war, and he'll tell you that it was imposed by Saddam and his Western allies, as though the West could have done anything about it had Khomini drank from his damned "jaame zahr" in 1982.

You tell him that an oil rich country should not import its gasoline, he'll tell you that all countries import gasoline in one way or another.

You tell him that there were incidences of rape and torture during the green movement, and he'll tell you, oh, you are exaggerating, it had happened in other countries too.

You tell him that we could be more, he'll tell you that no you can't, and you need the IRI to protect you.

The list goes on. The sweage of IRI ideology can do this sort of things to a human mind.


Jamshid, for the sake of honesty:

by Q on

When in another blog you threatened that you "will take increasing liberty to attack me and my family...",

Really? I said attack your family? You're quoting me with bold-face font so I assume you didn't paraphrase or anything in your deranged little mind, right?

Please prove this to me. I want to show that you are blinded by hate and a delusional blowhard. But if you're not, please show me. And secondly show the "attack" itself. Thirdly, get back to me with what you want to do after "coming down the LA" ? I'm not real clear. You're not being a chickensh*** and beating around the bush I hope? I would not expect that from someone of your (oral) stature. So please clarify.
Regardless the real answer to that is below.

OK? I'm waiting.

PS. For anyone other than the angry loser his pathetic parrot posse, the original discussion is here to read.

PS. Jamshid: hich ghalati nemikoni!



by jamshid on

When in another blog you threatened that you "will take increasing liberty to attack me and my family...", the best next course of action for you was to give me a simple apology for your slip of the tongue.

When I gave you a stern warning that you will keep my family out of our arguments, you decided to rub it even more by saying, "hich ghalati nemikoni."

And now you confirm your cowardly behavior by saying, "It's a true statement, hich ghalati nemikoni, you can get as angry as you want about it!"

And in turn, I confirm with you again, just try dragging my family into anything whatsoever, and I'll be in Glendale handing your tiny little Islamist ass to you.

If you are trying to sound confident and intimidating, then know that one single bootless and wounded Iraqi soldier could be far more intimidating than a piece of shit like you, any time of the day.


Out of curiousity

by Latina on

Did anyone provide the list of all the good things done by the IRI? I do mean a list and not a thesis.

Hmmmmm maybe many just argued back and forth as usual. Interesting?!

Oh yeah! I am not listening to this No Fear person.

pastor bill rennick

Brother Q, have you ever been blessed in Hozeyeh Elmiyeh Qom?

by pastor bill rennick on

Inside a Boshkeh, that is?

Your brother Pastor Bill Rennick.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is so generic. The entire premise of the blog is dishonest

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

There is nothing anyone can say to this guy Anonymous Whoever that will be considered "Good Thing." There are actually Iranians who think the shah's land grabs were good and smart. Lol! Even the Saudis don't take people's lands. The point is, the things you don't like, others who like the regime will like. Dumb blog. Comments that go in circles and just accuse others. 

There are lots of people who benefit from the government structure in Iran, just as there were people who benefitted under shah. All governors are corrupt and take care of their friends and supporters. Human beings are just that way. Plato wrote a lot about this. Here in America it's largely the same. Send enough donations and you'll get the free passes. Look at BP oil and Obama. Goldman Sachs and Obama. Same was true under bush.  


No One Knows about The Persian Cats Soundtrack on itunes!

by Arthimis on

Iraneh Azad

Its so cute how IRI supporters try to white wash everything

by Iraneh Azad on

OH yeh the IR is behesht. As a nation we are screwed for at least another 300 years because of these idiots. There is only one good thing that will eventually come out of the IRI: its the Iranian nation throwing out these backward mullahs from all aspects of our society. They will be done forever. There will be complete separation of church and state.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.  Actually, we only had one street under the Shah.  The rest of us rode on the back of camels.  

We didn't have one of the most modern airlines with a perfect safety record, the second largest and modern oil refinery in the world, the fourth most modern and well equipped in the world, nuclear reactors on the way, one at 85% completion and the other one at 50% completion (in the span of only 4 years--where are they now, 31 years and billions of dollars later to the Russian mob?) respect all around the world....I can go on forever, but what's the use of pointing these out to someone who calls himself "IRI"?

And yeah, buddy, keep living your fantasies and call a bunch of North Korean junk and repainted 1960's American aircraft "homemade".   


Keep on crying islamists

by Iraniandudee3 on

Right, and I'm jesus christ himself. Look here my delusional islamist pal, During those years Iran was in the first stage of it's development. It would be like another government doing most of the work and a new government coming in and claiming the achievments and work of the previous government. This is basically the case for the islamic regime  (basically like a leache) and the pahlavi dynasty. Again, if Iran has a literacy rate of 83% now under this regime then under the shah or under a pro-Iranian government it would be a 100%. If the eun-employment is 12-20% now, then it would be 2%-0% under the pahlavi's or any other nationalistic government.


Even with all the work of the previous Pahlavi dynasty, the islamic republic of losers and leaches still managed to fuck everything up and ruin it for all the hard working Iranian people.


So please, educate yourself more and stop with this propaganda nonsense, cause none else is buying into it other than yourselves and some other dahati clueless islamsits with an I.Q of a monkey.


No comparison

by IRI on

Iran then had couple of streets and the rest was a chaotic and backward country. Today we are enjoying a civilized, modern, and developed nation that can make anything and everything. Not to mention the most powerful country in the large region by far.



by Iraniandudee3 on



Then: 1976

• Constitutional monarchy under the shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

• Parliament: Majlis elected by the people but as approved by the shah; senate appointed by the shah

Population 34m; 52% illiterate

Unemployment 2.9%

Average income $100 a month

Exchange rate 70 rials to dollar

Total university graduates 440,000

Newspapers 7

Number of cars in Tehran 700,000

word "traffic" (pronounced "teraafik") became part of the lingua franca
as the capital's citizens began to experience congestion on the roads.

Number of mosques in the capital 1,800

became a hotbed of revolution as the pulpit acted as the main
transmitter of political ideology. Disgruntled youths from traditional
backgrounds attended mosques not just for prayer but for political

Women could dress as they wished although most in the countryside and provinces still wore colourful floral chadors.

Hotpants and platform shoes were de rigueur in a capital hungry to compete with the rest of the world in the latest styles.

were regarded as equal in a court of law. They had just been given laws
that protected them against divorce and loss of custody of children.

the vast difference in the culture of the traditional families and the
westernised families meant that 50% of girls eligible to attend high
school did not because their families did not regard society a morally
safe place, according to Islamic feminists.

International film awards 3

Mention Iran in 1976 and people in the west would have thought of oil, Persian carpets and cats.


Islamic republic under a supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,
elected by the assembly of experts. A president, currently Mohammed
Khatami, is elected by the people.

• Parliament: elected by the
people after a strict vetting procedure by the guardian council. The
assembly of experts is a second chamber consisting of mojtaheds
(clerics/legal experts) elected by the people.

Population 64m, more than half born after the Islamic revolution; 17% illiterate

Unemployment 12.5%

Average income $60.50 a month

Exchange rate 8,000 rials to the dollar

Total university graduates 4.8m

Newspapers 48 (was 87 before a crackdown)

Number of cars in Tehran 1.73m.

word "pollution" has found its way into the vocabulary, caused partly
by the exhaust from many old Hillman Hunters (the first car to be
assembled in Iran).

Number of mosques in the capital: 2,300

of yesterday's revolutionaries who form the reformist ranks now bemoan
the fact that attendance at mosques has dropped in the last 20 years
despite the growth in the number of mosques.

Women are
required to wear some kind of Islamic dress, from the traditional
chador (no longer colourful and flowery but almost universally black)
to a modest coat and a scarf.

Increasingly the new generation
extend the boundaries of the dress code. This summer saw a profusion of
three-quarter length trousers in Tehran, which needed a shorter coat,
to reveal how up to date the wearer was with western fashion - and
revealed an unprecedented amount calf.

Some 60% of university
entrants last year were women who go into higher education with
enormous gusto, but only 13% go into the workforce afterwards.

Sharia law rules that in blood money (compensation paid to families if
they are killed in an accident or intentionally) a woman is worth half
of what a man is. They are not allowed child custody and divorce is
easier for men than women.

But surprisingly Iranian women are more confident than they were, perhaps because of the limitations imposed on them.

International film awards 118

Mention Iran now and people think of ayatollahs and art house films.


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

with Islamists / IRI cheerleaders / anti-west leftover radicals of the 60's and 70's that's what the discussion always boils down to: the three "D"'s: deflection, diversion and deceit.  

PS/ Don't expect any numbers to back up the "benefit from the banking system for the average Iranian" thingy anytime soon. :-))  

hamsade ghadimi

somehow i missed the

by hamsade ghadimi on

somehow i missed the discussion on banking in iran and whether it's an accomplishment or a failure of iri.  therefore, i ask to be corrected if i'm minsconstruing anyone's statement.  to paraphrase: 

"many iranians" (as opposed to non-iranians which should be the subject of another blog) are benefitting from the banking system in iran.  case in point, the irgc and the defense minsitry.  "they" (i imagine the same iranians who're benefitting from the banking system) complain about it (banking system), but one day when oil and gas run out (the source of income for irgc, defense ministry, and other leaches past and present) in about 500 years, then we (i don't who "we" is) will have an honest democracy.  until then, we will point out the follies of other countries/cultures and not focus on the ills of iranian society.  yippeeeeee. cheers for now.

has the argument boiled down to the above statement?


What brings a cartoon to life more than any artform

by oktaby on

is a cartoonish logic and argument.


Anonymous Observer

My blog is not even a question

by Anonymous Observer on

it's a request.  If you believe that the IRI has done something that has benefited the people of Iran, then list it and we will debate it.  It's as simple as that.  No need for demagoguery.

I actually happen to somewhat agree with you on one point, and that is that the same consumerism that has afflicted western societies seems to be growing in the Iranian society, and that may dissuade some youth from partaking in political activities.  I wish we had something similar back in the 1970's to keep those numb nuts busy and stop them from pouring onto the street to bring Hendizadeh to power.  

But even as such, from what I have seen, the level of political understanding among the youth in Iran is overwhelmingly greater than that in the U.S. or Europe, and that cannot be good news for a dictatorship such as the IRI.


maziar 58

oil, rajavi, mull...

by maziar 58 on

let's be seriouse the day that world runs out of its under ground resources are may be 1000,000 or 100.000 yrs. away which will cross with a PEACE deal between Arab and jews that already been fighting since biblical time........

IT ain't gonna happen.                 Maziar

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No, I didn't say that

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Stop with the BS. I made a point about action that Ahmadinejad took related to banking. Your blog is based on a dishonest question. I didn't say anything about Iranians and what they love. Iranians don't strike me as political enough even within Iran to be interested in this stuff. It's always been about instant gratification with our culture.

Many Iranians benefit from the banking system in Iran. They also complain about it, but one day, when oil and gas run out, then we'll have the honest democracy we day dream about. Until then, Iran will be a target - shah, mullah, or rajavi :)

Anonymous Observer

Yes Marge, Ahmadinejad is great

by Anonymous Observer on

That's why these Iranians who live outside of Iran...wait a minute...that's inside...risk life, limb and liberty to chant; Azadi, Azadi and "basiji boro gomsho"...It's because they love him and his policies so much. :-)))


I suggest that you avoid commenting on issues of concern to Iranians and focus on what you know best: issues relating to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. 



Anonymous Observer

Hi Yolanda

by Anonymous Observer on

Well, it's the two that I listed on the other bolg plus [southlebanon]vataneman here.  That  makes the three.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Q you're right, but I want to add something

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The only difference between IRI and other governors that people know and love in the west is that they refuse the banking regimes to enter Iran. Until those Visas can get swiped and IMF can buy off the leaders with banking, farming, and defense contracts (already got some of those with bribes in IRI though), they won't relent. They do it everywhere else. 

The banking system in Iran has worked very well. I would add to that a reform that Ahmadinejad undertook which was to stop banks who were abusing the "FDIC" system there. The loans there were being underwritten by govt and once people took building loans and were scamming to get bailed out ridiculously for payback, he stopped it. You know my thoughts on Islam, so I don't bother, but I do admire the non-fractional banking system there. I wish the Americans would realize what a scam they are in. Until they do, they'll keep obsessing about bs. 

This entire blog is funny. I read it and it's not even an honest question. You're asking a bunch of people who have fled Iran what makes it great? If you don't like it, you leave. If you seek things that aren't in Iran, you will leave it. There are people living, working (lol, Iranians and work? Maybe the Afghans are working in between praying), and studying in Iran. I'm not going to prescribe or demand anything for them when the country I live in is a mess that is owned by banks and more corrupt interests than anyone understands. 

At least I can buy my led zeppelin and puff daddy freely.... and get a home equity to pay off my credit cards and start businesses that will be taxed to pay for  stuff that big corporations never have to pay for..... like oil spills! Go USA! Palin 2012~~~~~~~!



by yolanda on

Hi! AO,

   May I ask who the 3rd user is?

  If it is a commercial secret, you don't have to tell me!



Anonymous Observer

Well, Congra"dul"ations !!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Sorry folks.  I've been traveling since yesterday afternoon and did not get a chance to respond earlier.

Yolanda: Good catch.  Isn't is interesting--to say the least--that we have "three" (note three in quotations) users who all love the IRI and who all misspell the same word in the exact same way? :-)))) My, my, my... 

Shepesh: [southlebanon]vataneman's blog is disgustingly racist, but frankly, it's not surprising.  I mean, what do you expect from a supporter of a regime that features David Duke, the Grand Wizard of the KKK -who, btw, considers Iranians to be a "mud race"--as its guest of honor and featured speaker at its "events"?

Oktaby: Why are you surprised my friend?  The massive expansion of the death industry is one of IRI's greatest accomplishments.  Wasn't it Ayatooleh Hendizadeh who remarked that Shah had "destroyed the country and built cemeteries"?  I guess the joke's on him.  Thanks to the efforts of the IRI, Behesht Zahra is probably twenty times (if not more) the size that it was under the Shah.


Shepesh Jan: WOw, I had no

by vildemose on

Shepesh Jan: WOw, I had no idea, Irnvat was such a bigot. He is a disgrace unto humanity and give other muslism a bad name.


And their latest accomplishment in shadow of allah

by oktaby on

5 more iranians executed. May they rest in peace.





by yolanda on

Hi! iranvataneman,

       You are 100% right that I am not Iranian! I am a Martian! :O) I am 100% right No fear and you have the same spelling! I read "congradulations" written by No Fear in Samsam's geese attack blog a couple of weeks ago, I happen to remember that incident! (Sorry, I know there are more important things to do in life! You are right I should get a life!). It is very intriguing that in the entire IC only you and No fear spell "congradulations" (sic) ........

      Two months ago JJ announced that IC caught a (Pro-IRI ) guy with 16 usernames: Persian_yingyang, Monarchy_forever, Yaboo_Yahoo, etc.......

You are welcomed to point out my misspellings! Any time! I am sure I make mistakes all the time 'cause English is not my 1st language!

Have a nice day!

There is no hard feelings at all!




by Shepesh on

Look at iranvataneman's blog here for example. I am Muslim, but find these comments unbelievable. This is why we have become a murdering nation. 



Shepesh, it is audacious that those supporting foreign occupiers

by oktaby on

of Iran, get offended when someone catches them in their second nature act of cheating in defense of the rapist regime, and call foul. Never mind that most are not Irani themselves.