The Mustachioed Screamer Strikes Again!

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by Anonymous Observer

I was watching this BBC News report about a demonstration against the new round of sanctions by no other than Mr. Palestine himself, the green chafiyeh model Hamid Dabashi, when I noticed that his apparent new nocheh—and blow horn carrier—is no other than this mustachioed, Village People band member (I guess he’s the leather / biker guy) who was screaming atop his lungs inside the 5th Avenue Apple store when Apple refused to sell an iPad to an Iranian—and outraged…just completely outraged—the Iranian American community, which had to take time off from its non-existent efforts to confront the Islamic Republic about the outright murder and oppression of Iranians inside Iran and get in heavy protest gear. I mean, public executions, flogging, imprisonment, torture…etc..are one thing, but not being able to buy an iPad to show off to your cousin in Iran during your summer trip there…come on. Ahhhh…the travesty of not being able to Facetime…

Anyway, who is this freak? Is he the “go to” “arbadeh” guy whenever there’s a fake diversionary manufactured outrage “cause” to advance by former—and current—IR friendly characters? Could he be an IC member as well? Perhaps. So, if you are an IC user, do come out and tell us your story, you big Borat / Farrokh Bulsara fan. We like to get to know you…and your mustache.


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