Iranians Flash Mob Apple Store in New York

To protest discrimination against Iranian customers

Join Havaar (The New York-based Iranian Initiative against War, Sanctions and State Repression) as we 'flash mob' against APPLE's discriminatory, undemocratic and unethical policy of not selling products to Iranian people because their country is under economic sanctions by the U.S. Apple has decided that internet freedom, equal rights and free communication are not company policy >>>


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Mullah Oil makes Apples.

by alimostofi on

Mullah Oil makes Apples. China has exclusive deal with US to not have oil sanctions from mullahs. Japan just passed a law to insure tankers from mullahs. Oil from mullahs is used to fuel Foxconn factories that make Apples.

Foxconn abuses workers in China
Foxconn keeps mullahs alive

Don't be cool and buy Apple.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


از رفتار فروشنده اَپِل با دختر ایرانی‌تبار به آسانی نگذریم!


پیش از آنم که به دیوانگی انجامد کار***** معرفت پند همی‌داد و نمی‌پذرفتم 



serously, just let it go...

by alx1711 on

serously, just let it go... take your $$ somewhere else.

Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HP etc. Why have a rotten apple when you can have a cherry instead!

iraj khan

Technology For All People

by iraj khan on

is the main message of the Iranian flashmob,

and continues with

"I Am From Iran"

"Sanctions Are Collective Punishment".

The flashmob Iranians are young, energetic and disciplined,

following in the footsteps of that old feminist leader

who in the face of discrimination against American women declared:

"We Will Be Heard!"


Where the hell are NYPD, FBI, ATF, GBG, OBE, etc?


All these hooligans and subversives should be rounded up, interrogated, thoroughly body-searched, and subjected to lie-detector test to ascertain one thing!? Whether or not they truly love and believe in America and Israel! If not, they should be dragged into a trucks and deported instantly!

Shlomo Israel


I'm flashmobbing Baskin Robbins next

by bahmani on

Because they don't use enough Pistachios in their Pistachio ice cream. And thats just plain nuts.

Isn't it odd that when Ahmadinejad comes to the UN everyone seems to be too busy?

Well, no, it's much harder to protest actual tyranny. Corporate policy is far easier.

I loved the Apple store's response.

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I'm flashmobbing Baskin Robbins next

by bahmani on

Because they don't use enough Pistachios in their Pistachio ice cream. And thats just plain nuts.

Isn't it odd that when Ahmadinejad comes to the UN everyone seems to be too busy?

Well, no, it's much harder to protest actual tyranny. Corporate policy is far easier.

I loved the Apple store's response.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //



by ghalam-doon on

Is this the same crowd that when they're asked where they come from, they all answer very softly and ashamedly "Per-she-ya"? Now they have gathered here to defend the same "Per-she-yan" that they are so ashamed of!?

Khodaavand hameh raa shafaa bedeh!



 RG is right.  The

by vildemose on

 RG is right.  The breathless hypocirsy is alarming.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Mohammad Ala

To Raoul or whatever your name is:

by Mohammad Ala on

You should understand that I do not reply to rude, especially bogus members.  You do a good job of being a nosy!!   

SK provided a reasonable answer.  Moreover, you are now getting it that my preference is to answer in open and in person.

I am not a slave to i-pod or the likes of it, so no problem for not having one. 

Spare me from your non-senses, as I have ignored you and few other bogus members.  Thanks.   

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

i already posted my reasonable answer on the other blog ...  and thanks to everyone who supported me there : )

And ..Oh one more thing, are you also going to join Iranians in the street of Tehran fighting IRI?

or are you just here for the Persian foods? for example the  chelo kabab  ...  






خوب البته مثل اینکه این خانمها و آقایون


ورزش ملی‌ ایران ,که عربده کشی‌ و شعار دادن تو خالی‌ می‌باشد، بسیار خوب بلد هستند. 

Dr. Mohandes

extra - curricular activity?

by Dr. Mohandes on

This is probably happening so these guys, many of whom might potential "prospects" for some of the most prestigious law school in the nation, can have something to show the dude who is gonna be interviewing them, something to pad their resume with.

They will call it Organizing a movement to defend the domocratic rights of our fellow iranians.

 Now can i get in to law school or what??? 



by Raoul1955 on

Makes an excellent point.  Hopefully Mohammad [Ala] and/or Soosan K. will post a reasonable response. 

Mohammad: you can post your response here in English without the need of face-to-face meeting with Roozbeh or anyone else.

Anonymous Observer

It won't happen Roozbeh Jaan because

by Anonymous Observer on

you's summer, and the same people will probably be in line next week at the IR Interest Section in DC to get their passports renewed for their upcoming summer long chelo kabab eating visit to Iran. 


Good! Now how about a "Flash Mob" @ IRI interest section........

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

at Pakistan embassy in DC, the next time something like this happens back home?

It'll be happening again, within the next 12 hours. No, not the flash Mob! I mean the execution of another Iranian by the islamist fascists because of his/her gender, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or just to instil fear amongst the angry masses of Iranians desparate to feed their families, never mind buying a freaking Ipod. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by MRX on

Amazing how many unemployed (Adam bikar) are around wasting time proetsting some superficial issue.


much ado about nothing

by Shemirani on

Thanks Paper Pusher for explanation , there is no case  !

and from this article (posted by Yolanda oonvar)


the seller was Iranian too , so there was no discrimination at all  !

So at the end nothing justify this "Abgooshti" protest !

Irania Eshghi Eshghi miran jelo, Por az ehsassat vali bi Fekr o mantegh !!!


As an objective

by Raoul1955 on

Outsider I can say without prejudice [no pun intended] that people view Iran and 'Iranians' as violent, impulsive and irrational.   The depicted behavior just enforces people's opinion that these people are indeed irrational, impulsive, and lack decorum. Every time we see Iranians on TV, they are either chanting 'death to America,' or whining, screaming, and 'demanding' something from the normal folks.

I am pleased to read that many folks recognize the negative image that Iranians continue to project of themselves around the world.

Paper Pusher

Again people are missing the point!!

by Paper Pusher on

Sahar Sabet (girl at the heart of the case) has no case at all:


"the iPad was going to be a gift for her cousin who LIVES IN IRAN"

She was going to send the iPad to Iran which is a clear violation of federal law.  Apple merely complied with the law in not selling her the iPad.  If you don't like the law, blame the government not the company complying.

Now the full facts are unclear around Zack Jaffarzadeh who is stated in the article to have had a similar experience with a friend from Iran with a visa.  If the communication with the store was that the friend with a visa travels back and forth to Iran and intends to take the iPad to Iran, then againn there is no case.  Otherwise that person may have a potential case (not a slam dunk by any chance).

Again for the record the girl here has no case. . . so quit screaming about lawsuits.


God Bless America, Land that We Love!

by Faramarz on


Just imagine doing a flash mob in Vali-Asr or Azadi Squares in Tehran!

"God Bless America,
Land that I love
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home"

United We Stand!



Medulla Oblongata

New age slavery

by Medulla Oblongata on

The wise  white man done it again, the suckers begging to be sold a piece of  electronic circuit to become somebody, to feel alive!

The new age slavery, and the master's name is apple.

One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Arash Kamangir

First Amendment: I fully agree with you

by Arash Kamangir on

Iranian community has difficulty organising 50 people to protest in front of UN when our dear president Ahmadinejad comes for his yearly provokation ceremony to UN in New York. Why do you think the mullahs can do with iranians whatever they want? 

First Amendment

Of iphone generation......

by First Amendment on

The more-than-ever useless, utterly superficial, and disgustingly timid   irooni community has not yet been able to put up a legal action against this matter.......berin baabaa paye kaaretoon, bikhaasiat haay haife noon.......


What do you expect, even their home page looks like

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

What do you expect, even their home page looks like the user interface of Apple products. :)


And not a sign of anything symbolizing something Iranian.

At least the AIPAC site has the Star of David made of American and Israeli flags.


Arash Kamangir

Buy other products such as Samsung

by Arash Kamangir on

There are people or companies who would burn the wet/dried bushes together and are not prepared to differentiate. It seems to me that americans have a history of doing so such as putting all japenese in concentration camps during 2nd World War because they were in war with japan.


Most Futile & superficial action ever !

by Shemirani on

What happenned in apple store is a epiphenomena! of course discrimination is not tolerable but why the "rejected-buyer" don't take a legal action against the seller & the brand and make things move on the way it should be done!

But to sue a multinational you must have lawyers lot of money & patience  and among all you must truly believe in your case !

Hold on ......

Why iranians should bother with a long process???! we are too ""smart"" to waste that much time with this???! let's gather and shout in the street the case will be solve in 15 mins! oh and let's wear green tshirt to give us a deepness (that we don't have)(can someone explain why this green symbols among them?!!! che birapt!) lets us copy the indignants  of occupywallstreet! C'est la grande mode du moment!! we are US citizens like others, we can also be indignés!!! why not??!!!

Iranians are too confused, any clear message is coming from their action !

Each day an iranian is being jailed in their own motherland! almost no one to be" Indignés" for them!!!!! vali toro khoda apple az ma nagirid we need it to show off with it!

The message i get from it is: We don't really care of discrimination or even Human rights in iran (GreenTshirt) we just want to buy apple products as our american friends do! WE ARE FAKE INDIGNES!


Shame on PAAIA

by Kabriat on

I am proud of them to.  Shame on PAAIA for not doing anything about this.  Shame on those Iranian-American organizations which aren't taking action.

Paper Pusher

Mixing Issues

by Paper Pusher on

I'm afraid people are mixing issues here:

1.  Apple not selling to someone because they speak Farsi is a demonstration of its employees' ignorance of the law.  People should protest against a misapplication of policy based on a misinterpretation of the law.

2.  Apple not sellinng to people (of Iranian origin or any origin for that matter)  intending to take the product to Iran (where they have made their intent clear) , is merely the company's attempt at complying with applicable federal law on the issue.  To protest Apple for it's compliance with the law is idiotic.  If you have an issue with the law, then protest the legislature, or regulatory authority, not a publicly tranded company that is bound by applicable law.

Again I have no problem with people protesting, just exercise logic and protest the right issue.