Japan Deserved The Nukes


Japan Deserved The Nukes
by Anonymous Observer

One of the most specious arguments that I see uttered by the usual hordes of America hating Iranians is the one that tries to claim lack of moral standing for the United States in human rights or nuclear non proliferation issues because it used nuclear bombs on Japan in order to ensure Japan’s surrender in WWII.  As usual, that position comes with the standard lack of perspective by our beloved rabid America haters.

So, let’s look at some historical facts here.  Imperial Japan was responsible for the largest mass murder of civilian population in WWII in what is known as the Asian Holocaust.  The Japanese murdered up to ten million (10,000,000) Chinese, Filipinos, Indonesians and Indochinese and Western prisoners of war.  They raped and murdered 300,000 people in Najing alone.  They left behind a trail of murder, rape and destruction wherever they set foot.  They committed beheadings, cannibalism, vivisection and they also buried civilians alive—and that was just for fun.  They used to gas unsuspecting Chinese farmers and then cut them up alive to see how their organs reacted to the chemicals.  And the icing on the cake was that they were the ones who attacked the United States first.

So, what was America to do with these nut jobs?  Negotiate with them?  Send troops to capture Japan and bring it into submission, and fight those suicidal, Basiji-type maniacs?  To put that into perspective, consider this: in the battle for the two islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the U.S. suffered 88,000 casualties, which included 18,800 dead (source).  One can only imagine the numbers if the Allies had to fight their way through Tokyo.  Casualties would have been in the hundreds of thousands.   By contrast, the dropping of the nuclear bombs brought the racist, genocidal and monstrous Japanese Empire to surrender literally overnight. 

And spare me the arguments about civilians, etc.  First, most of Japan’s victims were civilians.  Second, a nation, at some point, will be held responsible for the acts of its rulers.  For their appeasement of the rulers, for their tacit approval, for their submission, for their allowing of a monster to be created from their ranks.  No regime in the world could commit atrocities on such mass scale without the support (tacit or active) of its citizenry. 

Lastly, the A-bomb and its use were creatures of their time.  There was a mad race by all sides at that point to build a nuke.  And whoever had built the first one would have used it against the other side.  The United States just happened to be the winner in that lottery, and used the bomb judiciously against the worst of the worst.  Do you really believe that Japan, Germany or the Soviet Union would not have used an atomic bomb if they had gotten their hands on one first?  Japan would have probably dropped one on every population center in China just for testing purposes. 

So, please spare us your crocodile tears for WWII Japan.  Even they have apologized—many times over—for their crimes against humanity.  You, the leftover fossil America hating Iranians are some of the only creatures on this planet who—in your utter desperation-- turn a blind eye to their atrocities just so that you can throw a bunch of “fohsh” at the U.S. 


Blog photo: Chinese civilians being buried alive by the Japanese.  Source. 


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Anonymous Observer

"deprieved" :-))

by Anonymous Observer on

learn to spell you tool!

There's more...but I don't feel like going through all of it now. Perhaps later.

Anonymous Observer

You're trying too hard LOL man

by Anonymous Observer on

and with every try you become more boring...and you display more of your idiotic tendencies, and your basic lack of ability to engage in a meaningful discussion on any subject matter. And your blogs are further evidence of the same.

As JJ told you on your moronic blog about Fred: you are extremely Bikar. and now you're turning into more of a Bikar on this blog. You wasted hours upon hours going through Fred's blogs to write a nonsensical blog, and now you're apparently putting in about the same amount of time to write stupid, unfunny comments about me. Speaking of mental illness, you should really seek professional help for this obsession that you appear to develop with online avatars whom you don't even know. Hate to be someone you actually know in real life. You probably park across the street from their homes and stalk them, going through their trash, etc..

.Anyway, either say something intelligent or kindly stop boring everyone. Yawwwwnn....


A.O your amazing insight (and Dr.Holakoui exchange)

by aynak on

has this effect on me that once I read the first 2 lines I feel the need to offer my love to you.   Here's the rest of exchange with Dr.H regarding your situation:

Q:what is your opinion regarding A.O's desire to bring goodness to the world using nuke?

Dr.H: Between the age of 1-4 we already covered.  But now we are reaching the age of pre-school and here some of the folks that exhibit this type of behvior/thinking really have been deprieved of friendship.  

Q:like no friends in kindergarten syndrome?

Dr.H: Precisely.   You see at age 4, child begins to seek friendship and relashionship outisde that of mom and dad.  Having already established not much wsa given to these individuals in those first 4, now the child find himself in kintergarten seeking friends.

Q:Yes, what happens then?

Dr.H: Well obviously he will get rejected.  Worse, can be a bully who may actually push this guy around too, particuarly if he is not physically very capable, which I suspect is the case here.

Q:How so, how did you arrive at that conclusion, that A.O may not have ben  very physically fit as a child?

Dr.H: Oh, elementary, as Shelock may tell Watson, people who are so at ease with the Bomb, usually have to compensate for a shortcoming in their own inability to fend for themselves.   They lack comprehension at most baisc level add that lack of proportion and you have a deadly combo.

Q: I see, what other symptoms do you seen and what solutions exist?

Dr.H: A general sense of beleif in self greatness, combined with frequnet hallucination combined with  desperate craving for attention. Once again, Tender love is the only solution for all the lost years.

Q: One more, is that really his picutre there?

Dr.H:  Oh no, far from it.   That's who he likes to look like.  Many moons ago the poster Farah Roosta, whom A.O idolizes commented to foe Parham, on his attratcive look (on his photo).   This is A.O's way of getting in on the plan ;)   In search of love.


OK OK I get it.  

A.O you look amazing, we love you, you are a great mind.   I truly enjoyed reading your excellent analysis and reasoning.  In short we all love you, please don't drop it .....    We all love you so much it may seem a bit obsessive .... help me out here, got it  stalking may be a good word ....... :)





I am just grateful they did not allow you in the US military….

by Bavafa on

Whether it was psychological disorder that they didn’t accept you in US military or any other reason, this shows they have done something right?


One can only imagine sick people with guns in their hands, trained to kill.  We saw one of those just a month ago in Afghanistan.


Get help man, there is no shame in it.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

What really makes me proud

by Anonymous Observer on

is seeing the great level of discourse that the Iranian community can engage in.  There are many comments on this thread --from the people that I mentioned in my comment below--almost all of which are opposing to my point of view.  But they are stated intelligently, with great reasoning and without personal attacks.   Jabs are OK, BTW.  With the exception of a few mindless comments and personal attacks, such as the ones from my usual stalker and Aynak, and a couple of other ones, the overwhleming majority of the comments are well articulated and well set forth.  This is what we Iranians should work toward.  

This is a good sign.  It's a sign of a growing civil society.  These are the moments that I feel proud to be among my fellow Iranians.  This is why I'm on this site.  

And let this be an example and a lesson for those who throw a hissy fit every time there's a discussion on their blogs which is contrary to their point of view.  We are not here to congratulate each other on a "job well done" and "bah bah" each other every time someone posts something.  A lively debate of issues presented--even if it's contary to your view point--is what free speech and a democratic society are about.  And it's really OK if your feelings are hurt in the process.  You'll get over it...eventually.    

Anonymous Observer

Ad hominem attacks are so boring...

by Anonymous Observer on

say something intelligent for Darwin's sake Aynak.  Read some of the comments and at least try to copy them.  There are many good ones.  Arj, Faramarz, Red Wine, RG, Hirre, Hamsadeh, Anglophile, Dr. Mohandes....even Demo has something to say...in his own strange way.

But then you show up and ruin the good vibe of having opposing, yet intelligent, points of view...with your idiotic personal attacks....nothing to say, really...just blabber...

aakh...such a tool... 


Love love love

by aynak on


All you need is love A.O jan.   I got to hand it to some I.C posters.  Everytime I think it can not go lower, between you and Fred, various incarnations of Pendar and Anglophile and various forms of Iran lovers   beam me up scotty, I see no sign of ....

BTW, since you mentioned the name of Dr of honor, have you gotten your latest batch of historical books and analysis from Mirfetroos? Looks like the two of you should write about the positive impact of nuking earth to civility?

For the rest of the readers:  here A.O is the living proof what a monster the following saying will create:

چوب استاد به ز مهر پدر 

Now A.O probably was on the recieving end of too much wood from the prof and little love.   The answer though is love love love.

We all love you A.O. (I would say this to Sabeti as well)





Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Akhoond or not, Fred's stalker or not, you're alright in my book.  As I have told you before, I like the comments that you leave on my blogs.  Keep them coming.   

Anonymous Observer

See now Aynak

by Anonymous Observer on

Look at Arj's comment and learn.  That's how you articulate your point of view, and even take a jab at the blogger, without sounding dumb and boring.  


Rationalizations of weapons of mass murder!

by Arj on

Indeed, this (the mass murder in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) has more to do with humanitarian catastrophe than being a matter of hating or loving America!

As a matter of fact, it's incumbent upon the Human race to not only condemn the use of weapons of mass distruction under any pretext or justification in an unequivocal manner, but to also ensure that humanity will never again have to face such a disaster!

Unfortunately, still in the 21st century, there exist those whose minds are stock in the crusader era and try to justify hatred and violence against others who do not measure up to their cultural, religious or ideological guidlines -- however nonsensical they may be, or whether it manifests itself in the from of suicide bombings or the use of WMDs!


A heart attack survivor's conclusion!

by Demo on

GOD is in full control after all! He punished both super-bad J's (Japanese & Jews) because of their crimes against humanity @ WWII by the 'hello-nuke' & the 'hello-caust' through the US & Germany subsidized powers! hallelujah! They do not call Demo an Akhoond for nothing you know!

Anonymous Observer

Did you get that quote from the same source as the

by Anonymous Observer on

letter to Mirfertoos? :-))

Actually, Aynak, the Japanese have been more understanding about what happened to them and what brought about the nuclear attack.  They have apologized for their crimes time and time again.  In fact, shortly after being nuked and after their surrender, Emperor Hirohito himself personally went to Gen. MacArthur's office to apologize for Japan's crimes against humanity and its attack on Pear Harbor, only to be rebuffed and ignored by MacArthur!  Didn't even let him in the room!  How about that?!


So, the Japanese have come to terms with what they did and its consequences.  It's the America hating Iranians and their manufactured outrage that has not yet subsided.  



Dear Aynak,

I am a survivor of the Nanjing massacare.  I was six years old at the time.  Japanese soldiers came to our village.  They came to our house and captured my parents and my 12 year old sister.  They raped my mother and my sister and they forced us to watch.  They then took them to the center of the village where japanese officers were laughing and competing for the highest number of beheadings.  That's how they moved up in rank.   Japanese soldiers were walking around holding severed heads in their hands.  They then forced my parents to kneel at the edge of a big hole full of headless bodies. Then then beheaded them with swords.  They also took my sister with them.  I never saw her again.

Love and kisses,


PS- Has Ms. / Mr. Kodoma ever said anything about the 10,000,000 victims of Imeprial Japan?  If he /she hasn't, s/he is a hypocrite and a racist. 



Good first step

by aynak on


"I'm no psyhologist, but I have read somehwere that one symptom of obsession is denial. "

  But I really would have liked to see Holakoui's comment on this blog:

1-This individual has not been hugged the first 3 years of his life  

2-No kisses from 3-4.

We don't know what happened  the next few decades, but now he is a commentator on IC, with masterpieces like you observe here. 

 Q: Dr.Holakoui, what say you about this guy?

 Dr.H:  No hope no hope.

 Q: How about if we showered him with praises and love?

 Dr.H: That might help, but it has to be non-stop, with care and love for rest of his life, he has lost so much valuable time, depending on his age it may be a waste of time.

  Thanks Doc, we'll try at I.C clinic.


Dear A.O

I am a survivor of Hiroshima bombing.   I was 7 years old at the time and after the blast witnessed horrors that no child should ever experience. There were people whose eyeballs had popped out their sockets. There were those who held their babies – burnt black; they themselves had no skin. There were those whose intestines had come out of their bodies, and confused they struggled to put them back in. [1]   Thank you for reminding me that we all deserved what we got.   You have great wisdom.   We love you.  You are so very knowledgeable and kind.   I would personally give you a hug and a kiss per Dr.Holakouis recommendation.   If the world was filled with people like you, whoever had more nukes would give others all they deserved and world would be a better place.

Love and Kisses.

 Michiko Kodoma's

[1](For the full story of Michiko read:


Anonymous Observer

What a liar. :-)

by Anonymous Observer on

In the past month I might have spent a few minutes on this "person"




only a "few minutes."  Hilarious!  And really, I haven't been commenting much on IC recently.  I think that those three blogs were some of the very few places that I left comments, just to be confronted by comment after comment and attack after attack by this stalker.  

I'm no psyhologist, but I have read somehwere that one symptom of obsession is denial. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

You are full of yourself

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  Right out of argument now resorts to "stalker". In the past month I might have spent a few minutes on this "person". Keep on dreaming that you are center of the world.

Anonymous Observer

Oh look, my stalker is back

by Anonymous Observer on

The time that this guy puts in, chasing me from thread to thread, reading every single one of my comments, blogs, etc.  I think that I'm the most important person in his life.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

All I say is the writer of this blog is deranged
and mentally ill. This is a reflection of IC not Iranian people. 

Anonymous Observer

Some more handywork

by Anonymous Observer on

Anonymous Observer

"Aynak," stop the hyperbole and scaremongering

by Anonymous Observer on

and read my comment to Dr. Mohandes.  After you're done reading that comment, go ahead and write another "LOL" blog about something that you received in your email Spam folder:


Anonymous Observer

Anglophile and Hamsadeh

by Anonymous Observer on

AP:  I disagree.  Japan's atrocities in China were well known by 1945.  But regardless of America's motives, its nuclear attack on Japan brought an end to the atrocities.  A ground invasion would have cost more American and Japanese lives and would have allowed Japan to exact revenge on the civilain population of its occupied territories as it was losing the war, just like the Germans did with their "final solution." 

And America should be criticized for its actions as well, just as I have done twice on this thread in my comments to RG and Red Wine below. 

Anonymous Observer

Demo and Puffball

by Anonymous Observer on

: take it easy my akhoond brother.  Don't want you to have a heart attack.

Puffball (ali?)
: false analogy.  Jews who were victims of the Holocaust did not commit mass genocide, rape, cannibalism and torture of millions of others.  If they had done so, they would have deserved some sort of a punishment as well.   

Anonymous Observer

Dr. Mohandes -e gerami

by Anonymous Observer on

Thanks for the compliment.  I do not believe there are parallels between Iran and Imperial Japan in WWII.  The IR oppression in Iran is a domestic matter.  Iran has not committed mass, systemic genocide against other nations like Japan did.  So, a foreign attack against the IR to save the civilian population is not justified.  



I think the blogger is a Vampire.

by Albaloo on

I think the blogger is a Vampire.  


I would question the sanity of anyone that writes crap like this

by aynak on


  "Japan Deserved The Nukes"!!  Under the guise of "defending" U.S's action.  The intent of the deranged writer becomes ever more clear when it states:

 "So, what was America to do with these nut jobs?  Negotiate with them?  Send troops to capture Japan and bring it into submission, and fight those suicidal, Basiji-type maniacs?  To put that into perspective, consider this: in the battle for the two islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the U.S. suffered 88,000 casualties, which included 18,800 dead"

 So the article starts by calling the indiscriminate killing of over 200,000 civilians as "deserved".   Then by drawing parallels with Basij, I suppose the disturbed  writer likes to really say:   Iran also deserves to be nuked.   After all if you can not "negotiate" what other alternative is there but to nuke?   How is that for logic?

I find myself repeating this simple statement more often on this site, but dear A.O, you are very very sick.   Please seek help. 


What is disturbing and makes one Sad/depressed reading this

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Is not that the intellectual argument is false or that the values are rooted religous exceptionalism, which says that I get to go to heaven and the rest of you all get to go to hell.  It is that some people, far too many rally around this type of view and instead of wishing to change their view they are prepared literally to kill everyone else to impose their view and they have never succeeded, yet the lesson is not learned.  Look If this idea would have worked ever, I'm sure it would have worked thousands of years ago, the truth is it never has and yet the idea still has buyers and defenders.  Just look at the IRI today, I would expect them to put this idea across, that people deserve to be nuked, but not so openly, structured around the idea of a test, leading to a heaven or hell, hiding behind a god whose word one is not allowed to question.  The basis for you are with us or against us, versus we are all in this togehter.  

Ignorance causes great harm and while it does make life painful, the likelyhood of its success over time in the face of wisdom is nil.  I think those who are so Pro-USA today that they can agree with such views are going to have their hearts broken, when their love "the Republic of the USA" is brought with its immense power to unforseeable internal destruction. 

hamsade ghadimi

the japanese didn't deserve

by hamsade ghadimi on

the japanese didn't deserve the "nukes."  first of all, i don't believe in collective punishment.  secondly, one would naively extrapolate this kind of reasoning in bombing iran and ultimately kill victims of iri along with iri cockaroaches.  it's easy to sit here and criticize those who remained in iran and are victimized by iri and the fact that they have not been able to overthrow the government.  thirdly, the second bombing in japan (nagasaki) was more of a macabre experiment (effect of hydrogen vs. uranium a bomb) than avenging for the atrocities that the japanese military had committed in asia. 

let's not forget that the u.s. did not join the w.w.ii. effort because of the holocaust and world jews but because it was attacked by the japanese.  in fact, they turned away a ship of jewish refugees before they entered the war.  and certainly, they did not use the a-bombs on the japanese becuase of the japanese atrocities committed against chinese, koreans, indonesians, and the rest in s.e. asia. they didn't deseve it but had it coming!


By the way ...

by anglophile on

 The bombs that were dropped on Japan in August 1945 were meant to be dropped on Germany. There was no question of Japan being the target before Germany's surrender and the only reason that they were destined to fall on Germany had nothing to do with Nazi's atrocities or Holocaust. The Allied had no idea about the exent or even the existence of Holocaust. These were all discovered after the war. Nazi scientists were rushing to build the bomb and when the Americans discovered the story (through immigrant Jewish scientists) the race to build the bomb before the Germans began. When Germany surrendered in May 1945, the whole scenario changed. Americans did not moralise nuking Japan based on the atrocities committed by Japanese, because they had no idea about the nature or the extent of those atrocities. As one commenter said, it was purely done to prevent further American lossess in the Pacific.

One last thing; one can love America (or any country if you will) but be critical of its wrong doings at the same time, These are not mutually exclusive feelings.


من میگم شراب میرزا فقط راستشو میگه





اصلا مگه ممکنه این همه آدم رو محمد خوجه تو کرمون کور کرده باشه؟ به عقل جور درنمیاد. حالا هیتلر شیش میلیون آدم رو کشت یه چیزی - می‌شه قبول کرد یا اگه میگن مائو یا استالین بیست سی‌ ملیونو کشتن بازم می‌شه قبول کرد ولی‌ به هیچ عقل سلیمی جور در نمیاد که آدم رئوف و اخته‌ای مثل محمد خوجه قجر بیست هزار چشم تو کرمون در آورده باشه! ‌همش تقصیر این پهلوی های بی‌ اصل و نسبه که برعکس قجرا با مغول‌ها نسبت نداشتند و  ایرونی‌ خالص بودند.



  Japan deserved the

by Puffali on


deserved the nukes as much as the Jews deserved the Holocaust.

Only a demented mind can say
such atrocity is deserved. 





by Demo on

Translate all your BS & those of your ilk's below to both Arabic & Urdu (or Farsi) & send them to the US occuppied lands of Afghanistan & Iraq! Then you all might decide go in hiding before people from those two countries find you & bury you alive!