Japan Deserved The Nukes


Japan Deserved The Nukes
by Anonymous Observer

One of the most specious arguments that I see uttered by the usual hordes of America hating Iranians is the one that tries to claim lack of moral standing for the United States in human rights or nuclear non proliferation issues because it used nuclear bombs on Japan in order to ensure Japan’s surrender in WWII.  As usual, that position comes with the standard lack of perspective by our beloved rabid America haters.

So, let’s look at some historical facts here.  Imperial Japan was responsible for the largest mass murder of civilian population in WWII in what is known as the Asian Holocaust.  The Japanese murdered up to ten million (10,000,000) Chinese, Filipinos, Indonesians and Indochinese and Western prisoners of war.  They raped and murdered 300,000 people in Najing alone.  They left behind a trail of murder, rape and destruction wherever they set foot.  They committed beheadings, cannibalism, vivisection and they also buried civilians alive—and that was just for fun.  They used to gas unsuspecting Chinese farmers and then cut them up alive to see how their organs reacted to the chemicals.  And the icing on the cake was that they were the ones who attacked the United States first.

So, what was America to do with these nut jobs?  Negotiate with them?  Send troops to capture Japan and bring it into submission, and fight those suicidal, Basiji-type maniacs?  To put that into perspective, consider this: in the battle for the two islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the U.S. suffered 88,000 casualties, which included 18,800 dead (source).  One can only imagine the numbers if the Allies had to fight their way through Tokyo.  Casualties would have been in the hundreds of thousands.   By contrast, the dropping of the nuclear bombs brought the racist, genocidal and monstrous Japanese Empire to surrender literally overnight. 

And spare me the arguments about civilians, etc.  First, most of Japan’s victims were civilians.  Second, a nation, at some point, will be held responsible for the acts of its rulers.  For their appeasement of the rulers, for their tacit approval, for their submission, for their allowing of a monster to be created from their ranks.  No regime in the world could commit atrocities on such mass scale without the support (tacit or active) of its citizenry. 

Lastly, the A-bomb and its use were creatures of their time.  There was a mad race by all sides at that point to build a nuke.  And whoever had built the first one would have used it against the other side.  The United States just happened to be the winner in that lottery, and used the bomb judiciously against the worst of the worst.  Do you really believe that Japan, Germany or the Soviet Union would not have used an atomic bomb if they had gotten their hands on one first?  Japan would have probably dropped one on every population center in China just for testing purposes. 

So, please spare us your crocodile tears for WWII Japan.  Even they have apologized—many times over—for their crimes against humanity.  You, the leftover fossil America hating Iranians are some of the only creatures on this planet who—in your utter desperation-- turn a blind eye to their atrocities just so that you can throw a bunch of “fohsh” at the U.S. 


Blog photo: Chinese civilians being buried alive by the Japanese.  Source. 


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Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

You know, I was thnking about one of your comments below.  Can you imagne the world today if Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany had been allowed to survive?  Fascism would have been the order or the day, and the entire world would have been a slave and a hostage to those genocida regimes under the threat of annihilation.  I'm sure those two entities would have amassed a nuclear arsenal of their own--and used it on quite a few occasions as well.  

I would also venture to guess that if those two systems had survived, our hordes of America hating--yet America residing--Iranians would be residing in California, and elsewhere in the U.S., and cheering for the Nazis and the fascist Japanese (fascist as how Imperial Japan was in WWII, not today).  Just like they do today for the Fascist Assad, Fascist IR, Fascist Russia, Fascist North Korea...   


Conclusion of thread

by Fesenjoon2 on

خلایق را هرچه لایق!




DK and Anglophile

by Fesenjoon2 on

Thanks to you both for your contributions here in this discussion.

I realize that this is a difficult subject. I have become a pessimist over the years, unfortunately, when it comes to Iran, and in general.

All the best. 


AO based on the logic of your article the USA today deserves to

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

be Nuked.

If you can state the truth about the militaristic west and its support and creation of extremists to Africanize/neocolonialise countries that are otherwise getting lots of money from oil sales, in order to not be able to use these money's for the benefit & development of their people.

Where would you nuke first?  And why?

big keer

Hendoostan loves Iran and Parsies!

by big keer on

Hendoostan just fired a rocket capable of carrying nukes just to show the Chinese that they can't mess with Parsies!

We love Parsi!

Anonymous Observer

Dear TS-9 and DM

by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you both my friends.  I really do not believe that my stalkers will leave me alone.  And mind you, I do NOT call those who oppose my views stalkers.  In fact, all throughout this blog I have complimented my opponents who have put forward an intelligent argument (which is 95% of those who have commented on the blog).  No one has to agree with me.  How good would a debate be if everyone agrees with one another?!!  Both of you guys have disagreed with me before.  DM on this blog (and other places).  TS-9 even made me delete one of my blogs before.  Feel free to disagree with me.  Just don't be a stalker.

For example, look at VPK's comment posted at 3:53 am Pacific time.  This means that if this guy lives on the West Coast, he was up in the middle of the night commenting on my blog.  If he lives on the East Coast, it means that he left the comment at 6:53 am, which is probably right after he woke up, and before he brushed his teeth.  He woke up, turned on his computer and went straight to my blog, just to leave a nasty comment.  If he lives in the Mountain or Central time, he must have done this 1t 5:00 am or 6:00 am.  Can you imagine the level of obsession?!!!!  Now, THIS is what I call a stalker.  This is my own blog, and I didn't even look at it until 11:00 am or so (my time).  

I actually just got a visual of VPK, sittng in his underwear at 5:00 am, his eyes bloodshut for lack of sleep, fuming with rage, and leaving comments on my blog. :-))

Seriously, I really believe that VPK's obsession with me & Fesenjoon has reached clinical levels.  I don't think that I have left a substantive comment on any thread recently without him appearing and harassing me about it.  I don't know what's missing in this individual's life that causes him to be like this. But it's really scary.  I hope he never finds out who Fesenjoon and I are in real life.  I'm afraid he'll show up at my house at 3:53 am in his underwear. 

So, no.  I don't think that my stalkers will go away.  They have an unhealthy level of obsession with me.  

Anonymous Observer

Anglophile -e Daanaa

by Anonymous Observer on

The issue of attacking population centers in WWII was not unique to the nuclear attack on Japan.  Germany's major cities were carpet bombed, causing more casualties than the two nuclear devices that were dropped on Japan.  London was the recipient of what, more than a thousand V-2s?  Population centers in China and elsewehere were mercilessly attacked by the Japanese-- at times using chemical and biological wepaons.  

The last paragraph of my blog--which seems to have gone unnoticed by many here--addresses this point.  The nuclear attack on Japan was a creature of its time.  There was a mad race by the major powers in WWII to develop and use nuclear weapons.  the U.S. was simply the one who got its hands on the devices before the rest.  

I also believe that the culture of attacking civilian targets by all sides throughout WWII had a role in lowering the treshold for the use of all sorts of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.  Times are different now.  For one thing, there is deterrence.  There are also more sophisticated weaponry that has really alleviated the need for the use of WMDs, and have made them semi-obsolete.  I'm actually for a total destruction of all weapons of mass destruction, including nukes.  There's no reason to have them around.          


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Thank you for that great explanation. Now i hope that the "crusaders" would leave you alone from now on.



AO jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

One wonders why those who call you "mentally ill" and seem to hate IC come here all the time. Maybe Admin allows them to say that because they think some of your blogs are extreme. Still, I prefer the comments that disagree with reasons. 

Anonymous Observer

Anglophile, DM, et. al.

by Anonymous Observer on

There's a difference between what Fesenjoon and I are saying and what you appear to extrapolate from our comments.  We believe that for a government to stay in power, it needs, at the very least, the tacit support of the population.  Fesenjoon has mentioned some good examples from Iran, and I won't get into it much more.  But that is not to say that this fact alone justified an attack on a nation that is being ruled by a dictatorship.

However, when the dictaorship--or a democracy such as the U.S. for that matter--engages in large scale systemic crimes against humanity outside of its borders, like Japan and Germany in WWII, on such a massive scale, there is absolutely no possible way for that war effort to go forward without the nation's support.  

Interestingly, an exhibit opened up recently in Germany, for the first time in 65 years, that addresses this very issues:


Iran is not comparable to Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany in terms of committing mass scale atrocities aand occupation against other nations.  Therefore, the analogy that Iran will also "deserve" to be bombed because iit poupulation, at the very least, tacitly supports the regime is unfounded and misplaced.  The oppression in Iran is a domestic issue that will be addressed accordingly.    

Anonymous Observer

Aynak, the problem with you is

by Anonymous Observer on

that you are trying really, really, really hard to be the "leader" of the "opposition" here, but you are unfortunately incapable of doing so due to your genetic makeup.  In other words, you're dumb.  Very dumb.  You have no talent for creative, pursuasive, entertaining or emotionally manipulative writing.  I mean, you have left ten comments on this blog, and have gone from trying to be funny / insulting / a personal attacker to making an-tellectual arguments.  And ironically, before Anahid's comment, I was the only one who took the time to respond to your miserable drivel.  But then again, what can one expect from someone who does the cyber equivelent of kneeling before Khamenei and begging for the release of unjustly imprisoned prisoners?


At the end of the day, you're nothing but a 60 something year old loser who can't spell.  Sittng behind a computer in California trying to act young by peppering your comments / blogs with LOLs.   I bet you that if I ask all your 600 friends, they will all confirm that you're a total moron. 

Just know that others, who appeared to be smarter than you, tried and failed to get a rise out of me, or to stop me from voicing my opinions (or to garner attention from anyone else for that matter, no matter how loud they screamed).   


Now keep barking on my blog. 


VPK jaan: the feeling is and has been absolutely mutual….

by Bavafa on

I normally even don’t bother to read AO blog or comments, this one was however on top and outrageous that I couldn’t stay silence for the sake of humanity.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Anahid, regarding "deserving" people

by aynak on

Anahid writes: "For instance in the case of this blog, it is true that there are
disagreements about the bombs dropped on Japan and number of fatalities
if the bombs were not dropped. I also agree with AO where he
writes:"Second, a nation, at some point, will be held responsible for
the acts of its rulers.  For their appeasement of the
rulers, for their tacit approval, for their submission, for their
allowing of a monster to be created from their ranks.  No regime in the world could commit atrocities on such mass scale without the support (tacit or active) of its citizenry.  "

 I am not sure how much of the whole blog and context of it you read.  It is often a position by some who argue for a point to first distort the point of view of the other side, and then get on their high horse, on beating the other side.   A.O first states some of the brutality of Japanese (which is mostly documented, and no one in their right mind would condone) and actually more of the same with Korea (which he did not mention).   But then how things are said, and the parallels that are drawn are scary.

  I explicitly noted the story of a 7 year old Japanese girls retelling of what happened in her school on the day of bombing, and he came back with the story of a Chinse girl (imaginary).   In my view, he is using the "eye for an eye" approach without care about the real implications, nor the victims.

 So let's go from this view:   The first bomb on Hiroshima was dropped on the 6th and the second on the 9th, Japan surrendred on the 15h of Aug 1945.   Do you think even without the second bomb, Japan may have surrendered on the 15th?

If a third bomb was dropped on the 12 th, and Japanese surrendered on 13th (so fewer days of fighting) would that have justified another 100,000 death .... 

The key focus here is on the word "deserving".   In my view, there is NO difference between the innocent people killed (be it a 7 year old Japanese or a 7 year old Chinese).   Neither deserves it.   That to end the war, it happened that many innocent souls had to lose their lives is yet another sad thing about wars, we have to accept but not appreciate, the way A.O does.

 By extension, Mirfteroos says, every year thousands lose their lives in car accidents in Iran, so what if a war got started and many innocent people die?  (Which is what A.O is also echoing here, in a different way).  But what is even scarier, is that what is subject to debate even today, is treated so matter of factly and without reservation by A.O.

Actually the contribution of other poster Fesnjoon makes this even more revealing.  Some, it seems to me, are willing to punish the entire Iranian population for the wrong that was done to them -- by a minority--.   The problem with these approaches is, particularly when things don't go the way they expect, they find the entire population worthy of death or whatever that happens to them.

 I give a final exmple to make a point hopefully:

Many eat beef.   But how many among us, actually believes cows deserve to be slaughtered?  Now practically, there may be no difference, however morally, if you like the taste but not the slaughter, you may seek alternatives.   Alternatives to dropping a nuke is what is at stake here, that's if you look at wars and those who start it as a problem that needs to be addressed, but not necessarily as a way to give them what they deserve.






Dr. Mohandes

No warmongering please hg:))))

by Dr. Mohandes on


Now, now, Please. Please. Leave him be. Let him go. To the life of abbas agha. Don't take it too difficultly:)) it does not have worth. Now this time you forgive until we talk and right and roght (ras o ris) the matter. come and to the life of borther have some tea!

hamsade ghadimi

let's show them a lesson

by hamsade ghadimi on

right anglo, we should nuke the people of all despotic regimes even though their leaders will remain safe and sound.  let's start with people of north korea, and then iran, saudi arabia... after all, these stupid narrow-minded people deserve nothing better.  after a while they'll get the picture and smarten up and have great economies like japan and germany.

“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.”
― Jack Handey

Dr. Mohandes

Fesenjoon Agha.

by Dr. Mohandes on

AO jan.

Like i said, i always read the blogs by you and enjoy your open-mindedness on a whole range of issues. looking forward to exchanging more opinions with you.

VPk jan.

Not necessarily. If one does not take a rather biased view towards the content of such blogs, at the end of the day, all we have done is some constructive exchange of views. There really should not be any decline in the ratings or participation on the site.

 Mohandes Fesenjoon (my all time favorite dish by the way)

I know they, all those people with their contribution in those respective professions, are iranians, but that was what was trying to explain to AO, that all we are dealing with is rather tiny minority, regardless of those facts. I mean, can you imagine how seriously these people are ignored in their workplaces and made fun at? beileve me when i say they are just being put up with. I hate the situation for what it is. It is absolutely disgusting and rediculous, and i am so sorry for what you had to go through, It is like any other authoritarian system, it is all part of this clan mentality. They all stick to one another, marry and form families and the nasty cycle keeps getting replenished!

You know, i think we should give these folks (vpk and Bavafa) due credit for their views and opinions, for they are mostly and in majority of times againts the IRI.

what you recounted, as the type of behavior exhibited by some people in iran, is unfortunately true, buy at the same time you need to keep in mind, that it happens amongst those who have their bags packed (financially) and are so so "bee gham" that resort to such mundane lifestyle. Again, I just can not buy into the fact that we should hold one entire nation responsible for the actions of the government. It may look on the face of it all that AN enjoys immense popularity, but when we know for sure that his surge to victory was pre-planned and all according to the script, Then how can we state confidently that there really is a majority who would vote him into the office?

With regards to the referendum you mentioned, Unless it is conducted under some strict foreign/international observers, on what basis can we even trust the results? knowing damn well that cheating takes place to a great extent.

Nice chatting with you big man:) 

Anahid Hojjati

Aynak, regarding voicing opinion

by Anahid Hojjati on

I also find choice of word "deserve" by AO offensive. It is true that regarding issue of nuclear bomb use in Japan, there are many disagreements but his choice of word is poor. However, I have discussed enough times with AO regarding poetry and read his blogs to know that he has a history of using offensive language but sometimes he does have good points.

 For instance in the case of this blog, it is true that there are disagreements about the bombs dropped on Japan and number of fatalities if the bombs were not dropped. I also agree with AO where he writes:"Second, a nation, at some point, will be held responsible for the acts of its rulers.  For their appeasement of the rulers, for their tacit approval, for their submission, for their allowing of a monster to be created from their ranks.  No regime in the world could commit atrocities on such mass scale without the support (tacit or active) of its citizenry.  "

AO also labels his opposition (in arguments on the site) as stalkers (while he is the one that left close to ten messages against poetry on one HFB's blog). Because of these reasons, I did not engage him earlier but for the benefit of readers of this blog, people of Japan did not deserve to be bombed.


Fesen joon

by anglophile on

(I economised on 'joon' as your name has already a 'joon' in it :)). No my friend your argument about the relationship between the people and their rulers is not rationally correct. The same people that (according to you) brought us the revolution were:

The airforce cadet working on flying the Shah's jet fighters, the kaarmand in the ministry, the (telephone) engineer working to eavesdrop on fellow Iranians , the journalist who writes a piece about 6th Bahaman day, the architect building a tower for some government contractor,...all these people were not Paelstinian mercanarie. They live among me and you, in Tehran, their kids go to school with us, they are THE IRANIAN people.


Why can't the people do the same now my friend? Particularly that the majority of THESE people were not even born when THOSE people revolted 33 years ago.

So the morale of the story is that when the leadership is not elected by the people then the people cannot be assumed to be on the same side as the leadership. (unlike the Japanese Emperor, Hitler WAS elected to power) 


Doktor joon

by Fesenjoon2 on

I disagree with you.

I dont think one can separate the regime of Iran and its actions entirely from its people.

It was the people who brought the revolution, and gave the power to Khomeini. 

The Sepahi officer working on building missiles, the kaarmand in the ministry, the engineer working to filter the internet, the journalist who writes a piece about Qods day, the architect building a tower for some government contractor,...all these people are not Lebanese/Syrian hired mercenaries. They live among me and you, in Tehran, their kids go to school with us, they are THE IRANIAN people.

Who do you think are the people doing these things: 


They are not Arabs or Israelis. They are Iranians. And they are not a minority.

The guy that whipped and beat me in Shiraz's prisons. He was Iranian. The ghaazee that sentenced me in their revolutionary court. He was Iranian. And he was a friend of a friend of the family. He had 2 lovely kids and a mehraboon wife. Do you think his wife ever asks "why do you sentence people to 70 zarbeh shallagh?" Of course not. She thinks of people like me as deserving to be whipped, hanged, lashed, executed, etc. These are ordinary people simply fucking others for ideological reasons only. 

People like Bavafa and VPK have NO F**ing clue about anything. Thats why they spend their time constantly stalking others and insulting them. Look at Bavafa's posts. It is almost entirely composed of ad hominems. There's no other content in it. They are simply incapable of rational discussion. But me and you? We should be above that. All me (and AO, I think) are saying is that: people do and should shoulder the responsibility of what their governments do (even if the regime is not completely democratically based). The Germans did. So did the Japs. And so shall the Americans. And I voiced my dissenting opinion in Iran, and I paid for it with my life. The only thing I see people doing in Iran nowadays is chatting about what happened to Whitney Houston, or what football team is Barca playing this week, or how to 'dowr zadan' the system for almost anything. The ones in fact who are actively dissenting the system are the minority. The rest are accomplices to the regime in one form or another. If there was a referendum today in Iran, sure, there would be many against the government, demanding reforms of all sorts, but I strongly doubt the majority would vote in favor of a secular system, against the Nezaam. Tehran is not a proper statistical sample of Iran's population. Ahmadinejad did probably cheat (or get outside help) in getting elected. But the fact remains that he did get a huge chunk of the vote. And that's something that almost everybody overlooks, understandably of course: They just dont want to accept the facts.  



Don't just feel embarrassed, voice your opinion

by aynak on

  For all the posters who find everything about this blog by A.O offensive, anti-human,  please don't take it.   Voice your opinion.   It serves multiple purposes:

1-People who may be visiting this site, would know that pure crap will not be tolerated.  There are many ways that can be shown, the simplest would be just to say: You disagree with this nonsensiacal post.   Personally, I even offered free therapy session. :)

2-If you don't stop crap at its root, it will perculate, and turns to, if Japanese deserved  it, why don't Iranian deserve it?  Please look at all the parallels I already mentioned.  (He even goes and gives example of how you can not negotiate with Basij nor murderous Japanese).

3-Then suddenly, these types of views representing less than .01% (if the posters are really Iranian) suddenly becomes consensus.   I live in a community of Iranian and know may be easily 600+ Iranians over the many decades here in California.   I have yet  to see a single individual advocating the type of crap I see on I.C 24/7 regarding war.  (First put out by Mirfetroos), and the follow ups like this.)   

4-Speaking of love, JJ would love every single click :)

So don't give up.   






The Akhoonds' Empire Strikes Back!

by Demo on

May GOD save all of us from the blazing HELL fires for all the in-fighting below over something so 'trivial!' Amen.

Let us also remember that all Empires (including of our own historical ones) have all been and still are 100% 'merciless' with no exceptions! Thus a few hundred thousands of the Japanense 'nuke' victims & 5,999,999 (to be exact!) of the Jews 'gas' victims by the US & the Germans Empires correspondingly are really nothing comparing to the 40 millions victims of 'swords' by Genghis Khan alone of the Mongol Empire!


Now, let's get on with making 5,000 comments more while US Empire is about to take over the 'Akhoonds' Empire in our own country! By the way did we all do these cry babies when our neighboring countries were taken over by the same US Empire? And where was the famous comforter, i.e. Dr. Holla-Koo, then to comfort us? Perhaps he was too busy with comforting the 'Shahs of Sunset!' instead. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mehrdad Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Great advocating genocide is fine but we are abusive! Glad to be in the same boat :-) I may have disagreements with you but always respect you.

Anonymous Observer

Intelligent comments only

by Anonymous Observer on

See Anglophile, Kaveh and DM below as further examples of intelligent opposing views.  I listed others below yesterday.  

Kindly gather all your personal attacks and collborate on a giant anti-AO / anti-Fesenjoon blog.  It'll be fun and will be a first on IC.  While I have already had several blogs written about me, I have never seen one that has been the result of a collaborative effort.  So, it will be both innovative and fun.  I will also provide you with a box of tissues to wipe the foam off your mouths.  I cannot, however, be responsible for you gouging your eyes out in hate and anger.  I checked with my lawyer and she assures me that there's no liability on my part on that end.

AP and DM:
will respond to you gentlemen later.    

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Kaveh; DM and others

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am convinced the two avatars here are deliberately out to ruin IC. DM asks why mix things? I say because the goal is to lower the discussion to drive people away. Once enough people move off IC will be ruined.

Sadly the admin has not put a halt to this. 

Interesting they flag me and Mehrdad but just read the stuff they write about Aynak. Sorry when you dish it out be ready to take it.


With respect AO, you are simply hypothesising.

by anglophile on


On one hand you say "regardless of American motives" then you continue with creating motives for them by hypthesising on the outcome of a ground invasion and the possiblity of a Japanese Holocaust. The fact of the matter is that we only know of the events that have taken place and the rest are mere speculations and hypotheses. The idea of preventing an assumed massive loss of life by causing an assumed moderate loss of like is not new either. Hitler's pre-emptive invasion of Russia and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour were two examples of such failed assumptions. So we can't justify the dropping of A bombs on Japan with such argument because there was no evidence to support that they would have worked. What makes the Amercian attack on Hiroshima and Nagazaki a war crime is the fact they these attacks were specifically targetted at civilian populations at an unprecedented scale. This is in sharp contrast to the fact that hardly any American cities were bombed by Japanese after Pearl Harbour and certainly not to the scale of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Kaveh V

Wasting more time.......

by Kaveh V on


This type of diatribe is on par with the Islamist's view of the world and their lacking cognitive depth, which has now become the trade mark of the Iranian psyche to the world. The notorious Islam is completely and most effectively rejected on its own (lack of) merits and without these self defeating diatribe of an analogy.

Offensive, abusive and insulting stereotypes, and cliches, are what have spawned from the barren sands of this backward country since 1979. Leave it up to you people (Islamists and their opponents) to take any idea, or concept, good, or bad, to ridiculous and degenerate extremes. To insult and abuse everyone and everything for some perceived injustice (which IRI has done from its inception) will lead down the same path as the infamous Islamic republic. To be the global (village) fools is now your hallmark, so go ahead, just as your previous generation let out the senseless cries of death to America, scream loud and clear … death to Japan!

Dr. Mohandes

Fesenjoon jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Why are you mixing several different issues?

1- IRI And the iranian people are NOT The same. Trust me. I live there. I am there right now and i see and feel and sense and touch it and it is so palpable that no one but no one wants to be a part of anything that they do, yet at the same time, as i said before there is general feeling, a sentiment of complacency not necessarily stemming from agreeing with this government. You see, The population is devided into three segments: a- those who can and afford to leave, then that is what they will do, Be it students...buisnessmen, etc. b) those who resort to any form of justification of their current lifestyle and the pressures that they have to deal with and endure. They are just putting up. which brings us to the third group, who are a minority. those who curse left and right yet do nothing.  But non of these yield to the fact that They have no fricking clue. Yes they do and they have plenty of it too.

2- You say Genocided crazy japs deserved what happened. even if you include all those who aided and abetted the royal army into committing those crimes , their numbers may not even amount to more than slim minority. The same with the nazis.  It becomes a whole different deal when we bring into picture the bomb making capabilities of their GOVERNMENTS and what havoc it could have wreaked.



Excellent title

by Fesenjoon2 on

Had the US dropped the A-bomb on Nazi Germany, our resident American haters here would be grieving the civilian Nazi population too. Amazing.

Btw, I totally agree with you: ideological regimes often can't operate without the support (partial or full) of the people. Hence, to those who say IRI is different from Iran, I say: you have no frikin clue.

And finally, not only did the genocide crazy Japs DESERVE the bomb, just as the Nazis deserved total annihilation, but I am so GRATEFUL that they did get wiped out. What kind of world would we be living in, had the Germans or Japs beat the Americans in making the bomb?




by Fesenjoon2 on

AO said:

"Japanese and Germans can be "programmed" to march lockstep toward whatever goal a charismatic figuerhead can offer them."

I agree. Even the Germans admit to that. Don't let the advanced societies of Germany and Japan fool you into thinking that they are not capable of mass crimes of fascism and genocide. That's exactly the theme behind the German movie "The Wave". You should watch it on Netflix. I thought it was an excellent film.


Part IV (Holakoui discussion)

by aynak on

Q:So we covered early childhood years, how about teenage years through adolescence?

Dr.H: Oh, don't get me started.  Teenage years are usually synonymous with rejection for these individuals.   The bullies are not kinder, so you can see the mess they get into.   No love 1-4.  A bit of getting bullied 4-13 now have to deal with puberty.  Very few people actually look good in these formative years,so it is normal to feel a bit uncertain or insecure.  However, this is much more pronounced for kids with this lack of tender loving care.    The first time a girl from say Mazandaran says  no to this boy, he may want to anhilate the entire Mazandaran  population.  Only if .....

Q:(he had the bomb?) So they may hate themselves and others?

Dr.H: Initially self.  But as they grow older,  it may actually be channeled to hate of others.   Entire races, people,culture ...

Q:I see, and I suppose you would still offer love and care as the solution?

Dr.H: Absolutely.   What else can you do, when someone is so far off, so clueless, so out of touch that thinks a 7 year old Japanese child deserves the pain inflicted on her, because some Japnese murderes have inflicted the same on Chinese?

Q:Like saying because someones father is a rapist, so their daughter must be raped? And deservedly so?

Dr.H:In reality that is exactly the type of nonsence, this  sick individual bables.  With no shame.   But worse, and  in addition, he thinks the raped girl should be grateful to the rapist, because her father did this to some other poor soul, so she is at fault too!

Q:How do we know if love really works?

Dr.H: Obviously lack of it did not help this individual, you may be right that he may be hopeless, but if there is any hope, this would be.

So we conclude:

We love you A.O doesn't matter how stupid what you say sounds.  We genuinely love you.  Just don't think of dropping on anyone.

Good day.