UAE recalls envoy from Iran

Ahmadinejad's visit to Abu Musa island "flagrant violation of UAE sovereignty"

Reuters - The UAE has recalled its ambassador to Tehran for consultations after what it called a "flagrant violation" of its sovereignty by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who visited a Gulf island claimed by both countries. Iranian state news agency IRNA reported that Ahmadinejad visited Abu Musa island, some 60 km (40 miles) off the United Arab Emirates, on Wednesday as part of a tour of Iran's Gulf coast. Ahmadinejad's visit "is a flagrant violation of the United Arab Emirates' sovereignty over its territory and a transgression of efforts to find a peaceful settlement to end Iranian occupation of the three UAE islands," UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan was quoted as saying >>>


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Dear Amir

by anglophile on

I think you got me wrong. By posing those analogies as questions to VPK, I didn't mean to assert their validity or otherwise.  My stand on the issue of Bahrain was that it appeared to have become too Arabicized to be kept as an Iranian territory. It so happened that the Brits put their force behind it too. I have no doubt that in today's world a country cannot and should not claim terrirorial ownership on another on the basis of having superior power. In the cases like the Falklands, Gibraltar and Hawaii, whatever has happened in the distant past, right or wrog, is a matter of the past and it takes an undemocratic process to reverse the present. So whether their current inhabitants are inedigenous or the decendants of imported people by the occupier, makes little difference.


Professorial Quiz: Answers and an advice:

by anglophile on

 Answers: The first time Persian gulf was referred to as Arabian gulf was in mid 1960's by the Pan Arabist leader fo Egypt, i.e. Gamal Abdel Nasser.
: next time you want to call me an idiot, please use the corrrect smiley at least and don't make it so obvious in front of all people: Like duh  :-,  


Anglophile your point????

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

by your reasoning:
Gibraltar is Spanish, Falklands is Argentinian,

There is international law & there is the law of force.

Any place taken solely by force, by a foreign entity and maintained by force doesn't have a real legal case.  The law is an important factor to take into consideration.  As you know the UK empire has around a dozen territiories today, that it solely took by force, maintained by force and is a foreign power, so the legal distiction is that its only source of claim is initially based on force.  Such actions do not lead to justice or peace, but then again that is not the point from the UK perspective.  People that are at a later date sent to such locations, based on unlawful grounds, do not help the legal case not even in the smallest way, they just create political support to maintain a policy of Force.

By your reasoning in todays world it would be okay to take what you want from others by force, that which does not belong to you and send various people there and keep it indefinetly, is that really a lawful or even slightly  sensible point to make? 

If the law is not honored and respected for all, it is not a law and we are living in a lawless jungle, this is essentially how the UK/US and big powers do act because no one can hold them accountable, especially because they are in alliances.  So in your world we have theft, force, brutality, miltary alliances and colonialism for resources hand in hand with oppressing societies internally to prevent their development using the desire for ideals but delivering extremism and maintaining it covertly.  The only way to maintain such a ridiculous sitution is by using the mass controlled media, because if intellectuals and regular people knew what was being done, you couldn't even get 10% support locally within the UK to play that way.  Gibraltar, Falklands and many other places would be given up in a heart beat if people knew.   



by MRX1 on

The country has reached to such a low  point that a tiny city state puts a claim on Iranian territory and almost get away with it.

It is interesting that you don't hear a word from IRI and it's usuall supporters about loss of Iranian  rights in Caspian seas. Overnight the right was reduced from 50% to less than 12% and Russian and British are looting the shit out of oil that belongs to Iran and  not one word, not one action, nothing what so ever!!!


The only way for these Islans to stay with Iran and Persian Gulf


name to survive is for Iran and Israel to become one!

Please donate to the just cause of Iran-Israel One Associations.

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Iran-Israel One Association.

Mohammad Ala

The usual IC naggers are present . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

The usual IC naggers are here to muddy and distort the situation.  Yes, Wikipedia is a GREAT source where everybody can go in and change its content at whim. 

Why to bring Russia and China into this thread?  The topic is three islands and UAE recalling its ambassador from Iran…. Okay, I see . . .  the usual IC naggers and anti-Iranians are present.

During Nader Shah, many of these islands had Iranian inhabitants, and Ras-o-alkhemeih was Nader Shah’s tent which is now one of UAE’s union.  As a person who has taught in the region, many of Grand parents had Iranian origins and many of family names are modified to sound Arabic from their Persian roots.  Naturally grand children cannot speak Persian. . . . Duh!!

BBC is reporting this.  My group’s struggle started before Shah against using a wrong name instead of Persian Gulf.  Wrong usuage of the name has intensified after IRI and even now the USA's Generals use the wrong name.

Quiz:  Who used the wrong name for Persian Gulf first and when was it?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Anglo Jaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Shah gave Bahrain because Iran did not have the power to keep them. When Iran gets the power right thing is reclaim them all.



by anglophile on

The Shah gave Bahrain away in exchange for the three islands because strategically the islands were more valuable and also ruling over an ethnically alien and lingually different people was not his way.  Otherwise I agree with you that power means everything.

Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon -

by Anonymous Observer on

Unfortunately, yes.  You have been speaking with yourself.  Dude, I have GOT to be the person accused the most on IC of being others.  By last count, I think it was about 12 different people (actually more) that I have been accused of being.  I've even been accused of being Simorgh and Mash Ghasem, one of whom lives in the UK and the other in Toronto!  Oh, I was also recently accused of being Admin (JJ?).  I don't know how it started.  But I guess some numb nut started the accustion at some point and the rest just carried along.   

Anyway, yeah...thank darwin for those patents.  I don't know how the human race can continue its existence without them! 

But if you take a close look at the accusations thrown at us by our little friend here, you can see the classic symptoms of the Iranian dictatorial mentality.  And this is not the IR.  his is an Iranian who claims not to like the IR.  Here they are:

1) "Arbadeh keshi' and "shoa'ar daadan" - "We should invade Bahrain as soon as possible.

2) Parvandeh Saazi--You're using multiple IDs.  You are an anti-Iran or Iran hater (which, BTW, could land you in jail or leave you hanging from a carne in Iran);

3) Censorship and intolerance for opposing points of view- I don't know how IC "allows" them to comment, i.e., ban them, just as he has been openy advocating for a long time.

4) Expansionism and warmongering.  Instead of trying to cultivate better realtions with our neighbors, the guy advocates a course of expansionism, invasion and war which could lead to more wars and destruction. 

See, my friend, you can take an Iranian out of a dictatorship, but you cannot take the dictatorship out of an Iranian.  That's why we are where we are today.

Iranians, after all, are frusrated little mperialist wannabes:



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Anglo

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It really comes down to who is able to project power. All the arguments will not match a powerful military. Right now Falklands are British because Britain won; identical thing goes for Hawaii.

If Argentina had won it would be different and the same goes for Hawaii. My guess is that in time Falklands will go to Argentina but Hawaii will remain with USA. Just based on my guess at how powers will change in the next few generations.

Arash Kamangir

UAE could not platy with Iran under Shah

by Arash Kamangir on

Before the catasrophy of 1979, the arabs in Persian Gulf were totally under full control of Iran( Oman was rescued from communisem by iranian army) and I remember the times that rulers of these countries such as Katar or UAE had to get appointment to see the governor of shiraz and they had no saying in Gulf affairs. Since the mullahs have taken (stolen) power, these ex-clown of UAE and Kater are snobbing iranians.


Thanks VPK. So ...

by anglophile on

by your reasoning: Gibraltar is Spanish, Falklands is Argentinian, Belize is Spanish (or a sovereign state if you go further back, and Hawaii must be a sovereign state?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: How Iranian are Bahrainis ...

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes I would give you some reasons:

Part 1

The language people speak is hardly an indicator of nationality. People of Quebec speak French while people of British Columbia speak English; both are Canadian. 

It does not give France or UK a right to split it now does it??

Part 2

  • Bahrain is an island which belongs to Iran.
  • Bahraini are a people who reside on the island. 

These are NOT the same. I may own a house but not reside in it. People who live there may be renters and not owners.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding USA power

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes American military power is vastly superior to any nation including Iran now or any time in foreseeable future. However that fleet does not come free. America is having budget problems and public is demanding services.

Pressure is on Obama or any other President to reduce military spending. It was money that brought down Soviets and money will make America pack up and leave the Persian Gulf.

Once that happens without a question the remaining power will be Iran. By then hopefully the Mullahs will be gone. Iran will then have to decide whether to reclaim Bahrain.



How Iranian are Bahreinis?

by anglophile on

I have met a number of Bahreinis in the last 30 odd years, all of them educated to university degree but none of them could understand a word of Persian/Farsi - unless the word had Arabic root. Anyone would care to explain why? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

too bad uae

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I remind them all of the Persian Gulf including southern coast is Iranian. Post Islam Arabs ethnically cleansed those parts and pushed out Iranians.Therefore Iranians got all the right we need to reclaim our territory.

I think AN should build a beach house in the Island. Also change the name to a nice Persian name. Maybe open an Iranian flag making factory there as well. 



Iran Lost Bahrain based on an opinion poll,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

How undemocratic, by the UK none the less.  Wow imagine that.  The west not caring about iranians democratic progress or human rights. Shocking! Had Iranians not Betrayed the late shah in 1979, what would the 4th wealthiest economy of the world, namely Iran been able to do with respect to regaining her territories of 1000's of years of history back based on her strength?????  Too Sad to think of the Screw Up Of Massive Proportions of 1979, what is important now is to live and learn and to raise the conscience of iranians starting on IC, or else iran will be in bigger trouble coming soon.  //



In 1860, the Government of

by Shemirani on

In 1860, the Government of Al Khalifa used the same tactic when the British tried to overpower Bahrain. Sheikh Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa wrote a letter to Nasseredin Shah of Iran declaring himself, his brother and all of members of Al Khalifa and the people of Bahrain Iranian subjects. In another letter to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammad demanded that the Government of Iran provide direct guidance and protection from British pressure.

Later on, under pressure from Colonel Sir Lewis Pelly, Sheikh Mohammad requested military assistance from Iran, but the Government of Iran at that time had no ability to protect Bahrain from British aggression. As a result the Government of British India eventually overpowered Bahrain

 (Sir Lewis Pelly was Secretary of Legation at the Court of Persia from 1859 to 1860, before being appointed chargé d'affaires there.In May 1861, he was part of the expedition which eventually placed Bahrain under British rule.)

for those who don't read history facts because its much easier to blame the Pahlavis for everything ! when british sent troops in Bahrain island it was the Qajar period !

(for the rest read Vildemose post below ) 

In return for the withdrawal of its claim on Bahrain, the British agreed to fully leave the Greater and Lesser Tonbs to the Iranians, and have Abu Musa be administrated by Iran and U.A.E. mutually

 Emirates arabs united:Prior to independence in 1971, the UAE was known as the Trucial States or Trucial Oman, in reference to a 19th-century truce between the local sheikhs, hereditary rulers of the territories, and the United Kingdom.

 Abu musa island :The ownership of Abu Musa is disputed between Iran and the UAE. The UK administered the island along with the other British-controlled islands in the Persian Gulf, including what is today the UAE. In the late 1960s, Britain transferred administration of the island to the British-appointed Sharjah, one of the seven sheikdoms that would later form the UAE. After Britain announced in 1968 that it would relinquish its hegemony in the Persian Gulf, Iran moved to reattach the island politically to the mainland. In November 1971, UAE and Iran agreed to give sovereignty to the former but allowed the latter to station troops on the island

 In 1980, the UAE took its claim to the United Nations.[2] In same year, Saddam Hussein attempted to justify the Iraq-Iran war by claiming that one of the objectives was to "liberate" Abu Musa, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunb.

We should thank our Wonderful divine Revolution after that we are a great target for all sort of attacks !

in my opinion, UAE has no right to proclame himself the owner of Iran's islands UAE was himself invided by Portugese and Brits and these islands never belong to him in history, and if Brits gave the administration to shajareh for A WHILE it doesn't make them the owner ! Britain himself was  a squatter in the Persian Gulf !!

to say it simple, i squat your house for few year &  leave it to a friend for a while , then i gave it back to you ! and one day the friend sue you because he declare himself the owner :D (oh i forgot to say under your house there is a huge tresor lol) whould you give him your house ? sarzamin iran is our home !



by RostamZ on

THe hell with him and IRI.



by Fesenjoon2 on


You mean to tell me that alllll this time.... I've been talking and writing posts to myself? Aww man! No wonder he is a computer engineer and has a patent!!

But wait! Maybe....maybe youre my Cylon clone!! 

Dude, if people like our resident veiled prophet (!) from Khorasan were not around, this place would be boring as hell. Wouldnt you agree? This is as good as entertainment gets!

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Dude, Russia can rape these people's mothers in front of them, and they will respond by saying: "thank you sir, can I have one more please?"  

But the saddest thing that one sees in the Sha'aban bi Mokh "Bahrain is ours" arbadeh kesh crowd here (Maziar excluded) is that it is another manifestation of the Iranian "arbadeh keshi" habit.  It's really another form of "marg bar Amrika."  Mindless, gutteral slogans that play right into the hands of anyone who wants an excuse to kick our rear ends.  I mean, we can be diplomatic about this and say something to the effect of this:

"given our historical and religious ties to the majority of Bahrain's population, once this regime is gone, perhaps we can establish deeper ties on the grasstoots level with the people of Bahrain, and bring them withn our sphere of influence.  Perhaps even force the government in Bahrain to change.  This way, we may even be able to have an Iran friendly country."  

But no, we have to revert back to what we know best: arbadeh keshi and warmongering.  So, we say: "we will invade Bahrain the first chance we get."  Just so that the United States can point at us (and this is not the IR mind you, these are people who say they hate the IR) and say: "see, these people are warmongers, and must be stopped.  Let's attack them as soon as possible."   I guess that's being an "Iran lover."  Giving others the excuse to attack us and kick our asses.  And all for what?  Belligerence and grand standing.  As if they can EVER invade Bahrain with the U.S. Fifth Fleet parked there.   But again, what can you expect from a bunch of Sha'aban Bi Mokhs?  Look at our country.  Ruled by the ONLY theorcracy in the 21st century!

PS- have yo noticed that you're me now?  :-)  I hate it when my other username is in a different time zone.  Dude, drop me an email and give me an update on the couple of things we spoke about.   

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What a pile

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

of garbage about Iran being "imperialist". Anyone with a brain knows which nations in recent history have acted imperialist. History has recorded them and since WWII they are: Russia; USA and China. No surprise since they are the most powerful. But to Iran hating usual crowd of IC somehow Iran is the most imperialistic. Note they never say IRI but they say Iran. Blind to all others they hate Iran so much as to be utterly unable to see any good. Then use their multiple IDs to prop themselves up. No wonder that IC has become marginalized as more people chose not to bother reading the drivel.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

It should actually be %50 not 20.

let also vote to cancell 1971 vote on Bahrain

And reclaim all lost territories to Russia by the expired treaties.



You know what's really funny AO?

by Fesenjoon2 on

Everyone is always making a fuss about the 3 petty islands that probably dont even have a proper toilet or running water, and yet Russia openly has robbed Iran's 20% share of the Caspian Sea resources, and the mullah lovers here never even mention a word about it.


Because Vladimir Putin has said that he sees the wisdom of Jesus Christ in Khamenei!!


Ask yourself: Who has been instrumental in losing all of the Caucauses (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, etc) in the 1800s? Who was responsible for the loss of land in western Afghanistan in 1857 (Herat) and Turkmenistan and other parts of Central Asia?

Was it the US and Israel,....or our testicle polishing Russian friends of the Mgahaam-e Mo'azzam-e Rahbari? 

G. Rahmanian

Isolate the murderers in Tehran!

by G. Rahmanian on

Such territorial issues can be taken care of after the fall of the murderous regime in Tehran. In the meantime, the regime must be isolated!

Anonymous Observer

Thank you Vildemose Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

It's refreshing to see open minded Iranians who can think objectively and critically.  As you can see, those two qualities have always been severely lacking in our culture.

Beilligerence, grand standing and obnoxiousness, on the other hand, we have plenty of.  That's why we're always blessed to be on top of the "most disliked" nations in the world.

maziar 58

aap kaise hain?

by maziar 58 on

teek taak!.

just could not flag your user name,change it please.




double post.

by vildemose on

double post.


My dear AO: I am in full

by vildemose on

My dear AO: I am in full agreement with you. The article from wikipedia was to clear exactly what  had transpired  when the shah supposedly "gave bahrain away". 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Anonymous Observer

Vildemose jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Just because Iran passed a law declaring Bahrain to be one its provinces, it doesn't make it so.  What if Saudi Arabia passes a law tomorrow declaring Khuzestan to be one of its provinces?  Would they have a claim to it?

Bahrain is not a part of Iran's mainland.   Has really never been counted as a part of Iran, except for the period when Iran claimed it to be so.  And for whatever it's worth, Bahrain has been an independent nation for decades.   

What I find quite funny, amusing--and ironic at the same time--is that we have a country that is the only theocracy on the planet, is at the brink of war, with a regime that is thretening to rip it a part and has promised in not so unceratin terms, to drag the country into a civil war if it is about to be removed, and we have some people here who are sittng behind their computers, eating chelo kabab and thinking about "keshvar goshaee" and capturing and annexing other nations!  As if the U.S. Fifth Fleet will allow that to happen anytime this century, or any other century for that matter!

Keep dreaming people!