"The Good American:" Why The Iranian-American Community Will Never Advance


"The Good American:" Why The Iranian-American Community Will Never Advance
by Anonymous Observer

About a month ago, there was a post on IC about Texas Representative, and the perennial Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul voicing his opposition to the latest round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.  Immediately after the post appeared on this page, an IC member posted a comment describing Mr. Paul as a “good American,” and another U.S. representative as a “bad American.”  The commenter’s sole criterion for making those determinations was Paul’s stance on the issue of sanctions against Iran, and nothing else.

This post is not about that specific commenter, but rather about the larger picture and many other Iranians who think like him.  I am sure that you all have met Iranians who blindly support Ron Paul because of his foreign policy positions and nothing else.  And that, in and of itself, speaks great volumes as to why the Iranian American community lacks political power in the U.S. despite its large, educated and comparatively wealthy ranks.

Ron Paul, as POTUS, will be an absolute disaster for the United States—and especially for minorities in the United States, such as (if you haven’t figured it out) Iranians.  The man has confirmed connections to white supremacist groups.  This means that if he ever becomes president, Iranians will be on top of his “target list” of discriminatory practices.  He will probably take their citizenships away.  Paul is also for no gun control.  In a “Paul world” America will turn into the Wild West, with people packing AK-47s on the streets (and [hopefully for his supporters] targeting those brown skinned A-Rabs]).  He also had other ideas, such as getting rid of the Department of Education, which will cause disparate and substandard education across the country, and most importantly for Iranian immigrants, he is against birthright citizenship for U.S. born children of immigrants.  This, in and of itself, should give pause to any immigrant.  This means that under a Ron Paul presidency, many Iranian Americans who were born in the United States will lose their citizenship.  This will include those who have possibly never been to Iran.  But Mr. Paul will deport them back to Eye-Ran, just to maintain his vision of a pristine white America.

But none of the above facts, and Ron Paul’s scary vision for America seems to bother his Iranian supporters.  They have no issues with America being run by a racist and for their children losing their citizenship.  Their only concern in the “old country” and the ability of mullahs to have access to the latest technology, free trade and lots of lots of petrodollars.  And this, my friends, is the single most important reason why the Iranian American community will never advance.

Iranian Americans are too attached to the old country.  The umbilical cord has not yet been cut.  Their main focus should be the United States, but it’s not.  It’s Iran.  Learn from Sen. Daniel Inouye, who served in the United States military when it was at war with Japan, and when his own parents were being held at a Japanese internment camp.  He went on to receive five medals, including the Medal of Honor and a Bronze Star.  That’s how he showed his loyalty to the United States, and that’s how his community gained influence by him becoming a United States senator.  Can you imagine an Iranian American in a similar situation?!!!  He would have probably suicide bombed a few places to show his “disapproval” of the war with Iran.

Remember: your American passport is not only for ease of travel to Dubai of your way to Iran for your annual chelo-kabab feasts.  You took a loyalty oath to this country that should not be dismissed as “alaki.”  And you’re not “zerang” for becoming U.S. citizens.  This country trusted you.  Don’t betray that trust.  Also, remember this: you don’t know more than an average American just because you had a “revolution” back in 1979.  Look at what that fiasco did to your homeland.  If anything, your 1979 devolution is proof positive that you know absolutely nothing about running a country. 

In sum, you cannot gain power and influence in this country by being a perpetual immigrant who psychologically lives out of a suitcase with the hopes of one day going back to your “own country” (as if the country that you’re supposedly a citizen of is not your own country).  You cannot secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) hope for the demise for the demise of this country by supporting a nut like Ron Paul.  You have to first show your loyalty to your adopted country, and once you have proven that loyalty and gained political influence, you can advocate for balanced policy that will benefit both the United States and the people (not the tyrannical government) of your country of origin.  In the alternative, you can enjoy your kabab and torshi in Iran and complain about how you’re discriminated against in the land of the Great Satan.

Blog photo courtesy of Fesenjoon.  It has been used in another one of my blogs.  But I found it quite appropriate for this one as well.


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Iranians-Americans R Not Real Citizens

by Demo on

Please read the below reference about Hyphenated Americans before you consider yourself as real Americans Citizens & before hanging yourself for the sake of US of A!

In summary: Unless one's father or mom is a born American, his/her Naturalized Citizenship does not qualify him/her to be considered as a real American!


Such a bad news for Iranians borns "Uncle Toms" (or "Amoo Fesenjoon-ha" in Farsi)! 

Soosan Khanoom

Fesenjoon let me repharase your statement,

by Soosan Khanoom on

Either you are with us or with the terrorists !!!

Don't worry whose line this is ....Bush don't mind !!!

Should a war start  I will be participating in any anti war gathering on this planet to stop it  At least I have done my share    ... You can sit on your sofa, drinking your  beer and cheer for the devastation of the war.., Good for you.   And yes I am Iranian American. I live in this country and I like it here.. But I am against any U. S invasion in the middle east and I am proud of my political view and I have been stating it in any opportunity I get, private or public.   You better learn to color everypne human before you ask for anyone to get a side in any war of aggresion... War brings nothing  but misery. Hell with AIPAC and it's pro war agenda on this country. I do not give a damn about what the God of Isreal wants!!!  The pro war people on this site who feel very patriotic should also be prepared to answer the American mothers losing kid in yet another pre emptive war on behalf Israel.  


Good to see some still have fangs and blood lust for Iranian

by Zendanian on


Repeat after Zendanian: SAVAKi scums were a bunch of vampires, sucking on Iranian people's blood, and even now, after three decades they can not give up on their blood lust.

They only thing stupid, pathetic Savad Kohi did for my family was to steal from us. Have a feeling our family wasn't the only one.

Where did they steal the name Pahalavi from?


"Iraninan-American community is already the most advanced.."


You got that right! And all of that is due to the Shah M. R. Pahlavi's system, his family, and SAVAK! Don't you ever forget that!  Had it not been for them, you would have been toothless, birth certificateless, homeless, jobless, healthless, and stripped out of your human rights, freedom, and pride!

Repeat after Shlomo - God bless the Shahanshah Bozorg Aryamehr!

Shlomo loves the Shah! 


When the Pot gets hotter than the Soup! or as they say back home

by Zendanian on


It's a bit amusing, yet sad and stupid at the same time.

While all high ranking officials of US, including a previous secretary of defense and head of CIA says: "Who ever in US government mentions another war in Middle East, ought to have his head examined," our little chicken-hawks with their colorful avatars, are busy not only starting the next war, but also in their sick little heads, deciding who's on which side and why! 

Is this the best you could do, with your time off work, in  a holiday like this?


Iraninan-American community is already the most advanced

by Zendanian on

community of immigrants (compared to any other group) in US. Advanced in terms of:social mobility, wealth, education,...

Iranians living outside of Iran for the past few decades (since they're generally some of the most educated Iranians to leave Iran) are by far the most advanced in any host country they live.

So, this presumption that "they'll never advance" is incorrect to begin with, since, as mentioned above, they (we) are already way ahead of everyone else.

The only advancement we seem to be having a big problem in is:advancement of democracy and rule of law inside Iran, but even that seems to be getting closer and closer. Cheers

First Amendment

"On the issue of birthright citizenship"

by First Amendment on

Well, these kinds of arguments work both ways. One can say that those Iranians who vote for a hawkish neocon in order to score something against IRI, are actually acting against the interests of their fellow-citizens in their homeland......

The lingering question in my mind is this one: is a hyphenated citizen a real citizen?


What side would the IC

by vildemose on

What side would the IC owner and their staff will take???? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Fesenjoon2 on

dude, we have to pose the question again and again.

Then, we must make a list of who is on what side. Something like this:

Question: If war breaks out between IRI and USA, which side will you be on?


  • IC Users siding with IRI:

Mehrdad, Frashogar, ...etc


  • IC Users siding with USA:

Fesenjoon, IranlovesIsrael, etc. 



u r always on my mind too, dear Vild

by مآمور on

thanks for mentioning my name first and foremost


I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

Vildemose Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Khoon-e khodet ro kaseef nakon, arguing with these IR crowd.  I pushed the "ignore" button on this "Frashogar" (Farrash + roftegar--no offense to those noble professions) character.  You know, at first I thought he was a reincarnation of "Arj."  But then I said, and I believe it to be true now, that he's another username for the IloveIran, CIM, Wahid, Maryamjoon, Anti-War111, Shahab Ferdowsi, Kuroshmazandarani, etc., etc.,.  I think I'm correct in that regard, as he just used a reference to USENET, where he's pretty active.  He also says that he doesn't live in the U.S. which is true.  he lives in Australia.  It also fits the profile here: 


Where he registers under various usernames within a short span of time, mainly to have some "reserve usernames," and also to congratulate himself on his posts, like here:


So, just ignore him as I often do.  He will continue to bark on this blog, and will continue to be ignored, at least by me. 

Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon, Faramarz & D.M.

by Anonymous Observer on

Fesenjoon: dude, I already posed that question to them.  Remember this blog, with the same blog photo:


The blog got almost seven thousand hits, and more than a hundred comments, most of which displayed the fine Iranian art of "safsateh."  Incidentally, some of these guys are on the record for saying that they will go to Iran to fight for the Islamic Republic.

Faramarz: I agree with your opinion that the newer Iranian generation is making better progress.  People like Bita Daryabari are good examples.  The problem is that 33 years after the 1979 devolution, the old, America hating (yet America residing) revolutionaries still dominate the discourse in the Iranian-American community.

DM jaan - Thanks bro.  I tell it like it is, and that bother them...a lot.  That's why I keep doing it. :-) 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

On the issue of birthright citizenship, the motives are irrelevant.  That idea, if implemented, could conceivably result in the los of citzienship for tens of thousands (if not more) of Iranian born Americans whose parents may not have had proper legal status at the time of their birth.  To that end, Iranian-Americans who support this guy will be acting against the interest of the larger community--just so that they can score some points with the IR.  And that's not even addressing his other racist tendencies.  


Faramarz joon

by Frashogar on

Thanks for your input. I am a very happy soul, thank you very much, but unlike you good folks in the US of A I don't need to medicate myself in order to feel happy. But let's not divert the discussion with empty, McCarthyist psychobabble and stick to actual points, shall we?


فراش گر(کچل)!




Dear Vildemose,

Please don't waste your time arguing with these people! 

Farash Gar (kachal) is just an unhappy soul.



by vildemose on



Are you ready to blow

by vildemose on

Are you ready to blow yourself up for palestine and butcher Khameni and Assad? Hope you are not just talk...


God Bless America!

by Faramarz on

Thank you AO.

Please don't waste your time with many of these old farts who live in the west and constantly bitch and complain about it. They are lost souls, they will not change and they will take their issues and complexes to their graves.

But they are also irrelevant.

Iranian-Americans like many other migrant groups will need a generation or two to get there, and I would argue that we are doing it faster than the Irish, the Italians or the Jews.

The kids are alright and grandpa is just a grumpy old man! 

Just give him some prune juice! 


we will have a platform

by مآمور on

In Haifa, very soon god willing!!

I wear an Omega watch


AO joon, wanna know what "sophistication" means?

by Fesenjoon2 on


Instead of wrapping the bomb around themselves at their local mall, they can use the new technique that has just been declared Halal:


Definitely more sophisticated! 



سلام همشهری


 پس شما هم ایرانی هستید؟؟ من باش که تا حالا فکر میکردم شما منتخب هستید!!

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes

AO jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Marvelous! you hit the damn nail right on the damn head. How do you do that man?:) Baaaaaaaaaaam! 

And seriously those who can not take it and go to extensive lenght and in the process discover their creative and poetic side, when they are responding to your FACTUAL statements, and feel the itch in a certain crack of their body when someone brings up the truth, can really park it and put some lotion on that "spot" while their at it.

 I hear the IRI style-democracy-drugstore.com is running some specials or if they are close... they can always go to Internal solutions for iranian people Attari.com!

The good thing is that they admit that you have generated a major BUZZ and they now are asking you so polietly to just turn it off a smidge.

Nothing wrong with that right? :))  


Great blog AO.

by vildemose on

Great blog AO. It's unfortuante  that people like mammor, first amendment, maryam joon aka wahid, farshogar, incognito, mammad alireza, demo, etc are given a platform on Ic each and everday to paint iranian-americans as radical islamists/Marxist, bigotted anti-semites, anti american commies still devoted to destroying America per radical shia/marxist ideology. 

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Anonymous Observer

Areh baba, shomaha kheili "sophisticated" hasteed

by Anonymous Observer on

that's why your country has been ruled by the only theocracy on the planet for the last 3.5 decades.  Because you know so much, and are so "sophisticated."  

roo ke roo neest with these idiots. 


Suppot US/Israel or else you will be deported!


Shlomo supports US/Israel all the way.


عرض خود می‌بری و زحمت ما میداری


The problem you Fesenjoons of this site have is lack of sophistication. Your crocodile tear is so dry that all one sees is your despicable grimace. So, do yourself a favor AO, and buzz off.



by Fesenjoon2 on

Not only is the umbilical cord attached to the old country, it is attached to the anti-Israeli rhetoric of the current akhonds. Why? Because some jews 1400 years ago refused to believe in Muhammad's claim that he talks to God. Hence Muhammad's eternal enmity to Jews.

Now how stupid is that?! 

I think we should be more straighforward in our blogs. We should directly challenge these no-good free-riding pseudo-citizens:

If it comes to war of IRI against USA, which side will you suit up and fight for?



well said

by mahmoudghaffari on

our allegiance should be more to America than Iran.  BUT we should and must also fight to free Iran, not only for the sake of Iran, but for the long term security and well being of the US AND Israel.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

His opposition to birthright citizenship has no racist element in it........it sounds like a proposed remedy for illegal immigration..........remember that US foreign policy is a major contributor to its internal immigration problems.....

We all know that under the current electoral system someone like Ron Paul will never get into the oval office................I wish he could have........

ps, I think the top photo doesn't do justice to your blog.....it somehow conveys the message of "you're either with us, or against us", which has more racist element to it than the whole shebang of libertarianism....