Ron Paul Speaks Against Latest Sanctions on Iran

Congress approves new Iran sanctions on oil, shipping sectors

Reuters: The Congress overwhelmingly passed a new package of sanctions against Iran on Wednesday that aims to punish banks, insurance companies and shippers that help Tehran sell its oil. The legislation, agreed to by senior lawmakers of both parties, "seeks to tighten the chokehold on the regime beyond anything that has been done before," said Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee >>>



Well, the same Islamist regime which invites David Duke...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 the KKK leader to attend a conference on holocaust in tehran!!!,  would for sure be in love with Ron paul the KKK sympethiser!

However, the bad news , for west residing islamist regime cronies is that as far as Ron and david are concerned, you are nothing but a sub human brown skinned creature, playing a useful role in their highly unpopular campaign of white racial supermacy.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


See how much tolerance for hypocrisy there is!

by Zendanian on

Why is it when anyone mentions Mr. Paul's rather dark, sinister and extensive background in Racial politics of the US, they're turned into "Zionists" and worse.

Are these charges against Mr. Paul untrue?


Is a person who has extreme racist policies in his home country, but calls for tolerance abroad, possibly a hypocrite?

By most standards, YES.

Most, if not all politicians, don't get elected because of their stand on principals, yet, its up to us the people, to distinguish between horse manure and the real deal. Mr. Paul fails this simple test.

iraj khan

See how

by iraj khan on

'Starve and Bomb Iran' crowd has raised their flags

here on this thread.

One may ask why, why, why?

Because of Ron Paul's position on Iran/Israel/U.S./Sanctions/War

They truely hate him, even more than IRI.

'Aftab Amad - Daleel Aftab' as the saying goes.

Dr. Mohandes

Very elegant

by Dr. Mohandes on

It did not take for the mr. Erudite, "Leave it in the hands of people" and see the miracle unforld before your eyes, to start with the name calling and resorting to the same ol' tactics.

With compassionate friends such as these, WHo are apparently so well-read and educated and know so much more than anyone else in the history of this site, Who needs enemies?

Consider yourself Lucky big boy . You may think of this as your personal "chale meydoon", while i don't.


Anonymous Observer

Ron Paul's white supremacist connections

by Anonymous Observer on

He has a long history, and is even connected to the racist David Duke, another darling of the IR and its lackies on IC: "In 1981 a group of American and Canadian white supremacists lead by Klansman and mercenary, Michael (Mike) Perdue planned on taking over a small West Indian country called Dominica by overthrowing the government and Prime Minister Eugenia Charles and restoring its previous prime minister, Patrick Johns into power. The group planned to create an Aryan paradise in Dominica and make money through casinos, cocaine and brothels.

On the day the group of white supremacists were supposed to travel to Dominica, they were arrested by ATF agents and were found with over thirty automatic weapons, shotguns, rifles, handguns, dynamite, ammunition, a confederate flag and a Nazi flag. The plan would be dubbed “The Bayou Of Pigs” after the failed invasion of Cuba.

The leader of the group, Michael Perdue, would plead guilty to planning the coup and turned state’s evidence. Perdue would testify that several other people helped organize and fund the coup and that two Texas politicians were aware of the plan. Among those Perdue implicated were infamous white supremacist, David Duke, former Texas Governor, John Connally and Congressman, Ron Paul whom he claimed knew about the plot. Connally was credited with helping Paul win his first congressional election.

Paul would be once again tied to Don Black 26 years after the Bayou Of Pigs. After it was revealed that Black donated $500 dollars to the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, Ron Paul’s campaign refused to give it back. Paul was photographed with Black and his son by David Duke’s former assistant, Jamie Kelso who was an organizer for Ron Paul and the owner of white supremacist sites, and and a moderator for Black’s neo-Nazi website, Stormfront."


It is aboslutely hilarious that this racist is being supported and cheered on by a bunch of disillusioned brown skinned immigrants who will be on the top of Ron Paul's target list if he ever becomes the "commander in chief."  More hilarious is that these are the same people who constantly complain about racism in the U.S.:



Gives a new meaning to the words "manufactured outrage," doesn't it?   Not suprising though.  Because most of these folks are American citizens only in name and for passport.  They will pack up and return to their IR paradise at the smallest sign of trouble.  They have no loyalty to the U.S. 


عقده ۶۰ ساله صهیونیستها از ایران


 این مردم (اسرائیل) کینه بدی از ایران و ایرانی دارند و اگر توانای آن را داشته باشند نسل ایرانی و خاک ایران را به توبره میکشند!! خداوند ما را از شر این گروه نژادپرست و البته مریض حفظ کند!!

I wear an Omega watch


Ron Paull is Rand Paul's Father!

by Faramarz on


Just to appreciate what a complete nut job Ron Paul is, take a look at his son, the Tea Party, Kentucky Senator and Fox News darling, Rand Paul.

Pro-Basij/Tea Party/Right wing Republicans make interesting bedfellows!




Problem with people taking quotes out of context,

by Zendanian on

They rather behave like clowns, and argue like clowns as well. You know who you are. Shame on you

Ron Paul is still a closet KKK, and as always charity begins at home. If Mr. Paul is so paaionate about social justice why doesn't he show some for his fellow Americans and stop discriminating against them only because their color of skin is darker than his.  

iraj khan

Ron Paul is

by iraj khan on

the last honest American congressman

who is telling the truth about Iran and the sanctions that are unfairly imposed on Iranian people.

Unfortunately, he will not run again and will retire from U.S. congress. He is a man who is not afraid of the Israel Lobby in U.S. congress and telling it as it is.

His departure is a great loss for American people and a gain for the lackies of the Racist Rapist (their president raped 5 of his female employees) Criminal regime of Israel.

Anonymous Observer

Ron Paul is a nut

by Anonymous Observer on

and of course, those fake naturalized Iranian "Americans" (with or without neckties) who want to see America destroyed to satisfy their oghdeh want to see this nut take over the United States so that it can become a dysfunctional hellhole like Iran under the IR. ron Paul is essentially for the dismanteling of the federal government, the abolishment of the Dept. of Education (causing uneven and dispratae educational standards in the U.S.), for a complete outlawing of a woman's right to choose (even in the case of incest and rape) and for no gun control.  Interestingly, a lot of his suppporters are members of right wing extremist groups which will like to see all brown skin immigrants (look in the mirror brownies) deported--or better yet--shot probably.  So, once again, numb nuts, you're shooting yourselves in the foot just to score some points with the mullahs in Iran...what's new?  

Here he is on gun control:


And on abortion:


Most importantly, you immigrants, Ron Paul would take birthright citizneship from your children if they are born in the U.S. before you become U.S. citiznes.  What a bunch of imbeciles you are to support this nut.  Just becuase he says something that appeases the IR, you retards just applaud him blindly.  Here, read you idiots:



Dr. Mohandes

Problem with Complainers

by Dr. Mohandes on

IS that to them this whole thing with freeing iran from the shackles of exploitation and tyranny is a big FAT joke as charactrized cleartly and without a single shred of doubt right here ladies and gentlemen, please observe:

Problem wiht Islamic Republic of Hell: All Iranians know every aspect of this very well. It's our problem and we , Iranian people, shall deal with it, without any foreign meddling. Thank you very much (As Elvis used to say!).  

Of course, it is. WHo else is there? We "shall" deal with it so start already dammit,. You lazy iranian people living in iran not knowing what to do with your lives, awaiting instructions from abroad. Here you go. You got your orders. get to work

And to accentuate their Orders and make it ever more appealing they will throw in an elvis song there for you.  



Leave my guns at home,Fred, don't take my guns to town!

by bushtheliberator on

dear Fred,

  " " air/naval quarantine" sound too much like an act of war ;let's don't go there just yet ! Iranians have a lot of their own work to do before #2 in the axis of Evil falls.

(pardon me, Mr. Cash ) 


iraj khan

Just as

by iraj khan on

I had come to blieve that 

"all politicians lie all the time",

enters Ron Paul telling it as it is:

"Iran is not making a bomb, CIA says so,

We don't need another war, we are broke"

Meanwhile, the messianic zionist regime of Israel and her lackies in U.S. congress are pushing for more sanctions and war with Iran.

maziar 58

B.S Artist

by maziar 58 on

All American politicians are B.s artist

I have pulled out of any party and have no desire to vote any longer since 1990.


Mohammad Ala

A good American and a bad American

by Mohammad Ala on

Thank you Mr. Ron Paul, you are a good American.  You have integrity. 

Illena Ros-Lehtinen’s history of being an anti-Iran started when she cashed her first check given to her in early 1980’s by an Iranian opposition group.  Search of her name will reveal how and when all her hate towards Iranian people started. She is a bad American.


Ron Paul

by مآمور on

I read his biography on Wikipedia, listened to him a few times and watched John McCain talking about Him!!

He is a overachiever, he has accomplished so much in his lifeand gained more than enough credentials to become president!

Thinking, Ron Paul is using Iran to his benefits or using the issue to get .....?? is simply naive!! His Iranian stand has cost him a presidential campaign!! or u think, Paul could not get Zionist lobby support like every other candidates in US race must have???

I think, we all should take a moment, before we start making assumptions about people!! 

Talking about assumption, I can assume(whatever that means) Ron Paul is out of his mind and he is struggling with some sort of mental disorder!!

I wear an Omega watch


Fred is once again correct

by Manam_Babak on

Ron Paul, ran an unsuccsseful presidential campaign, he is a mad man, and don't know how to cool off. I would add to what Fred said, that sanctions need to be more and more, plus heads of this Mufia rejime need to come off , chop the snaked head off, rest will fall fast.


Problem with American democracy:less than 10% of eligible voters

by Zendanian on

particpate in any election (on the average that is).

Problem with Ron Paul: he is a closet KKK, crying sympathy for Iranian people, but has zero sympathy for his fellow Americans due to their color of skin.

Problem with Sanctions: will do exactly what it did in Iraq. Lead to many, many unncessary, immoral, illegal civilan deaths, and act a prelude to full scale war.

Problem wiht Islamic Republic of Hell: All Iranians know every aspect of this very well. It's our problem and we , Iranian people, shall deal with it, without any foreign meddling. Thank you very much (As Elvis used to say!). 

Problem with pro-sanction, pro-war crowd in here: They simple can't register or remember the fact that, foriegn intervention in our region has led to creation of two (not one, but two) Islamic Republics on either side of Iran: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Islamic Republic of Iraq. Why in the world is foreign intervention going to have any different result in Iran? That is a query they never have an answer for, because they know full well, the results of such foreign intervention in Iran will be the same as Afghanistan and Iraq.


Bavafa, good question you pose,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the answer of history is sadly never.  In the past great powers were destroyed from within over time.

I hope for the sake of humanity a new and more positive history occurs for Americans.  The US System is similar to Las Vegas, there will always be a new generation of gamblers, gamblers will always participate, gamblers will never win as a group or reach their aims, gamblers will win enough to keep them participating and losing.  In contrast The Thousands of Iranian artists, scientists, philosophers and Leaders responsible for creating the Majestic Culture of Iran, created a wonder for all humanity, such a culture has always eventually triumphed in the past because after every period of domination and defeat, most of the people participated with their own culture again and so triumphed again.  


The Problem with American Democracy is the people

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

don't have the ability to choose free of coercion, manipulation and deceit.  So the majority of Americans don't have nor are they able to be Free.  Covert War? or Direct Hot War? with such criminal choices, its better to not have a choice within the context that neither the American people nor the Iranian people chose for Islamic Fundamentalism to Govern in Iran, yet the military management and Corporate Fascists which control the opinions of the majority through the control of both information and degree of exposure have given the world the appaling and disgusting actions we see, by an inhumane system of government, which is no problem, unless you aspire to being a good human being.  Despite still being a 3rd world country, the previous Govt of Iran had overcome foreign domination and was acting both co-operatively and indepedently for the benefit of the people of Iran and the world, Iranians were moving towards being a first world country with decent values, thanks to their own ShahhanShahi system.  And for many reasons, related to the direction of Iranian progress in contrast to US and European Progress, Iran before 1979 was a better country to live on and in. A high percentage of Free Europeans and Americans that were discovering Iran were moving permanently to Iran because of this.  Nasty the criminal and unlawful actions of the US government, in combination with the capability to dominate the opinions of its own people and then others with lies.  Annan quit, with the exposure of Obama's order to the CIA to assist Rebels.

While the President of the USA has Proven zero interest in a Peaceful Syrian resolution by pushing for a civil war instead of a ceasefire and disarming, the American People at this same moment think they brought this eloquent, educated, criminal to power.  And if he comes to power again the people will think it was them who did it, yet again.


Hooray for the US Congress of Israel….

by Bavafa on

I wonder when it would be for the ordinary Americans to wake up and try to free themselves from this slavery?

Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on anything but their fear of AIPAC wart.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Ron Paul

by iamfine on

A true American.


Latest Parchin Satellite Picture

by Faramarz on



Say Cheese!

All Cleaned-up!




  Embargo Bleeds Iran of

by vildemose on


Embargo Bleeds Iran of $133M a Day As Obama takes that political capital to the bank


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

The only way to avert the war the warmongering, weaponized nuke acquiring, Iranian men, women and children raping and maiming Messianic Islamist Rapists are deadest on imposing on all is regime change. 

Backbreaking airtight sanction plus air/naval quarantine is a must.