Henceforth ass-bombing is Halal

by Fesenjoon2

If you think that that Khorram-abad's Friday Prayer leader was pulling a fast one out of his ass when he said Chickens are haram and that they cant fly because they disobeyed Noah's instructions, then you aint seen nothing!

Behold this heavenly verdict (linked above) as a fine sample:

Basically, it is Halal to have anal sex (lawaat) and stuff things up your ass, if it will do Islam any good.

So henceforth use the term ass-bomber and ass-bombing! Sample usage:

* "ei haroom-khor! I will ass-bomb you to Qiyamat! Begeer ke oomad!"
* "The al-Quds ass-bombing brigade will hold war games for 22 Bahman..."
* "The goh of an ass-bomber is more precious than the ink of 1000 scholars."
* "Rahbaram! koonam fadaayat!"  

So there you go. Muslims with exploding butts to further the cause of Islam. Thank you Allah! Now Ive seen everything of your bountiful blessings. I knew that your followers had already goh zadand be Iran (and other mamaalek-e Islami). I just didnt know it could be literally weaponized too.

Come on Jon Stewart. Have some guts and pick this up!


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You may laugh, but

by Cost-of-Progress on

I would not put anything past the extremists of the religion of peace. May be the underware bomber wanted to actually carry out an  ass-bombing, but got confused.......... 



by Raoul1955 on

I wish you would add the English translations..., but it is funny.