The End of Iran


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

When Omar Ibn Khattab unleashed his band of mostly idol worshipping, war loot seeking desert nomads on the majestic Persia Empire, he really didn’t do so with malice.  It was all business.  He saw an opportunity and seized it.  Not in his wildest dreams he would have foreseen a future, 1400 years later, in which a bunch of people who called themselves children of that land would embark upon a mission to break up that once mighty Empire into pieces---this time with malice.

The sad reality that we have to face is that Iran, in its current geographical form, will cease to exist.  This is a bitter eventuality that will come with the inevitable demise of the Islamic Republic. 

I don’t think that any non-mentally ill individual can argue that the high echelon of the IR, the ones in charge of decision making, really care about the territorial integrity of Iran.  They care about their self interests, their regime and their ideology.  Their track record has left no doubt about this fact.  I mean, who can forget Ayatooleh Hendizadeh’s own words:

We do not worship Iran. We worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world. //

It is also no secret that Khamenei calls himself the guardian of all Muslims of the world and the IR considers itself the only legitimate Muslim government on this planet.  So, looking at the ideological angle of this issue alone, the conclusion is that Iran can be sacrificed to safeguard Islam. 

Form the self interest angle, the mullahs have shown, and said time and time again that they will not go without a fight.  Just recently one of their “laat” Basiji commanders openly declared war, and essentially threatened civil war on IR’s opponents.  And civil war is what they want.  This whole threat of “asymmetric warfare” in nothing but a thinly veiled warning that they will let their thugs loose in mountains and deserts and go to war with the people if we are deposed.  I mean, you don’t really think that the flying boats and the mini-helicopter are designed for foreign threats, do you?  Who’s going to take those things seriously?  What use would they have other than attacking unarmed civilians? 

The next factor is the concept of foreign fighters.  If they imported Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon to kill Iranians on the streets during the post election violence, what do you think they will do if they seriously see themselves at the verge of collapse?  They will flood the country with these thugs, who are trained to do nothing but wage guerrilla warfare.  They will create another Lebanon in Iran.  Just look at what they did to their own country a couple of decades ago, and in 2006, when they caused half of South Lebanon to be destroyed so that they could kill 50 Israelis.  And of course, at that time, we will also have jihadists enter Iran into Pakistan, Khouzestan and Kurdistan and fight alongside separatists.

Lastly, in the 21st century, we have foreign interests who are working hard to cause the break up of Iran.  Their interests are both economic and strategic.  And of course, the IR, being the consonant fool, is playing right into their hands.  With every bellicose chant by the IR, the arsenal of foreign interests grows. 

 Another factor is the way in which the IR has intertwinedthe IRGC with the regular Iranian military. Iran’smilitary command and control is in the hands of Basij and Sepah.  In the scenario where the IR is fighting forits existence, the IRGC will take total control of the military and devote itsuse to protecting the regime, thereby allowing separatist forces to operatewith impunity.  This will also preventthe army from performing its traditional role of maintaining Iran’sterritorial integrity.  This is exactlywhat happened to the well trained and well equipped Afghan army post Sovietoccupation.   

In sum, the IR has no loyalty to Iran.  If they see themselves at the verge of collapse, they will flood the country with foreign fighters and along with their own zealous followers, create a civil war in Iran.  This will, in turn, provide separatists, who will be helped by foreign interests, the perfect opportunity for secession. 

The IR will not go without a fight, and the whole idea of “reform” is a pie in the sky pipe dream.  The IR will never be reformed.  Look at it now, 31 years after its establishment, and it’s as belligerent as it has ever been.  It’s under more sanctions that it has been and it’s closets to being attacked than any other time in its short, yet miserable history.      

Because of all of the above, I really don’t see a bright future for our country’s territorial integrity.  Iran will become Iranestan, and the empire that Cyrus and Ardeshir built will be all but a distant memory, broken up into many mini-states.  This will be IR’s legacy.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I do not agree that the problem has been islam by itself in a magical way, but rather the rulers themselves...

I strongly believe that Islam is a big part of the problem. Islam is a religion based on fear and submission. It promoted the worst qualities of anger and revenge in people. It also promotes superstition and ignorance. Before Islam we had the Zartoshti religion. I have done a lot of reading on it. That religion promoted "good" and "acceptance" at its core. People were not "slaves" of God. They worked to imporve the world. In Islam people are "bande khoda" or "slaves of God".

The whole relationship between man and God is twisted. It goes from a relation of harmony to a thing of fear and submission.

Yes Iran did have tyrannical kings before Islam. But the basic philosophy was sound. Post Islam the basic philosophy became corrupted. Now i may not be able to change that anytime soon. But I will not sugar coat it either. Just because people embrace Islam it does not make it right. In addition most people I know embraced Islam out of fear. That of "bala or turn into a soosk" or some horrible thing. Allah was always ready to  dish out some revenge if you got out of line. This is not a religion I would accept no matter how many others do.

I do agree that Shah went about it all wrong. The mistake was that of Shah not his father. Reza Khan knew how to deal with Mollahs: no BS. Shah tried work with them and got back stabbed. But the downfall of the Shah was not due to Mollahs. It was due to his own corruption and ineptitude. He bit more than he could chew as so many arrogant leaders do. Mollahs are following suite and will fall as he did. That was and is a major mistake both of them made.

Regarding nationalism I will write a whole post next. However you are right. Nationalism must embrace all aspects of Iran. From all corners not just some North Tehrani part. All of it including Kurd; Lur; Balouch; Azari; Gilaki; and not the least Khorasani :-)



by hirre on

I do not agree that the problem has been islam by itself in a magical way, but rather the rulers themselves...

Nationalism is a dangerous phenomenon because people forget that the culture of a nation is wider than their own definition, especially in Iran. The Pahlavi dynasty were taught the hard way that if you don't embrace the current culture, you can not move on. You must accept current conditions, no matter how bad they are before you can progress...

Islam affected Iran, but persian culture also affected islam and arabic culture. What we have in Iran today is a mixture of arabic, islamic, persian, kurdish, and many other different cultures, all in one nation: Iran, and that is why it should be called iranian culture.

It is e.g. sad that some people from northern parts of Iran mock people from other parts of Iran, because they think that their domestic culture is "aghab-oftade". This behaviour and lack of knowledge leads to hate and misunderstanding.

Iran can not build a national identity based on one domestic culture, it has to embrace all of its culture and diversity.

The path to freedom comes within, before we iranians can change our country, we have to change ourselves and accept that we are all different in different ways.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

In many

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


ways the best of Iran died 1400 years ago. It has been a zombie since then. Many have tried to revive it. The attempts have been resisted by the Islamic powers at every step.  They polluted the Iranian language; mind and culture with their desert barbaric ways.

Iran tries to take one step forward; Islam pushes it back by two. The worst part is  that people specially intellectuals embraced Islam. From poets like Hafiz to modern "an-telectuals" like Shariati and Golesorkhi they embraced this poison.

When we try to revive our culture we are called "racist". If we say speak Persian not Farsi Q says we are racist. They have made it practically impossible to go back to our real religion of Zartosht. Instead we must beat ourselves for some dead Arab.

The only solution is a total rejection of Islam at the intellectual level. This will in time filter down to the masses. We have always been a "top" down society; the educated and intellectuals lead the way. Unfortunately most of the 20th century intellectuals were frauds. With the exception of a few like Kasravi who got murdered by Islamic cowards. We must once for all de-associate the word "Mollah" from "knowledgeable". Rather Mollah should be the lowest class of society.

I agree with Parthianshot when he says go the Nationalist path. It is the most powerful force we got; more than Islam. More than any other force ever. It is the only force able to not just resist but repel Islam.

That is why Mola Shotor and Q as so afraid of it. Because it will do what nothing else did. Get rid of Islam and its toxic effects on our society. 



by hirre on

The ideology of the IR requires one basic element in order to sustain its precense: fear. The false sensation of fear leads to paranoia, thus creating an argument for total control of society. This is why billions of dollars are spent on military resources, this is why religion is promoted instead of humanity.

When resources are drying out, such as the oil, then there will be a turning point. This turning point is where the people can choose to give into more fear and indirectly support the government, or they could use the chaos and overthrow the government. Either way, if and only if there is a strong economical pressure, then more and more people can be motivated.

Fortunately the IR has an ideology similar to early islamic rulership which prevents fast development in the fields of science, economy, health and more. This will buy enough time to create a dissatisfied mass, unified on economical and social injustices.

Red Wine

Anonymous Observer aziz

by Red Wine on

دیدن خوشی برایمان حرام گشته است و روزهای تلخ و سیاه همچنان بر ما تاریکی میافکند و غم و ماتم پایانی ندارد و عذاب پشت عذاب و خروار خروار ناراحتی‌ و دوری از وطن و دائم غصه بخور و به دنبال دلیلی‌ برای ادامه حیات بلکه روزی به سرزمینمان برگردیم و شاید آنجا را آباد کرده لاقل بچه‌هایمان را شاد و راضی‌ نگاه داریم.

و این سرگردانی تا به کی‌ پایان یابد..تنها خدا داند و آخر و عاقبت ما را تنها او به خیر بگذراند که همه تنها هستیم و هیچ کس را نداریم و در این لبه تیغ آنچنان نحیف و ضعیف ایستاده ایم که حتی از سایه خودمان هم وحشت داریم.

کی برخواهیم گشت ؟ کی وطن آزاد میشود ؟ دیگر برایمان آبرو باقی‌ نمانده است،همین فرداست که رسما زبان فارسی‌ برچیده شود و به زبان تازیان سخن گویی اجبار شود !

آنچنان دلم می‌گیرد،آنچنان دلم وحشت می‌گیرد که حتی قادر به فکر کردن هم نیستم،دائم افسوس گذشته،دائم خواب میبینم،دائم با چشمانم جدال دارم که آهای بس است که دیگر دلم تنگ است و کابوس بس است.

آخر ما چه کرده ایم که اینجور سرنوشت سیاه برایمان نگاشتند ؟ حق کی‌ را خورده و حرمت چه کسی‌ را شکاندیم که هر جان اسم ایرانی میاید،فرنگ زاده‌ها ما را همچنان جذامی‌ها مینگرند !

صحبت دراز است و سر به این شانه‌‌ها از زور غصه سنگینی‌ می‌کند و چشم‌ها خسته و دستها بی‌ رمق !

دوست عزیز از بلاگ شما متشکریم.

همیشه سبز باشید.

شراب قرمز.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First of all I do not beleive that a broken Iran is good for USA. There is enough instability in the area already. The way to stabalize the region is a strong and sane Iran. It will do USA a lot of good to have one.

Second USA policy is heavily influenced by voters. I already explained that Obama needs our votes. We need to make it clear that break Iran and good by votes. Couple it with the carrot of lots of donations and you get a winner.


The Shah predicted this

by Aryana-Vaeja on

He said this would happen. Many scoffed at his words at the time. History is proving him right with each passing day.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9


Spot on AO- I see very little hope for our nation's future

by Onlyiran on

31 years, and see where we are today.  Arguably, worst than any other period since this miserable revolution.  Another 20-30 years won't make a difference as long these cave men are ruling our country.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I think that lobbying is all good, but, at the same time, I don't blame any country for doing things that it sees to be in the best interest of its nation.  And right now, with new energy discoveries in Azarbaijan, the U.S. sees its interests in a divided Iran.  Also, dividing Iran will be a way to weaken it.  And with IRS's belligerence the way it is, and the fact that it has been trying to pick a fight with the U.S. for the past 31 years, I can see the U.S. using that strategy.  It's just another menace brought upon us by the IR. 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I hope you're right and I'm wrong.  I just don't see it that way.  I think that the IR has far too strong of a grip, military-wise, on the country to let go of it so easily.  But again, I hope you're right.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I hope you are right. But still it does not hurt to lobby the White House. We should get them to guarantee Iranian territorial integrity.


With all due respect

by Mammad on

You are going too far in your dire predictions Anonymous Observer. Iran will survive intact and thrive eventually, and "eventually" is not too far in the future.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Persian Gulf ...

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am thinking the Persian Gulf thing may be a test of how we react. If we make a lot of noise the White House figures we are watching. That will impact their stance on other things like territory. 

On the other hand if we sit idle they figure we are passive. They will be much more likely to cook up idiotic plans to carve things up. That is why it is so important to not let up.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Please read I said try; no guarantee they say yes. But we might as well try it. There are millions of Iranians in the USA. That means a lot of votes. You would be amazed how far politicians go for votes.

President Obama badly needs California in his reelection. There are a lot of Iranian American votes there. They can tip it one way or other. Obama will listen. We also have a lot of money and should use it. Nothing delusional about money ; votes and politics. 

There are many reasons we can give why a united Iran is better for USA. Including much more stability and a nice market to which they sell they stuff. A strong unified and somewhat friendly Iran is good for everyone including USA and Israel.



marhoum Kharmagas

Now complain that I call you delusional?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"We should get USA to publicly support Iran territorial integrity."

Now complain that I call you delusional Peyghmbar jaan! I thought we Esfanis are the funniest!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks we all agree on what actions we should take. That is part that matters. Predictions are just guesses. The one thing to have in mind is that borders are always fluid. 

We should get USA to publicly support Iran territorial integrity. It will basically end any chance separatists have. Because without USA support there will not be any recognition. The map remains the way it is now. 

Now if we do not succeed in getting USA behind territorial integrity all is not lost. We as a nation do not need to just accept what USA says.  As Iranians we should make our destiny inztead of watching foreigners do it to our nation.

I think it would be very possible to tell USA where to stick it. Specially if they try to split our nation. I believe that in  fact it will sell very well standing up to the big bully who wants to tear us when we are down. 

Regarding Jihadi: I don't see it the same way. IRI will not bring any from next Eas. They may try to bring in some Shia Iraqi but that would have to get USA approval. Something I do not think will happen. That leaves Palestinians and Hizbollahi. They would not be able to just filter in through the borders. They have to be flown in. It would be obvious and very damaging PR wise. It will likely cause serious dissent in the Armed Forces. 

Here is a ray of hope:

In fact I think with all the chaos there will be opportunities for Iran to actually gain territory. The neighbors are very weak themselves. If they attack it would be the perfect excuse to grab a part of the attacking entity. Specially if it is Azarbayejan because Armenia will be ready to help.


Anonymous Observer

Samsam my borther - Gol gofti

by Anonymous Observer on

omaru-leftist fossil intelectualism who rule with iron fist of ommatie elitism.

 Try presenting our neo kiaani ideals on one of these so called democrat sites and see how fast they,ll treat you as aliens. the Look around us from  reformist infested Roozonline& voa to lefto paranoid freaks of, from ommatie sonnati fossils of London-Kayhan to eshal talab jaras, from gooya's shaikhists intelectuals to motreb freak shows of LA  what you see is an ocean of status quo of old & boring ommatie or semi ommah visions & arguments for remedy.


You have a point about JJ and IC.  He's one of the last forums which allows a couple of lonely Iranian patriots who value the true Iranian identity - as opposed to some bastard hybrid culture--like you and me, to say our peace. 

BTW- I think this Ommatti monkey is off to watch "Mokhtar Nameh." 


:) Omaru ;, boycot this _^_ ; is here to stay

by SamSamIIII on


Despite my contrast of views with Mr Javadsha outstanding the site of I dare to say is by far far far far far the one and only Beacon of free thought & platform for brand new Neo-Iranism vision outshining the same old same old shaikho kebobi, dime a dozen ommatized status quo medium among diaspora.

From Balatarin to Gooya  what is considered mainstream is hijacked by omaru-leftist fossil intelectualism who rule with iron fist of ommatie elitism. The united front of status quo of %99 of diaspora's media is & has been the exclusive territory of Banni abbas reformists/ommatie sonnati wing of monarchists/ repentent commie tavaabs/ repentenet ex hezbo trash/suffie nihilists & Omaru ommatie ex ideologues turned intelectuals.


Try presenting our neo kiaani ideals on one of these so called democrat sites and see how fast they,ll treat you as aliens. the Look around us from  reformist infested Roozonline& voa to lefto paranoid freaks of, from ommatie sonnati fossils of London-Kayhan to eshal talab jaras, from gooya's shaikhists intelectuals to motreb freak shows of LA  what you see is an ocean of status quo of old & boring ommatie or semi ommah visions & arguments for remedy. has come a long way from the day i first joined it and felt i had just landed on alien planet shaikh kingdom. Yet the combination of free thinkers, shock neo-iranism therapy, relative yet commending tolerance of webmaster has brought it where it is today a true hub/oasis of free thought, exciting new visions outperforming  the same old same old sewege of status quo mainstream diaspora media.

blog this for me if he barks again


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Anonymous Observer

VPK Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I think that you were addressing me, since I don't see OI on this thread, but that's OK.  

Again, as I mentioned below, I think that the advent of Jihadism, which by the way, was ushered in by the IR itself, has changed the scenario. Once civil war is initiated by the IR, jihadists will enter Iran from various borders, and Iran's weak and fragmented military will not be able to stop them.  And, of course, this is not counting the fighters that the IR will import itself.

I actually think that the map that Fesenjoon posted is unfortunately pretty close.  I think that maps will be re-drawn to what is in that map, pretty much, minus anything that will effect Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan.  And was they're re-drawn, there will be no way to put them back together.  Look at the old USSR, and they were a superpower.

I do agree with you, though that we need to lobby the U.S. and keep an eye on where they're going. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I actully think the "Foreign Fighter" thing will help keep the nation together. Nothing unifies people better than a foreign force. 

Iranians are more likely to get together and kick the Arabs than fight each other.

Plus it will discredit the regime; specially in the eyes of its basiji. Who wants to be reminded they are not being trusted. 

It is very important we get more active on two accounts:

  • Pressure Western nations and specially USA to support a unified Iran.
  • Provide support for nationalist Iranian leadership when they need it. A network should be made ready NOW. So it is in place when needed.

Anyway only time will tell. We just better get off our rear ends and do the above.


Please warn visitors about this unhealthy site

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. The few Iranians who post here are
weird ("ajeeb") or mentally ill (some even admit their mental illness their
moniker.) Please do not engage with this unhealthy site except to warn other

.ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage p { padding: 0px; }.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma; }


On the positive side

by divaneh on

I may end up as a citizen of Khuzistan and take part in the bombing of Ghom and Kashan.

Anonymous Observer

VPK & Fesenjoon

by Anonymous Observer on

I really cannot argue much with what both of you say here.  Just a couple of quick points:

1.  Unfortunately, I do not see much hope in keeping the country together post IRI.  For one thing, the IR will make sure that there is a civil war.  I don't think they have even hidden their desire for a civil war.  All of these Basij basis in the middle of residential neighborhoods.  What do you think they are for?  They even call them-- or their organizational structure as "mantagheyeh moghaveman basij", or "Basij resistance district."  Resistance to what?  To the people, that's all.  As I said in the blog, they will also want a civil war out of malice.  They would want to take revenge against the people of Iran.

2.  Don't underestimate the foreign fighter aspects.  The IR will certainly import Lebanese, Iraqis and possibly Afghanis.  Other foreign fighters will come in through the Iraqi, Azarbaijani, Pakistani, Kurdestani and Afghani border.  And the Iranian military, being purposefully fragmented by the IR, and weak in equipment and technology like it is today, will be incapable of stopping them.

3.   I think that, unfortunately, power of IR over the events is much stronger that anything that we, or anyone else, can do with information dissemination.  I really don't see a happy ending to this ordeal.  I hope I'm wrong.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Fesenjoon Jaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree with you on all points; you are rigth nd I wish you well my friend. I just tell you it hurts watching all the Indians I work with. They go home like normal people to India. They get to go home and set up businesses. Why not us?

No we have to be the one nation that lives like shit. We must take on the Great Satan!! Why? It beats me. Why the hell do we have to live inke dirt so Palestinians get our money. We have to take chances so Hizbollah goes on.

We get no respect and are threatened with bombning. Our culture is being shit upon by our government. What will it take to open our eyes. Go for it and shock them. Maybe they wake up.

Good luck,



kholaseh vpk jaan...

by Fesenjoon on

Now u know why I use that "shock therapy" u mentioned.

When u have a country with countless rich resources, prime real estate, superb intellectuals, all either fleeing or wallowing in 7th century shit 'n piss policies, and when you have a people that have been so demoralized by the failure of their first revolution that they have become totally apathetic and bikhiyal, the only way to bring back some anguish and fervor to them is to remind them of what they were, what they could have been, and what disgustingly low shit they have stooped down to. Now u have itty bitty cities like Qatar even surpassing Houston and Vegas, and what r we doing? Proudly chopping off hands???? Calling women's international sports a disgrace???? wtf??? I mean, where does this end? when will people's anger finally boil over? When they see Kabul turning into a gleaming business metropolis?

Dude, my youth was wasted in this regime, memorizing fiqh and hadith and smelling golab and wearing a fuckin beard in hopes of a better tomorrow promised by these mullahs. Now my youth is gone, and I have nothing. Do u know how fuckin angry that makes me feel? What hopes I had, and what shit I became. Now I have to have some dude stick his finger in my ass at the airport every time. why? because ahmaghinejad loves to piss the international community off to satisfy his ideological ego. Me and my kind have turned into a pariah, an outcast. We are choob-e do-sar gohee.

I CANT HAVE A NORMAL FUCKIN LIFE LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. And it pisses me off big time, because my best years are behind me, and they passed by with me trusting and following these lying fucks.

Yeah, VPK. I'm angry, and I want others to feel it too. The pain. The rage. The hatred. Maybe then, MAAAAAAAYBE, our children might have a shot at living a fuckin normal life of a human being, as an Iranian.

maa ke be gaa rafteem. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Rast migi aga. Man ham as awal megoftam ke din va siyasat bayad joda bashand. In eshtebahi bood ke mardom (na hame vali tedade ziyadi) kardan. Va baraye 30 sal azab keshidan. 

The one good thing I see is that some 10% of the nation is living abroad. They have seen first hand separation of religion and state works. They have also seen the disaster of mixing them. Maybe they have learned something. I know that I have.



by Fesenjoon on

وی کی پی جان، تنها کاری که میشود کرد اطلاع‌رسانی هست. باید حداکثر تلاش و همت را به خرج داد تا همه (چه اینجا چه توی ایران) بدانند که ریشه و دلیل بدبختی‌های مملکت ثروتمند اما نگونبختی مثل ایران از کجا داره میاد. باید مردم را آگاه کرد که وقتی دین و سیاست با هم قاطی بشوند، چه کثافتی عالم را فرا می‌گیره. اختلاط سیاست با مذهب فقط و فقط مال حکومت معصوم میتونه باشه، و اینها معصوم که هیچ، موجه هم حتی نیستند. این را خود روحانیون دارند می‌گن

وی کی پی جان، تنها راه نجات اینه که مردم خودشون بیدار بشن، اراده کنند، و بخواهند که این وضع را تغییر بدن. باید بفهمند که سکوت و بی تفاوتی، مهر تاییدی هست بر سی سال نظام سلطنت اسلامی که ایران را به گُه کشونده. مگر توی قرآنشون ننوشته لااکراه فی‌الدین؟ حتی اگر امریکایی ها هم حمله کنند و جنگ راه بندازند، مشکل حل نمیشه. تومور نظام اسلامی عمیقتر از این حرفهاست. تا زمانی که خودِ مردم نخوان، این وضع ادامه پیدا میکنه. برای همینه که باید دل و رودهٔ تمام حقایق را ریخت بیرون تا شاید بوی متعفنش به رگ غیرت بعضی‌ها بر بخوره و فریاد اعتراض سر بیارند

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


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Khomeini: I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.

VPK: I say let Islam burn; let it go up in smoke and be destroyed. For Islam is a cult of death and evil. Let Islam be destroyed regardless of what happens to Iran. Let Islam be thrown into the dustbins of history for the good of all human kind.



This is what Islam does:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


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You are right. As much as I try to disagree I can not.  We both see the train wreck coming. I do not see how to stop it. Therefore I want to put my toughts on how to clean up the upcoming mess. 

Maybe that is all we can hope for. To let the IRI break up; then move quickly to restore national borders and maybe add a little bit to it.  If these little states were to emerge the sum of them will be greater than the present Iranian national territory.

I propose that we assume your projection as a given. Then work on how to glue back the rest using nationalism. It has been done before and will be done again. Remember the Mollahs have not erased our heritage; just taken a shit on it.



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I dont know what's going to happen once these borders are set up. One can speculate forever on these things. Youre talking about AFTER the breakup. I'm talking about forseeing it.

All I'm saying is that IRI's stupid policy of ignoring its own  national/ethnic heritage in favor of an Islamic identity, will lead to ethnic instability. Ideology can never be a substitute for a national glue. NEVER. It's why the CCCP failed. These people are still living Seyd Jamal's pipe dream of creating a (similar) pan-Islamic state.

It doesnt matter whether US or Europe exists or not. As long as IRI's central policy is creating a country based on pan-Islam (instead of a shared heritage nationality), ethnic instability is the least of the byproducts to expect. AO is right. These fuckers dont even think of their Iranian identity. They even hate it. They despise being Iranian, if it means not having Islam. They think only of Islam. Why do u think they keep showing haram Imam Reza and reading prayers during saal tahveel? It's their attempt to Islamicize Norooz, like everything else. And if youre an ethnic Persian, Turk, Kurd, or whatever, and you see your heritage being mutated and fucked around with, you try to break off. That's whats happening in places like tabriz. Only, these shit-for-brain morons keep thinking they can drown out ethnic dissidence by turning the Islamic volume even higher and louder.