The End of Iran


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

When Omar Ibn Khattab unleashed his band of mostly idol worshipping, war loot seeking desert nomads on the majestic Persia Empire, he really didn’t do so with malice.  It was all business.  He saw an opportunity and seized it.  Not in his wildest dreams he would have foreseen a future, 1400 years later, in which a bunch of people who called themselves children of that land would embark upon a mission to break up that once mighty Empire into pieces---this time with malice.

The sad reality that we have to face is that Iran, in its current geographical form, will cease to exist.  This is a bitter eventuality that will come with the inevitable demise of the Islamic Republic. 

I don’t think that any non-mentally ill individual can argue that the high echelon of the IR, the ones in charge of decision making, really care about the territorial integrity of Iran.  They care about their self interests, their regime and their ideology.  Their track record has left no doubt about this fact.  I mean, who can forget Ayatooleh Hendizadeh’s own words:

We do not worship Iran. We worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world. //

It is also no secret that Khamenei calls himself the guardian of all Muslims of the world and the IR considers itself the only legitimate Muslim government on this planet.  So, looking at the ideological angle of this issue alone, the conclusion is that Iran can be sacrificed to safeguard Islam. 

Form the self interest angle, the mullahs have shown, and said time and time again that they will not go without a fight.  Just recently one of their “laat” Basiji commanders openly declared war, and essentially threatened civil war on IR’s opponents.  And civil war is what they want.  This whole threat of “asymmetric warfare” in nothing but a thinly veiled warning that they will let their thugs loose in mountains and deserts and go to war with the people if we are deposed.  I mean, you don’t really think that the flying boats and the mini-helicopter are designed for foreign threats, do you?  Who’s going to take those things seriously?  What use would they have other than attacking unarmed civilians? 

The next factor is the concept of foreign fighters.  If they imported Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon to kill Iranians on the streets during the post election violence, what do you think they will do if they seriously see themselves at the verge of collapse?  They will flood the country with these thugs, who are trained to do nothing but wage guerrilla warfare.  They will create another Lebanon in Iran.  Just look at what they did to their own country a couple of decades ago, and in 2006, when they caused half of South Lebanon to be destroyed so that they could kill 50 Israelis.  And of course, at that time, we will also have jihadists enter Iran into Pakistan, Khouzestan and Kurdistan and fight alongside separatists.

Lastly, in the 21st century, we have foreign interests who are working hard to cause the break up of Iran.  Their interests are both economic and strategic.  And of course, the IR, being the consonant fool, is playing right into their hands.  With every bellicose chant by the IR, the arsenal of foreign interests grows. 

 Another factor is the way in which the IR has intertwinedthe IRGC with the regular Iranian military. Iran’smilitary command and control is in the hands of Basij and Sepah.  In the scenario where the IR is fighting forits existence, the IRGC will take total control of the military and devote itsuse to protecting the regime, thereby allowing separatist forces to operatewith impunity.  This will also preventthe army from performing its traditional role of maintaining Iran’sterritorial integrity.  This is exactlywhat happened to the well trained and well equipped Afghan army post Sovietoccupation.   

In sum, the IR has no loyalty to Iran.  If they see themselves at the verge of collapse, they will flood the country with foreign fighters and along with their own zealous followers, create a civil war in Iran.  This will, in turn, provide separatists, who will be helped by foreign interests, the perfect opportunity for secession. 

The IR will not go without a fight, and the whole idea of “reform” is a pie in the sky pipe dream.  The IR will never be reformed.  Look at it now, 31 years after its establishment, and it’s as belligerent as it has ever been.  It’s under more sanctions that it has been and it’s closets to being attacked than any other time in its short, yet miserable history.      

Because of all of the above, I really don’t see a bright future for our country’s territorial integrity.  Iran will become Iranestan, and the empire that Cyrus and Ardeshir built will be all but a distant memory, broken up into many mini-states.  This will be IR’s legacy.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Fesenjoon

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Interesting map. But who is going to enforece the integrity of these borders? What is to keep Turkey from invading Kurdistan? Or Armenia from invading Ararbayejan? Or Israel from taking most of Greater Jordan?

The one thing that has kept boundaries was foreign powers. America is not going to be in a state to project is power much longer. If you live here you see the signs of rot all over the place. America herself may well break up in the 21st century. Split between South; Notrh East; West Coast and the Spanish speaking regions. So there will not be an uber-power in Middle East. The EU is lucky if it can muster up 20,000 troops among all of them combined if USA does not push them!

If there is a free Kurdistan it will be fought over by Turkey and Iran until we get back to now. If there is pan-Turkism Armenia and Iran could see to its demise. Afghanistan is already a failed state as will be Balochistan. They need a bigger nation to run things for them. There is no foreign nation that will be willing and able to do it. USA is not up to the job; they are failing right and left in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq already takes orders from Tehran. Hence that nation will be Iran. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The other option

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


A very good analysis and I agree the danger is there. However as Divaneh says we have been through this before and survived. Yes the Islamists will turn loose a gang of Arabs upon the Iranian people. But that may be dealt with. Sure it will cost a lot. But if we do it right most of the price will be the lives of the Arabs that the IRI will let loose. (OK Q: now rant about how racist I am).

The foreign powers both Arabs and Westerners want to break us, However this could be used to unify the people. When threatened people tend to pull together. This desire may be exploited by an ultra-nationalist movement. One that puts Iran first; second and last. If that movement is created there is a chance to not only keep the nation together but to expance it! What is needed is to rekindle the fire of nationalism. It is not as hard as you may think. People want something to believe in.

Remember the whole region is in turmoil and destabilized already. Thanks to our good American friends. From Iraq to Afghanistan there are leaderless regions that are hardly even nations. They are in NEED of a central power.

America is in so much internal trouble it will find it difficult to be that power. Israel never had a chance without the USA. Their best bet is to make a deal with local powers. Russia is out of the picture too due to its own problems.

A resurgent SANE Iran will be the logical power in the region. It will provide stability from Lebanon to Afghanistan. It is better for the world and better for Iran. 

The solution is in one word: hyper-nationalism!



by Fesenjoon on

This is where it's going.

That's where it ends when you have a policy in which your religion is more important than your national identity: People start breaking away in movements of self-determination, because they want to preserve their ethnic heritage and identity, not some hand chopping, chafyeh worshipping imposed ideology.

But alas, by the time the morons in Iran realize this, it'll be too hate. You can already feel the hatred when you talk to a Tork from Tabriz. They despise the central government's authority. It's been accumulating there for years.

Ahmagh doesnt have shaakh and dom.


a Visiting Texan is your only Green Pollyanna

by bushtheliberator on

dear Anonymous Observer,

 Maybe it's easier for me to have some hope because I don't know s about Iran.You seem too fatalistic for Texas tastes >Why not consider giving the Green movement a 100 to one shot at reform without falling into chaos, and national destruction.

Cassandra meant well,but she didn't get anything accomplished.I think you're left with a choice between buying a Montazeri T-shirt,or ammo.


We were warned

by MRX1 on

Thirty years of anti Iranianiism by this regime has wahsed away much of a glue that hold Iran together as a nation. In it's place we have seen a rise of ethno centerism of the worst kind. Last minute worshiping of cyrus the great and his cylinder by ahmadi nejad and gang is too little too late to reverse any thing.

As I recall we were warned at many occasions by shah of Iran about
groups and organization who want to disintegerate Iran and create
Iranesatn but who listened?   He did say so long as he is around and
imperial Iranian Army is around they will not succeed. well guess what,
both of the two entities that protected Iran are gone now. By the time
IRR is gone, parts of Iran will be gone with it too.  

Anonymous Observer

ELS and MahmoudG

by Anonymous Observer on

I'm not so sure if an attack will help.  These monkeys have been itching for a war.  I think that the result will be same if there's a foreign attack.  The'll go through the plan regardless.  

As I said in my blog, the end result is the same.  IR will make sure that Iran breaks up regardless of of the manner in which it is removed. You got to realize that the IR is not a real government.  It's a mafia like organization.  They will take revenge, just like any other organized crime operation. 

Anonymous Observer

My brother Samsam

by Anonymous Observer on

You nailed it here:

 At the same period while Iran was going thru this treacherous self-mutilation & erosion of her kiaani glue that held it together for so long the dogs of Qadessi propaganda & pan-ethnic groups were busy  filling this identity gap with distorted history and fairytales to recruit the detached ommatie conscripts for their alien cause.

These leftist "citizen of the world" d-bags are even worst than the Ommatti dogs that they grovel over.  They don't realize that everyone else in the world is a citizen of their own God damn country.  They're the only fools who are the "citizens of the world."  I'm actually working on a blog on that issue.  It'll be next.

 Yet what these pretentious ommatie self-appointed humanists dont yet realize is that every time they disown or dismiss a part of our kiaani legacy they are in fact weakening the foundation of the kiaani glue that is our bondage in unison.

I don't think they care.

 The reality will hit these ommatie know it all fkrs sooner than later when they literaly wont have a state to call their own which is a great justice for these stateless elitists gooz.

Yeah, but you know what my brother?  They all have citizenships elsewhere, and stateless they are.  They'll just move their "jol va palas" to the "West" that they hate so much.  And then they'll blame the whole thing on the "West." Disgusting!

Cheers brother. 



Anonymous Observer

Divaneh Geraami

by Anonymous Observer on

The situation today is much more different than what we had experienced before.  Today, Iran is weaker in military strength and military cohesiveness than any other period in its modern history since the end of the Qajar period.  We have opportunistic neighbors, one of which (Pakistan) is nuclear armed and has eyes on Iran's Southwest, with which it has closer religious and ethnic ties than the majority Persian Iran.  We have newly independent Azarbaijan in the North which has been itching to annex Iran's Azarbaijan, ane which is getting help in its efforts from the U.S., which sees its economic and strategic energy interest in assisting them.  We have the Kurdistan which will be helped by the almost independent Iraqi Kurdistan--which also received help from the U.S.  We have Khuzestan, which is being eyed by the rich, and increasingly military powerful Persian Gulf states. Plus, take into account the information age, and how separatist propaganda can be spread.  

Now add to the above the anti-Iran nature of the IR, and the fact that the last thing that these Ommati losers care about is Iran's territorial integrity.  In my opinion, these criminals will happily give territory away if that ensures their survival --just like what they have done with respect to Iran's interests in the Caspian sea, all in exchange for a bunch of Russian military junk.  

I think that the situation that Iran is in now is kind of similar to that of the breakup of the Soviet Union.  I tell you, Iran will not survive the end of the IRI in one piece. 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"Every so often ... revolution..."

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Yes, every once in a while, they bait and switch on you... They show (yours*) you Godiva chocolate but switch to bile and bilirubin on a hook and present it to you as Enghelab and you take it with utmost joy and request may I have another one please...!

Dean Martin: 1917-1985 circa Ham-Molasses*!?



"To get their pre-1979 conditions.." and "massive bombing.."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Every so often we need a reminder as to why we had a revolution in the first place...

BTW this fellow Dean Martin, I believe dead for a while, was he a famous actor during Qajar or Pahlavi dynasties??

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


Brother, Guess you remember my blog more than a yr ago(deleted as usual) discussing the imminent fate facing Iran post-IRI or even sooner. You so optimisticaly then hoped for the better . Yet as we both know the combination of;

 2 full generations educated, raised & fed with anti kiaani values, Ommah-Centic mentality, stateless lefto-ommatie nihilism of national identity has left a huge gap and thirst for all major ethnic groups to look for answers elsewhere. 

At the same period while Iran was going thru this treacherous self-mutilation & erosion of her kiaani glue that held it together for so long the dogs of Qadessi propaganda & pan-ethnic groups were busy  filling this identity gap with distorted history and fairytales to recruit the detached ommatie conscripts for their alien cause.

 Today, Babak is not revered as an Kiaani icon of resistance as he truly was but as a Turkish warrior fighting the fascist Fars occupation force, Sassanid, Parthians & Achamenead are but a shamefull part of Iran's sadistic barbaric  heritage saved only by sword of Omaru jehadists, etc.

Even the most moderate elements of this generation raised , lived under IRI have a patronizing, disregarding view of Iranian identity & the national bond . You see them even as educators, learned academic among diaspora repeating like a perrot their subconscious marching orders learned under Omaru system. Yet what these pretentious ommatie self-appointed humanists dont yet realize is that every time they disown or dismiss a part of our kiaani legacy they are in fact weakening the foundation of the kiaani glue that is our bondage in unison. The reality will hit these ommatie know it all fkrs sooner than later when they literaly wont have a state to call their own which is a great justice for these stateless elitists gooz. For me its the legacy not the land but for realstate patriots I feel real sorry. Even Ahmadinejad has realized it with his Cyrus(bbhs) act but too little too late. Elvis has left the building. & yah, keep quoting shaikh this and that and call Ferdowsi a chauvenist you ommatized fools, & see whats that gone get you.

Cheers pilgram & a timely blog!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

yeah but saddam was and still is on both the Bush sr & jr's facebook friend lists.

Iran is a different cake.

hope fully AO had only a bad dream and .....


Sargord Pirouz

Saddam was makin' similar

by Sargord Pirouz on

Saddam was makin' similar predictions 30 years ago.

Saddam: Look where he is now and how he got there. There's a lesson somewhere in that, Anon. 


Hence why i am so zealos about

by mahmoudg on

sugrically removing these guys, because then we will have a iota of chance to save Iran, otherwise you are correct, these guys will leave nothing left behind.  Their worthless Cult is more important that any Nation or human life for that matter.  let us band together to convince as many as we can that the only solution is to throw these bums out by force.


Good Analysis

by divaneh on

Dear AO, your blog reflects the same fears that I have for the future of Iran. I however console myself that it is not the first time that we have faced such difficulties. But then yet again, everytime we paid for our mistakes with part of our land.

evidently it is the Iranians religious nature that has always harmed them. Look at the role of the clergy in the government at the end of the Sasanid period, the role of Akhonds at the end of Safavid dynasty where country got disintegrated and was only saved by Nader from that disaster, their role at the Qajar era where big chnks were lost, and now. Those who dont learn from their mistakes are losers.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

To get their pre-1979 condition and status back....

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Unfortunately Iranians will have to make painful concessions! When cancer has been eating your body organs, your options are limited and the chances of survival are low.  Either, you have to go through a massive chemotherapy (this is the massive bombing of the IRR option) or you cut out the damaged parts hoping the rest of the body would continue to live (this is the partitioning of IRR option).

No matter which option you pick, the process is painful, and the outcomes are unpredictable!

I would choose the former option.