Are You a "Citizen of the World?"


Are You a "Citizen of the World?"
by Anonymous Observer

We have got to be the only nation in the world that is “blessed” with so many stateless, pseudo-hippie appearing (yet quite vicious and uncompromising in mentality) “citizens of the world” in our midst. has become a favorite destination for these fake peaceniks.  We read their pleas, and their manufactured outrages everyday…”war in not the answer”….”give peace a chance”….”U.S. out of Iraq”...”NATO is killing women and children”…blah, blah, blah.  But one only has to scratch the surface to see the real “peace lovers” who are hiding behind those rainbow colored avatars of a peace sign.  That’s when the real [this time brutality loving] “citizens of the world” appear. 

Now, as a service to my fellow readers, and for ease of identification, I will list below a few characteristics of the Iranian versions of the “citizen of the world.”  You can tell if the person is a citizen of the world if s/he (I’ll use ‘he’ from now on, but the term applies to both sexes) has two or more of the followings qualifying elements:

-He believes that all Iranian nationalists are racists against Arabs;

-He believes that all talk about Iran’s ancient history is racist talk;

-He likes Hamid Dabashi;

-He believes that the Israeli / Palestinian conflict should be settled first and than, and only then, we can begin to discuss ways to achieve democracy in Iran;

-He believes that insistence on maintaining the historical name of Persian Gulf is racist while Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s racist declaration fifty years ago about changing the name to Arabic Gulf was not;

-He believes that Iranians should suffer all kinds of brutality and submit to the Islamic Republic, under any condition, and indefinitely, so that the illusive “neocon agenda” in the Middle East can be thwarted.  I guess the best comment that I have read on that subject was a from review of Dabish’s book on, where under the heading of “skip this one,” the reviewer writes: “Mr. Dabashi has set out to write a new history of Iran, explaining the country, its history, and its politics in a whole new way. But by the end the book is a rehash of all too familiar anti-American rhetoric. So dominant is this anti-Americanism that Mr. Dabashi even attacks Iran's pro-democracy voices, accusing them of serving the neo-con agenda. In other words, Iranians should bag democracy to avoid advertising Bush's agenda….”  Very well put.  That’s the type of mentality that I am talking about.  -His level of care for Iran and Iranians is at the same level as that for Papua New Guinea and its residents, without any distinction whatsoever;

-He cries and blogs about deaths and injustices everywhere in the world, but demands ironclad proof in the form of court admissible documents when one talks about atrocities committed by the IR against Iranian citizens.  He is simply not convinced.  Unless he sees a videotape of a mullah standing over the dead body of a protester with a bloody knife, he will shrug it all off to a “Zionist conspiracy.”  Wait, I think I’m wrong.  In the case of these creatures, even if you show them the videotape, they will still shrug it off and call it a photoshopped “Zionist conspiracy.” 

- He loves to point out every single death at the hands of Western forces in Iraq and Afghanistan while ignoring unspeakable atrocities committed against civilians by Islamist terrorists / IR sponsored groups in those countries, which, in numbers, add to perhaps a thousand times more than the number of casualties caused by U.S. or NATO forces;

-These days, he is ardent supporters of Middle East dictators such as Gadhafi and Bashar Al-Asad, and claims that the popular uprisings against those goons are…you guessed it…a Western / Zionist conspiracy.

And last, but not the least:

-If you ever get a chance to know one of these creatures in person, you will find that there is some kind of an umbilical attachment to the great Islamic Republic.  They are either striking those keyboards right from the comfort of IR’s spy holes---sorry, “embassies”—or are “students” on IR’s payroll, or are “businessmen” with IR connections, or are IR “academics” doing “research” in the West, etc.  Trust me folks, no one believes your peace signs, just like no one believed Tokyo Rose.   But considering your treachery and your betrayal of your own people, your fate will be much worse than that hapless soul, and THAT is one thing that you can bet your fake peace sign on any day. 


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Anonymous Observer

LOL Incognito

by Anonymous Observer on

Who have I crucified?  How funny!!  You know, if I wasn't an atheist, I would change my username to Pontius Pilate in honor of your mind numbing comment.  But since I know that The whole Jesus story is nothing by BS, I will just let this one pass.  BTW, you may be interested in this video:


Anonymous Observer

Samsam and Reality Bites

by Anonymous Observer on

Samsam Jaan - We were the first melting pot of the world.  Embraced all our enemies and welcomed immigrants.  Our words have never been about race.  It is about the superiority of our culture relative to those who surrond us geographically--wich, BTW, are not only Arabs.  And the supriority of our culture stems from our inclusiveness and our tolerance of others.  That's a distinction that the likes of Dabashi and other "citizens of the world" will never understand.  Although I truly believe that a lot of their hysteria is manufactured hyperbole.  You know what they say: when you don't have an argument, start screaming to get attention.  But we know better my brother...we know better.  People like you and I have trained ourselves to remain calm and deal with these nit wits on their level.   

Reality Bites:  I really don't see a part of your comment with which I disagree.  Of course, one has to be a total nut not to consider good relations with other nations to be a positive thing.  Similarly, concern for other people in this small world is nothing to be ashamed of.  What I do consider to be paramount, however, is the concept of national interest, which, in my opinion, should trump all other considerations.  It's a tough world out there.  My blog is directed at those who put their ideology--which is not always aligned with Iran's national interest--over what is right for the nation.  That's all.    

Anonymous Observer

AI - They're around - just re-inventing themselves

by Anonymous Observer on

with new avatars and new online personalities.  I can smell them from a mile away, though.  

Anonymous Observer

MG - I agree and disagree in part

by Anonymous Observer on

Agree with your thoughts on the Achaemenid tributary system--to a large extent.  Kept the Empire strong and stable.  Modern day tax system of sorts.  As far as Al-Ahmad, sorry--not my type of guy.  Not nationalist and / or Iran-centric enough for my taste.  We can agree to disagree on that one. 


Thank you, Reality-Bites

by incognito on

On behalf of all those crucified in this blog, I thank you for your eloquent description of who we are and why we are who we are. You certainly inspired me on this Sunday of resurrection.


blue-blooded abdel, short for abi doodool na-sir is from Shiraz

by ComraidsConcubine on

you don't believe me? 

here's the link to the documentary:


which makes your argument unsound and I win! 


AO jaan, "real estate nationalism" vs "conceptual nationalism"

by SamSamIIII on


Excellent bro.

Common sense tells me that tribalism, shallow nationalism & homogenious racism are not only dumb & stupid but a losing battle in the long run as evolution will take its toll & sets it's course to creat many new races & ethnicities on top of the old ones. America in a thousand yrs might be where Iran is today;, a once mighty empire which attracted diverse array of peacefull immigrants & hostile nations who came to settle in it for new opportunities and hence make up a brand new shotor-gaav-palang race & language of their own brand(Spano-rap sugar daddy-Ingliss?) & in our case(Al arabo Farsi).

Having said that, I believe we both speak on the same term when we talk about "Nationalism". I do despise the idea of ommaties empty vague "real estate nationalism" without original default kiaani concept to back it up. Our brand of kiaani conceptual nationalism is not about worshiping status quo state or a piece of dirt land or sea , native cuisines or a no longer existant race but respecting & cherishing the legacy of our kiaani past that shall be a guiding light to put us out of our ommatie misery and set us up for a modern neo-Iranian begining.

So yes, ommaties dumb a$$ superficial "Jahan vatani" rozeh khooni is as retard as their version of status quo "real estate nationalism", ie nuclear rights..etc.

My good pal, the likes of shaikh Dabashi have been around ever since the first Omaru soldier set foot on kiaani land & will be around for a long time to come . So your task is to expose their "version of Iran" so they dont pi$$ on that sacred concept thru self-association of their rotten omaru minds. (Vaghti toe migouii vatan, toe booyeh KoussKouss midahi ::)

Cheers my good bro & haaaapppy sailing rest of the weekend pilgrim !!!


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


I actually like the idea of the Citizen of the World

by Reality-Bites on

If it means being on good terms with people from other nations and working with them, on equal terms, to solve many of the problems the World faces today to everyone's benefit. But I don't want the idea to go hand in hand with eroding and undermining "our" national identity, who we are as a people and where we have come from.

Every time the word Aryan is mentioned, some people here and elsewhere get into a fit of rage and foam at the mouth while indignantly denigrating it as an undeniable sign of racism and bigotry, worthy of ridicule. And of course their disgust extends to people who dare campaign or at least support anything that even remotely has a whiff of (heaven forbid) nationalism about it, like trying to preserve the name of Persian Gulf.

Iran has had a turbulent and varied history. We have conquered and been conquered by many. From the Greeks to the Arabs to the Mongols to the various Turkic tribes to more recently the Brits, parts or all of Iran has been under foreign rule at different times. 

We are a multi-ethnic country with many beautiful and diverse cultures. We have Kurds, Azaris, Fars, Turkoman, Armenian, Ashuris, Lors, Qashqais, Arabs, Bakhtiyaris, Balouchis and many others. We have Muslims, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Jews, Christians and Atheists and Agnostics. They all belong to Iran and Iran belongs to them. And our country is all the richer for this wonderful diversity and unity.

So yes, we have different bloods running through our veins. But at the same time, we do have an Aryan heritage. It is an undeniable historical fact. It doesn't mean that we yearn to be a blonde haired, blue eyed master race, as envisioned a few decades ago by a seriously deranged Austro-German with a dodgy looking moustache. It doesn't mean that we think we are better than or superior to other races. It doesn't mean that we believe our rights should override the rights of others.

But, along with all other Iranian races/cultures, it IS part of our heritage and history. It is what makes us unique in our own way and it is nothing to be ashamed of and apologize for.

For the past 32 years, the Islamic Republic has done pretty much everything in its power to undermine and, at times, even destroy the Iranian national identity, and make it subservient to its hardline brand of Islam. It is sad to see that some Iranians, while not supporters of the IRI in general, are nevertheless equally happy, like the IRI, to denigrate our national heritage and identity, for their own warped reasoning.

To them Nationalism is a dirty word, to be equated with fascism and racism. So if some of us stand up for country's historical rights (hard enough as it is with the anti-Iranian Islamic Republic in charge), like trying to preserve of the Persian Gulf name, they hiss, ridicule and mock with boundless and incomprehensible bitterness and disgust. They would prefer to see it renamed the "Gulf" or some other PC name, just as long as it doesn't have that "racist" name, "Persian", in it. So what next, we should drop the name Iran and just call the land to which it refers, "the Country"?

To me, nationalism means loving and caring for one's country and people and valuing its diverse traditions, heritage and history. To me nationalism does not include hating other nations and considering us superior to them. What's so wrong with that?

One day, when Iran is free and democratic and on the path to progress and enlightenment, I yearn to see the country on good terms and working with other countries, particularly our close neighbors (Arab or otherwise) to our mutual benefit. But at the same while wishing for others to regard Iran and Iranians as their friends, they should know, we won't be pushovers in protecting our rights and what we stand for. I just hope some of my fellow Iranians feel the same way.

Artificial Intelligence

Good blog

by Artificial Intelligence on

Very accurate description of these losers. By the way, many of them have disappeared from the pages of or have been banned. What happened?

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Me could be wrong but, me thinks it was actually more bussines oreintation than anything else.

Some historians have called their economic system 'tributary mode of production.' In order to collect all their tributes optimally ans smoothly, they let each nation to maintain thier culture and language, just come up with the tribute, on time, or else. Stone carvings in Takhte Jamshid depicts such scenes.

Iran like any other nation is an amalgam and an aggregate of many different cultures. 2500 years ago we taught the world how to be cosmopolitan, we still can and ought to. Such a contemporary world focuse would be a positive statement on our collective national mental hygiene.

All these calls for a return to some supposed 'true' Iranians and its emphasis on a crude Nativism, more than anything else recalls the efforts of  late Al Ahamad .

Al Ahmad's Nativism  ultimately turned out be old wine in new bottle, so is this, cheers

Anonymous Observer

MG - Good observation, yet

by Anonymous Observer on

their version was sincere, and not a thinly veiled cover for deep self-hatred and anti-Iranianism.  

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Achaeminids were probably the first Cosmopolitans in the world, also the first World Empire, and they weren't the only such ancient Iranians. Somehow 'cosmopolitanism' of their time worked for them and had utilitarian values. It still does, cheers