Mr Obama barak: Eid shoma mobark

Mr Obama barak: Eid shoma mobark
by ahosseini

یک شعر - عید شما مبارک (خطاب به اوباما) در مورد واقعه هلند و کمپ اشرف

Mr Obama barak
Eid shoma mobark
Thank you for all those kind words
Promises and rewards
The promise of new days
The new methods and new ways
The season of renewal
One that you wished for us all
You talked about innocents
Victims of poor treatments
Women who have been tortured
Children who have been murdered
Of those who have been captured
Badly beaten and battered
Prisoners of conscience
Who are now in silence
You said world has been alarmed
And people are all informed
Of all of these rigid acts
Indisputable facts
And told that this big nation
This great civilisation
Does not deserve these mullas
Mullas and Ayatollahs
Thanks for the great speech
Your lecture and what you teach
Firstly tell us what you do
Apart from saying boo
Secondly what are all these
These actions of Iraqis
Treating in this style
Iranians in exile
Is this the kind of state
We should aspire and wait
Why your allies in Holland
Europe, the promise land
Put our refugees
In the hands of mad bullies
Are you with them or with us
I wonder if Oobamas
If you are with us indeed

Please turn your word to deed 


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