IRI Supports Camp Ashraf Attack

Iran hails Iraq action on former rebels

AFP: Iran on Saturday hailed action taken by Iraq against an Iranian opposition group based there which saw deadly clashes between Baghdad's forces and the former rebels. "The presence of any terrorist organisation on Iraqi soil, to use it as a launchpad and to conduct operations against Iraq's neighbours, is not accepted by Iraq's own constitution," Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told a press conference broadcast live and translated into English by Press TV. "Iraqis must not allow activities of such groups and not shelter such terrorist groups. We appreciate the move by the Iraqi government," Salehi said. At least three people were killed on Friday when Iraqi troops clashed with stone-throwing crowds at the camp, an Iraqi security official said. The People's Mujahedeen claimed 31 of its members died in a full-scale military assault >>>




by Rastgoo on

Arguably the MKO has been one of the most effective opposition groups against the IRI.  Their opposition with the "Imam line" after the revolution was unambiguous, decisive and most importantly voluntary.  They virtually walked away from reaping the benefits of the revolution in direct contrast to so many others whom ironically today are the main players in the Green movement.  They saw injustice and dictatorship in the making and they called it without thinking of themselves but thinking of Iran and the Iranian people.  If you looked at the MKO then and compared it to today it was a group that valued Democracy more than it does today.  The armed struggle against the IRI pushed them towards a cult like isolation that has culminated in what we see today.  However, without a doubt the ideology of the rank and file is still more Democratic at its core as compared to the core ideology of most of the Monarchists that write on this web site.  I think the MKO has all the right ingredients to make a highly effective opposition against the IRI only if the old guard stepped aside and the new leadership forged alliances with the current opposition be it Greens, Monarchists, Kurdish or Baluch.  The old guard has to sacrifice itself if they want their group to survive.  Their blend of Democracy and Islam would have a very large appeal to the Iranian people.  And their insistence on the separation of church and state will appeal to the smaller secular population (yes, my dear friends us seculars are a very small minority of the poor and religious people of Iran).  But they must shed their anachronistic leftist ideology in order to blend with the modern day politics of the world.  Their deification of their leaders must also stop as the world today is too smart to fall for shallow dictatorships a la Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, N. Korea.....They must realize that the days of Fidel and Che are over and people are for the most part in favor of honest free trade and liberal Democracy.  But that to me is highly unlikely as Rajavi has turned out to be more of megalomaniac than Saddam was.


"Iranian siding with the Iraqis"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


This scum bag, salehi, like the vast majority of the islamist regime's leadership was born and raised in Iraq!

It's the same old story, Iraqis killing Iranians

Now, back to basic training for you! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom

king Reza

by Soosan Khanoom on

Interesting observation ..... haven't thought of it that way ......

This life is a joke  and if we'll be given chance to live long enough we shall see many unbelievable ironies ........ I do not know what to say .... I am speechless 

This Politics indeed as we Iranian say is " bee Pedar and bee Maadar "


This is funny.

by KingReza on

Iranian siding with the Iraqis against Iranians. Oh sweet irony.


نگذاریم امنیت و

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

نگذاریم امنیت و جان هواداران و اعضای
سازمان مجاهدین خلق مستقر در عراق قربانی بند و بست های احزاب و نیروهای
حاکم در عراق با رژیم جمهوری اسلامی گردد.


For months they have been

by Khebedin on

For months they have been planning to topple the Maleki government. This group is well trained in terorist activities and are a threat to the Iraqi government. They have been asked to leave for the last 4 years and they have kept ignoring the Iraqi government


All of this is Bush and Obama's making

by Simorgh5555 on

The only terrorists are Maleki and his counterparts in the axis of evil in Iran. 



یک شعر - عید شما مبارک (خطاب به اوباما) در موردهلند و کمپ اشرف


Mr Obama barak
Eid shoma mobark
Thank you for all those kind words
Promises and rewards


Darius Kadivar

And These Fellows Claim The Holocaust Never Happened ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Neo Nazi Revisionist Australian Socialite Michelle Renouf presented as "Human Rights" activist debates with Norman Filkenstein about the Tehran Holocaust Conference on Iranian Sahar TV:


HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV




Recommended Readings:

  In 2006 President Ahmaninejad sets up international conference in Tehran to establish the Truth on the Holocaust (by Robert TAIT (Guardian))

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism By DK


An Iraqi thanking Iraqis

by Fred on

The Iraqi born Salehi, appreciating his countrymen  murdering unarmed Iranians, sums up the tragedy of the situation perfectly.