Three Iranians captured by the Free Syrian Army; video clip inside

Adib Masumian
by Adib Masumian

Apparently the Free Syrian Army is alleging that these 3 men are members of the IRGC. I can't really tell from their IDs, though—they're so blurry that the only thing I can make out is that they were drivers. The man in the middle speaks in Persian at the end. What accent do you think it is?


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Good job Syrians

by asadabad on

Capture and execute the shiite terrorists plaguing your country.  Free Syria and Free Iran!


This guy does not sound Iranian

by Zia111 on

He sounds like an Arab pretending to be Iranian. Most likely it is another propaganda video by the Saudi and Turkish backed Free Syrian Army attempting to accuse others for what they themselves do.

Adib Masumian

Actually I didn't

by Adib Masumian on

I didn't even embed it. All I did was post the URL, and I guess someone edited my post to embed it.


Would u kindly tell me how

by ashkgerd on

Would u kindly tell me how you embed youtube videos in ur post? Thank you


 This is very

by ashkgerd on

 This is very depressing


اشکان قنبری