Ghadima Yaadesh Bekheyr

Ghadima Yaadesh Bekheyr
by Adib Masumian

The whole point of this song is to reminisce about the old days - and gee, that was back in 1970! It was intended to trigger nostalgia for folks back then, but I wonder how many people consciously thought to themselves that, 30 years down the road, this song will trigger memories from their own youth? The song is just filled to the brim with evocative sounds and instruments, from the slow pace of the violin to the ever-so-gentle warbling melody of the Kurdish flute (at least I think it's Kurdish - what is this called?) to the velvet-smooth voice of Manoochehr himself. The fact that he was a respectable individual with class perhaps adds to the nostalgic value of this timeless masterpiece. It is through songs such as these that we are able to reflect on our past. It might prompt you to call up an old friend and feel compelled to ask, "Hey, remember when we did such and such? Those were the days!"

To keeping the most cherished of memories ever fond!


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