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by Shiva Tadayoni

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beautiful job

by riza joon (not verified) on

very nice, I like women with artistic attributes. Try posting at google's sites. it is free. sites.google.com

Shiva Tadayoni

how i make these

by Shiva Tadayoni on

Hello everyone!

Sorry i didn't put a biography here, but I'm just gonna explain how i make  these works .what i do for these graphic works is, i write  some of the words in the shape and
pattern i want.  then scan them to edit the colors.after that i print them
and add water or oil color to them and add more words to the piece by pen or oil color.for example in no. 7 used oil color
for the red dots.i like the use of different mediums in one piece.


Thank You


Error: Mistake, Mistaken ... Erroneous...

by Dr. A. Danesh (not verified) on

...As you may all know the art of culliagraphy in farsi known as "Khatati" right off the bat acknowledges that it is a deliberately Erroneous form of art created by going way out of its normal course and expected rules(--Khataa--), hoping that with this spantaneous self deriven off the course (love perhaps ;) but rooted in the artist's unique pyschological existential, spiritual finger print (in freedom!) could generate a form of not-so-transparent and not-so-readable painting that is communicable to a larger audience upon the first contact, bringing about awe and excitement and curiousity in the observer.

The Erroneous Path (Khatta _Tay)...

o well...That was my five cents worth of intellectual reflection on persian culliagraphy ...

Now let me go back continue watch my titanic movie by my favarite actress Kate Winselt...


on Jaleho suggestion

by Abarmard on

Mr. Jahanshah Javid could also benefit. In this case we got a win win situation. I am with it ;)


JJ & Shiva,

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Thanks for including the actual poem. It is so much more interesting to actually see the words in the calligraphy and makes it doubly fun to look at.



by Pedram Heidari (not verified) on

These are really inspirational. Let me congratulate you for creating such nice works.
Clearly I don't know much about art, including Persian calligraphy. But I think your primary intention was not the calligraphy itself but instead creating pieces of artwork full of passion, emotions and creativity. My favorites were number 3 and 4.


Very nice work!

by Jaleho on

And just to throw my two cents in, I believe if Iranian.com can provide a virtual market place for the artists, painters, books, works of Iranian literary talents, it would be its most useful function!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

The poem for each piece has now been added below the artwork.

Jeesh Daram

عرض کنم

Jeesh Daram

مجید خان از لطف شما سپاسگزارم.  گهگاه مطالبی مینویسم که درون کامپیوتر بایگانی میشوند چون لیاقت چاپ شدن ندارند.  گلدوست عزیز هم نگران مثانه بنده هستند که انشالله بعد از آنکه انقلاب ثمر داد فکری برای آن خواهم کرد. 


Mehran, this is what "I think"

by Majid on

"I think"......Artist should leave a little out for your own imagination and curiousity! don't you agree?

Shiva Tadayoni

thanks everyone! Mehran,

by Shiva Tadayoni on

thanks everyone!

Mehran, thanks for the comment, i will add the actual poem to each piece.


Jeesh Daram

هم فال و هم تماشا

Jeesh Daram

یکی از زیبائی های خط نقاشی آنستکه آدم را قدری وا میدارد به خیره شدن بکار هنری و سعی در کشف شعر یا گفته ای که هنرمند بکار گرفته است.

حالا بنده یک نیم ساعتی خیره شدم و سر انجام  چند شعری  را توانستم از درون تابلوها استخراج کنم.

تابلوی شماره 1 از این قرار است:
عشق را ای کاش زبان سخن بود

که از گفته های شاملوست

تابلو شماره 3 را مطمئن نیستم و حتما اشتباه میکنم:
ساقی غم فردای قیامت چه خوری؟


تابلو شماره 5 عبارت است از:

مائیم و می و مطرب و این کنج خراب
جان و دل و جام و جامه در رهن شراب

از خیام و بقیه آن:

فارغ زامید رحمت و بیم وعذاب
آزاد زخاک و باد و از آتش و آب

تابلو شماره 10 عبارت است از:

گر می نخوری طعنه مزن مستان را
از خیام و بقیه آن:
بنیاد مکن تو حیله و دستانرا
تو غره بدان مشو که می مینخوری
صد لقمه خوری که می غلامست آنرا

تابلو شماره  7  از این قرار است:

مائیم که اصل شادی و  کان غمیم

از خیام و ادامه آن:
سرمایه ی دادیم و نهاد ستمیم
پستیم و بلندیم و کمالیم و کمیم
آئینه ی زنگ خورده و جام جمیم

من تصور نمکینم در تمام تاریخ ادبیات تشابهی نایاب تر از " آئینه زنگ خورده"  خیام باشد موی بر بدن انسان سیخ میشود.

در میان این رباعیات خیام شعر مورد علاقه این حقیر اینست:

ابر آمد و باز بر سر سبزه گریست
بی باده ارغوان نمیباید زیست
این سبزه که امروز تماشاگه ماست
تا سبزه خاک ما تماشاگه کیست

در هر صورت و مطلب مهم آنکه کارهای ایشان بسیار زیبا و منحصر به ابتکارات جالب ایشان است و شیوه ای نوین


Nazy Kaviani

In Da House!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Shiva:

It's so nice to have the artist in the house! Your work is beautiful. So, how about that biography and description of your work? I'd be grateful.



by Danesh (not verified) on

It would be interesting to see how the complex cursive writing in english from the left marching toward the right with style and so much fuss and the persian cursive writing marching from the right to the left also with so much puf and fus and style meeting each other at the cross road of what I call "Of the First The Encounter."

Boy if they merge to one another in cursive chaotic hodge poj after the contact... I would say for the first time man would be able to witness the armgaddon in the world of culliagraphy with the can of warms crawling out all over the kitchen table...

Thanks God I am Illiterate from "Beekh"!



Beautiful and different

by Majid on

I do appreciate any type of "now aavari" in different aspects of our art, great job Shiva.

This is a web site some of you may enjoy.click on calligraphy.


Iranian calligraphy is what I call "ballet of words"


Bazi ba Eshgh ~ Eshgh Bazi

by A Danesh (not verified) on

Use additional two letters of "Vav" and "alef" along with the three letters of "Ain", "Sheen", and "Ghaf" embedded in the word of "Eshgh" see how many possible words in farsi you can come up with -- of course whoever comes up with more words will be the winner--

Let's play ...


Beautiful Calligraphy

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

This is indeed a beautiful work. The Latin Calligraphy is obsolete now since the computers can do a better job than man but the Persian version can not be imitated by a machine and it is up to the artist to come up with new things.

The only things however is that I can not ever read the words and that is frustrating. It is like a riddle and you have to look and think it through before you understand it.

Shiva Tadayoni

puss, thanks for the nice

by Shiva Tadayoni on

puss, thanks for the nice comment :) i do not print my art works on t-shirts though.

artlover,there is nothing wrong with a public exchange between an artist and a buyer,this is just like an online version of an art exhibition, where the exchange or the purchase of the art will happen in the public.


خرید و فروش

رضا خان میر فایو (not verified)

دلیل آنکه شخص "آرت لاور" مخالف است از این قرار است و تا حدودی هم حق دارد:

-فلائینگ سولو:الو شیوا جون سلام میخاسم ببینم اون خط آخری رو چند میرفوشی ؟

شیوا: اوا سلام سولو، خوبی؟ ببین اونو تا حالا چند نفر از من خاسن و من بهشون قول دادم....ولی

سولو: اوا نه بخدا من دلخور میشم چون من اونو میخام، وا!

شیوا: اونا بمن آفر دادن هزارو هشصد دلار، شما هرچی بیشتر بدی مال شما، بیا مف ببر

سولو: وا، چقدر گرونه! مگر چقدر خرج آب و رنگ و روغنش کردی که حالا اینقدر گرون شده؟

شیوا: بابا سولو خانم شما که خودتون باید با آرت آشنا باشی، کار هنری که معیار قیمتش به قیمت رنگ و روغن مصرف شده ارتباطی نداره، مگر داری با قلا پلو میخری؟ وا!

سولو: میدونم ولی آخه انصافم خوب چیزیه، خوب منم اگر وخ بزارم میتونم اونجوری بکشم، خوب کاری نداره، وا!

شیوا: خوب اگه میتونی بکشی چرا اومدی اینجا مشتری پرونی میکنی؟ نون مارو میخای آجر کنی؟

سولو: بابا اصلا ما نخاسیم ولش کن

شیوا: ما هم اصلا فروشنده نیسیم، مارو اذیت نکن، برو بذار باد بیاد

تلفن قطع میشود


I would buy this eshgh t-shirt..

by puss on

Shivan joon,

where we can buy t-shirts with your art on it? ;)  i like your art..





can you please use Ajax?

by puss on

JJ joon,

Can you please use some Ajax for pictures.. ;)

it kills me when i want to see pictures, waiting so long to refersh pages.. 

truly yours,



Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on




To: ArtLover

by Anonymous Artsie (not verified) on

I don't get your point! Why wouldn't one ask an artist publicly! Ye chizi begin ke maghool bashe. Yani che in harf!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

And what is exactly wrong with a public exchange between an artist and a potential buyer?

I think the public expression of interest actually encourages others to contact the artist as well and if she makes any kind of money as a result it will be wonderful.



by ArtLover (not verified) on

I was going to tell Flying Solo to respect the artist and contact her directly if she is interested in purchasing her work instead of doing it so publicly. Now I see the artist doesn't mind doing business in the comments section either!

There can never be enough patronage of artists in my opinion, especially Iranian artists. That's why I respect JJ's efforts to introduce and promote and support artists on Iranian.com.

But this 'swap meet' attitude is unbecoming of Iranian.com's art pages and the artists who are being introduced. I recommend 'business' be done offline.

I might be wrong, but that's what I think.

Shiva Tadayoni

Thanks everyone for the nice

by Shiva Tadayoni on

Thanks everyone for the nice words.It's really encouraging :)

Shiva Tadayoni

Thanks for your offer, i'm

by Shiva Tadayoni on

Thanks for your offer, i'm so glad you liked them. the first one is 55" by 25" and the last one is 31" by 27",but i can change  the sizes for you if you want.this is my email address : ta_shiva@yahoo.com 



Beautiful art!

by farrad02 on

Caligraphy is such a big part of Eastern Cultures (Japan, CHina, Korea). But undortunately our new Iranian generation doesn't value Persian Caligraphy the recognition and appreciation it deserves!



by early bird (not verified) on

Nice lay out, colors and textures. I liked the circular element in your caligraphy. Playful and interesting.


I'll double

by Abarmard on

Whatever Flying Solo is offering ;)

Just kidding. But please provide some information and backgrounds. Thank you