Sweet as life

Photo essay: Young and old in Iran

by Shiva Tadayoni

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Feb 22, 2009
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Nov 02, 2008
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look at the pure beauty in #16

by Monda on

I can't take my eyes off of those pure healthy vibrant boys and their donkey!  or #12 for that matter...


Beautiful collection

by Monda on

your subjects are so real and vibrant. They all look familiar to me.

Shiva Tadayoni


by Shiva Tadayoni on

JD, that picture is my favorite! i love the way you described it " old woman exiting and the two..." loved the way you looked at it!! i wanted to take a picture of her coming toward me, but she didn't let me. i took these two pictures in  a very old area in shiraz.Anyways, thanks so much for the comment.

gol-dust, thanks . I'm actually from shiraz and took most of these shots from my trips to shiraz and also visiting Ashayer. .

shad bashid


i felt as I was meditating! outstanding work and subjects!

by gol-dust on

You really were able to tell a story almost about everyone! (Match makers would do great if they had a photographer like you!)

You made most of them look gorgeous human beings regardless of how they looked or how old they were or what they wore! I hope you pursue a career in Portrait photography! I really think your photos says much more about you than you think! You must be a kind and postive person! Congratulations!

The lighting, composition for most part was outstanding. My least favorite was no. 5. and .... some snap shots. Close ups are your strength. I assume most of your subjects were close to Kermansh. Were they?

Thank a million to make us feel so much better about the wonderful Iranian brothers and sisters, and moms and dads! Long live Iran and iranians! God bless!


Very nice

by JD (not verified) on

very nice photographs. My favorite is number 22, where an old woman is exiting the picture and two young kids are in. It has several qualities of a very nice image. Personally I wish the old woman was coming into the photo from the left and who knows you might even have one such shot. However, the sharp corner splits the picture into two sections that forces your eyes to move and examine both sides, that's what attracted my attention.

Shiva Tadayoni

Early Bird, Thanks for the

by Shiva Tadayoni on

Early Bird,

Thanks for the comment and your attention. I agree that there is no theme  in this collection and also I exaggerated in editing some of my photos, but I think it's more because I was experimenting. Your suggestions mean a lot and I will definitely apply them to my future photographs.

Abarmard,rainbowcountry and ,mr. javid, thanks for the nice words




Early Bird

by iri (not verified) on

thanks for your feedback .. your well-intended analysis and constructive "critism" add invaluable perspective to these pics ... People in general tend to overextend their politeness in praising works of others (mostly in this site) that lacks knowledge or true appritiation .. it seems you paid attention to the details most of us missed.


good and not so good

by early bird (not verified) on

I like a lot of the photos individually, however, as a series, it lacked direction and focus. I also found some of the "artistic" manipulations a bit too distracting and not pretty. And photoshop galore in some of the photos.

Sometimes simplicity can convey better, and more efficiently than trying to do a whole lot. It is good to know a lot of theories, but if one applies all of them together, it may look copied, confused, or trying too hard to impress.


Wonderful pictures

by Abarmard on

Thank you Shiva. I felt a lot of kindness in the faces


Beautiful in many ways ...

by rainbowcountery on


It is like looking at reality ...  !


P.S: They are not subjects.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

What wonderful portraits. You brought out the very best in your subjects.