Ahmad Ghabel: Prisoner of the day

Dissident Qom scholar in coma

Zamaneh: Detained Iranian scholar Ahmad Ghabel is reportedly in very poor health as a result of a brain tumor.

According to Kaleme opposition website, Ahmad Ghabel, a religious scholar in Iran and the whistleblower on the alleged mass executions at Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, is nearly comatose on account of his brain tumor, and doctors have given up on his treatment.

Ahmad Ghabel's family reports that his symptoms became apparent last summer when they visited him in jail, and later, when he was given a temporary release, medical tests revealed the presence of the tumor.

In August 2011, Ghabel was given a 20-month jail sentence and transferred to Vakilabad Prison.

Ghabel had been jailed twice before for charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “insulting the Supreme Leader” and for participating in the funeral of dissident cleric Ayatollah Montazeri.

After his release from an earlier eight-month sentence, Ghabel informed the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that a group of 70 prisoners charged with drug offences had been executed en masse at Vakilabad Prison.

The authorities deny the charges but have confirmed that, because Mashhad is on the route of many drug smugglers, Vakilabad has a high volume of drug offenders that, by Islamic Republic law, can be given the death penalty.

Note: Ahmad Ghabel, a Mujtahed cleric, defrocked himself of his clerical clothes after his brother Hadi Ghabel, also a Mujtahed, was defrocked by Iran's Special Clerics Court in 2008.


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حمد قابل آزاد شد اینبار برای همیشه آزاد شد


درگذشت احمد را به همه آزادیخواهان ایران تسلیت عرض مینماییم یاران چه غریبانه رفتند از این خانه..


RIP Ahmad Ghabel 1954-2012

by shahrvand2 on

Babak K.

Hopefully, I am wrong, but

by Babak K. on

Hopefully, I am wrong, but Ahamd passed away.


درود بی پایان بر همه زندانیان سیاسی




یار دَربَندم،  دلم همراه توست


نسل جوان
وتشکیل شورای ملی


راهی روشن
برای مبارزان راستین


چرا ایرانیان از آخوندها متنفر شده اند؟



Regime change for Ahmad's sake

by Fred on

For the past 34 years, Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, have proven to be unreformable gross violators of human rights and predisposed to committing crime against humanity.

The only way to end this nightmare is regime change by Iranians for Iranians with the logistical help of the sane world.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must.