Iranian Oppsition Meet in Prague

Mohsen Sazegara on current affairs


Darius Kadivar

Tehran4IranTopple it first with your Wishful Reformist thinking

by Darius Kadivar on

Then will talk Bacheh Tehroony ...

Rasty Shiro Khorshedet Kooh ? Or have you surrendered to Political correctness ? 


It's not a question of "optimism" It's a question of 'coherence' and of having a 'common agenda' ...


I have no common agenda with you "Green Guys" even less with your Jomhurykhah Constituency whether they are Secular or Not  ...


How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !


Never did and never will ...


Arriving in Paris Bakhtiar vows to restore Constitution & Blasts Bazargan's Provisionary Government 


for the good reason that we don't share the same vision for Tommorows Iran !


MONARCHY MATTERS: Khosro Fravahar say’s Iranian Jomhurykahs live in denial


Particularly when you Schizos continue (very much like your anonymous Avatars) to shy away from recognizing even the GENUINE FLAG of IRanzamin:


Iranian Flag



If you folks still haven't made up your mind as to what   you want ...


I can clearly tell you what I DON'T Want :


FED UP WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Ahmadinejad is NOT my Prime Minister ! 


But good luck in your endeavors ...  






An Unapologetic Bacheh Shirazy Monarchist





by Tehran4Iran on

Were you born so optimestic about every thing, or is this a learned behavior.

Thank God we don't have to depend on people like you, otherwise IRI would never be even chalenged, let alone over thrown.


Fanatic Muslims?!

by Demo on

The satanic terms like 'Fanatic Muslims,' 'Islamists,' & etc. are only  defined/known/used by Bush, his Dick & alike to justify their devilish acts against humanity!


Most fanatic Muslims are traitors

by nozarmahallati on

Just like you


A Traitor for Life

by Demo on

Acted as traitor before, talked like a traitor before. Acts like a traitor now, talks like a traitor now. Then he most certainly is a traitor for life!

Darius Kadivar

Even if IRI was toppled this "opposition" wouldn't hold together

by Darius Kadivar on

There is a serious vacuum of credible leadership and lack of a genuine intellectual accountability (let alone intellectual honesty), tainted by too many individual egos, self denials, ,ideological contradictions as well as a lack of a genuine organization to ever be able to run the country and more importantly to keep it together in the advent of an eventual and far fetched downfall of the current theocracy.

It is truly outstanding that none of these folks seem to realize that it's not a bunch of "white Collar" Opposition "theorists" ( often ex fokoli mazhabis) who can run a country of more than 70 Million people particularly divided even politically ...

After more than 3 decades the Iranian regime has some potential support within the population which will remain even if the regime is let's say toppled in a national upheavel triggered by let's say the events and tensions surging today in the different parts of the Middle East.


But this so called "EX Green" opposition now turned "Secular"( Most of whom want a Republic and clearly not a Constitutional Monarchy) is truly composed of "amateur" political figureheads by all standards and even the minor experience a fellow like Sazegara may have will never compensate for the lack of preparation and the lack of a charismatic leadership necessary in handling a Post IRI Iran ...


RP 2 made his most strategic mistake in dropping the "2" in his name and being apologetic about his royal credentials and historical legitimate claim to the Throne of Jamshid ...


Words For Eternity ...


Had he been patient and not put himself in a position to have to make concessions to the Jomhurykhah Constituency, only to become a pawn of this pathetic group of political wannabes, public opinion, both in the Diaspora and Inside Iran, deeply disappointed by the Green Movement's leadership and contradictions ( Even the Green color is ambiguous in it's symoblism ) and overall hypocrisy, would have enthusiastically turned towards His Majesty not just as a fellow ordinary "Citizen" in the Public Eye but as their rightful King and legitimate Sovereign without seeing him having to enter the political arena and hence undermining his own long term chances of regaining his rightful throne ... 


We wouldn't be hearing "Allah O Akbar" and "Marg Bar Dictator" in the streets of Iranzamin but rather "Javid Reza Shah Dovom" and "Marg Bar Jomhuryeh Eslami" ... 


I'm afraid If The Pahlavi Crown Proved to be Hollow: 


THE HOLLOW CROWN:Upon Obama re election 'Citizen Pahlavi' must partially step out of political arena 


The Presidential Seat of any future Wannabe PREEEZIIIIDEEEEENTEH MAHBOUB Proves Miserably Shallow: 


SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)


Eitherway and regardless of all these 'wishful thinkers' the Islamic Republic won't be blown away by the "Winds of Change" inspired by an East European "Velvet Like" Revolution ...  


Sigh ... 



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